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Gilbert, AZ / Moving services within 15 miles

Booked 52 times through HireAHelper

21 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Gilbert, AZ / Moving services within 15 miles

Booked 52 times through HireAHelper

21 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Same Day Services Moving Labor Services within 1 hour notice If the movers don't show call us .We will show up.

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21 reviews

Jeanette S

(3) 9/21/2019 Surprise

Set up of services was super easy. We were contacted by the local person coordinating our helpers. The day of, he arrived on time but brought a female helper. This was an issue because we had about 10 heavy items going up a flight of stairs. After about 20 min of watching them try to move a king mattress up the stairs and after causeing damage to a wall i called the coordinator and made him aware. He claimed he had no idea it was not 2 guys and apologized. But he asked if we had anyone available to help them! We hired them to move because we could not ourselves! He ended up getting another crew to our home close to an hour later. This crew had us moved un 24 min king matress and all. I had to contact the Hire A Helper customer service to request a credit which they did. We will may use them again but next time I will stress the need for strong help. This move was very stressful and this incident did not help. Just glad it was finally handled.

Mover's response:
I remember this job. Most customers don't think about how heavy and bulky items can be going up stairs unfortunately I have refused females working this kinda of load . So we don't incouage females working on this side of the business. I was not aware of the decision the Manager on this job had made bringing a female. Most items exceding over 300 lbs require 3 men to carry them upstairs without damage . Saving a buck means your items are not being moved proper in most cases the customer wants me to shove all the item in a small truck without the right man power to complete the job. We refuse to provide any further services at this time thank you for the review we strive for a 5 star but for the amount paid for the job we are also happy this headache is over. We no longer provide the $89 offer . Thanks I heard the guys got $20 dollar tips so I'm confused . I thought we did an excellent job considering the stress ????

Taylor S

(5) 7/28/2019 Tempe

Great movers. They were on time, very strong, and incredibly helpful. They were able to move ALL of our furniture and heavy boxes up two flights of stairs within the allotted time of 2 hours or less. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

Mover's response:
Thank you so much .

Andrea H

(5) 6/28/2019 Casa Grande

They were prepared and on time. Very considerate helpers. They completed the task ahead of time??

Ronal R

(2) 6/21/2019 Avondale

Overall bad experience. Pay the extra $50 to go with another company. With 6 people total we finished in 1 hr 15 mins, but head mover kept complaining about size of truck and how he wasn’t getting paid enough for it. We had some friends unexpectedly arrive to help us, so the 2 man mover team had 4 people helping them unload stuff, and at the 1 hour mark when we were over 3/4 of the way done with truck, head mover pulled me to the side and complained that he usually charges $300-$400 for unloading the size truck we had. He went on to complain about how his advertising takes $100 from their profit so he was only doing it for $89, and basically threatened to charge me another hour and call his corporate office if we didn’t hurry and make the last of the heavy stuff near the back of the truck available for him because he was tiring himself out moving smaller boxes. If you are looking for movers that will simply unload a truck with no gripes for a specified amount of time like the paid contract states, go elsewhere. Head mover made experience unnecessarily hostile. Assistant mover was complete opposite, very friendly, made no complaints, and did an amazing job.

Mover's response:
Texas to Arizona Moving from 3 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom 1900 sq ft house. Need help unloading 26 ft moving truck with washer/dryer, 3 couch setup, tv entertainment center, 1 queen size bed, 3 twin beds, dining room table, elliptical, treadmill, bookshelves, patio furniture, and many boxes. No furniture assembly/disassembly required. I clearly remember this move I was called by the customer needing help unloading and 26ft fully loaded. The basic 1900 square foot home requires 2 -3 guys to load or unload the belongings into the new house. When I arrived the customer was sweating all over while the kids where running up and down the stairs that never were mentioned in the contract exploring the new place while the wife stood there with her arms crossed like a city worker. The customer needed to be aware of the $179 additional fee if it goes over the 2 hrs for $89.00 it's an additional $179 . So quietly I asked them to have us just unloading the super heavy items in the truck before our time was expired but they had clearly put the washer and dryer in to front of the truck making it impossible to access So we did our best not to complain about the services we provided for just $89 to cover just heavy lifting and unloading a 26ft truck within our time frame. The customer refused to add an extra hour so they expected us to unload the whole truck for $89.00 this offer is to help out the customer to achieve thier move Not to take advantage of the movers . I will contact corporate office today you clearly stated it took six people to unload that truck you clearly took advantage of the movers knowing that it exceeds more than 2 hours to complete your move into a 1900 square foot home. At the end they threw me a $20 tip I almost gave it back as far as the review goes we want reviews from honest American paying people for honest American job done right... I voted for Donald Trump I'm not sure what kind of people are coming here from Texas but down here in Arizona we pay our way and if you can't afford the $89 or the additional hour that it cost to move then I don't understand how you were able to afford moving truck to move here and continue to rent a property that you cannot afford. We will no longer provide the $89 moving services so that we will not be taken advantage of as movers

Ryan F

(5) 6/16/2019 Tempe

They saved the day. We were late getting to Tempe with our moving truck so original helpers couldn’t make it. We Move You showed up on time within an hour and got our truck unloaded and into the storage unit within the 2 hours allotted time. I would definitely use them again. It was Father’s Day and over 100 degrees. THANK YOU

Larry R

(5) 6/14/2019 Mesa

Professionals who knew how to get every aspect of the job done right and good guys

Susan E

(5) 6/14/2019 Mesa

We just moved from ND and arrived with a warm 109 degrees AZ welcome. My husband and I could not unload the truck by ourselves so we called HireaHelper, they sent two Angels, Rick and Westley who were able to finish what would have taken us 4 hours in 1 hour! ....AND with huge smiles on their faces! Praise God for Your Excellent Services! Thank You!

Dominique B

(5) 5/24/2019 Chandler

They were very hard working and careful not to damage. Great job!

Tamesha W

(5) 5/24/2019 Tempe

They are a great crew. They worked hard and finish the job in record time. I would order them for all my moves and will pass on there company to all my family. Thanks for recommending theses guys !!

Deidra S

(5) 5/6/2019 Goodyear

They did a great job, arrived on time and the work was completed successfully.

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