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"Work Smarter, Not Harder" is our motto Established in 2015, we offer world class moving service in Arlington & surrounding areas. Looking for the best labor only company book us! We are not perfect but we strive to be & treat customers as if they are FAMILY.

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Real Fort Worth area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Reliable Moving Team.

51 reviews
125 completed jobs

Lacey C

(5) 12/17/2018 Azle

These guys helped us at the last minute when our movers we had booked did not show up. They came as quickly as possible and worked to get out truck unloaded with care and speed!

Troy R

(5) 10/21/2018 Dallas

I would use them again well prepared and new what they were doing

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Sherry P

(5) 8/24/2018 Fort Worth

These guys were terrific! They did a lot of hard work, and completed on time. Very friendly too. I highly recommend.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Rand B

(4) 8/21/2018 Keller

Hard working

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Marloy H

(5) 8/14/2018 Granbury

The two men arrived timely. They were hard working, very respectful of our property, and prepared to do the job! Yes we will use them again!

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Carlie C

(5) 8/1/2018 Dallas

The two gentlemen from From Reliable Moving Team where very professional, patient and displayed a committed worth ethic! I have extensive experience moving cross country, out of state and typically I move all my belongings every year due to my demanding profession. 11 moves in 10 years, I would easily say that Reliable Moving is the way to go. They offer an array of moving options, not only for residential but commercial and even vechicle or motorcycle transport. I plan to direct any inquiring mover I come across to this fabulous company. Thank you again guys!

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Terril C

(5) 7/31/2018 Mineral Wells

Good communication before, during and after job. There were no surprises; and the helpers were cordial and very efficient.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Ashlee W

(2) 7/30/2018 Dallas

Unfortunately, I did not have as good of an experience with this moving company as other reviews had led me to believe I would. My movers arrived approximately an hour after the end of their arrival window, and communicated minimally regarding their lateness. They were barely apologetic when they arrived. They were prepared for the job, though they were not careful with my belongings, and did not listen to my preferences regarding some of my boxes and furniture. I would not recommend these movers, and definitely would not use them again.

Mover's response:
Arrival window was set between 2-3 we arrivaried at 3:35 came from ft worth to Dallas not to metenton she was on 2nd floor pods was far away from building. We always sorry for being late even have text messages to prove we apologize. (We are not robots) She didn’t mention how we used my truck to keep move within 2 hours we went over and beyond for this lady her dad tip us $50 each. We really do not know how we received this review for $90 we did not provide a 2 star service and we had to make her things fit in the smallest pack rat. People if you do not have patients and can not understand we do 2-3 moves a day & this is a 3rd party website do not book us. If you stay on 2 nd floor or higher with elevator book 3 people. We will not use our pick up truck no more to help unload or load.
- Reliable Moving Team

Kenneth H

(5) 7/21/2018 Fort Worth

Excellent and hard working, they moved my things with ease. highly recommended!

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Jonathon H

(5) 7/16/2018 Crowley

Hard workers and did an excellent job.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Theo A

(5) 7/16/2018 Fort Worth

Prompt, fast, all around great experience. A+

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Windy H

(5) 7/14/2018 Willow Park

We needed help to load a 20 foot uhaul truck for our move across Texas. These gentlemen showed up on time and worked well for us. They packed the truck with thoughtfulness. I would recommend them. We called that morning and they were there that afternoon!

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Willie R

(5) 7/3/2018 Mansfield

The Reliable Team did an excellent job. They arrived on time, completed the job as scheduled and left the area clean and respectful. Great job.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Reannon M

(5) 7/1/2018 Keller

Very professional, courteous and efficient! Easiest move ever

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Cheri B

(5) 6/23/2018 Mineral Wells

Very professional team. They worked hard and very efficiently. They took care of our furniture unloading a 26 foot moving truck. The were careful to sort and stack the boxes. The moved a number of very heavy items and caused no damage to the walls or doors or the items they moved. Would hire them again if needed.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

Elias J

(5) 2/23/2018 Mansfield

Great bunch of guys that helped with more than they needed to. Perfect gentlemen that I would hire time and time again.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business appreciate the honest review.
- Reliable Moving Team

John G

(2) 8/10/2017 Haltom City

I wouldn't hire that company again. The guys who showed up didn't seem to know how to pack the truck correctly, I had to constantly be telling them that i didn't want heavy items on light ones and they still did it. Also they were not good at wrapping furniture, what i wrapped made it and what i asked them to wrap barely made it. And what they did wrap they managed to get tape on the actual furniture which damaged it when i had to take it off. And we had a blanket big enough that this shouldn't have happened. I had to constantly tell them that I wanted things wrapped because they just wanted to place in truck even after telling them more than once that I wanted all furniture wrapped. When I showed up at my destination, boxes were damaged, if it wasn't that I packed things very well I would have had a lot of damaged items. The tip I gave the movers I now wish I wouldn't have given it to them, they fooled me to think they would do things right and when I arrived at my destination I got to see how bad of a job they did. If they have good reviews then I must have gotten the rookies so anyone using them know that you will have to keep an eye on everything they do. Also I have never bad any movers take more than 3 hours max to load a truck and that was because I was on the 3rd floor plus they had to wrap everything for me. This time I was on the ground floor and I had some items already wrapped and they still took 3.5 hours and it would have taken more time it i didn't end up helping as they were loading and I told them to stop at 3.5 hours because I didn't want to pay for more time. I tipped because it was a hot day, but I didn't think it would cause them to work carelessly.

Mover's response:
We have no idea what this guy is talking about, people get on here and complain and only book 2 men for 3rd floor move or 3 bedroom house or 26ft , book at least 3 people. We have proof of all move on Instagram. Customer didn't have correct supplys to wrap a Couch he had a mattress cover. We didn't even talk all work. Truck packed correctly just didn't have Couch in back cause he wanted coach the load. Did nothing move or break he complaining about tape on something he most likely packed. He did
- Reliable Moving Team

Megan M

(5) 7/28/2017 Fort Worth

Booking them for the next move. They were very efficient and accommodating.


(2) 7/21/2017 Arlington

Did nothing but bring my goods into the home. Did not remove any wrapping from furniture pieces. Did not set up beds. Don't not recommend this team.

Mover's response:
This Customer Mom left the review was not there, daughter said her guy was going to put bed together and she was go take off shrink wrap. Didn't want to go over 2hrs only book 2 men for 2 bedroom unload with stairs.
- Reliable Moving Team

Kathryn N

(5) 7/20/2017 Little Elm

The 3 gentleman that unloaded my belongings were wonderful. Genuinely good guys that were willing without question to the extra mile. I'm 68 years old and was moving 800 miles. The hooked up all my appliances, put furniture together, moved old furniture out to get new moved in. Not 1 complaint. It was blistering hot in Texas too and they never took a break. I greatly appreciate their willingness to help a female elderly customer who lives alone. K. Niblett

Terry S

(5) 7/15/2017 Mansfield

Although they were running late, I was also due to driving through some storms so it worked out great. When they arrived, they got right to work and were friendly, professional, and mindful of the items being unloaded. I would definitely use the same crew that I worked with.

Becky P

(5) 7/8/2017 Bedford

They were both very friendly and nice! Did the job efficiently even when the bed was difficult to put back together. Yes, I definitely would use them again. They came in time and finished the job in the time frame assigned.

Shannon R

(5) 7/1/2017 Fort Worth

Very happy with the service. I will use them again

Frances C

(5) 6/30/2017 Arlington

These guys had been working all day in this hot DFW heat and they still came and moved all our stuff out of the uhaul fast and efficiently. They were on time. They worked very hard. We had some heavy stuff. They have nice manners. Would definitely use them next move. I was in a bind. My Husband told me 2 days before he brought the uhaul out, that I needed to book movers. And then I found this website and boom I had 2 guys hired!!

Melissa B

(5) 6/30/2017 Rockwall

The guys were very professional and did a wonderful job packing and stacking my boxes and misc items. They were very personable and easy to work with. The time and emotional stress they saved me made this last half of my move less overwhelming. Thank you guys so much! -Melissa Boone

Michael W

(5) 6/26/2017 Fort Worth

Very professional and knowledgeable. Completed the job in a timely manner. Very pleased with the work completed.

Ernest G

(5) 6/18/2017 Frisco

Okay, it was a day from hell Given less than 18 hrs notice we had an emergency dropped on our lap. Two dear friends both challenged in many respects, needed to relocate an overstuffed household into 10 x 10 storage. Richard, and his team, was on the job at 9 the next morning. Had us packed on the truck, moved out of a truck and into storage in six...yes six hours.oh and did I mention this was A Sunday, and Fathers Day. Reliable Movers, THANK YOU!

Betty G

(5) 6/17/2017 Ft worth

These gentlemen were energetic, polite and fast in gentle gestures handling all my things! Bravo

James T

(4) 6/15/2017 Grapevine

The guys were pretty awesome! Richard the coordinator worked very close with my schedule changes 3 times and he did it with a smile. They crew was on time and professional. The only thing is they ran short on stretch wrap. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a move.

Hollyanne P

(3) 6/10/2017 Fort Worth

The guys that moved us were very polite, but the move in general wasn't great. They were fast at loading, but they loaded it horrible. They did not use the space efficiently. The truck was loaded not taking in consideration of the belongings. When we arrived to the location and I started unloading the truck and saw how if was put in, I was shocked. Many of my belongings were scratched or ruined. My dining room chairs were deeply scratched. My coffee table shelf underneath was broken. My desk was scraped along the edges. I understand things get banged up a bit on moves, but if the loaders were trained better on placement it would have decreased some issues. **Also they give you an hour window of when they will show up. They were 10 mins late from that window.

Mover's response:
We loaded the truck correctly we have pictures, we are not responsible for belongings in transition & this customer stated they will make another stop to drop things off put more things on truck we feel we are being blamed for her dads repacking, chairs was inside couch with bags on top, and desk was in between boxes with blanket on top. start time was 9-10am on 3rd party site 10mins is reasonable we have to get gas food water in between moves we think customers forget that.
- Reliable Moving Team

Jake V

(5) 6/9/2017 Fort Worth

Very reliable and professional. Worked very hard to get my two 26' moving trucks loaded. Highly recommended.

Candi E

(5) 6/3/2017 Euless

Did a great job getting everything in a tight space

Lolla O

(1) 5/30/2017 Arlington

Reliable Moving? HA!!!! The team leader was extremely abusive. I booked a 2-man move for 2 hours. The team leader who was just a post-teen called me "ungrateful" because he showed up with an extra hand and a beat up truck so he could finish in 1 hour. He complained I was a late booking and felt I should be grateful for the services I paid for. I did not need to keep him for 2 hours,. He wanted to tell me HOW TO MOVE MY OWN THINGS. What an arrogant, sorry-a$$$e of a human waste on 2 legs. We ended up getting into a verbal exchange. Apparently I was African and he was African-American. He insulted me and I insulted him right back. I had to call the Hire A Helper hot line. My total time of moving was less than 2 hours. A most horrible experience. Never again!!!!!! Thank my lucky stars for the 2 other young men in the crew. Just because of the NASTY team leader, tipping was not an option. A MOST UNPROFESSIONAL DISSERVICE! These were not professional movers. Apologies.

Mover's response:
1. Richard is not a post teen he is an 26 yr old adult who looks young he books every move pick up every helper for every job, this customer just assumed we was kids. 2. this customer booked us for same day service last minute move was not prepared we finished our day with the crew that was already out as a owner there was no point of relieving 1 guy at the end of day when we all ride together 3. Richard the owner also help load the van and used his pick up truck to help customer save mileage
- Reliable Moving Team

GlenRae B

(5) 5/30/2017 Arlington

They were on time and worked quickly to get the job done.

Mike S

(5) 5/26/2017 North Richland Hills

Very professional and hard working

Tricia M

(4) 5/26/2017 Fort Worth

Long day for all of us and they did let me know they would be late by an hour but that hour drug to two. They were very courteous and also very careful with all they moved in for us. We had almost emptied our uhaul except for large items. 30 minutes and they were done. They were legitimately stuck in traffic but would have been nice to have had them on time.

Marion L

(5) 5/13/2017 Arlington

Richard and Matt - I can't say enough about these guys. They showed up happy and ready to go. We had scheduled for 4 hours. We were done packing and unpacking the truck in 2 hours. We couldn't have done that without Richard and Matt. They are fast and careful. I will recommend Richard and Matt to everyone.

Will D

(5) 5/7/2017 Arlington

Awesome. Worked hard from the second they arrived until the job was complete. Very friendly and polite. Highly recommend these gentlemen.

Trishia B

(5) 4/29/2017 Keller

This crew was awesome. They came in and got straight to work. They had moving blankets and dollies too! I would definitely recommend them. Very polite and courteous to boot!

Lisa D

(5) 4/13/2017 Irving

Wonderful, polite, and joy to work with!!

Megan S

(5) 4/11/2017 Fort Worth

Super great guys! Moved me out quickly and efficiently. They provided all the furniture pads and dollys and shrink wrapped all my furniture for me! Excellent service! Highly recommend them and would use them again!

Alicia B

(5) 4/1/2017 Grand Prairie

The movers were polite when they called to confirm my move; & were punctual! They texted when they were getting close to my home (& arrived within the beginning of my time window)! They were very efficient & careful with my property. I would DEFINITELY use them again!

Stephen S

(5) 3/10/2017 Arlington

Richard the leader was very helpful . They showed up on time and move all of our stuff to where we asked him about they showed up on time and were very gentle with her furniture . They did not damage any of the furniture or any of the walls of the house we were moving into. I would highly recommend them .

Jeanette C

(5) 2/28/2017 Grand Prairie

They did a great job!

David K

(5) 2/4/2017 Irving

Fast friendly service. They packed well and stayed until the job was done! I would hire them again.

David D

(5) 1/30/2017 Garland

They were delayed by traffic congestion but made up for that with their careful courteous service. Everything was unloaded with no damage to our items or to the home. They know how to handle furniture and everything else. I will definitely use their services in the future.

Mover's response:
Thank you for the review, communication is key when arriving on moving day glad we was able to make up for the traffic book us again - R.M.T
- Reliable Moving Team

Karen S

(5) 1/5/2017 Denton

Thankful for the two movers (including the owner), who kept us informed on their initial arrival time. They helped unload our furnishings from the two storage containers, to three separate locations at the apartment complex (apt. home, garage & storage area). It was one of those rare, brutally cold, rainy days in TX, that the conscientious guys took on the tasks of helping us to settle with care into our temporary living arrangement. So, if it works out, we'll look forward to their help when we move to our more permanent location.

Gary G

(5) 11/29/2016 Keller

On time.

Mover's response:
Thanks for the review, enjoy your new home in Florida. - R.M.T
- Reliable Moving Team

Natalie M

(5) 10/12/2016 Flower Mound

Richard and Chris were very flexible with me. They did a great job proactively staying in touch with me, and particularly since I had to ask for a reschedule....I think they were awesome. They showed up on time, called to let me know they were on their way and were very professional, courteous and helpful. They unloaded a 12 ft shipment that arrived on a freight truck for me directly into a POD. Although there were no stairs, they had to constantly jump up and down from the truck to the surface lot. They did a great job with the equipment I had them unpack. They were careful and respectful of this doing a good job repacking it into the POD. I liked them so much, that I plan to use them again in unpacking my POD next week. I highly recommend them and am glad I found them!

Mover's response:
Thank you for the honest review we appreciate it, book us again anytime - R.M.T
- Reliable Moving Team

Angie G

(5) 9/18/2016 Euless

Richard and Thomas did an excellent job. They were on time, took great care of our belongings, friendly and very respectful. They hustled and stayed beyond what we requested to get the job done. They even organized the extra boxes in the garage by room. Would definitely call them again.

Mover's response:
Thank you for booking us it was a pleasure to help you with your move - R.M.T
- Reliable Moving Team

Rhonda R

(5) 9/10/2016 Red Oak

These guys were awesome! It was a last minute job and they showed up as quickly as possible, and went to work immediately. They were swift and efficient, yet safely loaded/unloaded all my stuff. Very polite and professional! We will definitely be hiring the RELIABLE MOVING TEAM for all our future moves!

Mover's response:
Thank you for booking us no job too big or small for Reliable Moving Team - R.M.T
- Reliable Moving Team



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