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On average, Mclean movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 195 customer reviews

Samantha S
Wrote a review on 7/28/2018

They were pleasant, easy to deal with, no drama, accommodating and packed our moving truck and handled our items with great care. Would recommend to anyone and would hire them again in a second. They made moving/packing a breeze. Thanks!!!

Matthew B
Wrote a review on 7/2/2018

I am exceptionally pleased with the Chuck's Master Movers. The movers showed up early, they were very careful with my things, they packed the truck very well and nothing was damaged. I cannot say enough about the service that I received and will definitely use them again. I highly recommend them.

Arthur K
Wrote a review on 6/19/2018

They came 15 min early, but started the time at our predetermined window. Due to some setbacks I ended up being 45 min late for our original time! They waited for me for an hour, but as soon as I got there they really put on the hustle and moved me out of a fully packed 16' truck in under 45 min. They did a great job keeping all my items safe and handling everything with care. They took care to ask where everything went and put it how we wanted it. They could have fleeced me, easily, to get more time added, but they really put the effort and kept it under our original 2 hour window. Great guys, very nice and professional. I'd definitely recommend their services and I'll be looking for them again next time I move if they are available.

Claire V
Wrote a review on 7/31/2018

We hired this team to help us with loading a rented moving truck, which we were then driving from Illinois to Florida. This team did a great job. Although they were held up by another job, they kept in contact with us about arrival time so we were not worried. When they did arrive, they were prepared for the job and worked hard. I was impressed with how efficient they were, completing the job within the allotted time and working hard to do that. They were polite and fun to work with and had good ideas all the way around, for packing and for move out procedures. I would definitely recommend this company again. I wish they could have been with us to unpack in Florida! Claire Varga

Cynthia P
Wrote a review on 8/31/2018

All I can say is WOW!! I would highly recommend CJ and Willie!! They unpacked my truck in record time and everything was in perfect condition. Since I had just gotten new flooring installed, they had to hold the furniture in the air until I got felt pieces on all the legs. They were awesome!

Alexandra I
Wrote a review on 12/18/2018

I would recommend these guys to anyone!!! They showed up 15 minutes EARLY and worked hard the entire time. They were so kind and had great attitudes, even when we had really heavy furniture for them to move. They asked questions to make sure they knew what was fragile and what was not. They made sure everything was done our way, and were so polite and professional. If you need movers, hire these guys and tip well. They deserve every penny!

Staci M
Wrote a review on 5/19/2018

They were within the allotted window of time and called ahead to say they would be there. They took great care of my belongings which I greatly appreciated! I didn't think it would all fit into the enclosed trailer we had, but with their expertise, they managed to get it all in with room left over. Everything made it safely to our destination 5 hours away. I would highly recommend them for anyone wanting movers and cannot lift themselves.

Christopher M
Wrote a review on 7/22/2018

Fantastic service. Chuck was on time, efficient, and humorous in all of the right way to remove the stress involved with moving across the country. They made sure that my property was protected at all times, and did a great job setting everything up for the move.

Laura P
Wrote a review on 12/21/2018

The first mover who arrived on time was fantastic, however the guy who was lined up to help him never showed up, so the first guy who knew the company owner called him directly and the owner came to help do the unloading. However, he had to come to Champaign from Fisher which took about half an hour. I helped unload some of the POD myself which I was fine with but when I approached the owner at the end of unload about a price adjustment he basically said "well, we got it unloaded in the 2 hours right?" Then he implied that I would have to go talk to his wife who was sitting in their van through the whole unload. This to me seemed incredibly unprofessional especially when the first person there said it should have been about a one hour job. They did not have a dolly which I noted would be needed in the original appointment request, but I had a small one and we made it work. They were very respectful and did apologize but for the amount of money I paid I thought he could have offered some type of price adjustment. The first guy was great and if two of him had shown up I would have been completely satisfied.

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