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Experience the easiest move of your life, by using the Professionals of High Tech Movers. We offer loading, Unloading, Packing, Clean-out, Drive Assistance and more!!!

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Dollies are avail dependent upon how many men are scheduled. If 3-4 men are scheduled a dolly might not fit in the vehicle. [upon request, no fee]
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$35 Per Item. [flat price, $35.00]
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Real Harvey area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of High Tech Movers, LLC.

193 reviews
627 completed jobs

Blake W

(4) 2/7/2019 Slidell

I was pretty pleased with these guys, however they were quick to tell me what they could and could not do and as hiring help, I have always had them do quick pack help or even carry items that aren't packed. This was a bad situation move where it happened within 24 hours due to abuse and in most situations I would think someone would be understanding about the situation. Thanks, Blake

Amelia D

(5) 2/3/2019 Ponchatoula

Donald and Brandon were very professional. Even though there were only two of them hey made everything look effortless and were really careful not to bump the walls and scratch the furniture. They were well prepared when it came to having tools to dissassemble things. I would hire them again.

Tamara V

(5) 1/9/2019 Baton Rouge

It was SUCH a relief to see our things handled with care. They were kind and personable. I will definitely recommend this service again.

Josh H

(5) 11/28/2018 Biloxi

Rob and Josh were extremely professional and very courteous and careful when moving furniture into difficult spots in the house. They worked extremely hard! I would recommend them to anyone who is moving .

Kim C

(5) 11/27/2018 Prairieville

They were kind, considerate and polite. Hard working and very very helpful. I would definitely recommend the two men that helped load my pod for me. They took great care of my furniture and packed things very carefully.

Deborah M

(5) 11/17/2018 New Orleans

Got the same guy twice and he was very polite, neat and efficient...each time I needed more time and the guys were great.

Kendra M

(5) 11/15/2018 Gulfport

They unloaded and took care of my property. Made sure everything was organized in the storage unit. Thank you for the awesome help!!!

Rachel A

(5) 11/11/2018 New Orleans

They were fantastic! Fast, kind, and very helpful!

Roger H

(5) 11/9/2018 New Orleans

The moving teams on both the pickup side and delivery side were excellent. The scheduling coordinators were attentive and flexible if changes were needed. High Tech Movers unloaded my 16 foot POD in under one hour...everything worked perfectly.

Claire A

(5) 11/7/2018 Baton Rouge

Robert Hudson and Joshua were on time and totally professional. They worked quickly and took care with my items. Not only that, there attitude was friendly and upbeat. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Sandy M

(5) 10/24/2018 New Orleans

The guys were personable, respectful, comfortable to be around, and took their time to make sure no doors or walls were damaged. My only problem is that I had initially requested tie downs as part of the service I required through hire a helper, expected this would be taken care of, and it didn't happen. I'm terrible with remembering names, so I can't name them specifically, but I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their service,

Mover's response:
Thank for the response. Unfortunately, the tie down was not added to the order it was left in the comment area, and that usually doesn't get looked at until the day of the move, and at that time it is too late to adjust the order.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Tom R

(5) 10/13/2018 Metairie

My two guys were on time, friendly, and got right to work. They were done ahead of schedule, and that was important because I had a long drive a head of me when they were done. Really food experience.

Alison C

(5) 10/11/2018 New Orleans

They arrived on time, were professional and friendly.

John C

(5) 10/3/2018 D'iberville

both workers did a great job

B Thomas (Tom) S

(5) 10/3/2018 Covington

Easy to work with to set up the pick up and delivery of my furniture items to a storage facility. Hilton and his assistant did an excellent job. They were on-time and finished the job within the two-hour minimum. Both were friendly and hard workers. I would certainly recommend them to my friends in the future. B Thomas Scheib

Virginia D

(5) 9/30/2018 New Orleans

They were fast, courteous, and professional!

Max K

(4) 9/25/2018 New Orleans

Very helpful.

Audrey R

(5) 9/19/2018 New Orleans

On time. Professional. Efficient. Willing. These guys rocked it out. Definitely reccomend. Easiest load up ever. Thank you!

Stefan S

(4) 9/10/2018 Metairie

were there on time, worked throughout the time allotted.

Charles R

(5) 9/9/2018 Baton Rouge

Very fast and efficient

Susan W

(5) 9/2/2018 New Orleans

Early, friendly and very efficient. I will def use them if I move again!

Susan S

(5) 9/1/2018 Arabi

The team was able to determine what needed to be loaded to give me the most space for my pod.

Jospeh M

(5) 8/30/2018 Metairie

The guys were on time, friendly, and accommodating. A problem arose with a piece of furniture that unexpectedly had to be disassembled, and then reassembled. They had the tools and know-how to do this with minimal delay. An overall positive experience.

Sharon K

(5) 8/26/2018 Harvey

Very happy with the service.

Brian H

(5) 8/23/2018 New Orleans

Donald and Chris showed up early, never took a break, stayed for two hours longer than I asked, and did everything I asked of them cheerfully. I'd recommend them to anybody and use them again in a second.

Carly K

(5) 8/20/2018 Houma

They were professional and very friendly. I would recommend this company again.

Robert B

(5) 8/20/2018 Gulfport

Prompt & work hard ! Great guys!!

Iman S

(5) 8/16/2018 New Orleans

Very professional and easy to work with. They were on time (slightly early, in fact), got everything done in the two hour time slot!

Carole S

(5) 8/14/2018 Houma

These 2 guys were on time and moved me in efficiently. We very professional and took great care of my belongings.

Donald B

(2) 8/10/2018 Gulfport

I thought I was getting experienced movers......They were there on time but reaked of marijuana. They were very polite but had no clue on how to load the truck properly. They managed to get the majority of the heavy items loaded under constant direction before the 2hr time frame was up. I wasn’t about to waste any more money on them and chose to do the rest myself. They got about half of what I needed done with their help. For $280 I was very disappointed with the service I received. I would never recommend this company to anyone. The only up side to this experience is that I simply could not load the heavy items due to a bad back and they at least got the heaviest items loaded. And for this reason, it wasn’t a total waste. It was more of an expensive lesson learned on how to hire temporary help.

Sallest D

(4) 7/31/2018 Ponchatoula

They did a good job. The people that came to load my pod were amazing, professional, personable and took great care of my furniture. The people that unloaded my pod were nice and professional but didn’t take as good of care of my furniture as I would have expected. Overall good job and was satisfied.

Leslie G

(2) 7/29/2018 New Orleans

I hired two movers and I would give them very different ratings. Delvin was great! I'd give him 5 stars. He showed up on time, was polite, did most of the actual moving of things out of the apartment and demonstrated a problem-solver mentality when one piece of furniture posed a challenge for getting in the pod. He was also receptive to my desire to have my belongings tied down well to the interior architecture of the POD. Robert, the lead man, was another story. He was not open to my instructions about how I wanted to POD packed. He numerously dismissed my input in belittling/personal ways "I got this." "Trust me" "this is what I do for a living" and copped an attitude when I pointed out how boxes would obviously shift in transit if not tied to the beams of the pod. Basically, he was just trying to put his hours in to get paid and did not give me the impression that he was at all concerned about the security of my belongings. Additionally, when one item posed a challenge to get in the POD, it was up to me to find a solution and to find additional man power to make it happen. This obviously was concerning to me since I was paying money in order to have the POD professionally packed. If I just was interested in brute force, I could have asked my friends to do it for free. Despite me having all needed materials in place, neither gentleman offered to wrap my furniture - so I did it with my neighbor in the middle of moving. After they left, I ended up having a trusted friend help me tie down and bungee my belongings in the POD, going back over work that should have been done section by section from the start. This was a very disappointing experience and I feel that my hard-earned public school teacher salary could have been used in better ways. I would definitely NOT go with this company again.

Lindsly R

(5) 7/26/2018 Baton Rouge

This is the third time I have used High Tech Movers. Every move had been on time, on budget and highly professional. Great customer service and communication, and the moving staff takes their jobs very seriously. Very respectful in every way.

Darnell M

(5) 7/25/2018 Slidell

This is the 2nd time I used these same 2 guys to move. They were great. Both are very polite & very hard workers. I don't plan on ever moving again , but if I did I would request the same 2, & I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Steve W

(5) 7/25/2018 Abita Springs

I have never seen four men work as hard as they did and accomplish so much so quickly. They were friendly and seemed to work together seamlessly. They were on time and handled our furniture, delicate housewares, china,etc. with care and expertise. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a job well done. They are the best!

Cheryl C

(5) 7/25/2018 Baton Rouge

These guys were absolute life savers! They were early and instead of just using them to move the two sofas as originally intended ... they finished up ALL the packing of our POD. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cathy G

(5) 7/18/2018 Covington

They did a great job making sure my items were secured!

Richard K

(5) 7/11/2018 Pearl River

The men were very professional and polite. They were careful with our furniture.

Sallest D

(5) 7/8/2018 Kenner

They were on time, professional, and took care of my furniture

John S

(5) 7/7/2018 Abita Springs

Great job. On time and friendly. Good communication prior to arrival.

Jeffrey W

(5) 7/7/2018 Covington

On time, flexible, and no damage to anything!

Michael T

(5) 6/26/2018 Baton Rouge

Called ahead to let me know they were running a little late. Did an excellent job.

Shenika P

(4) 6/22/2018 New Orleans

Great job!

Chris M

(5) 6/20/2018 Baton Rouge

They did a great job!

Alfredo C

(4) 6/15/2018 Denham Springs

They were hard workers. They did a good job.

Alida D

(5) 6/14/2018 Baton Rouge

I already gave 2 reviews, Same review again

Alida D

(5) 6/13/2018 Baton Rouge

Were on time and did not waste any time in unloading my POD. Did not break anything. Would use them again!

Alida D

(5) 6/12/2018 Baton Rouge

I had helpers on 3 different days. They were all ready to work and did not waste any time. Nothing broken. Completed unloading me on all 3 days in less than 2 hours. I would give all of the workers an A+ . I would hire them again if I need assistance moving in the future. When my furniture was delivered early by PODS, The workers came out ahead of schedule. Very respectful of me and my property.

Rebecca F

(5) 5/28/2018 Diamondhead

Great job. On time and professional. Would definitely use them or recommend them again.

Deborah F B

(5) 5/12/2018 Metairie

They showed up on time and completed the job within the 2 hours and I was very pleased with their work. I would recommend them to my friends if they are in need of this service.

Kathy D

(5) 5/9/2018 Covington

These guys were professional, quick and efficient. I highly recommend them for moving!

Darnell M

(5) 5/1/2018 Diamondhead

These 2 guys were great. Very polite & really know how to load furniture. They were very careful not to damage walls, etc. & were very experienced. When I move to my next home, I will be requesting them again.

Paul D

(5) 4/27/2018 Baton Rouge

They showed up right on time and were very professional. I would not think twice about using them again.

Carol A

(4) 4/25/2018 Gulfport

They arrived on time, actually a little early. After about 30 minutes they ran out of plastic wrap for the furniture. They had to run to several stores to find more. This took over an hour. They also did not come with the rope, which I paid for, to secure our Pod. So we supplied them with rope. Donald and Percy did a good job wrapping and getting all our furniture in the POD. They were both courtious and helpful. The only negative is they did not come with the supplies that I requested and had paid for.

Ken L

(5) 4/25/2018 Slidell

Could not be more pleased with the packing. Movers were polite and did a great job.

Kirsten G

(5) 4/24/2018 Covington la

Kind and polite. Easy to work with. Worked hard.

Benjamin T

(5) 4/13/2018 Prairieville

Shae and the crew are the BEST! I'd give 100 stars if I could. They have helped me 4-5 times. On time, Hussle, Courteous, Organized, Flexible! I scheduled a job at midnight and they called me and completed the job the next day on time. I am super happy with High Tech Movers.

Kenneth T

(5) 3/30/2018 Raceland

Fast, energetic and courteous! These guys were tremendous and I really would recommend them to anyone needing assistance in moving.

Eleanor M

(5) 3/23/2018 LUMBERTON

Arrived early, worked continuously, and finished early. Very courteous and professional. I would definitely use this company again.

Mike B

(5) 3/6/2018 Biloxi

Robert and Lewis from Hi Tech did a great job! They arrived early and went right to work. They were courteous and very professional. I would definitely use them again.

Caroline C

(5) 2/28/2018 New Orleans

Truly AMAZING movers. Polite, courteous, on time. Even finished early and helped me take things to the curb. Honest and friendly. Extremely professional. Couldn’t be more pleased. The High Tech office manager, Shay, could not have been anymore wonderful! A++++++. I would recommend them to anyone! Such a pure pleasure especially when I was exhausted from packing all week closing down a house of 20 years!!!!!!! Thank you for beautiful service!!!!!

Charles L

(5) 2/23/2018 Kenner

The guys sent out to load the contents of our apartment; Donald, Percy, and Lewis were AWESOME!! They were professional in every way. They were right on time, had everything they needed to do the job, made it all look easy. They were completely respectful of us and our belongings. I would definitely recommend this crew!

Edward R

(5) 2/23/2018 Baton Rouge

Great job! Very efficient and careful. Nothing but praise.

Julie N

(5) 2/16/2018 Baton Rouge

Our helpers were great! Worked very hard for four hours with no breaks! Very pleasant and helpful! Would highly recommend them!

Michelle H

(1) 2/1/2018 Hammond

They showed up late and was very unprofessional.

Charles B

(4) 1/31/2018 Mandeville

On Time and efficient.

Jim C

(4) 12/29/2017 Gulfport

They were on time. Completed the project within the allotted time and were very professional. I would recommend High Tech Movers to anyone.

Lorna M

(5) 12/28/2017 Covington

Communicated status the night before and morning of move. Recommend bringing two (2) dollies rather than just one. Used care and respect for the property being moved and packed into pods for temporary storage. Strategically packed to obtain optimum useage of spatial limitations. Will request the same movers to unpack and move. Overall they did an excellent job!

Jennifer D

(3) 12/16/2017 Prairieville

During the initial loading process, we felt the movers were doing a great job packing the truck. It wasn’t until they unloaded our boxes into the garage that we became aware that our boxes were smashed and the items labeled as breables were haphazardly stacked. All of our furniture has dents and chips in them, which weren’t there prior to the move. When we realized we were going to go over the 2 hour timeframe we paid for, they suggested we pay them out of pocket. We gave them each $100 extra - grateful they were willing to stay and finish the move. Overall, we are extremely disappointed and I satisfied in the service we received from “High Tech Movers.” They didn’t care about our things the way we do! Needless to say, we won’t be using them again, nor will we be suggesting their services to others.

Freya R

(5) 11/30/2017 Baton Rouge

The workers did an excellent job - on time, professional, efficient, great customer service. I would highly recommend them and use them again when needed.

Sheila A

(5) 11/22/2017 Biloxi

The crew arrived on time and did the job very well. They were very polite, respectful, and I would definitely use them again.

Debra G

(5) 10/10/2017 Terrytown

Ronald and Brandon did a quick but very thorough job of packing a very large kitchen. They arrived timely and worked continuously. They were very professional and I have already requested them for part 2 of my move. All communication with Hire a Helper was quite professional and left no stone unturned. Great price for outstanding service. I would highly recommend their services. Debra Gaspard

Roger D

(5) 10/3/2017 Mandeville

Donald and Brandon were outstanding in both attitude and performance.

Barbara M

(1) 9/27/2017 Gulfport

They didn't organize the truck the way I asked them because I was unloading at two different locations, home and a storage unit. They left space in the middle of the truck and didn't fill to the ceiling. Therefore items were left out and had to repack half the truck the following day. I am legally blind and trusted what they were saying and later learned that there was plenty of room for all my belongings. They said they couldn't fit it all once it was near the end of their time. Had lots of damage to totes, boxes and furniture was scratched a lot bc they didn't use the quilts I provided. They talked a good talk but definitely didn't deliver. Thankfully my sister and a friend helped repack the truck before driving me to my new home. When I called to tell the company what happened they didn't offer any compensation. Didn't even apologize. Do not use this company. Uhaul was much better in past moves.


(5) 9/23/2017 New Orleans

High Tech Movers was great! The 3 guys showed up on time and were very professional. They worked hard and was very careful with my items and made sure they were secure in the truck for the 5 hour drive. I would and have already recommended them as well as Hire a Helper. The whole process was a great experience.

Corin B

(5) 9/20/2017 New Orleans

Donald and Brandon arrived promptly and cheerfully. I had just come from my moving truck rental place after having a terrible experience there, and these two did their best to calm me and put me at ease. They worked quickly and efficiently, all the while with smiles on their faces. They kept telling me to sit back and relax, that they had this, and they absolutely did! I arrived at my destination 2,000 miles later with all of my belongings intact. They did an excellent job, and I highly recommend them! Thank you for putting my nervous mind at ease!

Alexander D

(5) 9/17/2017 New Orleans

These gentlemen were probably the nicest movers I have ever worked with. Very punctual, polite and hard working. I will be recommending them to my friends and family

Jason M

(5) 9/16/2017 Geismar

Great bunch of guys that loved to work. Highly recommend them.

Melinda M

(5) 9/6/2017 Biloxi

On time. Brought dolly which they needed. Went right to work and finished job ahead of schedule. Treated my property like it was their own. This was my second experience with this team and I would use them again.

Aaron R

(4) 9/3/2017 New Orleans

The workers were prompt, courteous and we couldn't have done this without them...especially in this heat. What a wonderful business service to offer.

Felicia F

(5) 9/2/2017 Westwego

The two guys were awesome!!! They were on time and did a very good job!!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!!

Kassandra W

(1) 8/26/2017 Gulfport

They called my friend a ***** after she caught them trying to change their car tire on my dime, they have dented up my walls at my apartment and scratched it up. Completely rude to myself and my friend. And didint seem to understand what I meant by everything goes even after telling them 40 different times

Mover's response:
I was going to respond, but I'm just going to say God don't like ugly, and he is not too fond of cute. Thank you for your business.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Mary W

(5) 8/22/2017 New Orleans

On time, hard workers, pleasant to work with. Worked as an efficient team.

Kayla S

(5) 8/16/2017 Arabi

The guys were very friendly and helpful. They were super fast and very careful with my furniture.

Gail O

(5) 8/12/2017 Covington

Very nice guys, I enjoyed working with them, job was well done, I would recommend them to friends! Thank you High Tech ??

Carly K

(5) 8/10/2017 Houma

I can't remember my movers' names, but they showed up and got the job done very well. They were nice and hard working finishing perfectly within my two hours. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone moving in or out.

Heather T

(5) 8/5/2017 Slidell

Our move went very well! The 4 men showed up on time and worked very hard the entire time (5.5 hours) without a break. They were extremely courteous and handled our belongings with care. Would definitely use them again!!

Keith E

(5) 7/29/2017 Kenner

Great job

Jenna B

(5) 7/28/2017 New Orleans

Robert and Robert arrived promptly and were so friendly and positive! They helped me so much ! Especially in the heat of the New Orleans summer, I was so appreciative of their professional assistance and kindness. Would definitely use this service again !

Matthew S

(5) 7/27/2017 Terrytown

These are my favorite movers. They worked efficiently and were careful with all of my property. They showed up on time, cleaned up after themselves, and were prepared to move stuff.

Jessica C

(5) 7/26/2017 Baton Rouge

Excellent work by Donald and Brandon L. They called enroute to update their ETA, were very prompt and industrious in completing the job (not just on time, but *ahead* of schedule!), worked efficiently and tirelessly in the brutal Louisiana mid-summer heat and humidity, packed the truck with great skill, and took excellent care of our possessions, including a piano. We are very pleased with their services and would not hesitate to use them again. I hope the movers we have hired to help us unload in Kansas are just a fraction as good as Donald and Brandon L from High Tech!

Kelli B

(5) 7/12/2017 New Orleans

Robert and Robert worked VERY hard and got our truck loaded quickly and carefully. They added moving blankets where needed. Thank you!

Marlene S

(5) 7/11/2017 Slidell

EASY to schedule. PROMPT and COURTEOUS!!!

Katie H

(5) 7/10/2017 Baton Rouge

Went above and beyond to help us. Moved enthusiastically even in the rain. Prompt and professional.

Vanessa D

(2) 6/29/2017 New Orleans

They were late, but not a big deal. The real problem was with the service itself. We hired two movers. The first was great- hard worker and good attitude. The second guy was worse than hiring no one. Frequent breaks, complained, bad attitude, worked slowly if at all. My husband had to jump in to make it happen.

Leah S

(5) 6/24/2017 Covington

High Tech Movers LLC were outstanding. The movers were on time and very efficient in loading our truck and packing it appropriately. They worked so efficiently that they completed moving all of our items way ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of excellent moving services!!! Thank you High Tech Movers LLC.

Marlon R

(5) 6/13/2017 New Orleans

Can't say enough good things. Donald and Brandon were perfect in every way. They worked their tails off. Always smiled. Always willing to go the extra step. Highly Recommended??????

Kirsten A

(5) 6/12/2017 Slidell

The movers, Donald and Brandon, were personable, professional, and exceptionally flexible in helping us with the move. We were exhausted after driving half way across the country and they couldn't have been more helpful in the moving process. In addition, I appreciated the text and phone reminders prior to the move. Shae, the coordinator, is a great communicator who ensured everything was seemless prior to the moving process. Overall, My husband and I would highly recommend High Tech Movers, LLC.

Ian C

(5) 6/10/2017 New Orleans

These guys were great! Donald and Brandon were right on time and very helpful. They were friendly and polite and really made our move a lot easier. Would definitely hire again.

Jennifer G

(5) 6/8/2017 Gulfport

These guys were really great at their job. The owner Chris was fantastic. He was very helpful and efficient. They unloaded the truck into my storage unit quickly and without any incident. Will definitely use them again.

Larry E

(5) 5/31/2017 Long Beach

They did a fantastic job. On time, very polite and very hard workers. Would definitely recommend them.

Phillip B

(2) 5/23/2017 River Ridge

I paid for movers to come and move my furniture into a 'shipping container.' They arrived nearly a half hour past their time window and then with 3 men told me that the furniture wasn't broken down sufficiently to move nor was the rest of the household boxed. I requested them to aid in this for an additional fee and time but they refused due to 'other moves' that day. I released the funds to them only because I was alone and felt I had to. I was not satisfied with the experience and while they were careful with what they did move and tried to help me find a packing service it was not what I expected. If you're going to use them, beware they only 'move' and you need to be 100% prepared.

Mover's response:
This job they could only do so much due to it being unsanitary, and we do not carry proper attire to work in unsanitary environments.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Cliff W

(5) 5/22/2017 Biloxi

This was a magnificent service I found on the internet. My husband and I were desperate for help and had tried College Hunks who were going to charge over $1000 for loading and unloading. Two men on a truck wanted to do the entire move and charge a fortune. The two young men who came to unload called ahead and were right on time. They worked very hard the whole time they were here. This business is beyond wonderful. If all businesses took care of clients like this it would be amazing. Whoever is running this company deserves praise. I will recommend them to all and will use them again. Magnificent job and thank you so much for a service like this!!! Karen Winfield. Job completed may 22, 2017 in Biloxi, Mississippi

Tyler H

(5) 5/20/2017 Gonzales

Early and Fast!

Kim L

(5) 5/6/2017 New Orleans

Percy and Jymaul were on time and worked hard to do exactly what my project needed. They went over and above, offering to do other things that I had not described. I was hiring them to move some furniture around, and I asked them to move some boxes into the yard. They offered to assemble and set up the furniture contained in the boxes. They still finished the task way before their allotted time ran out. Respectful and friendly, they were a pleasure to work with.

James F

(5) 4/26/2017 Baton Rouge

Great job!!!

Elizabeth E

(5) 4/20/2017 Baton Rouge

Arrived in a timely manner- both were professional but also personable. Placed items where requested and were skilled in stacking items. Will certainly recommend them without reservation -the job earns a 10 in my book, thanks

Janice M

(5) 4/18/2017 New Orleans

Don and Vaughn are fantastic moving professionals. They completed our complex job in two hours, including unloading a POD and hoisting a king size mattress and an antique double dresser two stories over a balcony to avoid moving them through a narrow stairway. They showed care and concern to avoid scratching our hardwood floors and furniture. They also helped us load and unload a U-Haul truck . All this in only two hours!! They suggested ways to manage the job to avoid additional hours. We have another POD scheduled for unloading later this week and requested Don and Vaughn as our movers again. They are hard workers and have a positive attitude. --Janice and Mike (just moved to New Orleans)

Richard F

(5) 4/5/2017 New Orleans

I hired High Tech movers online at the recommendation of PODS (based upon a very good experience with PODS customer service). I was a bit apprehensive before the day began mainly because I've had a few bad experiences with the quality of a few New Orleans area contractors. The helpers called ahead and arrived right on time. They hit the ground running, never slowed down and never took a break. They were extremely respectful of my property especially my 100 year old family heirloom furniture. They could not have been more courteous and hard working. I thought the charges were reasonable given the quality of the job done. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Kristina C

(5) 3/30/2017 River Ridge

Percy and Roscoe were amazing!!! They were early, which was awesome, and they were so nice. They not only cared about getting the job done efficiently but they were genuinely caring people. I really appreciate how hard they worked, how respectful and nice they were and how quickly they got the job done. I highly recommend them and hope that others get the chance to work with them. This was my first time using this website and service and I am so impressed with how easy and efficient it was.

John C

(5) 3/25/2017 Denham Springs

The guys were great. They got here right on time and worked very hard. True professionals. I would use them again and strongly recommend them.

Tanya C

(5) 3/9/2017 Destrehan

They were running late but called and told us what time they would be there and that they were stuck in traffic. They arrived at the time they said they would be there. They were prepared to work and worked really hard. They were extremely respectful to us and to our property. Overall, they did a great job and I would highly recommend them.

Judy C

(2) 3/6/2017 bay st louis

Did not respect my property at all and caused damage.

Yvonne S

(5) 3/5/2017 Baton Rouge

They were fast, friendly, and on time!

Heather R

(5) 3/1/2017 Metairie

Movers were quick and careful w/ our things. They were on time and in spite of a snafu on our part, still managed to finish the job in record time. I have had some pretty horrible moving experiences, this one gave me hope!

Lindsay H

(5) 3/1/2017 New Orleans

Percy and (can't remember his name, unfortunately) were very professional and super fast! They were also able to pack my belongings very compactly so that everything fit into the truck that I rented. I also liked the text messaging feature for authorizing payment once the job was done. Would recommend to anyone in the NO area who is moving.

Venessa L

(5) 2/27/2017 Denham Springs

Courteous and friendly and got the job done fast!

Fred L

(5) 2/25/2017 Covington

Outstanding performance . These guys will tailor your move to whatever you need . Thanks High Tech Movers !

Melinda M

(5) 2/22/2017 Biloxi

The workers showed up on time, introduced themselves and asked questions about their tasks before starting the job. They worked quickly and carefully, finishing the job on time. They were very courteous and respectful of our belongings. I would use them again.

George S

(5) 2/11/2017 Gretna

The workers did an outstanding job. They were very careful in handling my furniture not to cause any damage Great job.

Charles R

(5) 2/10/2017 Baton Rouge


Shahidur R

(5) 2/8/2017 Elmwood

They were right on time, courteous, worked hard, and handled my stuffs as their own. I will definitely use He A Helper.

Roger F

(5) 1/21/2017 New orleans

A & D showed up well ahead of the scheduled time! They were very efficient and careful with the furniture and boxes. These guys were very professional and polite; it was a great experience!

Janet R

(5) 1/4/2017 New Orleans

Hired Helpers were able to fit me in on the same day requested! The men arrived on time, and worked diligently. They completed the work in less time than scheduled! Carefully plan the time needed, as Hired Helpers does not provide refunds on unused time. Overall, excellent experience, and I would definitely recommend their services!

Valerie H

(5) 12/29/2016 Slidell

They showed up early, were really helpful and careful with my things. Great job and I would recommend them and use their services again.

Hunter H

(5) 12/29/2016 Baton Rouge

Percy and Lawrence did a great job. On time, friendly and very professional. Would work with them again for sure.

Russ B

(5) 12/3/2016 Carriere

Great job by a very professional, hard-working crew.

Cindy S

(5) 11/21/2016 Gulfport

High Tech Movers were on time. They worked hard the entire time - I had to make them stop to eat! They were VERY respectful of not only my property but me and my family. When I asked them to do something, they were willing to help with a positive attitude. I would definitely use them again!

Karen C

(5) 11/17/2016 La Place

Nice young men. Did an awesome job.

Nory S

(5) 11/14/2016 Metaire

Very professional. Treated my house beautifully. Definitely worth the money. No doubt that I would use them again.

Marston F

(5) 11/12/2016 Baton Rouge

High Tech was terrific and I will absolutely use them again. Super easy to hire, pay and the employees (Brandon and Joshua) were very helpful.

Cindy S

(5) 11/7/2016 Gulfport

They guys did a great job. They were respectful and took their time and care of our valuables.

Allen J

(5) 10/27/2016 Houma

The guys did a great job. They were professional and enjoyable to work with.

Angelia D

(5) 10/1/2016 Bogalusa

They were on time, very respectful of my furniture and myself. They went above and beyond, great quality work. A delight to be around. Would definitely use them again and recommend Hi-Tech to everyone looking for a great company to trust their move with. Thanks for all your help!!

Michael D

(5) 9/1/2016 Walker

Showed up on-time and did a great job. Would highly recommend them.


(5) 9/1/2016 Metairie

Great Job! Will hire again and recommend!

Dirk S

(5) 8/30/2016 Mandeville

They showed up on time and were careful when moving the furniture. They stayed busy and finished quietly.

Kim L

(5) 8/29/2016 New Orleans

The movers were not able to be on time because of an unforeseen situation, but they called me and kept me apprised. They stayed until the job was done, and we ended up hiring them again immediately to do something else. Friendly, easy to work with. Thanks.

George M

(2) 8/24/2016 Covington

They were an hour late and came empty handed without any tools (wrenches, dollies, etc.) We only had one bed that needed an Allen wrench and we had to hunt one down ourselves. They weren't careful when moving furniture and left long deep scratches in our hardwood floors. The movers also ruined a piece of furniture to where it's in complete disrepair and will have to be thrown out when it's unloaded. They didn't say anything when they did it, I just happened to go inside the POD and saw it myself. They also nearly damagaged an antique bed by yanking on it as hard as they could (in the wrong spot) to take it apart. If I weren't hovering over them I would guarantee it would have been ruined. This was the last piece and by about halfway through when I started to really watch them when I realized how they worked. They were definitely bulls in a chinashop, not respectful of our property at all. They were very slow; they were hired for 2 hours and got hardly anything done. We don't have a ton of furniture and they didn't get it all in. After their time was up, they didn't have a clue what to do. They were hanging around on the phone with a manager for quite some time trying to figure it out. All in all, it was a terrible experience and I would never use them again or recommend this company. They damaged my house and furniture and didn't get much done for what we spent.

Ann D

(5) 8/11/2016 Diamondhead

Both young men were polite on time and ready to work unloading the PODS. It was very rainy but they protected my belongings and even though there was a leak onto some boxes, they let me take pics of those and there was no lasting damage to the contents inside. I would use them again and recommend them to friends.

Jeff M

(5) 8/3/2016 Baton Rouge

We hired two helpers for 2 hours to unload a small POD. Don and Troy were on time, worked at all times and were very cooperative and got things done. I would give them high marks for their effort and interaction. I would use this firm again for unloading. Please note that we did NOT use them to load a truck or POD so I have no idea of their expertise in packing or loading. Communication was adequate but I suggest being proactive in contacting their office and getting any questions addressed.

Suzanne W

(3) 8/2/2016 Ponchatoula

One guy was great and one guy wasn't. Took long time because they were VERY slow. They seemed to take care of furniture and packed well however.

Sophia S

(5) 7/5/2016 Metairie

High Tech Movers were on time, efficient, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a move!

Annalisa P

(3) 6/7/2016 Baton Rouge

The helpers were to bring various tools and moving equipment. They arrived with no tools, no furniture moving equipment. Luckily we had a dolly which they used. We needed a table and a bed disassembled. Again we had a power drill with various bits. The two did work hard and pretty efficiently but not having any moving equipment was not good. Hopefully they correct that.

Mark H

(5) 6/7/2016 New Orleans

Appreciated the work they did. Actually learned a lot from them on how to pack a pod. The Packers were on time, they were prepared, they worked very hard. I would use them again.

Bill M

(5) 6/4/2016 New Orleans

The guys were wonderful. Completely professional, careful, and personable. It was a pleasure working with them.

Thomas L

(5) 5/30/2016 New Orleans

Yul and Donald arrived early, suffered gracefully through a rain delay, worked hard and were great. We recommend them whole heartedly.

Cate R

(5) 5/9/2016 Hammond

Brandon and Chris were professional and respectful. They moved at a good pace and made certain that all contents were packed and moved with care. Brandon in particular receives high praise from me.

Kem D

(5) 5/6/2016 Covington

This was by far the best moving crew I have ever had! Donald and Jamal showed up a few minutes early and they were ready to work. They worked hard and without complaint for 8 hours, providing good suggestions about what to load and were very careful with our items. I would recommend them for any type of move - especially if you have high end items you want protected.

Carol T

(5) 3/22/2016 Folsom

They were prompt, very respectful, helpful with information for the handling of the overage I had after this pickup was loaded, planned the items in all rooms, worked as a team, didn't stop until the truck was load and took care and explained how they loaded everything. We have booked the same team for the additional shipment.

Rita C

(5) 3/13/2016 Diamondhead

Arrived at time requested. Workers were very well mannered, dressed appropriately, very courteous, very helpful, patient, and worked and utilized time efficiently. Treated and loaded my furniture as if it were their own. Completed service within time requested. Was a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend their service!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.

Phillip M

(4) 2/4/2016 Lacombe

2 very good guys were sent and did a very efficient job. They completed the loading of a 16 ft. container in right at 2 hrs. I will very likely use them again to unload my furniture at my new address.

Linda B

(5) 1/30/2016 New Orleans


Angela H

(5) 1/30/2016 New Orleans

Donald and Robert were prompt and professional. They worked quickly but made sure to handle all of my items with care. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jennifer B

(5) 1/13/2016 Luling

Mark and Jermaine were extremely effecient and professional. We will recommend them.

Stephen H

(5) 12/15/2015 Metairie

These guys are wizards. They made my boxes of junk seem like Tetris blocks as they effectively stacked and packed the truck. Very good attitudes, they worked non-stop, and got the job done.

Sharron W

(5) 12/14/2015 Gonzales

They guys showed up on time. They were friendly, respectful and efficient. They did a great job and I would recommend them without a doubt.

Richard Z

(5) 12/11/2015 Long Beach

Showed up on time and were great. I am a pro mover myself and these guys were good...just like my crew back .in Florida

Torrey E

(2) 7/3/2015 Luling

The whole time they were there the lead mover had to argue with the other helper because they were moving slow and did not pack the truck correctly . The lead mover had to try to load and pack and also was trying to repack the truck but couldn't so when we got to my place to unload he was still arguing with the help and he called there boss and getting other help. I had to help load and unload the truck. Some of my things got broken I had a 70 inch flat screen that had a crack the crack got bigger. They only charged me for the 4hours but when they unloaded the truck they didn't put the boxes neat in there. The head mover still was argue with the help. I had to go back and make a second load and unload the truck late that night. Had to pay for another month of storage I'm not using. And when I spoke to someone at high tech movers they said that they hope i got my money from the storage and that if not they would give me a discount on me using them again. I want be using them again. I wish they would have given me some of my money back. They said stress free moving. All it was nothing but stress


(5) 6/29/2015 Slidell

they were right on time and they stayed for the entire duration they were required, They worked very hard and took care of all concerns. they arranged boxes and furniture within the space available. A+ rated

Marcy F

(5) 6/26/2015 Slidell

Robert and Joshua came out to help me unpack all my boxes. They didn't even take a break! They got all my boxes unpacked AND DID A LOT MORE ALL within the time I asked for. They gave A+ OUTSTANDING customer service. Very professional and accommodating. They have an eye for detail and have common sense too. They had everything figured out at just the right times and have great room placement ideas as well!! I wil be calling high tech in the future for any moving related needs (and asking for those gentleman in particular) :-). Thank you guys...You BOTH ROCK!!

Scott S

(4) 6/12/2015 Covington

The guys arrived and did a good job. They loaded the truck and then met me and unloaded it. The one problem is with the company charging for 3 hours even though the job took less time.

Jaime B

(3) 6/6/2015 Mandeville

The crew was supposed to arrive at 2pm. They arrived at 7:30 pm. They were apologetic, but they were tired as they had already worked a full day by the time they arrived. To their credit, they offered to stay longer, but it was too late at that point.

Terrell S

(5) 5/29/2015 Prairieville

These are the guys you want to go with. every thing was handled with expertise and care as well in a timely fashion.These guys take professionalism to a new standard.

Molly B

(2) 5/24/2015 Biloxi

Not a great experience at all with High Tech movers! I would not use them again for my moving needs. They lacked preparedness, professionalism, and productivity. Lots of damage to my items as well due to how they were packed! Below is a list of the reasons why, read if you would like. First, it took them 2+ hours more than it had ever taken a moving company to load our belonging. They did not come prepared with a dolly, however I was told that 95% of the jobs they do, they don't use a dolly, which I think is a problem in and of itself since working w a dolly reduces time significantly! It was raining off and on the day of the move so in all fairness that contributed some to it taking a little longer. One of the movers' wife or girlfriend was sitting in their car watching the whole time so whenever the movers took breaks they would go sit in her car, wasn't very professional at all. Then when different movers unloaded us, we came across lots of damaged/scratched furniture, caused from the way it was packed. Then I was asked to pay for additional time since the movers didn't finish the job in the amount of time scheduled, I was very upset as I didn't see that their lack of preparedness, productivity and professionalism should cost me any extra money. I talked to the manager and told her my frustration and she did waive the additional time charges, which was very nice. She could have denied that and/or created a lot of stress for me to fight the charges, so I appreciated that she didn't do that! They did come on time, which was great.

Alan K

(5) 5/18/2015 Baton Rouge

Two very professional movers - did a great job packing the truck very efficiently. I would hire them again.

Kirsten P

(5) 5/4/2015 New Orleans

The 3 guys who moved us were great. They had to off load from one location & load in to my new home...including stairs! They were on time, fast, polite & professional. Thank you!

Anne B

(5) 4/1/2015 Covington

Roman, Mark and Hilton deserve praises for their work. They arrived early and we're go-getters from the start. They worked very hard and were very polite. I told them I would highly recommend them to friends, family and other realtors. They also were very professional in work ethic and uniforms. Thanks again for a job well done.

Tessa B

(5) 10/20/2014 Slidell

I was grateful for the help that these guys gave me loading my pod, getting things down from the attic, and moving a refrigerator out of my shed. They worked hard, they were professional, and worked the entire time. I would highly recommend them.

Pamela M

(5) 9/27/2014 Slidell

They arrived early, they were prepared and worked very hard. They were polite and respectful and I will use them again.

Lisa C

(5) 8/28/2014 Metairie

Skilled and hard-working. Couldn't ask for more.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much Lisa
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Jintao C

(5) 8/16/2014 Baton Rouge

wonderful job been done! I'd recommend to my friends

Mover's response:
We really appreciate that Jintao
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Kim M

(5) 8/16/2014 Pearl River

Showed up on time. The men were very mindful and careful with all my belongings loading and unloading the U-Haul truck. They were both polite, and I would recommend them highly!

Mover's response:
Thank you Kim and we are glad we were able to assist you on last was great!!!
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Cherie H

(5) 8/12/2014 Boothville

Excellent job. Very careful. Actually heard them plan together how to move pieces!! Professional worth every cent!!

Mover's response:
Thank you Cherie...we really Appreciate it...
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Faye G

(5) 7/22/2014 Baton Rouge

The worker were good. They did a wonderful job. Fast and hard workers

Mover's response:
Thank you very much...we really appreciate it.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Stacy C

(5) 7/19/2014 New Orleans

They were awesome!

Mover's response:
Thank you Stacy we really appreciate your review!!!
- High Tech Movers, LLC

George T

(5) 5/7/2014 Marrero

Very good work.They were careful with all our items.Would hire them again.Thank you. Bonnie and George Trupiano.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much George. We really appreciate your business.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Lisa N

(5) 4/23/2014 New Orleans

My movers were very professional and hard-working. I had two gentlemen for two hours, they had all my belongings moved from a 16 foot pod to a second story apartment in an hour and a half. They were very kind and respectful. I would definitely recommend High Tech Movers and use them again if I ever move again.

Mover's response:
Thank you very Lisa we appreciate it.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Sara W

(5) 11/1/2013 New Orleans

They arrived early, worked hard, were super friendly and very helpful with anything I asked!! I will definitely use them again!

Mover's response:
Thank you Sara we really try our best.....
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Susan A

(5) 9/13/2013 Metairie

Very good people. Did an excellent job!

Mover's response:
Thank you again Susan.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Susan A

(5) 9/11/2013 Metairie

Consumate professionals. They did a great job and did not do any damage! I would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
Thank you Susan We really appreciate your review especially after what you had experienced prior to using our services.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Rachel L

(5) 4/2/2013 New Orleans

I will hire them again! Very polite. Showed up 10 min early and ready to work. Moved very heavy pieces of furniture carefully and without scratches or scuffs.

Mover's response:
Thank you Rachel we try our best.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Douglas V

(5) 4/1/2013 Mandeville

The guys were awesome, accommodating, good communication skills, careful, good packing and storing skills. Very good and went beyond what they were initially hired for.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much Douglas we really appreciate your business.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Leslie C

(5) 2/1/2013 Belle Chasse

Having several moves under my belt within the last 15 years, I have had experience with many moving labor service providers. High Tech Movers were the best and most professional of the lot. The crew arrived on time, introduced themselves and were lined out for the job. Since my goods were going into storage, they both unloaded the moving trailer and loaded the storage units. They took great care with my goods, even as they tried to minimize the space being used in the storage units. It was estimated that my goods would require three (3) 10x20ft storage units, but their expertise in filling the units allowed me to only require two units, saving a significant monthly amount. I will use High Tech Movers again if the need arises and would highly recommend them.

Mover's response:
Thank you very very much Leslie, we really appreciate this review, it left us all smiling as we were glad to live up to our name, High Tech.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Larry S

(3) 12/21/2012 Metairie

Scheduling of labor was not available the first day. Rescheduled and labor arrived later than was supposed to. When onsite, one capable and dependable gentleman and then one employee not so capable. Had several issues due to scheduling of another job so after loading truck these guys had to leave. (not all items loaded, only what couldn't be moved otherwise) Crew finally showed back up that night with two guys, one the capable one from the morning and he took control of the situation and brought another guy who together, fantastic job. No items were damaged during move. If it was the guys from the crew that afternoon/night, would most definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much..and to accommodate for the confusion we completed the unload free of charge. Thanks again for your business we really appreciate it.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Craig or Janae S

(5) 9/9/2012 Abita Springs

The entire crew presented themselves in a very professional, courteous and accommodating manner to my entire family. This crew of men showed enthusiasm in going beyond their responsibilities as movers. Their work ethic was impeccable, they never slowed down the entire time. These men showed concern over the handling of our property as if it were theirs. The politeness and demeanor made them a joy to work with. I would not only use your company again but would specifically request those four men for our crew. Thanks so much. Craig S.

Mover's response:
Thank you so very much..we really appreciate it..
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Brenda S

(4) 8/11/2012 Harvey

Great job

Mover's response:
Thank you very much..we really appreciate it
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Jude M

(5) 7/3/2012 New Orleans

The movers were friendly and very helpful! They worked hard and got done fast. I would definitely recommend them!

Mover's response:
Thank you Very much we really appreciate your business.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Jim E

(5) 7/2/2012 New Orleans

Excellent--professional and fun!

Mover's response:
Thank you Jim, and we are waiting for those pictures I really would love to see them. High Tech Movers
- High Tech Movers, LLC

April M

(5) 6/11/2012 New Orleans

High Tech Movers were on-time, professional, and super efficient! They were completely fantastic! Do yourself a favor and hire them to help you move. They are totally worth it!

Mover's response:
Thank you April...we really appreciate it...
- High Tech Movers, LLC

LeDean C

(5) 6/6/2012 Slidell

I would definitely recommend, High Tech Movers! The guys were great and did everything in the time allotted. Thank you to the guys at, High Tech Movers!! D. Chiantella United States Marine Corps

Mover's response:
Thank You LeDean, We Really Appreciate You...
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Diane W

(5) 6/3/2012 Metairie

This team of three came on a Saturday evening at 7:30pm when my truck was originally expected between 3 - 4pm. They were professional and courteous, and worked continuously until every item was off that 26' truck. They put each item in the room that I had designated, and asked questions if something needed clarification. They came with the tools necessary to set up my 4 poster master bed, triple dresser, and the china hutch and base. I would definitely use this team again, if I were to move; and I'd want the same three Donald, Pearcy, and Adam. Diane W.

Mover's response:
Thank you very I mentioned before, we are here as a service to you, and will do everything in our power to make your moving experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. P.S. and the guys just loved you as well.
- High Tech Movers, LLC

Winston R

(4) 5/19/2012 Covington

On time and worked well. Used for loading furniture on rental truck and would recommend.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business. Your business is very appreciated.
- High Tech Movers, LLC



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We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 1 hour over the prebooked time.


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