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Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
Multiple 4-wheel dollies [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
We provide all the tools Necessary to Assemble and Disassemble Furniture & Appliances [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
Hand Trucks, 4-wheel Dolly, Shrink Wrap, Rope & Tie Downs,Blankets, All the tools to get the job done right!!! [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
We offer Unlimited shrink wrap for $40 = One roll [flat price, $40.00]
We Provide all the Ropes, Tie downs and straps to Protect your Belongings and Furniture [flat price, $5.00]


Licensed business:
License number
Issuing city
Las Vegas
Insured business:
Policy number
Available Upon Request
Policy issuer
Evanston Insurance company
Uniformed crews:
I offer uniformed crew members :


Real Las Vegas area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Class-A-Moving inc..

213 reviews
797 completed jobs

Denise W

(5) 2/10/2019 Las Vegas

The movers worked hard and quickly, yet were careful with my things. The POD was packed well and they worked extra hard to make sure all of my things fit.

Marcel M

(5) 1/29/2019 North Las Vegas

CJ and James were great. Arrived on time and worked hard the entire 2 hours. Packed the POD great. Would definitely recommend them for any loading job. Very easy to talk to and was respectful of our things.

Patrick F

(5) 1/18/2019 Las Vegas

James and CJ were great. Got job done under time and packed as well as you could expect. The logistics that went into packing it tight. Amazing!!!!!

Stella E

(5) 1/15/2019 Las Vegas

They arrived on time and prepared to work. They finished in record time. I would use them again

Dave H

(5) 12/8/2018 Henderson

I booked 4 workers for 4 hours to unload a 40ft. shipping container. They arrived promptly at 9am. worked very diligently. They were friendly, courteous and professional. They finished the job in only 3 hrs. Would highly recommend them again! Thanks again guys, great job!

Chris H

(5) 12/2/2018 Sun City

These guys were great!! On time, hard workers, helped with putting big heavy furniture back together. Brian was AWESOME working with me when Pods DROPPED THE BALL. Would HIGHLY recommend and use again!!????

Jessica S

(5) 11/16/2018 Las Vegas

I knew I was in for a good experience when Steve and James gave me a warm energetic greeting. They were right on time and well prepared with blankets and dollies to get the job done. They worked very quickly and treated each item as if it were their own with special care and awareness of what was glass or fragile. They went the extra mile because I had boxes numbered, and rather than just put all the boxes down in the main room, they took my direction and put each box in the room or closet I had packed them for. I plan to use them again when my parents move out next month. This was the easiest move I have ever had!

Karmen S

(5) 11/15/2018 Las Vegas

This group of 4 men showed up on time prepared and ready to start. For 3 hours all 4 hustled, from the guy on the truck piecing it all in to the other 3 wrapping and moving everything to the truck. They worked together and were totally engaged in this move. I would recommend this moving crew 100% and use them again.

William P

(5) 11/14/2018 Las Vegas

ON time. Prepared for the job. Worked hard while faced with some obstacles that they carefully resolved. Did not waste a moment. They handled lots of china and art very carefully. Would certainly use them again. GREAT JOB!!!

Leonard G

(3) 11/5/2018 Las Vegas

I hired Class-A-Moving for a six hour very simple furniture move only (no boxes, no outdoor or garage materials, no appliances) for a 3 BR 2667 sq. ft. home. Everything was moved into a storage location 15 miles away. The good news is that everything was completed in five hours and the movers worked well and I didn't notice any damage to the property although I was not on site for the move. The bad news is that I had them planned for an arrival time between 10:00 - 11:00 AM. I had to call them in the morning to ensure they were arriving on schedule. got a call back that they would be arriving at their office at 10:30 and on the job site at 11:00. When they didn't show up at 11:00, I called at 11:25 and got a VM message. Got a call back within 10 minutes that they were running late and would be there at noon. No one arrived at noon. I called again and was told they had a flat tire and would get there by 12:30. No one arrived at 12:30. Called again and was told one of the guys got sick and they had to drop him off and pick up another guy. It was frustrating because I had other projects to get to and was locked there waiting at this site since 9:30 AM. They finally showed up at 1:00 PM. During this time, I expressed my frustration with the wait several times to the company. While they apologized for the wait, they offered no means of compensation. I was billed for the 6 hours I signed up for but the move was completed in exactly 5 hours. After the move was complete, I received a call from the company and I asked if they would refund the one hour extra that I had overpaid on. He said he was travelling and would take care of it when back later that day. I am now waiting to see if I receive a return of the one hour amount.

Patricia D

(5) 10/21/2018 Las Vegas

Awesome thanks so much!!

Norman R

(5) 10/10/2018 Las Vegas

The two helpers arrived within the assigned time frame and after completing the paper work we proceeded to unload the 16’ Pack-Rat pod. Everything went well and we had no problem finishing the task within the two hour time span I allotted. A job well done!

Jeff V

(5) 9/13/2018 Henderson

The team came to our home and really did a great job getting our container loaded.

Dennis S

(5) 9/6/2018 Las Vegas

on-time hard workers could not ask for more

Gregg B

(5) 8/6/2018 Las Vegas

The Crew that came out to help us with our move were Awesome ! They handled our belongings with care. They worked continuously without unnecessary breaks. I would Definitely recommend hiring this Crew for your Move.

Mover's response:
Gregg, How wonderful to hear that you were happy with our crew! We appreciate and value your business always. Thank you again for choosing Class A Moving!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert O

(4) 7/18/2018 Las Vegas

Were on time and very efficient .

Mover's response:
We appreciate your review. Thanks again for your Business. We appreciate you.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Charley Ann O

(5) 7/7/2018 Las Vegas

They came prepared with dolly's and had a 16' POD unloaded in a little over an hour. They were very respectful of my things. The only genitive would be their start time. I requested a 7 -8 am start, they didn't show until after 8. I would recommend them and would use them again.

Mover's response:
We appreciate you Charley Ann. Thanks again for your Business and taking the time to leave a review for our Company.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jim S

(5) 6/26/2018 Henderson

The guys worked hard in the Las Vegas heat as temps neared 110. The pod was packed to capacity with care.

Mover's response:
We appreciate you Jim. Thanks again for your Business and taking the time to leave a review for our Company.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Pamela B

(5) 6/20/2018 Las Vegas

Quincy and Dan were professional, pleasant, and extremely hard-working. They took extreme care in disassembling and moving my furniture through narrow spaces and long stairwells. They receive my highest endorsement. They got things done!

Mover's response:
Pamela, We are very happy to hear that you were pleased with Quincy and Dan! We are very proud of our team here and always strive to deliver the best service. Class A Moving values and appreciates your business!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Fred K

(3) 6/16/2018 Las Vegas

They did arrive on time, did not work together well they would start on one room not finish it and then start on another room so they stopped in five hours with beds half taken apart. They do not work fast and take breaks. I hired extreme movers the next day and they worked for two hours and were able to get everything done. I would not use Class A moving again

Mover's response:
This is not accurate at all Sir, We actually worked very hard for for 5 hours loading both PODS Completely Full, We Jumped from room to room to make sure the items we load will load properly to make sure the Load is Secure during transit of the Pods, We only Took one 5 min Break in the 100 degree heat for water, I'm Sorry if that is not suitable for you but, We did not milk the clock and did the job you requested in the Time frame you paid for which is about right for 2-16 ft Pods to load, We here at class a are sorry if you don't feel we did a proper job for you , But as required by us that all our crew members take pictures of all the loads we do going out of town and after Reviewing i feel my Guys did a Excellent job with the load, Once again we thank you for the business and the Feedback. Customer feedback is always taking into consideration and much appreciated.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jodi S

(5) 6/9/2018 Henderson

They were great! On time. Professional and worked hard

Mover's response:
We appreciate you Jodi, Thanks again for your Business and taking the time to leave a review for our Company.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

David M

(5) 5/31/2018 Henderson

The guys were on time and took very good care of our items. Will definitely use them in the future if we move.

Mover's response:
We appreciate you David. Thanks again for your Business and taking the time to leave a review for our Company.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Craig E

(2) 5/29/2018 Henderson

The moving personnel were outstanding. They were on time, polite and fully capable of doing the job. And yhey did an outstanding job. The fees involved were outlandish. The company over estimated the time to unload (8 hours and the job was done in about 3.5 hours), but they initially charged me for the full amount. They returned half of the overcharge when I complained, but a $250 overcharge is still not right. Will not use this company again.

Mover's response:
Craig, We do not have any Involvement in the Way Hire a Helper Charges you, All we do is the Move itself. It feel it is a little unfair that we are being left a bad review over something that is not our fault. We Didn't do the estimate for you or collect any $ We only get paid after job is complete, All $ paid goes through Hire a Helper, You are Getting our portion of this move confused with them, They are a third party who make sit very clear on payment and they even refunded your credit card, They emailed me asking since the job went over if they could refund you and they did! Why the bad review for our company for doing a good job that we were hired to do?
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Rashelle W

(5) 5/26/2018 Las Vegas

Quincy and Eric worked extremely hard and I’d recommend them highly. Excellent job!! Very pleased.

Mover's response:
Rashelle, We are very happy to hear that you were pleased with Quincy and Eric! We are very proud of our team here and always strive to deliver the best service. Class A Moving values and appreciates your business! Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

James C

(5) 5/23/2018 Las Vegas

They arrived late, but their hustle made up for it. They finished the job quickly.

Mover's response:
James, We apologize for arriving late we always strive to stick to our time frames. I am glad to hear the guys made up for it by being quick and efficient. We value and appreciate your business! Thanks again for choosing Class A Moving! Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kirk H

(5) 5/18/2018 Las Vegas

The crew arrived early and did an amazing job taking care of my things. The crew worked hard, very friendly and easy to work with. Great and easy company to work with. Thanks again for making the process easier for me.

Mover's response:
Kirk, You are more than welcome! Knowing how stressful moves can be it makes us very happy to hear that we were able to make it easier for you. We value and appreciate you choosing Class A Moving! Thank you, Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Philip D

(2) 5/11/2018 Henderson

The crew showed up on time and pack the POD under the 3 hrs allowed, moving from Las Vegas to St Louis, and they worked hard and fast. But...Although I had plenty of padding material not everything was used. When the POD arrive in STL to unpack almost every box was crushed. Heavy boxes on light boxes. My bedroom furniture had gashes and gouges. The only thing that didn't get damaged were my socks. The did not remove the desiccant bags POD had put in (which filled with water) they broke on the trip and soaked boxes. If you use them complete supervision needed on loading.

Mover's response:
Philip, It saddens me to see this review, and am sorry this was not brought to our attention earlier. I did go back and review the pictures that were taken of the POD that we require our crew to take throughout the load and saw that everything was packed efficiently and tied down accordingly. The paperwork for Damages were signed off by you before the crew left that everything looked good. As for the desiccant bags you speak of, I am unaware as to what those even are. We load PODS all the time and have never even heard of such an issue. As to what happened to your POD during your move is something that is out of our control. According to the pictures and the signed paperwork everything was in great shape when we finished our end of the job. I am sorry the move did not turn into a good experience for you. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff. Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Susan C

(5) 5/9/2018 Henderson

They arrived on time as promised. Well prepared for the job and very respectful of our properties. I would highly recommend them

Mover's response:
Susan, I am happy to hear that the move went as planned! We are always glad to hear when our crew leaves behind happy customers! We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Class A Moving! Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kevie W

(5) 5/2/2018 Las Vegas

They were great! They showed up on time, finished within the three hours scheduled for and so very helpful. I highly recommend them.

Mover's response:
Kevie, How wonderful to hear that you were happy with our crew! We appreciate and value your business always. Thank you again for choosing Class A Moving! Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Thomas W

(5) 4/24/2018 Las Vegas

The helpers that were sent to me we very courteous and respectful. They worked hard and fast to get me packed up.I had a hard time trying to keep up with them. I would definitely use there services again. They were on time and very prepared to pack up my entire house.

Mover's response:
Thomas, We are very proud of our hard working team and are so happy to hear that everything went smoothly for you! We value and appreciate your business! Thank you, Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Charles B

(5) 4/21/2018 Las Vegas

on time clean very helpful

Mover's response:
Charles we wanted to take the time to thank you again for choosing Class A Moving! Samantha Pfau Office Manager Class A Moving
- Class-A-Moving inc.


(5) 4/17/2018 Las Vegas

The guys were awsome - they worked hard and got the job done in way less time than I had paid for! Be careful overbooking too many hours, they will only refund one hour.

Scott M

(5) 4/3/2018 Las Vegas

James & Anthony did a fantastic job. They were friendly, hard working and were very careful in moving all of our furniture. They placed everything where we wanted it and they didn’t nick any of our walls or closets or doors. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in moving.

Erick P

(5) 3/31/2018 Las Vegas

They came on time and prompt. Very professional and helpful. They know what to do and I don’t have to tell them what to do. They responded to some requests quickly and friendly. I would recommend to other people who needs help on moving. Amazing.

Louie R

(5) 3/7/2018 Las Vegas

They were on time, prepepared and ready to rock and roll.

Michael H

(5) 3/6/2018 North Las Vegas

This company did a great job. The guys BRIAN sent over to assist me LEO & QUINCY were great and did a wonderful job. Very professional and polite and knew there job well. Would I hire this company YES I WOULD. Thanks Brian you made moving a lot easier.

Lisa W

(5) 2/24/2018 Las Vegas

My experience with our movers was wonderful. The gentlemen that helped my family were Gabe, Jeramy and Brandon James. They were punctual, friendly, a pleasure to work with and were amazing, assisting my disabled sister with her room. I really appreciate them and will highly recommend this team.

Judy J

(5) 2/21/2018 Las Vegas

These guys arrived with pads, plastic wrap, tie downs, etc. They were fast and efficient and treated everything with great care. I would hire them again in a minute.

Gary C

(5) 2/13/2018 Henderson

These guys were great. They were on time and very professional. They worked quickly and finished early. Book them now, you won’t be disappointed!

Bruce P

(5) 1/24/2018 Las Vegas

Awesome from A to Z. Excellent communication (owner called on his way OOT) from start to finish. The actual GUYS who did the "heavy lifting" were cool AF. Nice, considerate, helpful...all around good guys. Absolutely no complaints at all. Best $ spent on moving in 30 yrs. Highly recommend. A++

Erin A

(4) 1/4/2018 Las Vegas

Thomas and his crew worked hard and worked as a team. They were polite and professional. They came prepared. There were some heavy pieces that had to be taken down a flight of stairs that were narrow and they handled it well. They packed the Pod really good. I would use them again.

Anita C

(5) 1/4/2018 Las Vegas

These 3 men were awesome. They unloaded the PODin one hour and then they put together the furniture that they had not seen taken apart in California. They were on time, fast, careful and very very nice. I highly recommend this team.

Mary M

(5) 12/30/2017 Las Vegas

Great help on holiday weekend. Very short notice. Would highly recommend them

Fara Z

(5) 12/26/2017 Las Vegas

they were on time. I Would use them again. they were prepared for the job

Eric M

(5) 12/16/2017 Henderson

Hired these guys for loading a trailer with fragile furniture from a 3rd story apartment. They did a thorough job wrapping and protecting all the items for the difficult trek down the switchback flights of stairs. Also performed the work in the time estimated. Nothing was damaged in the move! Would definitely recommend for your task. Ask for Travis and Leo (I think those are their names!). Thanks, Class A Moving!

Mover's response:
Thanks for the Great Review and your business Eric, We appreciate it! Happy Holiday's
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Gloria C

(1) 12/9/2017 Henderson

The ppl who came out to do the move, were k. I paid for a two hour service they did it in an hour. Left my screening door unable to close. I calle the class a moving, and the employee refused to come back Bc he wasn’t getting paid although it was 0300 pm and I paid until 0330. He said he was going to call his boss, to handle the issue. The boss called me and Brian, the owner was very condescended, rude and didn’t even let me explain the situation he got agitated, Bc I sdud if he can let me talk then he started raiding his voices loud and louder, and then sy the point I said that I was going to withhold payment until the door would be fix, then he started threatening me with lawyers, and he wasn’t going to fix my door. Then he called again apologized first and then when down hill from there, scream and yell, harrras me, I have to hang out the phone. Very un professional, no conflict resolution, angry, and I never been treated so bad for a service that I paid. I’ll nrver use hire a helper again. The door did got fix, but no professionalism fro a moving. Ill nake sure ppl know about a moving, and to be careful the companies that hire a helper hire.

Debra Patti P

(4) 11/29/2017 Las Vegas

Yes they did a good job. It’s too bad the Truck was parked way in the back and took them so long to bring the items in. I hired them for 3 hours and an additional 2 Hours were added on.

Mover's response:
It took a long time Debra because it was a long walk , That was completely out of our control to where you guys parked your truck, My guys always do the best they can do do the jobs in a timely fashion, But we only can do what is humanly possible. Moving isn't always the easiest job to do and you seemed very pleased with our work when we left, Thanks for taking the time to leave the review and Happy Holiday to you and your family!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Deborah B

(5) 11/28/2017 Henderson

great guys got right to the job and worked quickly.

Mover's response:
Thanks You Deborah! We appreciate the review and your business! Happy Holidays
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Alaina O

(2) 11/25/2017 Las Vegas

I paid $251.xx for 20 min of help. That is your fee, I understand. One Gentleman kept disappearing. It was weird. Unsure I will use them again

Mover's response:
We didn't over charge you Alaina, All jobs are charged through hire a helper for 2 hour Minimum Regardless of job taking less,No one was disappearing Alaina both guys worked together to finish job for you, We always work hard for our customers to do the best job possible, The fees you pay are paid to Hire A Helper Directly, Not through us! We do not collect that amount after the jobs are complete. We are paid after they collect there fees,. Not sure why only 2stars? We have a solid reputation in
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Susie H

(5) 11/15/2017 Las Vegas

Tom,James,Chad and Leo all worked hard and really well. Good young men.

Mover's response:
thank you Susie, we enjoyed the review ill let the crew know they did an excellent job if you need any assistance in the future we would be always happy to assist you. Thanks
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Beverly H

(5) 11/7/2017 Las Vegas

The loaders could not have been any better. They were on time, knowledgeable and exemplary. Thank u Hire a Helper

Mover's response:
Thank you for the 5 star review we do appreciate it, ill let the guys know that they did a good job for you and if you need us again j we'll be happy to assist you. *Brian*
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jerold B

(2) 11/2/2017 Las Vegas

The movers were expected at between 1pm and 2pm. When no one showed up or called before 2:15pm I called hireahelpher who immediately began to arrange for another moving company. Within a few minutes hireahelper had confirmed another moving company could be at my home within 30 minutes. In the mean time Class-A-Moving called and gave me an explanation as to why they did not call they would be late but could still come within 30 minutes. I cancelled the replacement movers and stayed with Class-A- moving. The actual movers that came to move me, were excellent. They worked hard and fast. They were prepared to work and did well to protect our property. I would love to have the actual men who moved me back. Not sure though that I would use Class-A-Moving again. I will use hireahelper again for the next part of the move in a few weeks.

Mover's response:
We Did our best to arrive our the Job in a timely fashion for you Jerold, We communicated to you that we were in route as soon as the guys cleared form there first job of which was all the way across town and that we would be a little behind schedule due to traffic. U stated my movers did a Excellent job for you? and were prepared on your review,?? Not sure why only 2 stars? based off Traffic and just running a little late form originally planned my guys said you were happy with the services we
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Tracy W

(5) 10/21/2017 Henderson

Polite and helpful. I would certainly hire this company again.

Mover's response:
Thanks you Tracy, It was our Pleasure to Assist with your move! Thanks again for the Business and being a such a terrific customer to work for!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert L

(5) 10/19/2017 Las Vegas

We asked for a three man crew and they did a fantastic job. They were very accommodating and very creative in packing the POD that we rented. When we unloaded the POD at the new house (a week later) two of the same workers were on the crew. They did another excellent job.

Mover's response:
hey Robert, how are you? i just wanna say first off, thank you for the great review. Secondly, if you need anything from us just let us know. We will make it happen!! again, Sir. thank you for your business and we hope to do more work for you in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Donna M

(5) 10/14/2017 Las Vegas

These guys were awesome. they worked very hard and fast and treated our furniture with care. The truck Driver came right at 4 pm to pick up the pod and rushed the guys to finish the job. Pack Rat promised me that the pod would be delivered between 9 and 11 AM. The driver didn't get the pod there until 12:45. They were able to talk him into picking it up at 5PM. We ended up having to give our neighbors some things that I would have liked to keep. I feel like the driver should have been punished for that. I regret not giving a bigger tip. I was so stressed that I only gave $80. If I could have their names I would send them more money. I would definitely use them again. I recommend them very highly

Mover's response:
Donna, thank you for the great review about our guys (Franco/James) will be notified of the job well done, and high praise that you gave, regarding their work performance and on behalf of everyone here at Class - A - Moving Inc. we appreciate your business and hope to hear from you again --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Natashja K

(5) 10/14/2017 Las Vegas

The guys with Class-A moving were very helpful with my mother's move. They are very accessible and were able to offer cling packing wrap for only $40 extra per move. They were prompt, friendly and respectful. ***FYI, HireAHelper didn't make this clear but as soon as they are done working they need you to call and submit the claim for payment with the code that HireAHelper gives you.

James W

(5) 10/9/2017 Henderson

You asked - were they on time?; were they prepared for the job?; did they work hard?, were they respectful of your property and goods?; and, would you use them again? The answer to all of these questions is “absolutely and unequivocally YES! Couldn’t ask for better service. YES, I would highly recommend them and use them again.

Mover's response:
hey James what is up?, we here at class a moving gratefully appreciate the review ill let my guys know as well that you guys loved the work they did for you and we are always available for when you need us next again James thank you --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Mary A

(5) 9/29/2017 Las Vegas

The best movers I have ever used would recommend them highly to everyone

Mover's response:
thank you for the complaments ma'am i will let the guys know of the excellent work they did for you and we hope to hear from you again, soon --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

William F

(5) 9/27/2017 Las Vegas

Well done . Thank you

Mover's response:
no, Bill. thank you for your business it was greatly appreciated and we hope to hear from you again soon --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Michael S

(5) 9/26/2017 Las Vegas

Really good guys who got it done quickly and efficiently

Mover's response:
thank you very much Michael we at class a moving do our best to keep you happy if you need anything or help give us a call we will make it happen --joe
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Karen M

(3) 9/22/2017 las vegas

The men who came were on time and very polite and reassuring. I did however ask 1st if they thought everything would fit and I was assured that was not a problem. As it turned out we had to leave many things behind, 2 tvs, queensize mattress and box springs, outside yard materials, grill various other things. At that point it was too late for us to get another pod as we had to vacate the property that night. I also asked that the one thing I did not want forgotten for sure was my grandsons bike and it was forgotten. Had I know this I would have choses other things to leave behind so am I completely satisfied, no, as I had to give away several costly item. The pod is in storage so how well it is packed is to be determined. Karen Mitchell

Rhonda T

(5) 9/18/2017 Las Vegas

We are doing a long distance move so things have to be packed a little differently than if you were going across town...these guys knew what they were doing!! There will be very little shifting of my stuff in transport I'm sure.We are moving a 4bdrm house in Pods and these guys got here,assessed what we had,and got straight to work.In the first hour I couldn't believe how much they had accomplished.Amazing how much they had gotten into the Pod and how orderly it was.Truly amazing!!We also had bought furniture pads ourselves and for a little extra charge they supplied shrink wrap(not like what I could buy at home depot)this was some heavy duty stuff. We have a 125 gal glass fish tank and they taped a pad around it and then shrink wrapped the tank and stand in all...that tank isn't shifting and is as protected as I think it could be.I was worried because it is very heavy,glass,and expensive but they were prepared and knew what they were doing.I'm so glad because I truly had no idea how we were going to move and protect that.They were great.I'd hire them again. I Highly recommend them.My crew were Dave,Tom,and Travis.Great job guys.Thank you so much.

Mover's response:
no ma'am, thank you for the truly awesome-est review you or any other customer could post i will definitely let the guys know thank you again for the great review --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Derek S

(4) 9/9/2017 Las Vegas

They were SUPER late, like 1.5 hours, but the level of work was fantastic. They were not a uniformed crew by any means, but they were fantastic at getting as much as humanly possible in my Pod.

Mover's response:
sometimes traffic is an issue, but we have no control over that, but we do our very best to get the job done properly. As you expressed already. As for uniforms go, new ones are on order. we would like to thank you for the review and we'll make note of these things ill let the guys know you liked the work they preformed for you --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Tom P

(5) 9/7/2017 Henderson

This was an expedited move. Scheduled through Hire a Helper the day before, they showed up within the window given and I asked for the job to be completed by the end of the 2 hr minimum and they were done 30 minutes early. Granted, I had everything ready and all they had to do was pack the storage Pod, still my experience was that I would use this company again.

Mover's response:
thank you for the positive review ill let the guys know about how happy you were with their performance we'll be here when you need us again again thank you --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Carolyn V

(5) 9/1/2017 Las Vegas

The team which consisted of David, Thomas, Tyre, and Jeremy were excellent. We will request them for the next phase of our move.

Mover's response:
thank you mark we do appreciate it. the good reviews help out the guys and business thank you again and we too look forward to your next move --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Nick K

(5) 8/17/2017 Las Vegas

the two guys were very efficient and careful. they were on time and did an excellent job. i will use them again when i need to move.

Mark F

(5) 8/17/2017 North Las Vegas

Nice guys...helpful hard workers

Mover's response:
thank you mark we do appreciate it i'll tell the guy about the good review and we hope to do business with you in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Adriene H

(1) 8/12/2017 Las Vegas

I hired what seemed to be a third party moving service to simply unload my 1 bedroom Uhaul upon its arrival. My credit card was charged in full for 2 men, 2 hours, local. They arrived 20 minutes after they claimed. One was professional. The other was lazy, careless, did not follow direction. I had to constantly remind the one guy how to stack boxes and where to place things. He was so slow and literally throwing items into the spare room. Shortly after an hour, they asked if I wanted to add another hour to the bill, stating they only had 20 minutes left. I said no and told them why. This made the lazy one even more careless and slow. Too bad they weren't both prepared to work. I am a big tipper to those who work.

Theresa S

(5) 8/12/2017 Las Vegas

I would absolutely use them again. The team was friendly and professional. They arrived on time and were prepared to begin immediately. They were also very efficient as well as careful.

Mover's response:
thank you Ms. Theresa the guys will appreciate the "kudos" on the job well done till we meet again ma'am were just a work order away lol.. --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Byron S

(5) 7/29/2017 Las Vegas

Excellent packers and courteous. Would use again.

Keith V

(5) 7/25/2017 Las Vegas

Good guys. They did a very good job.

Mover's response:
thank you kind sir ill let the guy know and I hope we do more business with you soon --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kathy L

(5) 7/22/2017 Las Vegas

These guys worked fast and efficient to get our POD unloaded. They were very professional and courteous.

Mover's response:
the name of the game is grab and go and make it happen and I believe from your great review, that was we do hope to hear from you soon ma'am --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Patrick R

(5) 7/20/2017 Las Vegas

The guys were on time and ready to work. They actually called to see if they could come earlier than scheduled which I thought was a very nice gesture. Very professional and friendly. Got the job done in less time than I thought it would take. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone I know who needs their services! Great job!

Mover's response:
thank you very much for the excellent review sir we at class a moving try our hardest to keep our customers happy and hope to. see your business soon again --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Nancy L

(5) 7/18/2017 Las Vegas

Fast and efficient

Mover's response:
because thats the name of the game ma'am. we do our best thank you for the review as well --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Susan A

(5) 7/18/2017 Las Vegas

They went above and beyond to help me and I will use them again

Mover's response:
and that is what we are supposed to do ma'am and we appreciate your business and hope to hear from you again soon --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Cynthia P

(5) 7/13/2017 Las Vegas

I had a same day request and the company worked me into their schedule for the day. They coordinated with me and ensured my move went smoothly. I moved from another state and needed to be sure the relo-cubes that were being delivered would be unpacked as soon as they arrived due to HOA restrictions. Class-A-Moving made that possible and the move was stress free. Class-A-Moving communicated with me at every stage in the process from ordering the service to who would be assigned for the job and arrival time. The movers were on time and professional. They came prepared for the job and worked to get the job completed within the specified time. Jeremy and Chad were extremely helpful, kind and polite. They did a fantastic job taking care while unloading the items and moving them into my house. I would highly recommend this company!

Mover's response:
thank you for the detailed awesome review about chad and Jeremy I will let them know of this we at class a moving aspire to go above and beyond the call of duty every time and we hope to do more business with you in the up comping future --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Randi C

(5) 7/10/2017 Las Vegas

The guys were great! Prompt, courteous, and fast. They made moving so much easier. I highly recommend Class-A-Moving.

Mover's response:
what can we say ... we do our best , thank. you for the review Randi we do appraise it --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kayla F

(5) 6/26/2017 Las Vegas

Our workers showed up on time and worked the entire 4 hours with two 15 minute breaks. They worked very hard and were extremely helpful in getting our large furniture wrapped and loaded in the truck. I'd definitely hire from this company again.

Mover's response:
thank you for good review Kayla we do appraise it and ill let the guys know of the review they got --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Laura D

(5) 6/24/2017 North Las Vegas

They were very nice and curtious. I appreciated all their help and they were some of the best moving guys I've ever had. The POD they packed was tight and really showed how much experience they have with loading.

Mover's response:
thank you for the review we really appreciate it ill let the guy on that job know as well and hope to see your business again in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kay S

(5) 6/23/2017 Henderson

I would recommend to anyone. The company went above and beyond to fit me into the time frame that worked the best. The two men who unpacked my pod worked non stop for 3 hours and had two pods totally emptied. They put all furniture in its proper place and handled all business very professionally. I will use Class A Moving for my next 4 pods and will request Jeremy and Tui.

Mover's response:
thank you for the awesome review Kay we do enjoy hearing these reviews ill let Tui and Jeremy know too. and look forward to your next scheduled move in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Joe K

(5) 6/22/2017 Henderson

On time. Two great workers. Got busy, loaded the truck in (45)minutes. Had all the equipment needed. Unloaded the truck , upstairs, and finished in (1) hour. This company did what it said, finished early, didn't break anything and saved me money. I would highly recommend them to all. The two guys were very nice and kept asking if there were something else they could do. A great experience.

Mover's response:
hey Joe, I would like to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you how efficient class a moving works and we hope to do more business with you in the future --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

William W

(5) 6/21/2017 Las Vegas

These guys were great, respectful of your property and time. Called when they were stuck and said they would be a little late, great communication. Super fast work.... I'll recommend them to everyone!

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review William we do appreciate it and hope to do more business with you in the future --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Emily F

(1) 6/20/2017 Las Vegas

The two guys were horrible! They were rude when my husband asked if they would please load the furniture first and boxes to fill in spaces. They purposely put in huge items turned in bad arrangements...they even joked at the end "Yeah good luck with that!" We had to completely unload and reload because we had to be able to use the space properly. They put really heavy boxes on top of ones that were obviously being crushed! It made our cross country trip a nightmare being thrown off a day AND having to shell out more $$$ to get people to come help us fix all they did. Horrible horrible situation!

Laura W

(2) 6/20/2017 Las Vegas

They were set to arrive between 9-10 and did not show up until 1130. They called at 11:15 and said we will be there in 5. Other than that they were acceptable

Colleen F

(5) 6/18/2017 Las Vegas

They were on time, prepared, worked hard, respectful of property and I would use them again if I were going to live in Las Vegas.

Mover's response:
thank you very much ms. Colleen I will let Franco and Alex know of there 5 star review and again thank you for the review and we at Class -A- Moving Inc. await to hear from you and do business with you in the future and we hope you enjoyed your weekend as well --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Lauren S

(5) 6/16/2017 Las Vegas

GREAT JOB!! WILL USE AGAIN! Prompt and efficient.

Thomas B

(5) 6/15/2017 Henderson

I will definitely use them again!

Mover's response:
and we will definitely see you again sir and thank you for the 5 star review and ill let my guys know too --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Rae S

(5) 6/10/2017 Las Vegas

Professional knew exactly how to load the pod finished within the 2 hour window price is reasonable and well worth it a helper tip is not inclusive but is well worth the gratuity because of their hard work to accomplish the task at hand

Mover's response:
hey Rae, how you doing? thank you for the great review we highly appreciate it and ill let my crew know as well of the fine job you claim they did, I have no doubt it was everything you said and more hope to do more business with you again in the future to come ma'am --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

James M

(5) 6/9/2017 Las Vegas

Scheduling problems caused the movers to come a few hours late but the movers were very professional and did an exceptional job. I would recommend them to my friends.

Mover's response:
there are some things we are not able to control, sadly, like "time". some jobs go unexpectedly longer then originally estimated but like you said "very professional" and "exceptional job" "...recommend to all my friends" those are things we like to here hope to work with you again in the future ill let the guys know of the good review, too. --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Haul K

(5) 6/6/2017 Las Vegas

Great job. They did everything. I didn't have to lift a finger!

Mover's response:
we appreciate the 5 star review ...and thats the point you're not supposed to lift a finger, thats our job well, enjoy your new home and contact us if you need any further assistance, ill let the guys know of the outstanding review, sir. --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Sam S

(5) 6/2/2017 Las Vegas

Great guys came to the site before we did ! Very professional , well mannered and quick . Did a 3 hour job in 2 and saved us 60$!highly recommended .

Mover's response:
thank you for the good review same ill let the guys know holla back if you need us agin --Joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Lisa M

(5) 6/1/2017 Las Vegas

Very professional and friendly.

Mover's response:
thank you very much Lisa for the 5 star review we do appreciate it and hope to see more business with you in the future ill let my crew know of the 5 star review as well --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Tamesha R

(5) 5/20/2017 North Las Vegas

The guys were great and worked well with my needs

Mover's response:
why, thank you ma'am we do appreciate your review and hope to hear from you more in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Glenn D

(5) 5/14/2017 Henderson

Should be a higher rating than 5 stars. They were great and worked very hard, and went the extra step to help out and make sure all went well. Thank you!

Mover's response:
you're right Glenn, there should be a higher rating then 5 stars lol we do the best we can and we thank you for the great review hope to do business with you again, sir. --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Theresa O

(5) 5/10/2017 Las Vegas

Oops! First review had the wrong name. Class-A-Moving did a great job! The guys were very nice and considerate with our belongings. Thanks Hire A Helper!

Mover's response:
its OK, Theresa. I'm ecstatic to hear that our company/guys did such a great job for you, and I'm not surprised either.. LOL ill let David and Travis know ma'am Again thank you for the review and hope to do more business with you in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jenifer K

(5) 5/3/2017 Las Vegas

Chad and Josh were fabulous- they did the whole 2-hour job in less than one! They were friendly and knowledgeable, as well as strong and efficient. I am keeping their card so we can call them for our move back in two years!

Mover's response:
thank you very much ill tell the guys and thank you for the good review --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Marshall B

(5) 4/29/2017 Las Vegas

Class-A-Moving did a fantastic job with our move. They were on time and unloaded everything we requested. When they were done unloading they proactively asked if they could do any assembly for us which we took advantage of. They were very polite and fast. They did not drag their pace in order to try to eek out more time as I have experienced with other movers. I would definitely recommend Class-A-Moving and would also use them again in the future.

Mover's response:
we appreciate the fantastic review Marshall ill tell my brother and josh they'll be pleased about it hope to do more work in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jeanette M

(2) 4/20/2017 Henderson

All items did not fit in the pod and when I called about the situation and the next day they said they were busy it was a weekend and they would get back to me and they never have a lot of my furniture was left out and more boxes placed in Lieuof furniture. I am now left with calling another mover and not being able to get out of the state of Nevada till I get this situation resolved attempted to call the company a few times to no avail very disappointed because I was told and I thought they were the best ever Denteley once payment is received and they have no concern

Andrew K

(5) 4/14/2017 North Las Vegas

On time, Prepared, Great hustle while still being careful with my belongings, Would use again!

Mover's response:
thank you for your review we greatly appreciate it and ill let the guys know as well again thank you --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Eilene M

(5) 4/13/2017 Las Vegas

So awesome! I'll use for my next move & let my friends/family know whom I used.

Mover's response:
that is just awesome to hear good words from regular honest people who use our services we'll be waiting for your next move, just let us know!! --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Koraljka L

(5) 4/8/2017 Las Vegas

Great people to work with! Very please with their job. Very professional!

Mover's response:
well Ms. kora we do appreciate the business we got from you and hopefully more in the future just keep in touch were only a phone call away --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Alice & David A

(5) 4/6/2017 Las Vegas

I would highly recommend Class-A-Moving Inc. The two gentlemen that were assigned to our job unloaded the items we needed help with immediatley. They were both very professional & friendly.

Mover's response:
in turn, sir, thank you very much. you and your wife were a couple of the best customers we've had in a long time... I'll inform the guys of the performance review :-) --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Randy P

(5) 4/1/2017 Henderson

Franco and Travis were outstanding. Very nice work provided by the two of them.

Mover's response:
thank you for the review we do enjoy keeping our customers satisfied --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Paul S

(5) 3/29/2017 North Las Vegas

The guys planned and worked to move contents from my storage POD into my moving truck and did so without issue in about two hours. Well done.

Mover's response:
thank you for the positive review we strive to please that is why our motto is "make it happen!!" hope to hear from you again in the future --joe--
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Richard E

(5) 3/22/2017 Henderson


Linda L

(5) 3/2/2017 Las Vegas

Great workers

Charles G

(5) 2/10/2017 Henderson

We ordered three helpers to unload our POD. Turned out that we probably only needed two but it was very nice to have the extra person. The three helpers Franco, Lonnie and John had good teamwork from unloading our POD to reassembling our furniture. I hope that we don't have to move again, but if we do I would certainly use POD and CLASS-A- MOVING. Thanks a bunch guys! Chuck & Diane Gorenc

Ruth M

(5) 2/4/2017 North Las Vegas

David and Scott did a really great job! They were prompt and amazing. They even managed to fit everything into one Pod instead of two! That will save me a lot of money. Thanks, guys!

Debra B

(5) 1/19/2017 Las Vegas

They were on time, very professional and completed everything in a very timely manner.

Kailynn O

(5) 1/8/2017 Las Vegas

The guys were fantastic!! They were on time,congenital,strong,fast. They were super courtesy. They were extremely careful with my things and the walls and hardwood floors. They made it a breeze. I will strongly recommend using them. If you go some place else you loose.

Mover's response:
Thank you, Kailynn! It was a pleasure!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Ann B

(5) 12/31/2016 Henderson

All three guys were polite and hard working. As a team they worked well together and had plans well in hand. They were efficient and packedlike Tetris champs. :)

Mover's response:
Thank you for the kind words, Ann! It was our pleasure :)
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Charles M

(4) 12/22/2016 Las Vegas

The movers were fast and clean and came here on time. There was a problem because I ordered a two hour time slot. And was charged for three. It's easier to order less and then add an hr. then to try to deduct an hour after they charge you. Otherwise, the movers were good and I would recommend them. Yes I would use their services again.

Mover's response:
Charles, we absolutely appreciate your kindness!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Cheryl G

(3) 11/7/2016 Las Vegas

Ok got the job done. Men who unloaded were courteous and hardworking. They were very respectful of my possessions

Joseph S

(5) 11/2/2016 Las Vegas

Did a great job of loading up our pods to ship across country.

Dyannen H

(5) 10/15/2016 Las Vegas

Even though they were a little late, they made up for it. Both Franko and Rolling did an excellent job n bringing my property to my apartment. They were very professional and they took time n asking me were I wanted something. I tried to assist Frank and he told me my job is to point where I wanted some to go.

John M

(5) 9/7/2016 Las Vegas

Excellent job! I would recommend without a doubt.

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review and your business we look forward to working for you again in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Sarah N

(5) 9/1/2016 North Las Vegas

This company was awesome and I will definitely refer then to all my friends and family members. The helpers were very professional and courteous to myself and my daughter. They didn't damage any of my property while packing it into the ABF truck. I would like to thank them very much, Great job gentlemen.

Mover's response:
we strive for excellence ma'am, and your kind words warm our hearts thank you for your feedback and hope to hear from you soon
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Ronald S

(5) 8/13/2016 North Las Vegas

Great guys very professional, really helped us out tremendously. Would recommend them highly.

Mover's response:
thank you for the positive review and you were an awesome customer too, we look forward to working with you again
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Nanci S

(5) 8/10/2016 Las Vegas

They were on time, hard working, polite and respectful, and job prepared. Would use them again.

Mover's response:
thank you for the kind words ma'am we appropriate your business, and hoping to be employed by you again in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert C

(5) 7/15/2016 Las Vegas

Class A Moving was an excellent choice for us. They were on time, courteous, worked hard and were very respectful. We feel truly blessed to have found this company and the two young men that moved our belongings. Would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
what can i say , but "we make it happen" glad to hear you were satisfied with your move we loved doing business with you, and look forward to moving you in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

David C

(5) 6/25/2016 Las Vegas

Hi highly recommend this company. Very professional, prepared, efficient, and friendly. The two gentleman never stopped for the 2 hours contracted for. (3 flights of stairs) I couldn't have been more pleased with their efforts and in the knowledgeable manner in which they completed the job. Dave C. St Paul, Mn.

Mover's response:
thank you for your business and your kind words we look forward to moving you again
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Mary B

(5) 6/8/2016 Las Vegas

Moss and Issac worked at a very fast pace. They knew their Tetris. I had more things than room so they got creative and were able to pack in more than I thought anyone could. I had some unusual shapes and items that had to have special handling. Those two took everything in stride and did a wonderful job. Thank you.

Mover's response:
thank you very much for your trust in our company..
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Delvina B

(5) 5/27/2016 Las Vegas

This Moving company did everything write. We had a large house to pack in a Pod. Keith and his team came on time and where very respectful of our property. This is the only Moving company we will use we need to move a gain in September. The best out there.

Mover's response:
thank you for your business ..
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Fredrick S

(5) 5/19/2016 Las Vegas

Thank you for sending the crew out to help me that you did, Very impressed, professional, FAST, courteous and conscientious. They showed up on time and were immediately ready start. They packed those pods Tight. I only hope everything works out as planned. Hopefully I can hire a team as good as this one when I unload the pods. I will certainly call you folks for my next move. Thank you again.

Mover's response:
thank you for your business .look forward to doing future moves for you and your friends and family
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Nancie B

(2) 5/14/2016 Henderson

While the movers were nice and seemed professional, what they said and what I got were two different things. I paid for extra workers, and in the end paid for extra time. This in part because I was unaware of the materials needed, which should be communicated when booking. So while we waiting for some additional rope and blankets, some other padding was used, but many things were loaded uncovered which resulted in damage! I was paying for the time and supplies, so there is no excuse for not doing it properly. In fact my daughter went out and got 2 dozen additional blankets, and only one dozen was retrieved off the truck from our location. So un-proper packing and theft, not the only things missing. One thing I expressed had great sentimental value and was irreplaceable due to the age, was my Victorian bedroom set. The bedroom set was not fully padded!!! It sustained some of the greatest damage, my heart broke with each of the items unloaded off of the truck! Now the driver seemed to have driven a crazy from the shifting, shouldn't that be a given when loading to not put things that can be damaged from rubbing or pressure not be right on top or next to each other? But not one thing I packed was broken, which included many breakables. But many furniture pieces had scratches, chips, gouges and pressure damage from the wrong loading, don't have to be a professional to know wood should be padded. I would have gladly paid for the whole truck if more space was needed to not damage my items, but that was never the concern raised by the packers. Some items were also placed right on the dirty truck floor!! Exactly the opposite of what the packed bragged they wouldn't do as processionals. there was no plastic wrapping on my sofa, recliners or material bed base which all sustained great damage from not being wrapped and placed on the dirty floor. I bought a Costco role of wrap which I used on many pieces myself which no damage and your team used when they ran out. There was still a quarter of a roll left when they left, no excuses. But how could they think it was okay to not wrap microfiber material???? I had many pieces of art which were supposed to be kept upright, and padded against each other. Well luckily they were upright and in a safe place because they came intact with no glass broken even though there was no padding between each painting, seriously do you have to be a professional to not pad? Luckily my Father was able to make some of the furniture look better, most of the damage could not be repaired to its original condition. The material on the furniture was steam cleaned where much of the dirt came off, but not all and the holes are now there on the new furniture. The other true problem is maybe you can teach your packers to be able to read when something is labeled FRAGILE, should those items be put on the bottom with boxed marked heavy, although it seems common sense. It isn't all about the tetris fun of loading, it should be packed for the least damage don't you think? So now you know and so does everyone who helped unload, unpack, cleaned and visited my house here as they got to see it first hand. The people I talked to who helped pack the right way to be ready for loading also got to hear. But soon I will share this on social media, as people entrust in your service to be professional and safe guard their possessions which to them are invaluable. The cost was too great to have my items damaged this way, my heart broke from the first broken mid century modern end table that got split in two came off the truck and we realized they didn't even have the common sense to take the legs that unscrewed off. Just absolutely saddening, maddening and unacceptable.

Michael B

(5) 3/4/2016 North Las Vegas

On time, worked fast and in a professional manner, and did a lot of extra work that went beyond the typical scope of movers. They took the time to set up bedroom and actually put all items in rooms where they were to go. They still finished in under the alloted time. My highest recommendation. They are at the top of scale compared to all of the movers/moving companies I have dealt with

Mover's response:
we appreciate your business and trust in our company with all your moving needs.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Maryte T

(2) 12/8/2015 Las Vegas

I requested packing and it was not provided when the workers arrived. One had to go get it and then they did not have the proper boxes for tv and the mattress. The workers were good just the office sent them without any information and packing equipment. And they still charged me for everything

Mover's response:
we are very sorry for the inconvenience we were in the middle of moving our office and there was a bit of miscommunication with our staff and Crew. You were only Charged for the Materials that we used and for labor Performed, .thank you for your business and hope you have a wonderful holiday..
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Forrest P

(5) 12/2/2015 North Las Vegas

On time, worked hard. Unloaded three containers in under 3 hrs. Very courteous and professional. We were very satisfied with the whole process.

Mover's response:
we make it happen thats all i can say sir, and thank you from everyone here at Class - A - Moving LLC. company for the generous words
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Heather H

(3) 11/25/2015 Las Vegas

Furniture was damaged, they unwrapped it and then hit several pieces with the hand dolly. It resulted in scratched and chip pieces .After I was in, the next day the carpet cleaner noticed the bed was not put together correctly. Be careful, some of these guys are respectful and others are just in a hurry. Very disappointed and would not use them again!

Marlene F

(5) 9/30/2015 Henderson

This is the second time I have used and both times the movers were excellent! They were on time and worked hard. Would definetly use them again and would refer them to friends and family.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your trust in our company .we look forward to your business in the future..
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Michelle B

(5) 9/21/2015 Las Vegas

They were very helpful and professional. They look great care of moving my belongings and did so quickly.

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review and your business we look forward to working for you again in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Eric A

(5) 9/20/2015 Las Vegas

Very friendly and very proffessional. I highly re commend.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your trust in our coming for your moving needs ..
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Brynn T

(5) 9/20/2015 Henderson

If I could give these guys any more stars I would. Their job wasn't easy. They had to unload a packrat into my new apartment. Due to complex rules the packrat was at the opposite end of the complex from my apartment. They used their own truck to drive things back and forth and they never complained (even though they had every right to do). They were incredibly personable and incredibly hard workers. They showed unbelievable strength while moving some real heavy items (like a huge treadmill).I woke up dreading today after a horrible experience with the loading of my packrat in a different location, but these guys made what could have been a horrendously long moving day enjoyable and easy. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your business
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kurt C

(5) 9/16/2015 Las Vegas

Good guys! Very happy

Mover's response:
thank you for your business
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jason W

(5) 8/30/2015 Las Vegas

I have not used a moving service before. I didn't know what to expect. I truly had a great experience. I would recommend this service to anyone. They were professional and courteous. Worked fast, got the job done early, and were very polite to the dog.

Mover's response:
well i am glad we made your moving experience a good one for you, and we appropriate the awesome review if you ever need a hand, don't hesitate to give us a holla' we got your back, and we will "make it happen, again"
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Ashley T

(5) 8/7/2015 Las Vegas

This has to be the best moving company around. I am absolutely amazed by their performance. They were professional, very kind, and wasted no time getting the job done! A big thanks to you guys!!!

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review and your business we look forward to working for you again in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Wesley C

(5) 8/7/2015 Las Vegas

They did a great job and were very efficient !

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review we look forward to hearing from you again again thank you and have a blessed day
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Ben Q

(5) 7/30/2015 North Las Vegas

Brian and his crew are awesome. Excellent on communication. They made a complicated move sound very easy - and made it look so. The crew was fast and efficient and flexible. This was a commercial job and they exceeded our expectations on loading. Will definitely work with them again.

Mover's response:
thank you for your business we look forward to working for you again in the future i am glad we made your moving experience a good one for you, and we appropriate the awesome review if you ever need a hand, don't hesitate to give us a holla' we got your back, and we will "make it happen, again"
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Eileen K

(5) 7/17/2015 Henderson

Crew of four (4), all very polite. Arrived on time, then worked quickly & efficiently. Emptied our 16-foot pod in a 1-1/4 hours, negotiating a tall stairway. Completed the balance of their 2-hour time re-assembling a few items of furniture. Would certainly use Class-A Moving again. [Note: They were unable to move a heavy (>800 lb.) item, despite verification at the time of H-A-H booking. I learned of that more than a week in advance, and made other arrangements.]

Mover's response:
what can i say , but "we make it happen" glad to hear you were satisfied with your move we loved doing business with you, and look forward to moving you in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

David R

(5) 7/14/2015 Henderson

The movers called ahead to let me know of their time of arrival. Once onsite they worked hard and efficiently, finishing quicker than what I had estimated. They were careful with the items and the house as they worked. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or use them again if needed.

Mover's response:
thank you for the great review and your business we look forward to working for you again in the future
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Philip T

(5) 6/19/2015 Las Vegas

On time. Courteous. Well trained. Conscientious. Will use them again and will highly recommend.

Lorna S

(5) 6/16/2015 Las Vegas

They were right on time and did what I requested since I was concerned that the POD was might not be large enough to fit what was in our storage. They were truly amazing in planning the loading of the furnitures. I was not too disappointed when they told me that everything will not fit. They tried their best. Thanks a lot guys! Lorna S. Fairfield, CA

Michelle S

(5) 6/12/2015 Henderson

My movers from Class A Moving were on time, friendly, professional, and efficient. They came prepared and ready to work. They worked hard and quick. They even finished the job one hour earlier than projected. They handled my furniture and property with respect and care. Before my move, Brian, was helpful and ensured my services were good to go. He was professional and answered all my questions. I felt confident with the whole process. I will definitely recommend Class A Moving for any moving jobs. I was quite impressed.

Jan M

(5) 6/12/2015 Las Vegas

These guys went the extra mile is service! They were the best! I would hire these guys again & again! I really can't say enough great things about these guys! WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Steve S

(5) 5/28/2015 Las Vegas

From start to finish, they did a great job. Brian was very customer service focused and the two men that were assigned to our job did a wonderful job. They were on time, were focused on doing the job right. We will use them again and would recommend this company for sure.

Roger P

(5) 5/21/2015 Henderson

The answers to all of your questions is y es. Just a fine job by both men.

Charlotte J

(5) 5/11/2015 Henderson

The two men that came were great and ready to work. They were fast and neat. Just having moved to NV I was a little bit apprehensive about letting strangers into my home, but Chicago and Boston were well represented!!!

John S

(5) 5/10/2015 North Las Vegas

Prompt and courteous. Took direction well and kept moving from the time they arrived. They were very respectful of the property and goods they were handling. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Erica K

(5) 5/2/2015 Las Vegas

They arrived on time and worked extremely hard. Although they thought we wouldn't get everything in the truck, they were able to get everything in. We had stairs in both homes and they got everything we needed up and down each floor without complaint. They were professional the entire time.

Ted H

(5) 4/9/2015 Las Vegas

They both went above and beyond in there job they did.

Mover's response:
Thanks Ted! It was absolutely our pleasure to help you out!! We look forward to the next time!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Leo P

(5) 3/19/2015 North Las Vegas

these guys were great! they showed up on time, they were very professional and really packed my stuff very carefully and did not waste an inch of space in my pod. when my new home is ready I will definitely use them again

Virgil F

(5) 3/16/2015 Henderson

The service provided by Nick and partner were simply outstanding I would hire Class A Moving Inc again if I ever move back to Nevada.

Mover's response:
We appreciate your kind words Virgil. We are glad we could be of assistance to you. :-)
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Sharon M

(5) 2/17/2015 Henderson

They did a great job They hustled and put thing right where we told them They were kind and respectful I would hire them again

Mover's response:
Thanks Sharon for taking the time to leave us a good review! We pride ourselves in doing the best job possible for all our customers, Thanks again!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jeffrey W

(5) 12/29/2014 North Las Vegas

The guys showed up right on time. They worked very hard and completed the job with excellent customer service. I would deffinately reccommend them and I will used them again when I need movers. Great Job guys!!! Thank you for making my move care free for me! Jeffrey-

Mover's response:
Thanks for the kind words Jeff and thanks again for your business!! It was our pleasure! Happy New year to you and your Family
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert R

(5) 12/7/2014 Las Vegas

Not on time due to a late helper, but the job was excellently done. They were prepared and unloaded my load without scratching any items and without scratching or nicking the walls. They were extremely respectful of my property and friendly to boot. I would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
We appreciate you taking the time top Leave a Review Robert!! We are glad we could be of assistance to you and would be happy to help you and your family again if needed!! Thank you :-)
- Class-A-Moving inc.

James B

(5) 12/6/2014 Las Vegas

Awesome work! Great job communicating with us from start to finish; confirmed job, called about arrival time, let us know they were taking a quick break but would have no problem finishing our job within time frame we paid for, and ensured all items were placed where we wanted. They worked hard [up a long flight of stairs], smiled when they were in our presence and interacted in a positive, kind way with our small child. They were careful of the space [not knocking into walls and doors]. They made our move so much easier; we will DEFINITELY hire them again! No complaints whatsoever!

Mover's response:
Thanks James!! We really Appreciate the Kind words and leaving such a great review!! Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Gordon S

(4) 12/2/2014 Las Vegas

The crew showed up on time and were very good about putting things where we wanted and moving items within the house. Pleasant young men - very happy with the service!

Mover's response:
Thanks Gordon, We appreciate you leaving a Review! Happy New year to you and the rest of your family!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Natalie M

(3) 10/31/2014 Henderson

Owner very was nice and professional over phone. The helpers were late as they Called the wrong number, so couldn't get into gate..Helpers were angry at us thinking we were not answering the phone. One helper was professional, hard working and efficient. The other was new, not professional, didn't know what he was doing, dressed very inappropriately for moving.. They bickered back and forth. They didn't wear shoe covers, or ask. Overpriced for what I got, much happier with my AZ movers.

Jennifer S

(5) 8/31/2014 Las Vegas

The guys they sent out were polite and extremely helpful!

Doreen B

(5) 8/16/2014 Las Vegas

Our "Helpers", Dana and Joe showed up right on time, got right to work, and finished the job early! Both were very pleasant guys and willing to work with us. We liked this service so much, we are booking them for a bigger move at the end of this month! We would highly recommend them!

Nils G

(5) 8/2/2014 Henderson

on time, friendly, careful, accommodating... second time we use them, would definitely recommend.

Henry V

(5) 7/25/2014 Las Vegas

They were fantastic!

Jean H

(5) 7/24/2014 Las Vegas

Great team and great job

Mover's response:
Thank you Jean! We are glad we could help! Thank you for your business
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Pamela L

(5) 7/20/2014 North Las Vegas

Oh my gosh, these guys were wonderful. Friendly and helpful. Job was done to perfection and fast. Highly recommend if you need someone to move heavy items to, within, or out of your home. I would hire them again in a second!

Dixon K

(5) 7/6/2014 Las Vegas

I would use Class A Moving anytime, they did an excellent job

Mover's response:
Thanks Dixon! It was our pleasure to help you! Thanks for taking the time to leave a 5 star review!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Sue M

(5) 7/2/2014 Henderson


Mover's response:
Thanks for the5 star review! We appreciate your business!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Anest B

(5) 6/28/2014 Las Vegas

The two helpers were on time and started the move immediately. They moved all the items and did a fantastic job by bringing everything needed to secure my belongings. I would highly recommend and use their services again.

Mover's response:
We are happy everything went well for you with you move! Thanks for choosing Class a Moving!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Dirk B

(5) 6/15/2014 Las Vegas

The movers where great! Professional job and fun guys to work with. Their boss called them about 10 times during the move though ... dude, let your guys do their job, they're good at it; check in with them between jobs not when I'm paying them.

George W

(5) 6/15/2014 Las Vegas

Andy and Rodney from class a moving showed up right on time and ready to work. They worked hard and even got done early and offered to help with other things to fill the rest of time. I would used them again for my next move.

Gerald M

(5) 6/2/2014 Las Vegas

This was for my second pod and they once again did an excellent job of conserving space. See my previous review

Gerald M

(5) 5/29/2014 Las Vegas

Although we had a timing misunderstanding They were great. They filled a 16by 8 by 8 pod in two hours. I didn't think they would get everything in but they did a great job of managing space. I just wish hey were going to be in Ohio to help me unload.

Ron D

(5) 5/20/2014 Las Vegas

They were on time; were prepared to do the job, worked hard and efficiently; were respectful of our property; and would definitely use them again

Mover's response:
Thank you for the 5 star review Ron. It was our pleasure assisting you with your move.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Brittney C

(5) 5/16/2014 Las Vegas

They were on time, they were super friendly and handled my furniture with great care, they finished up so quickly that they spent the remainder of the 2 hours I had them on the clock helping me hang frames, etc. I would definitely use them again!

Maja G

(5) 5/1/2014 Las Vegas

Very responsive!

Mover's response:
Maja!!! Thank you for continuing to be a repeat customer. You two are a blast on every move we assist you with. Thank you for such a great review and good luck with your new house!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Lynn M

(4) 3/28/2014 Las Vegas

The young man that came worked very hard and did a good job. The woman worked but wanted to get away as soon as she could even though they completed most of the task in an hour. put some of the items in the incorrect place to start with and had to have them move it. They were on time and didn't break any thing i am aware of. Would use the guy again.

Michael Z

(5) 3/27/2014 Las Vegas

The guys that came out were great! I overbooked them for about 30 minutes and they were willing to do pretty much anything we needed help with in the remaining time which I thought was great. I would highly recommend them!

Mover's response:
Thanks Michael, We appreciate your business and if you ever need anything again please let us know! We would be happy to assist!! Thanks again for the review!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Susan C

(5) 3/13/2014 Las Vegas

on time and efficient, friendly, very knowledgeable, super job packing the pod...all around excellent

Mover's response:
Thanks Susan!! It was our pleasure! Glad we could help!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Maja G

(5) 3/1/2014 Las Vegas

They did good job , making sure all of the items were placed well.

Mover's response:
Thank you for the 5 star review Maja! It was our pleasure assisting you with your move.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Mary Elle P

(5) 2/24/2014 Henderson

Excellent service- entire crew was very professional and knew what they were doing. They arrived timely, was prepared for the job, worked very hard, and handled our furnitures and property with care...

Mover's response:
Thank you so Much Mary! You were a terrific Customer and we had a blast working for you! Thanks again!! If you ever need anything please let us know!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kenneth A

(5) 1/6/2014 Las Vegas

I recently moved across country from West Virginia to Las Vegas. With NO notice, my moving company in WV canceled our move and we scrambled to get a UHaul and move ourselves. We hired Class-A-Moving to unload the trailer when we arrived in LV. They showed up on time, came prepared with necessary equipment, and finished the job with 15 minutes to spare. They were very hard working and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone needing labor. I plan to use them for all my moving needs!

Sarah G

(5) 1/3/2014 Las Vegas

Arranged Class A mover to help sister inlaw move out of a home using a police escort. These guys were very professinal, communicated with me across the country to make sure everything was moved without issue. Simple, on time, very respectful and I would definitely use them again. Thanks Brian!

Mover's response:
Your welcome Susan! Glad we could help you and that you were happy with our service considering the Circumstances of your situation!! Thanks for leaving a review and we would be happy to help you out anytime!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Dustin D

(4) 12/12/2013 Las Vegas

The movers damaged a bedroom door. Things happen during moves. Aside from some inconvenience due to the damaged door, which Brian had repaired, Class-A Moving did a great job. Thanks for getting the door repaired. Cannot even tell where the hole was. I would use Class-A Moving again, and would recommend them. Thanks guys!

Mover's response:
Thanks Dustin!! Glad we could get the issue resolved and that you were happy with our service! We would be glad to help you again if needed! Thanks for the review!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Mychal M

(2) 9/16/2013 Henderson

The move started off alright. Movers showed up 15 minutes late but I expected that. Move took much longer then anticipated. Movers seemed to stop and take a drink after every trip to the truck. After paying to add a third hour, I realized I would need to add another 15-30 minutes to get everything loaded. At that point I brought it to the movers attention, saying I would like to add another hour, at this point it was 3:45 in the afternoon. The movers responded saying they were too tired and needed to stop for the day. I was stunned and ultimately disappointed. Sorry to say I would not reccomend the movers to anyone. All in all, I found the service very lacking.

Mover's response:
Sir, With all due respect we called and said we were stuck in Traffic and that we would be a few minutes late. When we arrived we worked very hard until job was complete. U prepaid for 2 hours and had a lot of stuff and it was on third Floor which caused move to take a extra hour! It was also a very Hot day out and we needed water to stay Hydrated! We are only Human and do our best we can with every customer!! If you see our other reviews we have always had a good relationship with customers!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Nick V

(5) 8/17/2013 Las Vegas

I called in this past Saturday 8/17/2013 to Hiredhelper. I was in desperate need of labor help in Las Vegas. I was shocked when Class A was able to jump on it and send me 4 helpers. I will only use them in Las Vegas.

Mover's response:
Thanks Nick! We are glad we were able to come through for you on such short notice! It was our pleasure! We look forward to future business from you!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Wendy S

(4) 8/14/2013 Las Vegas

Carlos and Mike unloaded a POD for us. They were polite, prepared and undaunted by the hot, hot Las Vegas weather.

Mover's response:
Thanks for your review Wendy! We apppreciate your business!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Loriann F

(5) 8/13/2013 Las Vegas

Our recent move was from Long Island to NY, having been exhausted from the entire process of packing and driving across country, I knew we would need the help. After reading many reviews we signed up w/CLASS A MOVING.. Miranda (the receptionist/ofc manager) was easily reachable day and night- EVEN on a Sunday. She was pleasant with each and every phone call I made to her and reassured me with each call that whatever we needed, they would accommodate us. Lo and behold, I needed to reschedule the guys to come the following day b/c our POD was to arrive very late- again, a quick phone call to Miranda and we were set up w/helpers for the following day. Mike and Carlos arrived 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, introduced themselves and got right to work. No groaning, moaning or complaining from them about moving our heavy furniture in the 100 plus temps. They completed their work in an hr and were on their way... I have to say that both men were extremely professional and courteous. I would use HIREA HELPER again and again and would also refer them to anyone looking to ease the stress of moving, just a bit......Thank you Class A moving! Lori F.. LV, NV

Bridgette J

(5) 8/7/2013 Las Vegas

Wonderful Experience... These guys were the best very helpful and full of energy even though they had just gotten off another job.They arrived early and pleasant introduced themselves and the job began, boy they were like ants and they worked very well together. I must say I had fun and teased them where things should go and what things were they did not skip a beat. had quite a few laughs and it did make for a fun time. Would I use them again?? ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!

Mover's response:
Bridgette, Thank you for the great review. You were a pleasure to work for!!! Glad your move went so smooth, and was an enjoyable experience.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Tracy D

(5) 7/31/2013 Las Vegas

They arrived on time and were prepared to work. I would highly recommend this service to anyone using a pod container.

Mover's response:
Thanks for the review Tracy! It was our pleasure to Help you out!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Alexander R

(4) 7/9/2013 North Las Vegas

The 2 men who came to help me unload, did a good job. Both men were hard workers. They showed up within the time specified. I would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks for the Review Alexander! It was our pleasure to be able to help you out!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Driss B

(4) 6/1/2013 Henderson

The guys were running late, but they gave me a courtesy call which was appreciated. They were prepared for the job and worked their tails off and they took good care of my stuff. I would recommend them and use them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks Driss! It was our pleasure to be able to help you out! Thanks for your Business!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Ronald M

(5) 5/18/2013 Las Vegas

The guys on my job were hard workers and very courteous. Thank you.

Mover's response:
Thank you for the great review Ron. It was our pleasure to assist you on this move.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

John O

(4) 4/24/2013 Henderson

They were a little late due to traffic but once here they knocked it out still under time, up two flights of steps with no elevator. Good job guys.

Mover's response:
We do apologize about the traffic. I'm glad the move went good for you.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

David K

(5) 4/16/2013 Las Vegas

The office staff kept me up to date on their arrival. The guys were polite and took good care of my furniture.

Mover's response:
Thank you for the great review David. It was our pleasure.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Richard L

(5) 4/14/2013 Las Vegas

I cannot speak highly enough of these movers! On time, polite, hard working, knowledgeable, careful, and efficient. They completed the job very well and even had spare time. Helped to arrange the furniture and everything. These are the guys to use! Thanks again!

Mover's response:
We were happy to assist with your move. Thank you so much for the outstanding words and review.
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Spencer L

(3) 3/9/2013 Henderson

Had a few chips and dings out of furniture, typical of moving, but a knob/spindle was broken off my dryer which will mean taking the control panel off the dryer to fix.

Mover's response:
We are sorry for anything that might have occured during your move Spencer and we would be more than happy to give you a discount if you need our service again, We appreciate your business and do appreciate your feedback to help us do the best we can in the future! Thanks!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jill R

(5) 12/22/2012 Henderson

They were exceptional!!!! On time, prepared, polite, friendly, hard workers, respectful of property and goods, and I would hire them again in a heart beat. A simply wonderful experience, since I was moving in, out of state. Thank you again.

Mover's response:
You are Very Welcome Jill! And Thank you for the 5 Star review it is much appreciated! Merry Xmas to you and your Family!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Greg F

(3) 11/28/2012 Pahrump

They were on time and respectful of our property. Very polite and professional. The BIG issue I had was how painfully slow they worked. We moved the same amount of stuff in half the time 2 years ago with the same amount of movers.. I know this is their job and they want to make as much $ as possible but this was over the top.

Mover's response:
I'm sorry you feel we worked slow but it is our job to Carefully make sure your things are properly protected and secure when loading on truck. We never try to Drag a job out just to make more $$ We do multiple jobs everyday and Do our best to get them done in a timely fashion
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert W

(5) 7/21/2012 Las Vegas

They were absolutely great. I never expected to get so much work done with such loading expertise in two hours from two hard working young men. They listened to my plan and made sound recommendations throughout the POD loading process. I absolutely made the right choice in selecting Class - A Moving to load my POD.

Mover's response:
Thank you Robert! We appreciate your kind words! Our goal is to please all our customers and to give the best service possible! Thank you for your business!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Stacey S

(5) 7/21/2012 Las Vegas

I was so happy with Class A Moving and would not only recommend them, but would definitely use them again for a future move (hopefully not too soon). Thank you for making my move simple and as stress-free as possible!

Mover's response:
Your welcome Stacey! We would be glad to help you out anytime!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jenny B

(5) 6/1/2012 Henderson

They did an excellent job.

Mover's response:
Thank you Jenny! We pride ourselves on doing a great job for all our customers!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Eddy L

(1) 3/29/2012 Las Vegas

Hired Class A Moving through hire a helper website. Spoke with owner Brian Jackson whom provided two movers to assist with a small move of some exercise equipment from a downstairs room to an upstairs room. The move took less than two hours. When they were moving the equipment upstairs they proceeded to mar and scratch multiple areas on my hardwood stairs. The movers DID NOT use padding or any additional protective measures. This was immediately pointed out to the movers whom contacted their boss. He stated at that time that he DID NOT carry appropriate insurance for these incidents and that he would work with me to get this resolved. Initially, Mr. Jackson said the he would try to work with me because he did not want his reputation on the website hurt, but when I presented him the estimates, he presented me with multiple excuses as to how he is a small operation, that my little job was turning into a huge headache for him, that he just didn’t have the insurance to cover such matters, that accordingly to his workers it was only minor scratches. Minor scratches? I pointed out that if he wouldn’t accept it if it happened to his floors why should I accept it because it happened to my floors. He repeatedly said that he needed to come out and access the damages himself. Needless to say, it has been over three weeks since the move and I have gotten tired of being the one always having to call him. Last spoke with him about a week ago and he said that at this time he was in no position to pay for the damages to my floor. I went through a floor company that HE recommended and got a quote of $650 to repair my floors. Looks like I will have to foot the bill myself for the damages his people did to my floors. BEWARE OF USING THIS COMPANY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- UPDATED 4/6/12: This update is to clarify some of the statements made by Brian Jackson of Class A Moving in his response to my initial review. He never tried to call me as he states. Each and every time I had to call him and a typical response I got from him was “I was just about to call you”. The last conversation we had was him saying that he was busy and needed to come out to my house to see the damage to the floor himself. We had this conversation on a Wednesday and he said he would come out to my house the following Saturday. Needless to say, that was over three weeks ago and he never called to cancel or reschedule. Yes, Hireahelper credited back me my fee of less than $200 but it was my understanding that this was a decision made by HireaHelper not Class a Moving. However, I am now also out an additional $450 because I had to pay for the repairs myself. The $150 estimate he refers to in his response was a “blind quote” from the very company he wanted me to use. I called that company, they came out to review the damage and after reviewing my floors, said that the $150 quote was a “blind number” they gave Brian over phone. However, they felt that the degree of damage to not just one panel, but multiple panels, would necessitate a charge of $650 to fix all the repairs. Remember, I used the company Brian wanted me to use. Again, it was not one scratch, but multiple scratches; all which were pointed out to Brian’s movers at the time of the move. A claim was immediately placed to HireAHelper and they have photos documenting the repairs. Brian did get photos from me but has never followed up to discuss or come out to my house as he claims he has to in order to justify paying for my repairs. Consumers, do what you want, we are all grown adults, but I just feel that you need to know the truth. Bottom line, as I previously stated, if Brian wouldn’t accept the damages to the floor if it happened to his home, why should I accept the damages that his employees did to my home.

Mover's response:
We tried to contact you on Numerous occasions and we even Credited back ALL The Money that was paid through HireaHelper In hopes to Work on a Resolution to a problem that you claim my guys did!! We never said We don't cover the damages you say my guys did! I have received Statements and Pictures regarding this issue and my guys Take responsibility For one scratch which the estimate i received wasn't' over $150 but u claim there was Over 650 with of damage which my guys have all said is false
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Henry R

(5) 3/25/2012 Henderson

The three helpers from Class-A Moving were on time and well prepared. They were conscientious and when an extra trip was needed to pick up more things, they were very agreeable. They were fast, efficient but also careful with the items. Yes, I would use them again!

Mover's response:
Thank you for your Henry! We are happy you are satisfied with you move! Thank you for your business!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Brian H

(4) 3/13/2012 Henderson

Workers were great. Job was completed. But I gave 4 stars due to the manager, Brian having not coordinated the crew. They were an hour and a half late. I called Brian the day before the job was scheduled to discuss details and he said he would call me back but never did. Only after the crew was late did I hear from him. He did follow up with me a few days later to see if I was satisfied. I expressed my criticism to which he reminded me of his 5 star reviews. He really didn't want to hear my criticism. He stated he is just one guy and is very busy, Bottom line, my time has a value too and it really set me back for the day.

Mover's response:
Im very sorry you felt we wasted your time Brian, And i am always open to Constructive criticism! But bottom line is that it was a simple error on our part as far as the time was concerned.. We had U scheduled for 9am when u had us down for 8am, So once again i apologize for the miscommunication! But like i said on the phone things do happen and somethings are just out of our control! But I'm Very glad my guys did a satisfactory job for you and we would appreciate your business in the future!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Jim F

(5) 2/25/2012 Las Vegas

Very impressed! I requested 2 guys for 5 house to help me unpack from a move. The guys showed up on time and even brought their own tools. They worked fast and completed everything I asked them to do. Great attitude and a pleasure to work with. I will ask for them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks very much Jim it was a pleasure to work for you guys! We look forward to helping you anytime you need us!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Michael S

(5) 12/17/2011 Las Vegas

Stress free move! Mark and Dave are professional movers they listened to my requests and loaded my storage to allow me room for additional items. Thank You and Happy Holidays

Mover's response:
We appreciate the positive feedback and review Michael!! Happy holidays to you and your family!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.


(5) 12/10/2011 Henderson

They were awesome, total pros. Careful with furniture, loaded and unloaded with gusto, real good guys.

Mover's response:
Thanks for you business! We pride ourselves with doing a terrific job for every customer!! Happy holidays!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Lisa R

(5) 9/19/2011 Las Vegas

great job will use them without hesitation next time!

Mover's response:
We really appreciate your business! Thank you !
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Mike V

(5) 8/17/2011 Las Vegas

We were very impressed with this service. The two men worked very hard and completed the move within the two hour time frame - even with the need to transport many boxes upstairs.They handled the furniture and our house with care and made it look easy. We will certainly use this service again for any moving needs.

Mover's response:
Thanks guys!!! It was a pleasure and we look forward to doing business with you again soon!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kari G

(5) 8/2/2011 Henderson

Very Good Communication even with a last minute request on my part. I needed help unloading my moving truck on the same day i made the request. Brian was very helpful and showed up on time with a dolly and eveything needed. It was done quickly and professionally!

Mover's response:
Thanks Kari Anytime you need movers! you know who to call! Thanks again!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Leigh O

(5) 7/30/2011 Henderson

I hired Class A Moving to help me unload furniture and household items into my storage unit. The helpers were excellent and took great care with my furniture. I would highly recommend this company.

Mover's response:
Thank you Leigh! We appreciate you business!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Kati H

(5) 10/29/2010 Henderson

Hard workers, friendly, and were careful with my furniture. Would hire again for future moving services.

Mover's response:
Thank you Kati! We are happy we could help you out!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Tracy K

(5) 9/28/2010 Henderson

They were very friendly, professional, organized and experienced. Would HIGHLY recomend them!!

Mover's response:
Thanks guys, It was a pleasure working for you! Hope you enjoy vegas!
- Class-A-Moving inc.

Robert Z

(5) 5/13/2010 Las Vegas

Absolutely the best moving team I have ever hired. Completely professional in all aspects from start to finish with the first contact to the last … Truly #1 in all of Las Vegas Nevada. Truly 5 star rating....

Mover's response:
Thank you Robert! It was a pleasure working for you!!
- Class-A-Moving inc.



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We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

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Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.


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