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Conklin, NY / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 71 times through HireAHelper

36 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Conklin, NY / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 71 times through HireAHelper

36 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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36 reviews

John V

(5) 3/4/2020 Ithaca

John and Francis showed up on time and did a great job unloading our POD. They were very polite, made an effort to keep the floors clean, and carefully placed the furniture and boxes where they needed to go. They also assembled a bed and a desk for us. I recommend them enthusiastically.

Christopher D

(5) 2/22/2020 Scranton

Very courteous of my property. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs moved. Thank you guys so much.

Will S

(5) 2/3/2020 Ithaca

John and Justin were great, super friendly, worked quickly and got the truck unloaded with time to spare -- so they helped us assemble a few things before our two hours were up! Happy to have their help, especially so early in the morning. Also appreciated their communication. Glad to have hired them and will do so again on our next move if they're available!

Martin M

(5) 12/29/2019 Greene

Showed up on time. Worked hard. Not using cellphone and did not have to be told what to do. Used a different moving company the day before and they were horrible and did not any furniture as instructed and werenslow and lazy. Did whatever they could to waste time. Hire A Helper is the best!

Robb G

(5) 12/24/2019 Endicott

Very pleased with the service. I would hire them again. Quick and efficient.

Sandy S

(1) 11/7/2019 Endicott

Arrived late, and were unable to pack everything even though there was plenty of room in truck. Truck door would not open because they packed things so poorly it shifted and blocked roll up door. They were nice before they arrived, but got rude after packing for a while and really nasty after I complained about legitimate problems.

Mover's response:
WE ASK POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS to please review the entirety of our reviews - here and across the entire web. Unfortunately, it is difficult to defend yourself against the extremely rare customer that lies and exaggerates to try and make their case. We were not late, the appointment you set was for 12 noon, and U-Haul and/or yourself delayed the appointment until 3pm. We waited on-call for three hours, and made it there as quickly as we could once notified (and started close to 4pm). Your home was spray painted with obscenities, by you, because (as you explained in unneeded detail) that you were going through a divorce and claimed to have been abused for years by your husband. We were friendly and sympathetic, and thought we had a friendly relationship upon departure - however it seems you twisted some things that were said and took offense, and that is where all this started. You insisted the team take the couch and recliner as a tip because, as you had put, "they wont fit in the truck". The only item that was not put in the truck was a clothing rack that I do admit could have been placed in the open space to the back where I had a small gap of space to protect your most fragile items. We tied the load back, which was 90% boxes of all different shapes and sizes, and got as much as we could fit into the truck, and tied it back. Unfortunately, the load may have shifted some, and the door became blocked. We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is because the truck was so full. I have never seen any pictures of any damage, and dont understand how there could have been any, unless it was one of the boxes you had an open top to - of which there were several that we did our best to protect. I dont to this moment understand anything you told me on the phone, about us being rude. None of the things you said, was anything that we said to you. Our history shows our friendliness and best efforts to accommodate all customers. Perhaps you are used to being demeaned in some manner, but I assure you we were happy to be of service and never experienced any of these complaints when we were there with you on the job. We worked very hard for you, and also refunded you well over $100, yet Im not surprised that information wasnt in your review. I hope things work out for you, and that you can find some peace.
- BingServ

Adam L

(5) 11/6/2019 Clarks Summit

John and Alex from BingServ did a great job moving our belongings. They arrived on time, were friendly and very careful not to damage our items or home. The job took less time than the 2 hour minimum and they were more than willing to do more if I had anything else they could help with. I would definitely hire them again!

AnnMarie D

(2) 9/2/2019 Cortland

First let me say, the guys that packed the moving truck were both very nice. I previously had a moving company pack my home and move me into my new home in less than 4 hours...and with more stuff than I had for this move. It took these guys over 5 hours just to pack the moving truck and I had to throw away furniture because they didn't know how to pack a truck. When I got to my destination even the unloaders made a comment about how poorly it was packed. I could have delt with the horrible pack job and even having to throw away furniture but EVERY piece of furniture and TV's were damaged. I have all antiques so that made it even more upsetting. Would not recommend them.

Mover's response:
Bottom line: you failed to provide enough padding. Thank you for your business AnnMarie, sincerely, and we truly feel terrible that this happened. It pains me to think of so many antique and personal items of yours being damaged like that. However, please forgive me, but I have to be frank here about the futility of the situation you put us in as service providers. The team does know how to pack a truck - your crew members had 3 years experience each. You were moving out of state and gave the team no more than 8 blankets / furniture pads for the entire 26ft truck (packed wall to wall for every inch with your "antiques"). Teams are unable to provide you with blankets to move out of state with - they are typically rented by the customer in situations like this. When loading someone for a long distance move, we provide rope and plastic wrap to secure your furniture blankets around your belongings to protect your things. There were a number of occasions (several, because we were perplexed) when we approached you with the impossibility of this unpadded situation, extremely concerned for the safety of your things. You had a lot of items and pieces that HAD to be stacked atop one another because as you eventually frantically demanded "it all has to fit!" "it all has to go!". At one point, after everything that could be fit into the truck was packed in - a family member continued to add never before seen items - things with no protection (for instance: an acoustic Fender guitar in mint condition, with no case!) where were we supposed to put that? There is no magic that can be performed when you are travelling long distance in a packed out truck with no blankets provided. We explained the need for them in our initial contact, and throughout the loading process. Im so sorry this happened to your things. An added note - these two people worked non-stop without taking a break for five hours attempting to detail this pack under these conditions. We have been doing this for years - nobody packs the same 26 foot truck full of the things you had (plus furniture you claim to have had to throw out because of our incompetence - where would that have fit in the truck?) with this amount of padding AND unloads them in four hours with no damage? We are a 5-star service that does this for a living, and that is just borderline physically impossible. If you are reading this and planning a move, please be sure to protect your valued belongings by renting a sufficient number of furniture blankets/pads for your valued household goods, as advised when ordering. They can be rented from the transportation company (PODs, U-Haul, Penske, etc). Thank you.
- BingServ

Wendy R

(5) 8/27/2019 Lake Ariel

They had to unpack and repack a Pod that was botched by the original packers. They got everything that was in there AND. Everything that was left out by the first crew, packed in there safely. They were personable, hard working and thankfully knowledgeable. Thanks!

Rick S

(5) 7/11/2019 Moscow

These guys worked hard and did everything we asked. I would recommend them

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