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Fully equipped team of Professional Movers. Free use of all our moving equipment. Trained personnel with years of experience. Cost reduction is our main objective.

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Real Covina area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Helpful 5 Moving Co..

331 reviews
849 completed jobs

Clifford P

(5) 12/15/2018 Hesperia

Very professional. Non stop work. Very respectful of customer and belongings. Foreman constantly giving directions and mindful of workers safety.

Tom F

(5) 12/13/2018 Pasadena

They arrived on time and I ask they contact me when they were 15 minutes out. They were professional and prepared for the job with all the equipment required and boxes I requested. They kept track of their time and advise me what hour they would be done but could request additional time if needed .i would highly recommend them for whatever you need from loading/unloading or clean out your house.

Michael T

(4) 12/8/2018 Huntington Beach

The crew worked very hard and were pushed a little to excess by the foreman, but her knew what he was doing and kept a watchful eye on his crew. Everything was packed securely and carefully with no time wasted. We feel like we got our money's worth. The only fault, was when they unhooked our gas dryer, they also turned off the gas to our water heater and so we were out of hot water before a service technician could come to relight the heater for almost two days. I would still recommend them and was generally very happy!

Jeffrey M

(5) 12/5/2018 Santa Ana

These guys did a great job. They were able to accommodate me after a last minute change of plans. They worked hard moving all my heavy things and helped bring closure to a difficult long-distance move. Would hire again!

William G

(5) 11/20/2018 Redlands

Great guys! Very polite and hard working!

Laura H

(5) 11/8/2018 La Mirada

Lando and his crew were dedicated, timely and work very hard to move our two households into ONE trailer. They packed our items with care and were masterful at getting all of our items packed. They put in 2 extra hours to complete the job and did not leave us until the bulkhead was installed, the gate pulled down and the lock installed.

Melanie S

(5) 10/31/2018 Twin Peaks

Lando and Joshua did a great job. They were professional and worked quickly but asked what we needed. I would absolutely hire then again.

Matt C

(5) 9/30/2018 Los Angeles

Lando and Josh were a pleasure to work with and did an amazing job of moving our apartment to the truck. They arrived on time, came fully prepared, and worked non-stop. We're really appreciative of their help, and would highly recommend to anyone in the Los Angeles area.

Arlene Q

(5) 9/29/2018 La Verne

Very impressed with how hard they worked. And they were very careful with everything. Friendly, courteous and eager to please. Yes m'am, wherever whatever you just tell us how you need it. I highly recommend them. I would use them again! Thank you!

Ginger G

(5) 9/23/2018 Long Beach

Movers were on time They were prepared for the job They both worked hard They both were very respectful overall Would definitely hire them again Thank you so very much!

Pat P

(5) 9/21/2018 Irvine

Very professional and skillful. Loaded the pod with great skill. I can't believe how much they got in that pod. Moved all my furniture in and out of the pod. Very pleased.

Pat P

(5) 9/16/2018 Irvine

These guys were great. They showed up on time. They worked very hard and smart. They were willing to do anything that was needed and did so. Quite frankly, I could not have been happier. They were so good at economizing space in the pod. You could tell that this was not their first rodeo.

Kent W

(5) 8/5/2018 Irvine

These movers were so professional, careful with every item, friendly, skilled and very hard working. I have moved many times and this was the best due to the high quality of my helpers. They were great!

Scott L

(2) 7/30/2018 Palmdale

They get 2 stars for showing up on time, but I had quite the battle with the crew lead from the get go. Tried to up charge me significantly for additional flights of stairs that didn't exist. 1 flight of stairs = 14 steps, They charge per landing, not per flight. I had paid for 3flts and after counting it was actually 4 flights(my mistake), but they wanted to charge for 8 flights which was totally bogus. I had them unload into garage instead and was refunded my stairs charge and a 3rd hour that wasn't used. They only used 1 of the 2 hour mini and when I requested assistance in folding pads at the end with the unused time, the response I got was, "We're movers, not pad folders". As a Mover myself, folding furniture pads has always been part of the job. I then hired a different company that came through same day and was great. Won't hire these guys again.

Mover's response:
Guy from “” was on a high horse wanted us to move his furniture on a blind curve across the street 40 yards down the street in 100 degree weather, A car hit our dolly he did not care about our safety there was about 90 stairs . We told him where to put the truck we unloaded . Guy was being unprofessional and disrespectful . Guy wanted to argue with our Marine foreman . Next time ask kindly and we will gladly fold blankets on your clock . In the end he told a US Marine to “get outta here” but the Marine made him sign paperwork and release payment. Like a professional.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Andrew B

(5) 7/15/2018 Los Angeles

Great team, very helpful, efficient, and friendly.

Nicolas O

(5) 7/11/2018 Eastvale

They did great! Thanks!

David M

(5) 6/22/2018 Harbor City

Gung-ho attitude and hard working crew. Took charge and knew exactly what to do. Very respectful of property and owners concerns. Never let down and worked every minute they were on my clock. They deserve your consideration.

Delanie W

(5) 6/18/2018 Los Angeles

These guys are the most professional movers I have ever hired! They worked extremely well & fast. A lot of obstacles came up and they persevered through everything. They have the best attitude and can handle anything last minute. The place we were moving into did not have any parking near our apartment, so they had to go through obstacles and a busy elevator. Construction workers tried to bully us out of our spot and threatened to tow us so Herb handled it and finished the job. I am so happy with their service and would definitely hire them again. Hire them if you want any job done fast, professionally, and considerate movers. Thank you so much!

Josefa S

(5) 6/16/2018 Los Angeles

They were really wonderful courteous, and on time! They listened to my needs. We assessed the proper plan for moving things. It was a great experience. I will hire them again!

Yolande D

(5) 6/15/2018 Seal Beach

Fantastic service. Orlan was very professional

Andrew E

(5) 6/9/2018 Sherman Oaks

Lando and Mateo were fantastic! Super-nice guys who were incredibly personable, helpful and efficient. They made fast work of unloading our POD, and came in right on time, even with some curve balls thrown at them. Highly recommended!!

Philip G

(5) 4/23/2018 Costa Mesa

These guys were pro's all the way around! They were responsive, worked with us on our moving needs, and the guys on site were very good. They talked through the process. Understood our needs and what not to do (i.e., dragging anything or pushing it on our brand new hardwood floors), and took care of our stuff as if it was their own. I will ABSOLUTELY use these guys again! Thank you!!!

Adrienne V

(5) 3/4/2018 Los Angeles

Fantastic, professional service. They were highly accommodating and I highly recommend them.

Kim R

(5) 2/5/2018 Newport Beach

Orlando and his team were on time, hard working, polite and careful with all of my antiques. I have used them now 3 times. I highly recommend them.

Laura L

(5) 2/3/2018 Long Beach

They were on time, they communicated well from the office to the movers, they were prepared, they worked their rears off, and I would definitely use them again. There was a bit of a bobble at the beginning because I forgot to communicate a critical piece up front, and the guys rallied around and figured out a solution and got the work done in spite of my error.

Kim R

(5) 1/28/2018 Irvine

Orlando and his crew were awesome! I highly recommend them. They were very professional, meticulous, polite and hard working. This is my second time using them. Pick them and they will work their hearts out for you. ??

Shannon A

(5) 1/12/2018 Tustin

The workers were very patient with me and did an excellent job

Starr Swift S

(5) 12/27/2017 Calimesa

Lando and Mateo, arrived at our home to unload furniture from a shipping/storage container into the house. They were on time and ready to "go to work" immediately. They had all the equipment needed to successfully complete their task. Thanks to Lando's leadership skills,(skills no doubt "honed" in the Marine Corps) and Mateo's willingness to work hard and learn, they moved all our furniture in quickly, and efficiently. We will be using, Helpful 5, again in the near future and I will definitely be requesting the team of, Lando and Mateo.

Tyler M

(5) 12/22/2017 Norco

I hired three guys to come help me unload a 53 foot trailer. Upon inspection of the trailer, it had no ramp or liftgate. The guys told me not to worry and that they would handle it. they were back very shortly with another truck and three more guys to help unload, they were able to unload the 53 foot trailer into the 16 foot truck that had a working liftgate. They went above and beyond today and kept me on schedule for my very important commercial job. Thank you very much!

Rose O

(5) 12/9/2017 Tarzana

I first hired the company three weeks and was so happy with them that I hired them again last week. Simply excellent!

Rose O

(5) 12/3/2017 Tarzana

On time. Prepared and efficient. Great attitude. Definitely use them again.

Anna M

(5) 11/20/2017 Dana Point

Hard working, efficient, made move easy!!

Rick V

(5) 11/17/2017 Crestline

They were both professional, courteous and quick. No time was wasted, handled everything with care.

Camille B

(5) 11/7/2017 Irvine

They did an awesome job. They were on time & were very careful to place everything just where I wanted it. They moved things around when I changed my mind. They were very helpful & hard working! Thanks so much!

Debra M

(5) 10/28/2017 Crestline

Great Job! On time, prepared to work, and they also took care in handling my belongings.

Richard F

(3) 10/25/2017 Cherry Valley

Although the work was accomplished quickly and efficiently, the constant beratement of the assistant by the supervisor (trainer ??) was unprofessional, unnecessary and very, very unpleasant to listen to.

Mover's response:
The foreman must protect your items he ensures that all your items are in your home safely in the time allotted . He is a Marine with a no nonsense attitude. You are welcome.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Arlene K

(5) 10/23/2017 Coto De Caza

I would highly recommend Helpful 5 Moving Co. The two gentlemen that helped me did a great job and I would use they again.

Al M

(5) 10/21/2017 Aliso Viejo

The moving Company was on time and very efficient with moving us into our New Home — Thanks again

Leonard G

(5) 10/15/2017 Fontana

Fantastic job.

Jenny M

(5) 10/13/2017 Mission Viejo

These Guys were AMAZING!! I would definitely use them again. I had a different crew scheduled and they cancelled on me the night before at 10:30pm, so Hireahelper helped me scramble that morning to find someone and they came by that afternoon. They were SO Great!! They were very quick and efficient. They loaded 2 - 26’ Trucks in 6 hours without breaking anything or damaging any walls or the floors in our house. Thank you so much guys!! You were phenomenal!!

Dawn K

(5) 9/30/2017 Newport Beach

Our movers (Lando, Joshua) helped immensely. They were able to move a couch for us in one piece which was one of the reason I needed movers. They were friendly and packed our 10' trailer with my daughter's entire studio. It didn't seem like she had a lot until they started strategically packing her items. Everything fit perfectly. No damage to anything. Highly recommend these two movers! Smooth move.

Charlie H

(2) 9/18/2017 Rancho Cucamonga

I am looking for a moving service to complete the job I hired this firm to do. They did show up on time and were prepared to do the job.

Mover's response:
When the customer says that we are done. What are we supposed to do? Perfect job customer requested 2 movers when in fact he should of booked a 4 man . We still did the job. Customer even tipped?
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Loren D

(5) 8/14/2017 Lake Forest

Landau, the owner of Helpful 5 Moving Co. was spectacular. If you want a fast, efficient moving company, that is punctual, courteous to you property and belongings, then Landau and Helpful 5 Moving Company should be your choice. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for moving labor help.

Jennifer W

(5) 8/6/2017 Pasadena

My hired helpers were great! We're super careful with all of my belongings and very professional!

Judy D

(5) 7/29/2017 San Clemente

Lando and Mateo were the hardest workers I have ever seen. They worked quickly and efficiently. Were very friendly, helpful, and wouldn't take a break until everything was done and they were off the clock. Wish they could be here in North Carolina when we have to unload the POD.

Diane C

(5) 7/27/2017 Highland

Will use again if needed !

Isabel A

(5) 7/6/2017 Aliso Viejo

The guys were really great and tried to help us as much as possible putting the furniture in the correct area and helping to assemble a unit.

Nathan C

(5) 7/3/2017 Beaumont

This team of two guys (Lando & Josh) was awesome! They arrived early (we were actually late thanks to Penske not having our truck on time). They hustled from the moment they got there till the last item they packed on the truck. They were courteous, hard-working, friendly, careful, and the list could go on! I would definitely hire them again, given the chance.

Mike W

(5) 7/2/2017 Rancho Cucamonga

Joshua was great

Allen R

(3) 6/20/2017 San Juan Capistrano

The lead was confrontational upon arrival although he appeared 35 minutes after the agreed starting time . He told me and I didn't ask for enough help, nor did I estimate the time for loading properly. This is not intuitive to an unskilled mover like me and my family. He also told me that he couldn't stay for a third hour because he had other customers scheduled. The web site clearly states that a third hour is available if loading runs over allotted two hours. He did calm down and he did have his crew stay an extra hour, but his customer service skills are marginal. I also noted that during the first 30 minutes in particular members of his crew stood around a bit, but then they got into gear. They got 95% of the load in the truck and did a good job, but then scooted out a few minutes early although they charged me for 3 full hours. They left me with items to load and gave me no coaching or suggestions on how to complete the job. They had more interest in getting out then in any form of basic customer service.

Mover's response:
Customer Scheduled 2 movers for 2 hours. He had 1600 sq ft home, we had to wrap everything , had to set up initially because customer had blocked all entrances with boxes. The job took 4 man 3 hours , he had way underestimated the time it would take to load and wrap all the items that filled the 26 ft truck. Even running two guys can't load 26ft truck in two hours . The next customer who had preemptively booked 4 guys suffered delays . All we ask is that you are realistic in booking, any time
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Jordan Z

(5) 6/16/2017 Valencia

Amazing crew. Worked nonstop for 4.5 hours. Most professional guys I've ever hired for any of my moves.

Tanya B

(5) 6/15/2017 Chino Hills

Great movers! Would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Robert V

(5) 6/10/2017 Trabuco Canyon

On time, polite, and hard working

Enrique E

(5) 6/10/2017 Riverside

They were a great crew who are fast and non-stop, but careful with belongs and will advise if soemthing needs more wrapping. The crew boss frequently advised the team of better ways to handle or transport the items and how to most efficiently pack the truck. They brought tie downs to help stabilize the truck for the trip. They will communicate with you frequently if there are any schedule issues such as traffic delays.

Dustin F

(5) 6/9/2017 Yucaipa

The crew from Helpful 5 Moving Co. was awesome. VERY hard workers. They never stopped! They wrapped and protected all of our furniture, wrapped some large pieces of glass, and packed everything in the truck like Tetris experts. All of our belongings made it to our new home in great shape. This is the first time I've moved and had zero damage. I would highly recommend Helpful 5 Moving Co. to all of my family and friends.

Brigid B

(5) 5/26/2017 Laguna Beach

JASON and Mateo waited 2 hours for me to arrive, because of unforeseen circumstances on my end. I was very grateful for this. They were hard-workers, fast and competent, polite, respectful and very kind. I would absolutely recommend them!!!

Michael S

(5) 3/1/2017 Aliso Viejo

Great JOB!!!!!

Christine S

(5) 3/1/2017 Laguna Beach

Were very polite, quick, and helpful! My only recommendation would be to cut down on the number of required phone calls. This may be a HireAHelper issue - But if your client is working they may not have time to take 5-6 phone calls during the course of a 2 hour job. Other than that, we are happy with the results and would definitely use Helpful 5 again.

Melissa H

(5) 3/1/2017 Valencia

Absolutely phenomenal - went above and beyond reduced my stress level to a zero. This lead and his team were amazing- you truly need one person to take charge and he was absolutely perfect. Moved an expensive, HEAVY armoire with a finesse I've never seen. A perfect ending to a cross country move of over 3500 miles .... couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much.

Janelle P

(5) 2/19/2017 Calimesa

They were amazing! They explained every step of the progress, read every box and packed our pods very effectively using all available space! I would highly recommend them!!! Truly were a blessing!

Susan V

(5) 2/3/2017 Rialto

They were on time and worked hard and were.super nice.

Maasa A

(5) 1/24/2017 Lake Forest

These guys did a superb job! Love how quickly and efficiently it was done! Also the guys were very professional and respectful! I totally recommend and will use again when we move!

Caroline B

(5) 1/20/2017 Agoura Hills

The guys did a great job getting our moving truck loaded - in the face of adversity! Bad rain, leaking truck which needed to be fixed, etc. They came back at 1030pm to finish the job after they had already worked more hours than we arranged AND completed two more jobs before coming back at night! They were very organized and careful with our things. We would highly recommend them!

Blake R

(5) 1/15/2017 Riverside

Nice, professional, and careful. They packed us into containers perfectly (everything secured, nothing shifted) and unpacked without any damage to walls or anything like that. Would hire them again.

Paul C

(5) 1/9/2017 Foothills Ranch

Top of the line service! Could not be happier with the whole experience!

Christy W

(5) 12/27/2016 Irvine

Excellent, professional, on time, quick but careful, great attitude.

Carey B

(5) 12/16/2016 Newport Beach

Right on time. Super nice guys from the first phone call to the very end. Would highly recommend.

Zach W

(5) 12/9/2016 Los Angeles

The guys were great. Packed my storage units well, were curtious and mindful of handling my stuff. Would definitely recommend.

Dave H

(5) 11/28/2016 Laguna Beach

They are on time. All 3 gentlemen were vet courteous and treated all items very carefully. They did run out of furniture pads but made do. I would definitely recommend them.

Lukas F

(5) 11/4/2016 North Hollywood

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. The two gentlemen showed up early, communicated clearly before they arrived, treated our stuff like it was their own, and finished early. Extremely professional and hardworking, and very friendly. Would absolutely hire this company again if all their employees are like this.

Terrie L

(5) 11/2/2016 Oak Hills

Communicated time of arrival, worked hard, and did a GREAT job. Couldn't of made this move without their help.

Paul M

(5) 11/1/2016 San Marino

Excellent attitude combined with skill in moving delicate and some very heavy items into the house. The positive, "we can do it" for the three entire hours they were here was a big plus. The teamwork between the three guys was also great, with no undercurrents of negativity. They worked solidly and extremely quickly for the amount of stuff that had to be unloaded. We very definitely recommend this crew! They were on time, prepared for the job, worked hard, and very respectful. Given a choice, we would use them again.

Brooke E

(5) 10/29/2016 Irvine

I couldn't believe what hard working men all 4 workers were. They unloaded 4 packed pods in 4 hours. They never slowed down and they were so careful of our things and making sure nothing hit walls, floor or stairs. I will recommend them to everyone I know that is moving!

Kenny L

(5) 10/22/2016 Perris

Herb and his movers were on time and ready to get straight to work. They worked fast and efficiently the entire time. Definitely got my money's worth. I would use them again.

Brett S

(5) 10/22/2016 Manhattan Beach

Best ever. THANK YOU

Yesenia C

(5) 10/13/2016 San Dimas

They were on time, prepared, and did the job the quickly! We were all very impressed here in the office with their work. They made the rearrangement of our office simple and hassle free. We will surely be using their services in the future.

Jennifer J

(5) 10/11/2016 Chino

The two guys who helped me were one hundred percent professional. They showed up on time, worked hard, and were mindful of the time. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they were also personable and courteous as well. As a single woman meeting two unfamiliar men in a strange location, I was a bit guarded, but these two men were nothing but businesslike. I would highly recommend them in the future.

Sonali S

(4) 10/1/2016 Los Angeles

They did a great job, but they brought an extra person and charged for it without giving me advanced notice. If you are worried about that, I would ask them before they come over. They were super respectful and helpful and even fixed my bike for me.

Mover's response:
Beyond the 2 hour Upack box moving job request Customer specifically requested package removal , unpacking , build the bed fix the bike all done under two hrs all three guys working for all 120 mins. Thats what you where charged for, the services you, requested . Packing and unpacking service was the 3rd man who worked for two hrs . As per you're request.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.


(5) 9/30/2016 Riverside

This crew is ABSOLUTELY amazing. They went above and beyond to the wee hours of the morning to get the job done and done right!! I could not be happier!


(5) 9/30/2016 Canyon Country

This crew is ABSOLUTELY amazing. They went above and beyond to the wee hours of the morning to get the job done and done right!! I could not be happier!

Christina L

(5) 9/25/2016 Foothill Ranch

Arrived on time and worked as fast as they could. Very professional and knowledgeable of how to pack a POD correctly. Was nice enough to give me a complimentary rope to tie my furniture down. I would definitely recommend them.

Michael P

(5) 9/17/2016 Los Angeles

They were professional, friendly, on time and moved my belongings carefully

Karlyn G

(5) 9/6/2016 Chino Hills

The guys were great. Very fast and helped with some assembly that I didn't realize I needed. Very courteous.

Dana L

(5) 8/11/2016 Claremont

They were prompt, courteous and efficient. I am hring them to work for me next week as well!

Roxanne D

(5) 7/15/2016 Redlands

They did a great job and were very professional. They worked fast so that I got the most for the time they were hired for. Thanks so much!

Redonna G

(5) 6/27/2016 Palmdale

Wonderful help!!! Takes care of everything for you and ask questions. Would recommend them again!

Nicole C

(5) 6/21/2016 Pasadena

These guys were great to work with. Very hard working and professional.

Kathy or Mike D

(5) 6/8/2016 Fontana

Both movers were professional. Very helpful and did a great job moving my furniture from room to room. I would use them again

David W

(4) 5/28/2016 Irvine

They were fast and efficient and nothing was damaged when it was unloaded. However they were over an hour late forcing us to to postpone unloading until the next morning.

Mover's response:
Customers are all advised of the 1hr arrival window. The elevator did not work on location, We still did the job saving you the wait time for the elevator technician to arrive. You apologized yourself for not understanding the 1 hr arrival window. You're movers on the other end chose to not unload , that is not something we can control as it is a totally different company you hired to unload .
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Dennis B

(5) 5/25/2016 Laguna Woods

Good hard working crew. Went out of their way to make sure things were moved quickly and safely.

Michael H

(5) 5/14/2016 Lake Arrowhead

Came promptly, were ready to work. Very accommodatng, cooperative, polite and hard-working. Job took much longer than forecast, but that was expected, as we had a lot to move and wanted to use as little space as possible. I highly recommend Helpful 5!

Teri J

(5) 5/1/2016 Topanga

Great work ethic, very professional!!

Rebecca (Becky) G

(5) 4/22/2016 Los Angeles

They were so helpful! I would hire them again in a second! Lando and Joshua arrived on time and showed great customer service.

Elizabeth H

(5) 4/22/2016 Upland

I highly recommend the services of Helpful 5 Moving co.!! They were on time, worked quickly and carefully, and showed a high level of respect for my family and my belongings. They were prepared for the job, with step stools, dollies, and furniture movers. They were easy to work with, and true professionals all the way. I would highly recommend to my friends and family!

Mrs A

(2) 4/21/2016 North Hills

I was told that is you have nothing nice to say...say nothing at all.

Mover's response:
Job completed to customers specifications. Originally hired to work 3 man 3 hrs job took 3 man 6 hrs. Customer refused to pay for the last 15 min . Customer did not understand how to release payment. Customer was rude to foreman on the job no respect for his decade and a half of moving experience. But despite that , being a former service member Lando maintained professionalism and control of the situation. As is expected of all Helpful 5 personnel.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Nicholas A

(5) 4/20/2016 Laguna Woods

These two men worked as if they were family with one exception, they knew exactly how to load the truck so that our belonging were well protected. We were very satisfied with their work and the time they spent working hard and smart...

Bill L

(5) 4/2/2016 Playa Del Rey

Highly recommend. Came prepared with the right equipment. Extremely professional, careful with all furniture, friendly and fast.

Richard E

(5) 3/30/2016 Ontario

They called to let us know they were coming and they were on time,being prepared for the job with all equipment to do the job needed and they did a great job in the amounted time I asked for and would say to anyone wanting this type of service to give Hire A Helper a call.

Debbie H

(5) 3/28/2016 Highland

Lando and Josh are the best!! They were on time and well prepared to do the job. They worked hard and fast and were very respectful of my property and goods. Without a doubt I'd have them move for me again.

Jami M

(5) 3/24/2016 San Pedro

This company was recommended to me after the one which was previously reserved was unable to assist. Not only did they come to my rescue, they did a phenomenal job! I would definately recommend them to anyone looking for moving assistance that is reliable and dedicated to their craft.

Bradley M

(5) 3/13/2016 Eastvale

Second time using Helpful 5, both times were great! First time was moving a 2 bedroom apartment from 3 stories up to a storage pod. They did an excellent job packing the pod and moving so we hired them again months later to unpack into our house. Professional, punctual, efficient. Highly recommend!

Tami S

(5) 1/23/2016 San Pedro

Great Job. The men from this moving company were terrific. They finished the job in 1 and 3/4 hour, thought it would take 3. Very polite, worked hard, respectful of property. We would definitely hire them over the last moving company used recently on Hire a Helper! Thanks!

Andrew R

(5) 1/16/2016 Monrovia

These guys did a great job - they came super early in the morning to accommodate our schedule, they finished right on time and they managed to use every square inch of space in our U-Haul. They worked hard and fast the whole time and would definitely use them again. I would however request in the future that they plastic wrap even the smaller pieces of furniture. I thought they were wrapping it all and didn't notice until we were unloading that smaller items like nightstands didn't get wrapped and subsequently got some new scuff marks in transit.

Marianne M

(5) 1/9/2016 Crestline

Landro and Gilbert were exceptional professionals!!!! I was so appreciative of their communication with me about the expectations about the job- the timeliness of their contacting me the day I signed up, their timely arrival ( they arrived when they said they would), and courtesy and kindness in helping us stay calm during the process of a stressful move. We thought they were respectful, polite, and honestly the best movers we'd ever had ! The service they provided was also excellent. They clearly knew what they were doing in packing up the truck, by being respectful of the property they were moving, and not scuffing up the house itself. We were very happy with them!! Thank you.

James P

(5) 1/5/2016 Victorville

Did a great job unloading our trailer. Workers were on time, polite and finished quickly. Will hire again the next time we're in the area!

Don D

(5) 11/29/2015 San Dimas

These movers were reliable & were great communicating with us when they would be arriving. Lando & Brandon were super careful not only with moving our furniture but such professionals when it came to organizing it in our container so that we could pack in as much as possible. I 100% would recommend & would use Helpful 5 Moving Co. again. Thank you guys!

Glenn S

(5) 11/16/2015 Manhattan Beach

The were terrific, very nice, respectful people who worked hard and did a terrific job. I give them the highest possible recommendation. They were on time, prepared work very hard and I would use them again in the future in heart beat.


(5) 10/31/2015 San Dimas

Very efficient quick and kept to the task as asked.

Laura S

(5) 9/23/2015 Upland

The team was on time, professional, and efficient. Even though the job was small, they treated it great care, not scuffing the walls or damaging the furniture.

Judene B

(5) 9/16/2015 Claremont

The movers were on time, worked quickly and hard. Respectful, and a joy to have. I would definitely use them again:)

Annissa V

(5) 9/10/2015 Los Alamitos

I have used this moving company four times to move so far and I have recommended them to family and friends who have also been very satisfied with them. They are extremely professional and hard working and you won't be disappointed in their work. They are pros at what they do and take exceptional care of your furniture. Helpful 5 moved me out of my 3 bedroom house into two PODs while I renovated a new house in October of 2010. They packed those PODS leaving no unused space. I was very impressed with that because it prevented me from having to rent a third POD. Then they moved my things from the PODs into the house once it was ready. In June of 2015, they moved my stuff into storage while I renovated the next house. In August, they moved the stuff from storage into our new family home. Their prices are competitive but their work is unparalleled. When you see them hustle and how careful they are, you will know that they are professional movers. Thank you Helpful 5!!!!

Diana T

(5) 8/8/2015 Laguna Beach

Herb was very helpful with our move. He and his partner were flexible in their arrival time and came a day earlier with very little notice (our containers arrived earlier than we expected). They were very friendly and courteous and helped assemble our furniture. They were efficient and hard working. Herb responded to all text messages promptly and even brought along a bolt cutter to cut the lock when we couldn't find the key. I would highly recommend the Helpful 5 moving team.

Crystal H

(5) 7/28/2015 Lakewood

Excellent work. On time, professional and polite. They had handcarts and blankets and tools to make sure every item was carefully transported. I highly recommend this crew to anyone needing moving labor help. Thank you so much for the outstanding job. I will definitely give Helpful 5 Moving a call for my next move.

Laura B

(4) 7/17/2015 Los Angeles

The two workers came on time and worked efficiently. They had my entire studio apartment packed into a portable shipping container in 1 hour. I would recommend them!

Jason E

(5) 7/9/2015 Chino

Did a great job unloading our 26' truck. Took 2.5 hours for 4 guys to unload and place in each room. All in all would recommend.

Thomas W

(5) 7/9/2015 Mission Viejo

I was concerned due to some of the reviews I read about contracting and using moving services but after using Helpful 5 Moving Co., I would have NO reservation using them again (hopefully I won't need to). Here are my frank comments: On time! Prepared! Flexible to some last minute changes (on my part). Extremely conscientious and careful with property. The crew was very hard working and on task. The team leader/manager was amazing and worked hard the entire time. He was expert in packing and moving.

Caroline W

(5) 6/30/2015 Loma Linda

Very thoughtful in taking extra measures to keep my belongings safe. Well equipped with furniture dolly that climbs down stairs, spare twine, and tape. Great job. Courteous and professional trio.

Brenda B

(5) 6/16/2015 Newport Beach

Great helpers. They called several days in advance to confirm and again the morning of the move. They showed up on time, got the job done, and gave me helpful tips on how to secure the rest of the items that I loaded myself. I would recommend using this company and should I need the help, I will use Hire A Helper again.

Chris M

(5) 6/14/2015 Irvine

Incredibly reliable and hard working

Richard C

(5) 6/10/2015 Whittier

They arrived on time and figured out the fastest way to get the job done. Good work all around and very helpful.

Ron W

(5) 6/9/2015 Moreno Valley

Excellent service. Responded quickly, arrived on time and was fully equipped to handle or move. Highly recommended.

Ben G

(5) 5/29/2015 Pasadena

Very nice guys and easy to schedule. Would recommend.

Kim F

(5) 5/26/2015 Wilmington

Fantastic crew...couldn't have done it without them...

Harold S

(5) 5/15/2015 Monrovia

Very professional, polite, hard working, careful, on time, and cooperative. Highly recommended-would definitely use again.

Ryan J

(5) 5/15/2015 Los Angeles

Excellent and professional. Above and beyond the call.

Adriana V

(5) 5/14/2015 Mira Loma

They worked hard from minute one until the end. They worked as a team, very professional and were very careful with all of our items. I would definitely use them again.

Dan T

(5) 5/12/2015 Riverside

This company Hire a Helper was so good I almost could not believe it. Excellent communication, very fair price...on time and both guys that helped us , Landou & Chris were unbelievable....both very nice and professional, fast but at the same time very careful and respectful of all our possession's...I have already highly recommended them and Hire A Helper to friends and colleagues. In short...I don't ever remember being more impressed with any company and will definitely use them again and again.

Keith F

(5) 5/4/2015 Aliso Viejo

Lando and his crew are the very best. They were so good, I hired them 3 times in just two weeks! They are even great at packing things up and labeling boxes--very highly recommended!!!

Dillon H

(5) 4/30/2015 Crestline

Helpful 5 arrived on time ready to work! Finished the hard unload on time while dealing with difficult circumstances since this was a house in the mountains in crestline, ca. Very respectful and hardworking best describes this crew.

Mark T

(5) 4/24/2015 Glendora

Ensured all my belongings were protected: inside the box and the furniture and the house itself. Worked carefully but at a quick pace. Highly recommend.

Jared E

(5) 4/9/2015 Huntington Beach

On time, professional, fast, and nice. Great work!

James C

(5) 2/15/2015 Bloomington

The movers were polite punctual and proficient. They masterfully fit all of my belongings into a truck I thought was too small. Very considerate and safe with my belongings, I would recommend this company to my friends.

Madhu B

(5) 12/9/2014 Redlands

They were extremely efficient, cautious and quick precisely the way I wanted.

Chris M

(5) 11/22/2014 Lake Forest

The guys turned up on time and ready to work. They were prepared for the job and worked hard to get it done on time. They were very respectful of both us and our furniture and i would have no hesitancy in hiring them or recommending them in the future

Anne M

(5) 10/21/2014 Corona Del Mar

These two movers were fantastic! They were on time, professional, friendly, and so very careful not to bang into walls or doors etc..we drove 9 hrs, and had an ordeal with hire a helpers in our hometown, one of our Uhauls was packed up in such a state we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies were moving in. Regardless the two men waiting at our new home unloaded the crazy truck with care and confidence. Helpful 5 Moving Company is a So.Cal must when moving! They made impossible moves possible. Thanks for the great help. Worth every minute and cent.

Sara H

(5) 8/30/2014 Riverside

Lando and David were excellent and very professional - highly recommended!

Angela A

(5) 8/24/2014 Newport Beach

Fast, efficient, friendly, cautious. We have moved several times and had not so great movers. These guys were awesome. Lando did a great job supervising

Amy B

(5) 8/19/2014 Wildomar

I was very impressed with the Helpful 5 Moving company from the start. They worked very hard for 8 hours, They were very kind and respectful. I highly recommend them. I will refer them to all my friends that will be moving. Thanks again for your great service!!

Samuel D

(5) 8/18/2014 Pomona

Helpful 5 Moving Co. did an excellent job. They were on time, and very much prepared for the job. They worked diligently and hard, while being extremely respectful of our property and goods. I would definitely call them up again if I needed another move! Great job!

Donald P

(1) 8/6/2014 Huntington Beach

They damaged my bookcase, antique table, and dropped my refrigerator. By far the worst moving experience of my life!

Mover's response:
Customer was advised of bookshelf's existing condition , customer had no blankets to protect Items refused stretch wrap. Fridge full of items and shelves , customer not prepared but we did the job anyway with tools we provided free of charge.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Kevin H

(5) 7/17/2014 Lake Elsinore

Lando and David showed up on time and did a fantastic job.. They were courteous and efficient. They explained their strategy for loading the PODS storage unit and were thoughtful and smart about how items were loaded. I especially appreciated they way they used our moving blankets and moving-grade plastic wrap to protect our furniture. They wrapped all the furniture with moving blankets before wrapping it with plastic wrap and loaded everything tightly. We were very impressed with their professionalism and speed.. It was a very large and heavy move. I intend on using them again.. Highly recommended..

Cheryl H

(5) 7/14/2014 Ontario

They were right on time and moved quickly.

Kris B

(5) 6/30/2014 Los Angeles

Hired Helpful 5 Moving after a last minute cancellation by another company. They came earlier than stated, moved the furniture delicately, and were finished quicker than promised. Hard workers. Great team. Highly recommended.

Ryan S

(5) 6/28/2014 Riverside

Lando and crew impressed me- again! After a solid performance 6 months ago, I wanted them for another, bigger move combining two households. The crew was just as good as the first time; arrived on time, worked relentlessly at a break-neck pace all day, and didnt break a thing!

Stephanie J

(5) 6/3/2014 Altadena

They were only late because of LA traffic at 4 pm. We began unloading, and when they arrived, they took over without a hitch. They were prepared both by being in sync with each other, and by bringing their own dollies. They worked extremely hard from the time they arrived and until they left. The words are "swift" and "organized" and "efficient". They were courteous of our things, meaning that they asked where we would like them, and laid them down gently. I would definitely use them again. We moved from Washington, DC to Altadena, CA, and having 2 more strong, efficient pairs of hands on deck was absolutely what we needed.

Reed H

(5) 5/27/2014 Mission Viejo

David and his employee were very careful with my belongings. David was very vocal with his employee and was always calling the shots to make sure nothing was done incorrectly. He said he comes from a military background and I think that really helps his organization of the move. I would highly recommend using him and we will be using him again when we move from our apartment to our house in 6 months.

Jamison M

(5) 5/7/2014 Los Angeles

Very professional. The went above and beyond.

John C

(5) 5/7/2014 Riverside

On Sunday, booked 3 movers for 3 hours for loading a 16-foot PODS in the afternoon on Tuesday the following week (10 days away). Got an email that the move was Accepted, but didn't receive a call. Called the movers on Wednesday but no answer. Finally got a hold of them on Friday and chose an arrival window of 1:00-2:00 on Tuesday. On the day of the move, I got a call at 2:01 from Lando saying "we're on our way but we're stuck in traffic." I was appreciative of him being proactive and telling me that they were on the way, even if it was as soon as they were considered "late"; it still kept me at ease. Lando and David finally arrived at 2:45. This was fine with me though, it gave us a little more time to get the final items in boxes and tie up the loose ends. Lando said he didn't know where the third mover was, "he should have been here by now." But, he told me not to worry, they're fast movers and will get the job done. Sure enough, they had the PODS loaded in under 3 hours. I was genuinely worried that not everything would fit in the PODS, but Lando and David did such a great job of loading the PODS, I actually could have booked a 12-footer and it still would have all fit. It was nice to have the extra room though and they were quick and careful with our belongings. Will gladly use them in the future.

Anthony W

(5) 5/3/2014 Moreno Valley

Lando and his crew of professional loaders, unloaders, installers did not let us down! We chose them last minute based on their reviews, when Lando himself showed up,I knew we;d be in good hands. This was their first time in this particular area, so he was courteous to give us a heads up call he'd be just a little late. The guys on his crew were all hard workers, skilled with tools and furniture assembly and easy to direct. I would use them again without a doubt, If you're looking for good reliable help anywhere in Orange County, or LA give Helpful 5 a call ,you'll be glad you did! Thanks Lando

Paula W

(5) 4/26/2014 Redlands

The two helpers were wonderful. They were on time, respectful, hard-working, very professional, and a great help. I will definitely use them again.

Joan P

(5) 4/14/2014 San Juan Capistrano


Ahlam S

(5) 3/17/2014 Redlands

They did such a great job they helped me alottt in making my move easier!

Eric A

(5) 3/15/2014 San Bernardino

LANDO and DAVID were A W E S O M E ! ! From the moment of initial contact until the final signature and time confirmation, these two exhuded: confidence, professionalism, fluidity, knowledge, concern for safety, teamwork, care for our belongings...I could write our praises for them all day long. We will, without a doubt, be asking for their services when we need to move our belongings out of storage. We will also happily market their services to family, friends, and whomever requires their expertise. Lando and David moved our 5 bedroom/3 bathroom home into a 10x20-foot storage unit (with room to spare) in exactly 2 hours and 38 minutes. Absolutely amazing, gentlemen. Thank you so very much! All our best to you and your families, Eric and Charlene in San Bernardino

Robert S

(5) 2/21/2014 Rancho Cucamonga

went the extra mile. very careful with loading.

Anne H

(5) 2/6/2014 Anaheim

Fantastic job! Both men were kind, courteous, conscious, and fast!

Bruno A

(5) 1/29/2014 Wrightwood

On time and very understanding, took really good care of our stuff. If you need anything moved, this is the place to call.

Ryan S

(5) 1/13/2014 Riverside

Lando and his crew were awesome! I had the four of them for four hours to load and unload a 24' truck for a 3-bedroom, local move. They showed up and went straight to work and never slowed down! They were all very courteous and conscientious to me, and Lando did a great job directing everyone with quick, precise command. I will do this again next time; the whole arrangement worked as advertised.

Deborah K

(5) 1/5/2014 Laguna Niguel

Our entire experience was exceptional. Our movers were Lando & David. I would use them again without hesitation.

Richard W

(5) 12/30/2013 Crestline

Total Pros. Arrived on time, worked very hard, and finished on time. Best movers ever! Next time we move, they get the call.

Amir S

(5) 12/27/2013 Laguna Niguel

What I highly enjoyed with these workers was that, they were very punctual, especially considering the fact that there was a change in the hour that I needed them and they worked it out with me. Their lead guy was very strong and competent, giving very good directions to the other two guys that were also very hard working individuals. They unloaded an entire 20' container which was supposed to happen in 2 hours in almost half the time and did not waste any time in order to get more money. I will definitely recommend them to everyone and love to use their help in my future jobs.

Tiger B

(5) 12/15/2013 Laguna Beach

fast, courteous, careful... Moved me in 38 minutes

Nancy V

(5) 11/29/2013 Moreno Valley

The young men (Laniel and Daniel) arrived on time. They were fully prepared, very polite and respectful of me and my possessions. They worked hard and quickly loaded my moving containers. They filled the container efficienntly, using all of the available space while taking care of the fragile boxes. I will definitely use them again.

Arleen A

(5) 11/25/2013 Hesperia

Our movers, Lando and Daniel were on time and ready at our arrival. They had all necessary equipment and moved with efficiency. They worked fast but used much care with all of our items. Best of all they were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. We used them to move us into storage and will definitely call them when it's time to move into our new home.

Tamara P

(4) 11/12/2013 Rancho Cucamonga

They were on time, very respectful and did a good job. I would go with them again!

Paul S

(5) 11/5/2013 Marina Del Rey

They actually showed up early - a first for any movers I have used. They provided everything that was needed for the job. I would use them again.

Ken G

(5) 10/26/2013 Dana Point

Good job. They were ontime and completed everything I wanted them to in the time allotted.

Jaquie T

(5) 10/5/2013 Irvine

If you're looking for a reliable, efficient service and can't decide which one to select, I can save you a lot of time. Call Helpful 5 Moving and relax. I had a POD to unload with very heavy boxes, antique furniture and two flights of stairs. The men called to confirm the date before the POD arrived; came prepared with the appropriate equipment; worked from the minute they got here till they left; and were extremely careful with everything, whether it was marked "fragile" or not. Having never used this type of service before, I was apprehensive but the men were so courteous and careful. I would definitely use Helpful 5 Moving again. Great job! Jaquie T, Irvine CA

Chris C

(5) 10/1/2013 Riverside

hard working, on time, polite, got the job done. Thanks for your help! -Chris

Richard S

(5) 9/30/2013 Santa Monica

The movers did an excellent job with a complicated move of heavy furniture, taking it down a flight of stairs and through doorways.

Barbra K

(5) 9/24/2013 Redondo Beach

We hired two guys for 5 hours to move us out and in. Joshua and Londro (sorry if I didn't get the name just right) were the best movers and packers I've ever seen--and I've moved more than a dozen times as an adult! Besides being super competent, they were polite, never complained, worked hard, and problem solved some tricky situations. Needless to say, we were grateful for these guys who made our move so much less stressful! They also showed up on time, brought the right equipment, and finished the job in five hours!

Mark C

(5) 9/6/2013 Yucaipa

Excellent support for our move. I would recommend them highly.

Gerald D

(5) 7/22/2013 Wildomar

Though they were late they did call with updated arrival information. Hireahelper had offered 5% discount for each hour they were late but after the fantastic service they provided once here I couldn't accept the discount. The 3 guys unloaded a 26' Uhaul & a 12 foot Uhaul trailer in 2 hours and 15 minutes, placing everything in the areas we asked. They worked their butts off, couldn't ask for anything more .......

Jennifer S

(1) 7/13/2013 Murrieta

Very disappointed...I had a verbal conversation with the movers about 1 week prior about our reservation and needs. On the day of the move they no showed and when I finally got a call back they stated they thought the move was for 7pm in the evening, not 7am in the morning. This was a complete lie as the movers had made a specific reference to being early for the job so that the could "beat the heat" as it gets very hot out here.

Mover's response:
Customer had help canceled us before we got there.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Ericka M

(5) 6/26/2013 Ontario

Great job by Lando, David, and, Josh. They arrived a few minutes early, brought all requested moving gear, and worked really hard in hot weather. They packed our moving pod like a Tetris game, getting an incredibly surprising amount of boxes and furniture in in a small space. Besides knowing their job, they offered me helpful advice on packing and storage. Would recommend them to everyone.

Chris L

(4) 5/2/2013 Temecula

They were a great help, on time and professional.

Caroline H

(5) 3/21/2013 Lake Elsinore

They were very professional and courteous and worked their butts off to try and get it all done within 2 hours! I would recommend them any day and will also use them again in the future!

Nathan C

(5) 3/1/2013 Irvine

Both Sando and Josh did a fantastic job! They showed up within the time window requested (and were able to accommodate a change in time that I requested same day!) and had all the equipment with them that I had requested for the unloading job (hand trucks, furniture truck, etc.). They were very friendly and kept a positive attitude the whole time. We had several large furniture items, which they handled with care and easily moved up to our 3rd floor walkup apartment. They finished well within the 2-hour window I reserved and offered to help move boxes around within our apartment in the time remaining. All in all, they were lifesavers (and back savers!) and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone needing help with loading/unloading!


(5) 2/25/2013 Rancho Cucamonga

They came on time, and had there tools ready. they completed work within the prepaid time and they were very careful with the furniture. I recommend them.

Brent V

(5) 2/16/2013 Redlands

They were great! When I saw the apartment, I thought it was going to take 14 hours to move, they did it in 2 1/2 hours. Start to finish. I would absolutely use them again.

Laura L

(5) 1/10/2013 Canyon Country

The dates and times I selected were what I wanted. They showed up. Unloaded a full moving pod. Very careful with taking things up the stairs as not to mark the walls. They came prepared with extra blankets and dollies. Both helpers were nice and courteous. Would use Helpful 5 again. Laura L.

Joshua B

(5) 1/8/2013 Studio City

Showed up on time. Worked fast. Very careful with everything. Already recommended them to a friend.

Cary G

(5) 1/8/2013 Santa Monica

These guys were awesome. Very quick, helpful and polite!

David O

(5) 1/4/2013 Moreno Valley

These guys were prompt, courteous, and respectful. They professionally loaded our house like it was their own. I highly recommend Helpful 5 and will use them again.

Laura H

(5) 1/3/2013 Covina

The two gentlemen sent to me were fantastic. They worked fast and very hard to fill my 16' van. I booked this company because they had a zero no-show rating and I could not have been happier. Moving from Ca to Sc was stressful enough, but this team made everything go smoothly and gave me peace of mind. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Alex M

(5) 12/27/2012 Loma Linda

2nd time using these guys, 2nd review, 2nd time we've been very pleased. They took excellent care loading and moving my mom's belongings and making sure they were placed exactly according to her wishes. When they were all said and done, they even took a couple minutes to sweep out the back of the UHaul-- after I had already released payment. Thanks again Josh and Herb!

Ryan G

(5) 12/27/2012 Redlands

Two wonderful gentlemen arrived on time to our job and quickly made a heavy task loaded and properly secured. They had extra time to help us finish loading our heirloom furniture and our expected day of work was done in under 2 hours. Thanks again for the great job! R.G. Redlands, CA

Craig J

(5) 11/24/2012 Simi Valley

They did a great job. they had car trouble getting there but called me BEFORE they were late and showed up within 25 minutes. Did not cause us any trouble. They were very careful with our belongings and did exactly what was asked of them. If they did not know where something went, they asked rather than putting it in the wrong place. They got the job completed quicker than I had anticipated. They were fast, courteous and responsible. I would recommend them and I would use them again. Craig - Simi Valley

Marc B

(5) 11/19/2012 Venice

Herb and crew were AWESOME. arrived on time, worked with precision, speed and grace and finished ahead of schedule. 5 of out 5 stars.

Michael F

(5) 10/27/2012 Woodland Hills

I had to move a jacuzzi tub from my storage garage area into my house. it weighed 250 LB so i was not about to attempt this myself. i asked for three helpers and they all came over and moved my 2300.00 dollar jacuzzi with no problems. it took about an hour and they were great. i had no damage, not a scratch! the helpers waited for me to make some connections and were for helpful and in good spirit of the project. ill use them again when i have another move like this. thank you mike

Robert C

(5) 9/29/2012 Lomita

The company sent over a great crew who were very good and the move and packing went smooth.

James H

(5) 9/15/2012 San Pedro

On time, respectful, hard-working, polite. Genuinely nice guys. I had no problems.

Damien B

(5) 9/5/2012 Glendale

I have nothing critical to say. They were prompt, eager to help, conscientious about handling our furniture. I would recommend them enthusiastically to anyone looking for some helping hands for a move. Really great.

Mark H

(5) 8/27/2012 Laguna Niguel

They arrived on time. Brief survey the household goods. Loading very efficiently and carefully. Good job!

Laurajean P

(5) 7/14/2012 Newport Beach

The guys arrived on time and ready to work. They did the walk through and got things organized, worked hard until the job was complete. They took care in moving our items and I would use them again. Thanks for the awesome job!

Steve P

(5) 7/6/2012 Laguna Niguel

Helpful 5 Moving Company have moved me 4 times in the last 5 years. 2 of these moves were into and out of storage space. Fantastic experience every time. Herb Sosa is a man of is word and operates with complete integrity. He is also a true professional, guiding us through common moving issues that we hadn't thought of. His crew comes prepared and are dedicated to completing the job. Tip well, these guys earn it.

Josh D

(5) 6/30/2012 Victorville

Used many moving companies and this is by far the best. Great communication before the job and they arrived on time an ready to go. The two gentlemen worked very hard and without stopping for the entire time. They loaded our truck impeccably so maximum space and time was achieved. They unloading even faster. They were professional and very careful with our things and home. I would use this company again and especially Herb and Josh. Thank you!

Amy C

(5) 6/30/2012 Toluca Lake

Highly recommend helpful five moving company! Firstly they called me prior to the date of the move to confirm moving details. Secondly, my pod service came a day late and I had to change the time of my appointment last minute. I called and they were so polite and without hesitation said they would be happy to change the appointment. Due to my change, they were coming from the opposite side of town driving through rush hour, they called to let me know they were running late and gave me an estimate arrival time. When they arrived, Herb and his assistant were so professional and so kind! They moved swiftly and took care of everything, asking me where is wanted every piece. Working for small businesses myself, I can tell that Herb and his team really care about quality. So do yourself s favor and give them a call!

William T

(5) 6/15/2012 Studio City

The 2 gentlemen arrived on time and with the tools they needed. They worked for three hours straight and didn't take a break. They were vary courteous and wouldn't let me lift a finger to help them . I would very much use them again .

Alexander M

(5) 6/9/2012 Redlands

Excellent! These guys were prompt, came with all the tools I had asked them to, and worked the whole 4 hours. I would definitely use these gentlemen again.

Wendy F

(5) 5/21/2012 Studio City

Hard workers, such nice guys...

Adele B

(5) 4/4/2012 Pasadena

There were very prepared and professional. I had some specific ways I wanted my things packed and they accomodated me no problem. I also was working with a tight budget and needed to stick to the two hours. I said my son and I would pack anything that was left. They hustled to make sure they finished within the two hours. Much appreciated! Would use them again without question.

LeAnn H

(5) 3/28/2012 Riverside

They did A great job and Im very happy with the work they did loading all my things into the truck.

Terry W

(5) 3/26/2012 Rancho Santa Margarita

I would highly recommend these two gentlemen. They were on time, courteous, and more than willing to go the extra mile. They arrived with all of the requested equipment and began working immediately. They worked continuously without a break until the move was completed. My things were moved carefully from an upstairs condominium to a truck and then unloaded into storage unit within the contracted time. I have already recommended them to my realtor for her to suggest to future clients. I would certainly use them again. Thank you for a great service.

Jessica L

(5) 3/4/2012 Irvine

Helpful 5 Moving did an excellent job! They were professional, courteous, and handled all of our items carefully. We have a lot of antique furniture and nothing was broken during the move thanks to their careful handling. I would highly recommend to anyone and use them again without any hesitation!

Mekel H

(5) 2/27/2012 Pasadena

I needed help with a fairly simple move from a studio to a mezzanine loft in the same area. Herb and his partner, Joshua, arrived exactly on time, with friendly faces, and worked steadily for the entire 2 hours. They handled all of my belongings delicately and were prepared with necessary equipment to get my job done. I worked alongside them and enjoyed lots of entertaining stories and laughs along the way as well! Finally, after the 2-hour time frame, I added on an additional hour, during with Herb & Joshua assembled my bed. I would recommend them!

Gary R

(5) 2/25/2012 Irvine

Polite, prompt, professional. Did a great job moving. Assembled and dissasembled furniture. Hauled heavy pieces up and down stairs. Helped us clean up afterwards and throw out packing materials. Would recommend them to my mom. Will hire them the next time I need help.

Randy W

(5) 2/24/2012 La Verne

The two men who came to help me move furniture were great. They contacted me when they were on their way. They arrived on time and ready to begin. They knew what they were doing. They were friendly and very easy to work with. I would definately use Helpful 5 Moving Company again and reccommend them to friends.

Zoe B

(5) 2/24/2012 Santa Monica

These guys were terrific. They were able to move my time up two hours at very short notice, and they were excellent at packing. They wrapped all my furniture with care and packed it so well in the truck that even after 3 days of driving nothing appeared to have shifted at all! Even the movers on the other end noted how well things were packed and wrapped! They were time efficient and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended!!

Robert C

(5) 2/16/2012 Lomita

Herb's company is great! They were very professional and took care to not cause any damage. They even helped assemble an old dining room table from my family because the legs had been removed to move it. That meant a lot to me.

Darlene C

(5) 1/4/2012 Los Angeles

On time. Prepared for the job. Herb Sosa called me twice to confirm my needs and discuss the timing so that they could accomplish as much as possible in the time alotted. Very hard workers, fast and efficient. Pleasant and helpful too. (Herb Sosa and his partner-whose name I now forget-so sorry.) Very careful of my property (furniture) and neat and clean. I would absolutely use them again.

Kristine W

(5) 12/19/2011 Arcadia

I needed help like now. A friend suggested going on line and seeing what was available to help me unload my U-Haul. The young guy that showed up was far beyond what I expected. He was timely, very well prepared and was constantly working, working circles around the family member I had helping (who was 21 y.o.} Even my son said, "Wow, he was fast but very careful." It was a bit expensive but, given the circumstances, well worth it. Yes, I would use this guy and company again. Thank you.


(4) 12/5/2011 Malibu

All around pay attention thinking ahead caring good listening fellows. Good experience. Certainly worked out for us. Thanks

Mark G

(5) 10/28/2011 Moorpark

These guys were great. With a very short lead time, they were able to respond excellently. The crew arrived ahead of schedule and did more than was expected of them. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a high level of expertise and want courteous and enthusiastic helpers. Great Job!!! Mark G. Moorpark, CA

Antoinette B

(5) 10/23/2011 Cerritos

The movers assigned to me got the job done in a timely manner. They manage to keep working without taking a break until I insisted they do so. Both helpers were very polite and hardworking.

Wendy F

(5) 10/18/2011 Studio City

Every time I need help I use Helpful 5 Moving Company the guys are extraordinary.. they work so hard, never complaining always wanting to make your moving experience as stress free as possible...I have used them 4 times for various tasks..I highly recommend them..Wendy F Studio City, CA

Beverly S

(5) 10/17/2011 Calimesa

The movers followed up the day before, reviewed all the job particulars, and arrived exactly on time the day they were scheduled. They brought all the equipment that was needed and took great care in handling my mother's furniture and the more delicate items. Herb and his partner worked their tails off right from the get-go. They took a short lunch break (to which they were certainly entitled) and got right back at it. When unloading, they constantly asked where things should be placed and they were willing to move them again if necessary. Excellent! I'd hire them again with no hesitation. Bev S., Corona

Chris B

(5) 10/17/2011 South Pasadena

Joshua and his helper were great! They were very friendly and courteous. The took great care with all of our stuff. I would definitely hire them again.

Carolyn I

(5) 9/29/2011 Norwalk

I hired Helpful 5 last minute...I did not know what to expect and they were so wonderful. They moved quickly while taking extra care of my large hard to move furnature items. They packed my storage Pod efficiently and they were well prepared and proffessional. They were not on time but they made up for it in hard work. I would hire them again.

Debra O

(5) 9/18/2011 Hermosa Beach

Showed up early and finished early! Took very good care of my stuff and were very polite. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and service...I only wish they had been the ones that packed my truck :)

Robert H

(5) 9/7/2011 Valencia

Herb and Josh are fantastic! On time, efficient, courteous..we thought people like this were no longer around. You can feel confident that your possessions are in good and cpable hands..

David A

(5) 9/6/2011 Pasadena

These guys are SERIOUSLY hard workers!!! I would definitely use them again!

Rod B

(5) 9/3/2011 Simi Valley

They did a good job and were very courteous and professional.

Rob R

(5) 8/21/2011 Burbank

On time, worked hard, and very polite. Would use again. Thanks Helpful 5!

James B

(5) 8/3/2011 Los Angeles

Helpful 5 Moving Co. did a wonderful job helping with my move. I only needed them to help move everything I own from a Pod to my apartment on the forth floor apartment, so I scheduled 2 hours with two movers. Herb and Josh showed up right on time and immediately got to work. They were very professional, courteous and brought with them all the equipment they would need. No walls were marred or bumped, all my heavy furniture came through unscathed, and they got it all in within the 2 hours i had scheduled. No small feat since I am on the forth floor, and the Pod was on the side of the building. I would definitely recommend Helpful 5 to anybody needing reliable and professional movers.

Nick P

(5) 8/2/2011 Studio City

your 4 guys were great, polite, very hard working, knew what they were doing and did a great job.. thank you very much..

Dotun A

(5) 7/24/2011 Los Angeles

Herb and Josh were awesome at helping load up our pods. Both on time, very professional and skilled at what they do. This is the 3rd move Herb has helped us with, we highly recommend him.

Marc J

(5) 7/6/2011 Temecula

I highly recommend Helpful 5 Moving Co. The gentlemen that helped us were on-time, hard-working, very polite and just wouldn't quit. We had a large job to do; when the 8 hours I planned for came to an end and I asked them to stay on longer, they just kept plugging away!

Paul W

(5) 7/1/2011 Santa Clarita

Outstanding service from two very nice young men. Showed up early and ready to work. Very personable and careful unloading 26 foot truck in less than 2 hours. Could not have asked for a better team!! I would recommend this company without hesitation and will use them if I need to move again.

Ahmed H

(5) 6/26/2011 San Marcos

I would give these guys 20/10 if possible. These guys had great attitude and were going and going just like the energizer bunny. They finished the job safely without any damage to any of my stuff. After we were done moving my 26-foot truck up to the 3rd level with no elevator they helped organize my garage, and had to move some stuff back down that we didn’t need. They made my life a lot easier and stress free. I am defiantly calling you guys when I move next time. Thank you so much for your great work and help.

George R

(4) 5/25/2011 Murrieta

The help was professional and did what was requested , but we had a problem with charges for disposal of the trash. I believe it would be helpful to have a writen quote on trash removal when needed.

Mover's response:
Same price was Quoted to customer the whole time.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Leslie R


Worked very hard from time of arrival to departure. One worker ended up gettng "hurt" & no one told me so "lunch" turned out to be 2 1/2 hours. All workers & foreman very professional. Would hire again.

Andy B

(5) 5/7/2011 Simi Valley

My helpers were excellent. They arrived a few minutes early and immediately got to work. They were incredibly courteous and professional. The moved our stuff very carefully. They also took great care in packing the truck (I was amazed how they made all our stuff fit - truly incredible). I would definitely recommend them!

Don B

(5) 4/22/2011 Dana Point

The Helpers arrived on time, were courteous and professional. I would use them again!

Jessica H

(5) 4/16/2011 Phoenix

Movers were very professional and nice to work with. Extremely fast and helpful. Also, very cooperative with scheduling as we were traveling from out of state. Would definately recommend this company!!!

Amy W

(5) 4/13/2011 La Puente

Joshua and John did a great job loading my goods in good time. I was paying for truck space by the foot, and they did a good job of making the most efficient use of space that they could. This is the second time I've hired Helpful 5, and I would do it again.

Edward C

(5) 3/11/2011 Lancaster

On time, very pleasant, knowledgable on packing.

Oscar O

(5) 2/26/2011 Los Angeles

Once the two guys showed up they got right to work. They did the work quickly and efficiently. There was no time wasting and no chit-chatting which I appreciate. These guys worked hard, got the job done and I was happy to give them a nice tip. Thanks for your hard work. It was hard work, I had almost 800 square feet of sod to be moved from the delivery site in the front of the house to the rear of the house. They had to go through some steps and a rear patio and they guys never complaint; they just got to work. Good workers.

Camy M

(5) 2/9/2011 LOS ANGELES

Helpful 5 Movers were excellent. They did the job in record time. They arrived on time and were able to help out on just a few hours notice. The movers were respectful and courteous. They were very professional and able to problem solve the tough and tight corners of my building, getting awkward sized furniture into the place without scratching anything. I would definitely recommend them to friends and would definitely use them again.

Bruce K

(5) 1/25/2011 Marina Del Rey

Helpful 5 movers were great! Joshua and Melvin were really courteous, really quick and extremely accommodating. They made, what seemed to be a rough move in, extremely easy.

Linda T

(3) 1/22/2011 REDONDO BEACH

Overall the service was great until I realized 2 days later when unpacking all my boxes, there were 2 missing. It was confirmed these 2 boxes of wine glasses and drinking glasses never made it onto the U-haul truck. Unbeknownst to me at the time the 2 boxes did not make onto the truck, I did a secondary walk through to ensure there was nothing left in the my old apt. Everything was packed so I thought. I called the movers to find out if the boxes were in fact retreived but misplaced somewhere. I never received a reply.

Mover's response:
We Are only responsible for items we load onto the truck .everything we loaded onto the truck was specifically put on the truck per customer request. We even asked the customer to do a last walk through incase we missed anything, customer agreed that everything was on the truck.Customer was pressed for time and requested we waive an inventory . Customer also was not unloaded by us . She was advised of us only being responsible for the loading of all goods; that was performed flawlessly.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Moana S

(5) 12/29/2010 Los Angeles

Rich & Jose were amazing. They were efficient and handled all my belongings with care. They even wrapped the sectional couch & my mattress / box spring. They strategically loaded my rental truck with care. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for moving labor help.

Stuart K

(5) 12/11/2010 Los Angeles

The two hired helpers from Helpful 5 Moving were very polite and respectful. They took considerable measures to ensure that the furniture being moved was done carefully and professionally.

Arshad K

(5) 12/6/2010 Calabasas

Joshua and Lando showed up promptly within the scheduled hour. Did'nt waste any time in starting to unload and carry the stuff to our second floor apartment. They were efficient and were done within 75 mins eventhough I had put in the order for 2 hours. Pleasant experience using them. Will use them again. Do call them a few hours before on the day of the move just to ask if everything is on schedule.

Arnold A

(5) 11/22/2010 Valencia

I would hire these guys again any day of the week and twice on Sunday. They were no fuss no muss and all business ... and yet were freindly and made my wife and I feel like important customers. If you are looking for someone that will move/pack/unpack your stuff as if it were theirs, hire these guys. And they are fast as well.

Annissa H

(5) 11/6/2010 Diamond Bar

Herb and Josh were amazing and completely professional. They took control of a chaotic move and I didn't have to worry or supervise them. I tried to bubble wrap and shrinkwrap ahead of time. They even realized that I had shrinkwrapped my china cabinet with the glass shelves still inside. They careful wrapped all of my glass shelves and secured them in the POD. I'm hiring them again when its time to unload the POD. They made my move as stress free as it could be. Thank you!

Marshal H

(5) 11/3/2010 Palmdale

Thank-you to the mgt and movers on moving my furniture successsfully from Palmdale to Tucson without a glitch. According to my family who met the movers at the location, they were on time and moved quickly to accomplish a major task. Thank-you again to Helpful 5 Moving Co and Hire a Helper.

Amir H

(5) 11/2/2010 Venice

At the time of writing 80+ 5 star reviews out of 84. That should tell you something right there. Super friendly, high energy team (from the first confirmation phone call, to arrival, moving and leaving). Went out of their way to ensure I was satisfied with everything. Very rare to get this quality service at this great value price. I got Richard and Josh for 2 hours, both super nice and super 'can do' attitude. To anyone looking at their price and first glance thinking it's too high (like I did when I was choosing a mover), do the math and break it down per man per hour and you'll realize they're actually GREAT value compared to the other companies listed here.

Whitney L

(5) 10/27/2010 Victorville

They were great helpful used space great and very hard workers!!! I would use this team again !!

Chres O

(5) 10/16/2010 Manhattan Beach

Excellent service. The movers were on time, courteous, friendly, and made the move efficiently without error or damage. Gave good advice and were very helpful.

Jeanne Marie B

(5) 10/10/2010 Manhattan Beach

The movers were on time, polite, careful, and expedient. I plan to use them again to move my furniture.

Jenny P

(5) 9/8/2010 DUARTE

Alex and Herb were Very Helpful Very efficient Enthusiastic, professional, good spirited, friendly

Scott G

(5) 8/31/2010 LOS ANGELES

The movers were quick on their feet and intelligently packed my belongings carefully into a right storage facility. They were friendly, honest and thoroughly professional.

Sherry S

(5) 8/28/2010 LOS ANGELES

Herb and Josh are fantastic movers. Extremely hard working and efficient, these guys are A++ professional and deserve every penny they make. I would definitely hire again and recommend to anyone. They loaded and unloaded our entire apartment including a sectional couch, 52" tv and gym sized elliptical in 3 hours. I did not think it was even possible to move that quickly. Thanks guys for making our move so worry-free.

Chris G

(5) 8/23/2010 LOS ANGELES

Simply amazing. We booked them for two hours and were worried that we would need them for longer. Until they arrived. They were very quick, diligent, professional and very careful with our belongings. We would recommend them to any and everyone.

Caroline F

(5) 8/21/2010 LOS ANGELES

Helpful 5 Moving was great. Herb and Josh were friendly and professional. They arrived early, brought their own tools, and were very careful with my furniture. I would definitely hire them again.

Christine H

(5) 8/12/2010 Riverside

The two guys we hired (Melvin and Josh) through Helpful 5 were wonderful! We hired them to help unload a truck for a business move and new site set-up. I originally scheduled them to stay 3 hours, but they were so helpful and hard-working that we ended up asking them to stay for an additional 3 hours. Having their help for 6 hours allowed us to complete a site set-up in just 1 day that we thought would take two or three days. I highly recommend Helpful 5.

Elizabeth D

(5) 8/10/2010 RANCHO CUCAMONGA

Richard and Joshua were both courteous and professional. I relocated from SC and moved my belongings in a POD. I needed help to unload and this company was friendly and helpful. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. If I move again I will definitely seek their assistance!

Regina R

(5) 8/7/2010 LAGUNA HILLS

All was satisfactory. I had this done long distance with a friend handling the move for me.

Michael B

(5) 7/20/2010 Sherman Oaks

What can I say? All of the reviews on here are correct. I hired these guys specifically because of the large number of positive reviews, and you can now add me to the list of satisfied customers. I utilized the services of Richard, Joshua and Alex, specifically, and all of them were fantastic. Very friendly. And also very fast. They were moving the boxes to our truck before I even had finished signing my name on the paperwork. Speaking of which, they were also right on time - no delays getting started at all. They finished packing up our two bedroom apartment in less than 2 hours. We had about a room and a half full of boxes and some clunky furniture (specifically, a sofa, a queen sized bed, and a nasty computer desk with a glass top. We've been unpacking all day today and haven't found one broken item. And, they packed everything as if it were a life-size Tetris game, which was cool. In other words, boxes and furniture were tightly packed and secure for our 300 mile move in the back of a 16 foot rental truck. If we had to do it again, we would have picked these guys for a second time. Very much recommended. Many thanks for your help!

Barbara S

(5) 7/14/2010 LOS ALAMITOS

This job involved picking up and delivering a refrigerator. The workmen (Richard and Joshua )arrived on time. They were courteous and professional and handled the item carefully.

Barry S

(5) 7/9/2010 Mission Viejo

Helpful 5 was awesome. The unloaded 2 stuffed Pods in 3 hours. No breaks, just fast efficient and careful moving. Herb and Antonio (i think that was his name) were extremely professional and polite. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

James Y

(5) 7/2/2010 South Pasadena

The guys did a great job working for us on our local move. We had one issue with scheduling which is nothing to do with the workers. In the end it worked out.

Jackie S

(5) 6/14/2010 Gardenia

Very satisfied with the service from the moving team.

Reshma P

(5) 6/14/2010 Corona

Joshua and Richard from Helpful 5 were awesome. They were on time, very professional, and extremely experienced. They treated my home and my furniture with atmost respect. They carefully wrapped everything in blankets and plastic wrap and loaded the truck so that all my furniture was nicely secured and tucked in. I am very glad I selected Helpful 5 for my move. Thank you Helpful 5 and Joshua and Richard for making my move stressfree. I will definately be recommending them to all my friends and family.

India H

(5) 6/14/2010 Carlsbad

Herb and Mel were beyond fantastic - I cannot rave about our experience enough! They were so polite and friendly during the move, and when we were ready to return the UHaul they even offered to sweep it out to avoid our having to pay a cleaning fee. They worked so hard, and did a truly exceptional job. I plan to use them exclusively in the future!!

Daniel D

(5) 6/12/2010 PALM SPRINGS

Joshua and Richard were on time, ready to work, and breezed through a variety of heavy labor, moving, and demolition. They swept everything up at the end of the job leaving a clean worksite, and the entire time were focused on doing the job right and provided excellent communication and customer service. My thanks to them!

Pam T

(5) 6/9/2010 SIMI VALLEY

The 2 helpers worked quickly and efficiently. They were very cordial and easy to get along with. If a box was not marked as to placement location, they asked me where they should put it. Overall, a very good experience. Would use them again.

Chris C

(5) 6/2/2010 BURBANK

They were helpful. They were able to unload the heavy things off the truck. They were worth the money.

Lance F

(5) 5/29/2010 Artesia

Herb and the guys were professional, friendly, and on time. They worked quickly and took great care with my belongings. I would highly recommend using Helpful 5 for your moving needs.

Ken S

(5) 5/24/2010 Dana Point

outstanding work ethic and attitude. THE GUYS ARE GREAT and work very well together.

Ethel M

(5) 5/22/2010 Long Beach

I have used HireAHelper on one other occassion. During that event (in Chicago), the service was not nearly as organized and professional as the team of Herb Sosa and Josh (whose last name I can't recall). I give them the highest rating as they were courteous, punctual, neat in both appearance and service. I would recommend them to anyone and would use there service again.

Joe B

(5) 5/19/2010 Los Angeles

Have used multiple times.. each with great satisfaction! Hard workers, whom are careful not to break items. Very professional, courteous, arrived on time, finished ahead of time.

Mark W

(5) 5/13/2010 Upland

Only problem was they wanted to start earlier than I had wanted. I asked them to show at 10 am and give me some time to pick up the rental truck. They pushed for an hour earlier. I was lucky that there was no line at Ryder. In the end everything went well.

George R

(5) 5/13/2010 Murrieta

The helpers did an excellent job with the yard clean up. They were professional and courteous and I would use them again. Thanks for the help. GR

Michael K

(5) 5/4/2010 Venice

Joshua and Sammy did an amazing job helping me move this past weekend. They brought pads, a dolly, and a roller with them and managed to load *and* unload my truck at my new apartment in less than two hours! They were great at packing everything securely in the truck and were totally professional. I was SO happy to finally have an *easy* move! I've been recommending them to everyone who asks about my move and will continue to do so! You guys rock! :-)

Doug H

(5) 4/30/2010 PALMDALE

I was very glad to have Josh and Sam loading my PODS. Josh in particular really hustled and Sam did a great job supporting him. When (through my fault) a box was loaded that should not have been, Josh did not hesitate to remove several boxes in order to extract it for me. I appreciated their taking the lead on how to load the truck but still allowing me to be "in-charge" and direct how I wanted things done. I plan to request these two men specifically to unload the PODS in the near future.

Toni K

(5) 4/24/2010 Oak Park

Herb and his guys were courteous, extremely professional, and hardworking. We got a truck that was a bit too small and they still managed to get everything in one trip! And, without damaging anything! They even went so far as to use their own pickup truck to assist with some of the items that wouldn't fit into the truck. We have a pretty awkward staircase up to our master bedroom and some very heavy over-sized furniture. The guys moved it up the staircase without hitting any walls or damaging doorways, etc. AMAZING! We were very impressed and will recommend them to anyone who needs outstanding moving assistance!

Enrique B

(5) 4/24/2010 Valencia

Herb and his guys did a fantastic job. They were extremely careful handling our furniture. I would definately recommend these guys. Thanks again

Erik R

(5) 4/24/2010 Camarillo

These guys did a great job! They pack everything so tight that not only were we able to get everything that was most important stuffed in, but after driving 1700 miles, when we unloaded everything - not one thing was damaged. Also, between the 4 of them, they wrapped our furniture in plastic and padding and loaded everything in to this 26' moving truck in 3 hours. I would definitely use them again.

Chris B

(5) 4/12/2010 Irvine

wonderful movers!! on time, super hard working, gentle with the furniture and effiecient. I'll definately use them again!

Michael C

(5) 4/12/2010 Beaumont

Arrived on time, worked without stopping for three hours. Were careful to evaluate best way remove my large furniture items prior to moving them. Prior movers have been stuck in a hall and had to back out. This team looked ahead and had no such problems. The loading and stacking in the trailer was done with care, professionalism and items were protected for the long trip.

Tatjana B

(5) 4/9/2010 Los Angeles

they were great! my second time using this company and would definitely use them again if needed.

Sue S

(5) 3/5/2010 PASADENA

The two movers assigned to us were on time, very professional, and courteous. They were genuinely nice guys, the kind you would pick out for yourself. Everything got moved efficiently without any problems. Thank you!

Jacob S

(5) 3/2/2010 LOS ANGELES

Guys worked really hard and were very respectful of all our things. I'll never move without them again!

Robert R

(5) 2/28/2010 Woodland Hills

Great job, the guys arrive on time and loaded all of my belongings carefully and quickly. I will definitely use them again.

Erin P

(5) 2/12/2010 Fullerton

Herb and his crew were fantastic!!! The three of them showed up on time, had great communication by phone, and throughout the whole process, and were really communicative about the time they spent, their rates, and our options at every step. They were careful and mindful of our items even though we had a short distance to move to - and once they walked in, they didn't stop moving and working once. We moved from a 2 bedroom 2nd floor to the same type of unit in another location, with lots of furniture and stuff - not easy with a Tempur-Pedic, but they were awesome. They made our move quick and painless - and they were great to work with every step of the way. I would absolutely and unequivocally recommend utilizing Helpful 5 if you need to move.

Jiovonni M

(5) 1/27/2010 OXNARD

Herb and his crew did a wonderful job, without a doubt the best crew out there you'd want.They made sure everything is packed the way it should be. You need someone to help you move? Helpful 5 Moving CO. is the best. Nothing was broken. Thanks guys for doing a professional job. Jio Oxnard, Ca

Anna S

(5) 1/25/2010 Los Angeles

they were absolutely wonderful!! very kind, helpful, fun and energetic. :) thanks!! anna

Ann W

(5) 12/16/2009 Tustin

We were very satisfied with the job. Two movers arrived with a truck and handled everything quickly.

Todd F

(5) 12/9/2009 Anaheim

Helpful 5 (Herb, Josh and Mary) showed up on time and ready to move! They were helpful, friendly and did everything very fast. My move was from one floor to another in my building in Anaheim. They worked so fast that they moved things I didn't think they would have time to get to in my two hour allotment. Highly recommended!

Christopher M

(5) 12/8/2009 Los Angeles

I am very pleased with my moving experience with Helpful 5 Moving Co. They arrived earlier than my scheduled time (at my request) and finished the job in under an hour. The two movers (Joshua and Louis, I believe) moved my things quickly and effeciently, and nothing was marked or damaged in the process. I would definitely use Helpful 5 again.

Sara P

(5) 11/23/2009 Los Angeles

Herb and Josh were wonderful! They completed the job very quickly and offered to arrange my belongings as I wanted them. They even offered to put furniture together. They were extremely professional, and I would not hesitate to call on them again.

Steven S

(5) 11/16/2009 LOS ANGELES

I hired this company to load and unload my storage pod and was very happy with nearly everything. The only blemish was the large scratch on my bed footboard which must have happened in transit. Herb Sosa was a pro about the whole thing and returned a few days after the move to try to buff out the scratch, which I felt was very good business. All in all, they did a great job and the guys were very friendly, respectful and I would definitely recommend them.

Steven S

(5) 11/8/2009 Sherman Oaks

Excellent all the way around. Showed up on time, very courteous and moved all of my belongings into a storage pod with care and didn't waste a minute. I was so pleased I asked for the same 3 guys to come to my new home to do the unloading as well. Thanks Herb, Josh and the 3rd gentleman whose name escapes me but was also very good.

Evan P

(5) 11/8/2009 Whittier

I am at work so this has to be short. These guys were badass. I paid for 2 people for 2 hours. Showed up with 4 guys, did the whole move in half the time and didn't charge me anything extra. Worth every dime. I felt really bad after because I realized with the stress of moving I forgot to give these guys a tip. If someone could tip well in my name that would be awesome. They deserve it.

Tom B

(5) 11/8/2009 Westlake Village

Punctual, professional, came with equipment to do the small job, clean, ease of organizing job with office...Fantastic. Have already recommended their services to others. Courteous, too. Thank you --- T. Baker

Dianna D

(4) 10/21/2009 Los Angeles

Movers were nice but late due to not being able to leave the gated. Very friendly on the phone.

Cord K

(5) 10/21/2009 MARINA DEL REY

They guys were great! I recommend them without reservation.

Kathleen O

(5) 10/21/2009 CAMARILLO

I was very pleased with the two men who came and moved furniture. They knew what they were doing and did a great job quickly and efficiently. I will call for their help again.

Frank S

(5) 10/19/2009 Covina

We were very please with the two young men that helped move the contents of a house into a portable storage unit. They were very respectful, courteous and worked until the job was complete. They went above and beyond to resolve an issue that came up during the move. We would definitely use this company in the future.

Susan G

(5) 10/19/2009 Newport Beach

Helpful 5 Moving Co. lived up to its name. We are a small software company that was hosting a conference. I opted to hire movers to unload at the conference site instead of having to require internal staff to unload the conference truck at 6AM on a Sunday morning. I was pleasantly surprised when the team of four showed up on time and ready to work. They unloaded our truck in a very fast and efficient manner. Once I explained different boxes needed to go into different conference space, they deciphered the box identifications for themselves and when unsure checked with me to direct them. They were pleasant, accommodating, conscientious and more agreeable than I am at that time of the morning. I had everything from boxes of paperwork to PCs/flat screen monitors to servers to cases of alcohol to gift baskets to boxes of conference tote bags and all arrived safely & in one piece. I would have no problem hiring them again and suggest you use their service if it is in your neighborhood. Very satisfied customer.

Charmaine J

(3) 10/5/2009 Thousand Oaks

2 movers arrived on time but didn't have the proper tools to put my beds together. When I talked to Herb Sosa, I told him that's what I needed. 1 of the movers was really lazy (the tall 1 named Richard) and the shorter guy did all the work. At one point, Richard stopped putting a bed together because he said the one screwdriver they had was stripped - so the other guy finished the bed he was working on and then finished the 1 Richard was working on. Richard talked on the phone a lot. The movers took 2 hours longer than scheduled. I think they could have finished on time if Richard hadn't been so lazy. I would not use this company again.

Mover's response:
The customer couldn't tell us exactly what tools she needed .when we arrived the initial bolts and screws were already stripped.We brought a bag of tools free of charge. without any manuals completed the task .the prior movers who disassembled the beds did not use the correct tools to take apart the beds and damaged your hardware. Customer specifically asked us to stay beyond the pre paid moving time. only thing that took time was assembling your beds in the dark .
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Scott B

(5) 9/22/2009 Lancaster

Outstanding! Thanks for your professional behavior. I would recommend them to a friend and hire them again.

Marie S

(5) 9/15/2009 Santa Ana

Great service by those friendly guys! Arrived on time, stayed as long as needed, helped out in many ways. We will definitely call those guys next time!

Zoe R

(5) 9/15/2009 Huntington Beach

These guys worked hard and we should of got a bigger moving truck but they somehow made it all fit.

Corey M

(5) 9/9/2009 Oxnard

Great service, very fast and efficient. On time and ready to get the job done.

Lori L

(5) 8/20/2009 Chatsworth

These guys were awesome! They were scheduled to arrive at 9:00 a.m., but arrived at 8:50 a.m. prepared to start work. They loaded my items quickly and efficiently, and they even helped me wrap up my furniture so it wouldn't get damaged. They knew how to maximize the available space in the truck, and almost everything was still in place when I got to my destination.

Judy B

(5) 7/28/2009 El Segundo

The two gentlemen from Helpful 5 Moving Co were courteous, prompt, and absolutely nothing was damaged. I sincerely appreciate their help and would recommend them to anyone needing help with loading a U-Haul.

Dee L

(5) 7/28/2009 Irvine

I was left abandoned by my "friends" who were going to help me move. I called at the last minute and was rescued by Herb and his two friends. they were helpful, professional and caring. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone.

Linda C

(4) 7/28/2009 SYLMAR

The crew worked in a timely manner.

Allison A

(5) 7/24/2009 Fullerton

We have used Herb and the Helpful 5 Moving Co. for several moves and we have always been very happy with their service. Josh has been with Herb for each move and both are extremely careful, organized and excellent movers. We would choose this crew to use for any type of move we have in the future. They are a terrific moving company - affordable, polite, trustworthy and fun to work with. Thank you guys!!

Jacki M

(5) 7/21/2009 Torrance

Helpful 5 was courteous, punctual, professional, polite, honest, and a pleasure to be around. Their "can-do," exceptionally friendly attitude lasted throughout the very difficult move from apartment complex to apartment complex. Not one single item was scratched or broken during the process. If I ever move again, I will definitely call Helpful 5.

Lisa S

(5) 7/21/2009 Van Nuys

The movers were excellent. They were on time, efficient, polite, and totally profession. I would recommend them completely. Thanks for a job well done.

Rema H

(5) 7/21/2009 Los Angeles

Professional, fast, curteous. They did a perfect job.

Charles W

(5) 7/21/2009 Torrance

very courteous, professional, and helpful. would definitely use them again if needed.

Nancy D

(5) 7/15/2009 VALENCIA

I am thrilled with the service I received from this company. The two young men were professional and very helpful. They were careful and respectful of my home and the things in it. I have never used this type of service before but I will absoulty use them again. A++++ Thank you.

Naomi M

(5) 7/13/2009 Orange

Movers were GRREEAATTT!! Showed up on time, smiling, hard working, didn't waste time, no delays, no chit chat, just getting the job done...and willing to accomodate little changes. I would definately use them again and again. Nice fellows..all about doing the job! Setting things up nicely. USE THEM you won't be sorry!!

Michael C

(5) 7/7/2009 HERMOSA BEACH

Helpful 5 did an excellent job moving us into our new home in Hermosa Beach. The original crew was in an accident, so they were late, but that actually worked in our favor as we had more time to clean. Herb, Josh, and the crew were hard-working, courteous, and polite. We had some very large pieces of furniture to bring into a home with 3 flights of stairs, and they excecuted flawlessly. I don't think there was one scratch on any furniture or one mark on a wall. They were awesome, and they worked quickly. The even stayed and helped us position some of the difficult pieces. I highly recommend them and really applaud them for their work ethic and customer service, along with their attitudes. They were also fully honest and fair with their pricing. I will definitely use them again for the next move. -Michael, Hermosa Beach

Katherine H

(5) 6/22/2009 Redlands

I love these guys. They were the only part of my move that was on time and went smoothly. They are quick and efficient and very respectful (which is always nice). They were prepared to help assemble furniture and unpack and place my tv (I didn't have them do it, but they did offer, which I thought was nice). I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for moving labor help in the Redlands area. Excellent service at a very reasonable price :-)

Michael E

(5) 6/22/2009 Pacific Palisades

Excellent. On-time. Jumped right into the job. Nicest guys. Very professional in thier work. Never stopped for a moment until the job was done. Absolutely great.

Barbara B

(5) 6/16/2009 Valencia

Josh and 2 others did an excellent job in unloading our truck in the exact time estimated. They were very professional. Careful with our things and very polite. We highly recommend them.

David C

(5) 6/14/2009 LOS ANGELES

I was going to rent a Uhaul and hire 2 guys off the street. But I am glad that I hired these guys because they were much quicker and more professional than I would have done it at about the same cost as renting the Uhaul. Also they are very courteous. I highly recommend them.

Ping W

(5) 5/30/2009 Los Angeles

They are super on time with excellent service. You can't believe how fast they move the stuffs. And they carefully move the furniture. I reserved 2 hrs but the work was done by nearly 1 hr and half. Again, excellent and fast service. Definitely reserve them to help you move!!!!!

Kamfai C

(5) 5/30/2009 Los Angeles

Made a reservation for this job in the morning, for some reasons, no one showed up. So I called them, and they came in an hour or so. Herb and his partner handled my furnitures and boxes carefully. They skillfully packed everything into the pod. Good job. Make sure you call them to confirm a job.

James P

(5) 5/30/2009 Ventura

Excellent work ethic and very careful. Nothing damaged and hard workers.

Myia T

(5) 5/13/2009 Culver City

These guys were soooooooooo AWESOME!! They were above and beyond professional. They were on time, kind and very gentel with my items. I could not have asked for better service and I would recommend them to EVERYONE. THESE GUYS DESERVE A RAISE!!

Monica B

(5) 5/9/2009 Redondo Beach

Helpful 5 Movers, Josh and Vladamir, were extremely fast and professional, and very careful with my boxes and fragile items. I highly recommend Helpful 5 Movers.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much. It was our pleasure.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Adam L

(5) 5/9/2009 VENICE

Amazing customer service! Went WAY above and beyond!

Doug H

(5) 5/6/2009 PALMDALE

Helpful 5 provided two helpers to unload my 26' U-haul truck in 2.5 hours. Both men were extremely courteous and handled my household goods like their own. They also had tools and were prepared to disassemble (in the case of a table not fitting through a doorway) and assemble (beds, etc.) any items necessary. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much sir.It was our pleasure.Herb Sosa
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Niesha L

(5) 5/2/2009 Los Angeles

This had to be the best moving experience I have ever had. The movers were on time, extremely nice, and knowledgable. Even though I ended up having more to move then I thought the worked diligently always keeping me informed on what was going on and why. The provided their own truck which cut down on the overall cost. The were EXTREMELY reasonable for the 4 hours it took to move everything I only paid $200! YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT PRICE OF THE SERVICE! My grandfather was at the house as the movers were putting together some furniture and thought they were so great he is hiring them for a small move he will be doing this month. I have already recommended them to all my friends! THEY WERE EXCELLENT!!!!

Melissa and Igor N

(4) 3/15/2009 Los Angeles

They did a very good job considering that we hired only 2 when we should have hired 3 people. They worked very hard and delivered our precious items with no damage. A couple of (inexpensive) wood file cabinets got scratched. They stayed on for an extra 2 hours to finish the move when it became clear that the original time we reserved was not enough. They gave us a time range of when they would come and showed up at the end of that time range (10 minutes late or less).

Mover's response:
Thank you Helpful 5 appreciates your business.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.



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