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Helpful 5 Moving Co.

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Covina, CA / Moving services within 60 miles

Booked 986 times through HireAHelper

348 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Covina, CA / Moving services within 60 miles

Booked 986 times through HireAHelper

348 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Fully equipped team of Professional Movers. Free use of all our moving equipment. Trained personnel with years of experience. Cost reduction is our main objective.


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Real Covina area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Helpful 5 Moving Co..

348 reviews

Lynn M

(5) 7/16/2019 San Bernardino

Our guys were so wonderful! On time, professional, caring towards our home and all our belongings...I would highly recommend them. Worth every penny!

Matthew V

(5) 6/14/2019 Upland

I ha e moved several times before and never had a group of guys work harder then these guys. They were on time very professional and very hardworking even after working overtime on my job. Thank you

Tom D

(5) 6/14/2019 Garden Grove

Prompt and efficient. On schedule and got the job (unloading a 16' PODS container) done within the estimated time. Was also careful with the furniture and did not break anything. Overall, did an excellent job and my wife and I were very satisfied.

Carla S

(5) 6/13/2019 Moreno Valley

Lando and Andres, arrived on time, looking neat and clean, ready to work. It was in the very high 90’s, and they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They boxed my possessions, organized them for my purposes and drove the rest to my storage unit. Those men worked hard , and I was so frustrated with the whole moving process, I was ready to hide. They had everything ready regarding proper equipment. I have a few objects that are valuable to me and I told them about that particular box, and when they picked it up to move it, they remembered it immediately. They were organized and fast. I could not have done this without them. They make an amazing team, and I would use them again. I am decidedly impressed. They were very helpful and kind to someone who is on the slippery side of life. All people should be treated as I have been. Thank you Andres and Lando.

John G

(5) 5/13/2019 Lakewood

They were excellent! They worked hard, smart and were a clinic in team work. It was clear that though our job was a tough one, they were determined to complete it in the time we had ordered. If all your people are as good as these two, you have a fantastic company.

Cynthia C

(1) 3/30/2019 Huntington Beach

To whom it may concern, I had hired your company as a referral from PODS as they guided me with securing help with loading my personal items to be stored. However, The Experience I received from the contracted men was horrible. The men showed up in a timely manner. Once here, it seemed as one man was in charge, the other as support. The main guy borrowed a pen he said to write down what needed to be stored. Nothing was ever written down. From the start, the main guy was up selling me on time and material costs and told me I would need a 2nd POD. I told him I didn’t have that many items and we were fine. He told me several times on how he could stay late, or come back either today or tomorrow even before they even started. He also told me that time did not allot for stairs as stairs was not on the order. Then came the arguing. The main guy yelled constantly at the 2nd guy. It was obvious the 2nd guy has never moved furniture before. It took them over a 1/2 hour to bring down one of my antiques with lots of yelling. It was horrific. It was extremely stressful as my furniture has value not just monetarily, but personally. Not even 45 minutes into the move, I was being approached on an additional hour needed and more material. They ended up using a small amount of their own stretch wrap they brought which cost me $30; and I didn’t keep the wrap. He took it! He ended up using one of my packing rolls of tape? I had pointed items to be moved and he continued to load items that were not to go. So, now we’re unloading on my dime. I ended up getting the extra hour as now I’m running out of time and need the job completed; I wanted them out of my home!! My 21year old daughter happened to stop by and took charge directing the two men that truly had no clue what they were doing. She guided them on how to pack the POD correctly to maximize the container. My daughter and I also started taking boxes, chairs, bags and furniture out to the POD for loading again to maximize the time. If these two clowns were not so worried about up selling me, yelling at each other, using my materials, they could of completed the job in the 2 hour allotted window! This experience has left me with a negative attitude towards your company, and extremely frustrated after spending so much money for a service that was actually two Amateurs Poaching extra money from a woman. I thought I hired professionals!! I did not receive the service promised therefore, I’m demanding full refund of $427 I spent; this includes the following: @$337 Initial 2 hours, the extra hour @$60, the wrapping roll @$30. For 3 hours, I Endured unprofessional behavior, Less than adequate Representation. This Experience made a stressful situation extreme!!

Mover's response:
All items loaded into the pod customer reserved only two hrs. It was done in three . Never mentioned she would be needing extra time we where late to the next job customer had nothing wrapped never once mentioned stairs don’t know why 1st set is always free , it allows us to bring the right equipment which is also free , customer has no idea what movers did that day or do period we have to communicate to each other we sometimes must speak loud to each other because items are heavy fragile ,antique or all of the above, plus she was on the phone the whole time , Customer was advised of all costs before they where initiated she could have stop all charges at anytime, anytime . “Fellas hey you have to leave “ and HireAHelper would of immediately sent another crew now I wish they had , Customer specifically signed legal document stating she was satisfied with her paid for your items to be moved onto the pod that was performed. Despite your outlandish demands , to wrap your items with makeshift items we made do. Our stretchwrap was used to wrap your items it is not free . The pen was used to fill out the contract that you yourself used to sign us in and out and keep track of the prepaid time. We are respectful and when the customers daughters suggested we do something we had to stop doing what we where doing to let them know repeatedly that that is not how it was done . The pod was packed correctly. Nothing broke ? Customer released payment added an extra hr paid for us to stretch wrap her items added these payments herself ?we don’t understand? But we are sorry you feel that way . Thank you .
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

Allyson M

(5) 2/18/2019 Corona

What a great team! Lando and Clinton did a wonderful job. They were on time, prepared, hard working and knowledgeable on packing a truck. I would recommend them and use them again! Thank you both for making a stressful day so much easier. I appreciate it!

Clifford P

(5) 12/15/2018 Hesperia

Very professional. Non stop work. Very respectful of customer and belongings. Foreman constantly giving directions and mindful of workers safety.

Tom F

(5) 12/13/2018 Pasadena

They arrived on time and I ask they contact me when they were 15 minutes out. They were professional and prepared for the job with all the equipment required and boxes I requested. They kept track of their time and advise me what hour they would be done but could request additional time if needed .i would highly recommend them for whatever you need from loading/unloading or clean out your house.

Michael T

(4) 12/8/2018 Huntington Beach

The crew worked very hard and were pushed a little to excess by the foreman, but her knew what he was doing and kept a watchful eye on his crew. Everything was packed securely and carefully with no time wasted. We feel like we got our money's worth. The only fault, was when they unhooked our gas dryer, they also turned off the gas to our water heater and so we were out of hot water before a service technician could come to relight the heater for almost two days. I would still recommend them and was generally very happy!

Mover's response:
This Marine apologizes for any inconvenience my high tone of voice might of cause your sensibility but we are dealing with very heavy items if not done right people brake items or hurt themselves.
- Helpful 5 Moving Co.

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