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Hire Day Labor in Duchesne, UT

Duchesne's safer way to hire day labor to move the heavy stuff onto your truck.

Hire Day Labor in Duchesne, UT

Duchesne's safer way to hire day labor to move the heavy stuff onto your truck.

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On average, Duchesne day laborers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 10 customer reviews

Susan H
Heber City, UT
Reviewing: Big Boy Movers
(4 out of 5 rating)

I hired two people for a total of 3 hours. PROS: The hired help called me on the way to my location to let me know they were on the way and to make sure that I still required their services. They showed up exactly on time at 7:00am (their arrival window was 7:00-8:00am). When they arrived, they wanted to see my belongings so they could see what was being loaded, where it was located and how much stuff I had. They seemed okay with everything that had to be loaded into the Pod and believed that it would all fit, although the Pod would be completely full. They brought the proper equipment to transport my items from the house to the Pod (dolly, hand truck, lifting straps). The two guys worked steadily the whole time they were at my home and did not take any breaks. My estimated amount of time was perfect and they were done in exactly 3 hours. CONS: I provided the guys with moving blankets, the plastic type "saran" wrap to wrap around furniture to protect it or to help secure the moving blankets for protection, as well as large moving rubber bands to secure doors, drawers, blankets, etc. I was disappointed to see that they did not use anything except the blankets draped over/wrapped around furniture even though I told them a few times to please use the other stuff to make sure the blankets were secure and items were protected. I will not see if there has been any damage to my items for about 6 months since they were being moved from my home in Utah, transported across country to Florida and then put in storage until later this year. I would recommend this service, but I would pay close attention to the items you want to make sure are protected well or pre-wrap them yourself before loading, which is hard to do since you don't know how they will put together the packing "puzzle" of your load. Also, if you really want to know how your stuff is being handled, you have to be 100% available to watch every move. I have done many corporate paid moves with major moving companies and this was somewhere in between a moving company's professional level of service and me doing it all on my own.

COST: $392
HELPERS: 2 / 3hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading

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