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Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

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Mckinney, TX / Moving services within 40 miles

Booked 1,726 times through HireAHelper

402 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

15 years in business

Mckinney, TX / Moving services within 40 miles

Booked 1,726 times through HireAHelper

402 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

15 years in business

About Us

1.(FREE TAPE, PLASTIC WRAP, AND ROPE) We bring our own tools, dolly, and a 4 wheeler, also pro lifting straps to help assist us on every move (No charge for all that). We want every customer to have the opportunity to get the job done right. 3. Track record with Pods, Pack Rats and Budget trucks and can load and/or unload your other Rental Trucks or ABF styled semis. Furniture pads are your #1 friend. We bring special furniture pads for Pods and on all jobs now it's for loads. Our pads are double ply 60x72 just a big as the cloth pad great for one way use cost is (Only $3.99 per pad if you want them). We bring 3 bundles of 25 and only charge what you use. And if you have Marble tops or Glass please keep extra boxes to use to protect these items. We try to carry some used boxes from previous customers but that's limited and not guaranteed we use the pay it forward method. Remember you booked a time slot we can't get back. We do multiple Apartment Moves and Private Estate moves as well. For more detail's just read below. STRETCH WRAP IS USED ON COUCHES AND LOVE SEATS AND RECLINERS IF CLOTH (unless it's going to be over 14 days then it needs to padded first as well). NOT ON OTHER FURNITURE. IF OTHER FURNITURE IT WILL NEED TO BE PADDED FIRST. Have trained employee's and won't overbook or share our employees with movers you didn't choose (imagine canceling your old movers to find them come back with another company its big in DFW area) not with us, no worries. Choose wisely. WE ARE NOT A DAY LABOR COMPANY. 2-Crew members can handle 1-3 pods or up too one 26ft Abf truck per day. Over 10 years experience. Remember if your just browsing put in your move date. Don't forget to pick some hour's (always book a good amount of time you). And remember your not movers we don't talk about time on the job. Be prepared don't make any dinner dates. Also as a reminder Piano and Safes are extra. We bring a special mini ramp for pods and pack rats. Allows us to load faster up and down the end of pod with dolly. Better for your bigger moves such a loading a pod or pack rat container, or a load, and unload in same area with your rental truck. We just like to use it. Very efficient. Box tv's to flat screens. Treadmills to elliptical's. Safety and safely is key. We moved it. With pods you get a crew leader that ties off every 4ft. Same with pack rat container. If you don't have furniture pads please request from us. Typical 16ft pod uses 30-60 pads. $3.99 per one-way double ply paper pad(our pads and includes our tape) vs $7 dollars cloth pad. It's adds up but saves the furniture. We just want to get it loaded right. We're more into loading. We are ready to go. If your not sure where to start. We do not do specialty services such as putting together items that are brand new in box, like desk, tv stands, shelves. So no NIB items. We only see NIB items maybe 3 times a year out of 1000 of moves. *We bring the pad's because of the many situations where we run into a customer who has no pads. We can't be pro's if your not ready for us. Our paper pads our much cheaper and last for a one way trip. 30 cloth furniture pads can cost over $200. You could get over 30 paper furniture pads for less then $120 with us. And they are the same size. We always have them on site if needed. Don't get us because of our low prices. Get us because you want it done right. Remember you may need extra hours. We don't throw and go. Our normal rates for a 2hr mini for 2-crew members is $299.00 We have cut our rates for 2020 our lowest ever. Thanks, remember our crews would not work for just an hour, they get paid a 2hr minimum as well. We get silly request about hr job's, those are fine but you pay the minimum. Also we have customers that have no clue how to run a moving business. If you book say 3 or 4 crew members, you get a crew leader, an assistant to crew leader a small item carrier and box and padder (padder depending on load or unload) Some people think you get 3-4 crew leaders that does not work. Thanks so much. I hope we covered it.


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Real Mckinney area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only ).

402 reviews

Joe W

(5) 3/8/2020 Southlake

Fast and professional. Wonderful job!

Mover's response:
Thanks and remember customers a 2man crew is different then a 4man crew, With 4man crew you won't get 4 crew leaders, you get a 4man team with different duties, your typical 2man crew plus 2 more that will help pad-unpad be a box runner for a load or unload. If you try to break up our 4man crew and have them do stuff your way it will fail. You have to hire us and let us do our job. We don't go to your job and hire you and sit at your desk and tell you what to do. That's just how it is. You got to understand if we sent what looked like an Allstar team of 4 crew leaders out there (which I would never do), my regular 4man crew will outperform them, You don't want 4 crew leaders "Allstars", just one, and only 1 person talking to the customer, not the customer trying to coach 4 crew members on our job. It never will work in your favor. Why waste your time to try that just to leave us a bad review when we told you not to do that already. It only slows us down and gets us unorganized.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Firenze R

(5) 2/29/2020 Dallas

Incredibly efficient guys with great attitudes! I'd definitely hire them again.

Magen L

(5) 2/21/2020 Fort Worth

I had a team of four to load my 3,000 sqft house into two PODS. The team communicated well with me about how I wanted the the furniture and appliances to be protected and moved. They were on time and efficient getting everything moved. I was extremely pleased with the service provided and the team. I would recommend them and plan to hire them again when it’s time to unload the PODS.

Karen H

(5) 2/26/2020 Dallas

Tony & Dave were quick, efficient, friendly and took care with our items. Very hard workers!

Thomas D

(5) 2/21/2020 Allen

The guys were great! Very professional! I have moved well over 20 times being that I am retired military and I have to be honest, I have witnessed some moving professionals with bad attitudes and bad work ethics. However, not these guys, they were motivated to get the job done, had an awesome attitude, and worked very hard and efficiently! The crew lead took charge and his teammate JJ was all over it! Appreciate it guys! Thanks!

Tye F

(3) 2/20/2020 Aubrey

They were alright.

Nicolette G

(5) 2/13/2020 Fort Worth

They were great, we’re flexible with me on time when the truck got stuck in traffic. They were very friendly. Made the whole process stress-free!! Definitely recommend!

Roger M

(2) 2/6/2020 Bedford

The movers arrived on time and had supplies for loading (tape, twine, dolly, etc.). We hired a 4-person crew for 2 hours. We thought that would be sufficient because we only had two storage units that needed to be loaded into our rented Penske trucks for a cross-country move. Unfortunately, the crew didn't work particularly quickly or efficiently, and they ended up taking triple the time we hired them for (totaling 6 hours), including several smoke and restroom breaks. Our loading alone cost in excess of $1K, and they didn't have to do any packing--only wrapping furniture in pads and loading onto trucks. The female crew member was in charge of wrapping the furniture, but had I not helped her the entire time, it wouldn't have gotten done. She was very chatty and took frequent breaks, and I had to constantly redirect her to get anything accomplished. She couldn't lift much and stood around a lot unless I offered to help. Another crew member was legally blind, and while he attempted to work hard, he was somewhat limited in what he could do. My furniture had dings and several other of my items sustained damage. I had a glass shade for a torchiere lamp, well-wrapped and marked "FRAGILE - GLASS," and when I unloaded it, found it to be completely shattered. I am positive that it was in tact when I handed it to the loader. I believe they know it broke because after taking it down to the truck, the loader came back to the unit to ask me, "Is that one of them expensive Tiffany lamps?" While it was not, the replacement value for a similar lamp is over $100, and in hindsight, the question now seems highly suspicious. They tried to upsell me on their $3/piece paper furniture pads, despite us providing plenty of cloth pads. I refused because I knew we had enough. Overall, I feel like they prolonged the necessary time to load the trucks simply to increase their payout. I am highly dissatisfied, but I didn't discover all the damaged items until we got to our destination and unloaded the truck.

Mover's response:
Thanks for the response. Im only confused because we recieved this on 2/19/20 nearly 2 weeks later. Job info from customer before job stated " We have two full storage units to load into two 26' Penske trucks for a cross country move. One unit is 10'X20' and the other unit is 12.5'X20'. Boxes and furniture." Also they were both UPSTAIRS units which was incredible. THIS WAS THE BIGGEST JOB FOR ONE CUSTOMER IN OVER A YEAR. 6-8hr job all day if we could of padded evertyhing. Would this have been unloaded sooner. Whats the issue if it was padded it would have been fine. Maybe next time get extra pads. We actually bring some on all jobs. We always say you can never have enough pads. Next time get more. We offered. Pads are your best friend and most important. More important then the movers. Lets work together and get job done right. Damages cost more then pads, and its your loss we try to save you. Are pads are clearly stated 2.99 a piece includes free tape we use. Also free rope and strech wrap. Your talking about an option you didnt use but maybe should have it was there for you. You were so happy the day of the load. Im sorry your unload turned out bad. Did your unloaders have step ladder. It was loaded and padded with what pads you had. Did you get frustrated with you unloaders at all. You never mentioned this too us after loading just how great we did. Some customers by the end of thier move that leave a review way later get us confused with the other team. Did they smoke, and use potty breaks. Could they see was it dark out. Usually a customer would have called me to complain if this happen during job i dont work crews like that. Sounds like a circus. And you were just grins ear to ear. You were impressed with the tie downs every 4 ft. Imagine not doing that to save 30 mins. We did the job right and if something did break it was an accident and could have been alot worse if you didnt let us tie down the load correct. Thanks for that. Overall im proud of the crew, and the customer was fully aware to get more pads ours or thiers. They specifically didnt want certain items padded. And ran out anyway. As far as time goes one 26 ft Penske which are way bigger then a 26ft uhaul can take just 2 guys from a house 6-9 hours to load depending on one story home or two story . Remember you had two full storage units and two 26ft trucks. Storage usually loads faster if outside and ground floor, but not with that size of storage being "Upstairs" and hallways, doors, thats a huge job 2 trucks easily could have been a lot longer, I don't know who or what said you could get that done in 2 hours, that don't make any sense at alI. I'd say time was your biggest issue but does not apply to this job and that's why you left out the size of storage units and trucks and what floor they were on. We understand 10 percent of our customers just don't know. But I myself am amazed you thought 2 hours was even close to book and be done and still weeks after job completed. You could of cut us off at 2 hours and hired new movers at that point and still been out there with new movers 4-6 hours. That's a full semi of furniture and boxes ask any semi driver if that could be done. I would only expect a review like this if we said ok 2 hours up and left. We let customer we could stay and finish and did. We stuck it out with customer upon their request. I wouldn't blame yourself either, we were totally prepared for your job. Don't know what else to say.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Teresa H

(5) 2/7/2020 Aubrey

These guys arrived on time and worked with efficiency. They answred my questions, were very cordial and professional. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you!

Mover's response:
Thanks so much. We come prepared.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mary S

(4) 1/30/2020 Fort Worth

They will do exactly what is written on the order. Be very specific about what you require when speaking with the agent, because they will be sending different people to your home who are only reading the order!

Mover's response:
Yeah when your booking we get your info when you choose us. We actually went above and beyond on yours and had talked to you n hirehelper before job and and had a hireahelper agent call you as well before job to make sure it was exactly what you wanted before arrival. Thanks so much.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Service Area

We handle moves within 40 miles of Irving, TX 75062.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

We know some customers that book ahead more then just a few days ahead like to talk a few times. That's fine that's what were here for.

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

We bring Pads on all jobs we know if Pods it's nearly a must have, also with Uhual or other Rental trucks they sometimes limit how many pads they give you. Or you just don't have enough. Either way we bring pads it's only item we bring to the job that is extra if needed. The pads are 3.49 and we only charge you for how many you use and at end of job.

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

Anything a customer can do beforehand is great. Take anything apart, put mattress in bags. Please take baby cribs apart. Also any water lines like on fridge or washer is awesome if it's already done. And put a box of baking soda in the fridge it helps keep the odor out during storage or transfer

What types of moves have you handled?

Have done it all, However just on office moves cubicles must have someone on hand to show how they come apart or go together. They are not items you want to move around and expect to be perfect again after moving. Same goes for any particle board items.

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

Get to travel all over DFW, it never gets boring. Always can find a good place to eat around jobs.

What training do you provide your crew members?

We call are training the 5yr method. Some guys can learn it all in 6 months some 5 yrs. At that point they seen it or understand it all. It's when the trainer goes silent and just can't train them anymore. They know it. Just by looking at one another. It makes for such a simple move.


Same Day Moves

We charge an extra 20% for same day requests.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
Couches, loveseats, ottomans and couch chairs. (This is not a furniture protector, however helps with dust.) [always included, no fee]
Per 50ft roll. [always included, no fee]


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