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Real Loading Help Reviews

On average, Madison movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 137 customer reviews

Rachel H
Wrote a review on 8/26/2016

They were helpful. fast, and kind. Before they showed up I honestly didn't think everything was going to fit in one pod. Its a four bedroom house, we had beds and a ton of furniture. But they did it... With room to spare! They were amazing. I would recommend them to anyone!

Steve P
Wrote a review on 6/10/2016

This was a less than 1 day notice but they were able to make our schedule. Great guys worked very hard for us and we're very professional. We will use hire a helper again at our destination. Soliman is a great outfit

Robert M
Wrote a review on 10/28/2017

Avo & Justin, our two Hire A Helper workers, came on Friday (10/27) to help us load & pack a 7x7x8 POD. They arrived exactly on time and were courteous, hard working and professional throughout the job. It was a pleasure to have their assistance. They knew the details of packing a POD and made sure our furniture items were carefully loaded, and padded and secured inside the POD. I’d hire them again without hesitation. I gladly gave them each a “Thank You” tip, they earned it. Very Well Done! A+

Kurt R
Wrote a review on 10/5/2009

I was very satisfied. The crew arrived on-time. They were helpful and careful. They remembered to sweep out my rental truck and folded my pads neatly. After loading they followed me to the truck drop and gave me a ride home. I would use them again.

Fred B
Wrote a review on 11/21/2018

Delayed over an hour but kept me aware of eta. could have had moving straps would have save chips on stove. broke one caster on kitchen chair. That said they worked very hard and very efficiently. had experience and it was obvious. I would use again.

Eric Knudsen E
Wrote a review on 9/14/2017

Great group of guys, who made moving day go much more smoothly - couldn't have done it without them! Seldom is it seen, nowadays, where hired workers complete the amount of work you'd like to see them accomplish, in the amount of time that you've allotted, over a day filled with unusual & complex moving tasks, which is exactly the type of work I happened to have, for the date that which I scheduled to assist me. Although I had some rather atypical needs, my crew handled all tasks quite well, just like I asked. Harmony Movers helped me meet my goals, for a half-day period, when I called them to help me with my moving needs. What's more, they arrived on-time, and followed my instructions, to my utter satisfaction - which is terrific, BTW, because - after all - that's exactly what I paid for! As a homeowner, in the midst of a very stressful point in time, I had just lost both of my parents, very recently - a particularly sorrowful situation, that which happened to leave me in urgent need, of several sets of capable, hands and backs - and unafraid to lift heavy objects! Harmony Movers filled this need nicely, at a tough time when I really needed it! Honestly, I could not have asked for a nicer bunch of guys - all three were just as helpful as hoped for. As a practical, overall review, I'm pleased to report, Harmony Movers provided me with a valuable service, at a reasonable price; they helped me meet my goals, "on-time", for the specific 3-hour period I'd allotted them, to fulfill various on-site moving tasks. Truth-be-told, I seldom award 5-star ratings, to anyone.. but this is one of those rare exceptions - that's because Harmony Movers delivered their services, 100%, AS promised, and I highly recommend Harmony Movers, to those who need sets of good hands & strong backs! My crew, consisted of three guys, who were sent my home address, and they were terrific. In fact, each one of them was courteous, respectful and hardworking. Overall, my experience with Harmony Movers was everything I'd hoped for - and so, in wrapping up my review, I will leave readers with these thoughts in mind: If you ever find yourself stuck in a position, where you need urgent moving labor help; need them to show-up on-time; and need them put forth an honest day's work, give Harmony a call - they'll help put your mind at ease, during stressful times, and they'll stay with you 100%, until the job is finished. Harmony Movers treat you right!

Robert D
Wrote a review on 8/2/2016

I booked them last minute and so glad I did. Kyle and Brandon were fantastic. Unloaded a 26ft truck in under 2 hours. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them

Larry S
Wrote a review on 6/13/2012

Just want to say that we were very satisfied with the two gentlemen that unloaded our moving van to our new location. Third floor apartment, very hot day and they never complained! We def would use Solimanmoversandmore Movers again!

Angela M
Wrote a review on 1/27/2016

Will, Mickey and Kevin were wonderful! They were punctual, hard working and extremely nice. I was not as prepared as I was intending to be when they came but they assured me that they would do whatever was necessary. They helped pack as well as move my furniture. They treated both my possessions and myself with respect, kindness and care. My things were put into storage pending the purchase of a house. You can bet on my calling on Will and his crew to unload my storage unit into my new house! I highly recommend Affordable Professional Movers - they truly live up to their name!

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