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On average, Osceola movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 179 customer reviews

Allison W
Wrote a review on 8/15/2011

The team was friendly and worked quickly to unload the truck withing the time that we had contracted. They were very helpful and flexible to moving things around and putting some things back into the truck that did not fit in the apartment. They handled our furniture and belongs with care. I would highly recommend them.

Jeff D
Wrote a review on 8/31/2013

The two young lads we had assist us in loading our 26' U-Haul moving van did an outstanding job .... the move travelled 322 miles and nothing broken, shifted, etc. -- highly recommend their service!

Terry N
Wrote a review on 3/29/2015

My husband and I were thoroughly impressed by this team. They were punctual, friendly, professional and quick! We were stunned by how efficient and fast they worked. Would definitely hire them, and highly recommend them to others.

David K
Wrote a review on 12/5/2009

Jason called us within 24 hours of our reservation. We had originally scheduled for 2pm. He explained that he had a job an hour away the same day and wasn't sure how long that job would run. We were flexible so, it didn't matter a great deal to us. On moving load in day, he called to let us know approximately what time they'd be there. It wasn't a big deal they were later than expected, it was just a bit rough working in the dark. When they got here, they really hauled butt! We had about half the truck unloaded with help from family/friends earlier in the day. When our two movers arrived, they cleared out the rest of the truck in under two hours and with extreme efficiency. They were pleasant to work with, never complained and were a well-oiled moving machine duo. I've never seen guys pick up that much weight and move it up a flight of stairs alone. It was impressive. They treated our boxes and furniture with great respect and even moved some records upstairs for us at the end of the move. And we were very appreciative of their help!

Wrote a review on 8/2/2014

Aaron and his crew just finished moving my daughter and her roommates apartment at NotreDame. Very professional, on time, efficient, polite and fast. No time wasted. Hard workers and well done.

Jeanne P
Wrote a review on 5/29/2014

The two young men arrived at 9:40 (was to be between 9 and 10); coming from Lansing. They were full of energy, walked through the house with me and my sheets of papers/instructions. Asked good questions. They had to coordinate moving things into the Mini as well as a trailer for Goodwill. Both were fantastic and adaptable since my husband had to leave to conduct a funeral, thus a time bind on Goodwill delivery. Very personable, observant, polite and a good sense of humor. They worked for 4 hours, offered them lunch (declined) but gave them ice water. Asked for rope to tie down some fragile, glass pieces, which I was thankful for. They did "miss' 4 crates of books to be moved, but considering they were working and moving (not all) items from 4 floors, understandable. Since I had packed 4 more boxes in the basement while they here, I consider that a pretty good "trade-off". They were tired at the end of the 4 hours (I was exhausted) and, I'm sure hungry. Certainly understandable, but that did not take away from their smiles and courtesy! Both held out their hands for me to shake. Was happy to. Yes, I already told Kenny that I would like him and John to unload when we move to the new home. Outstanding young men, and, boy, can they move stuff (heavy)!! I enjoyed their personalities and they seemed to have an outstanding relationship between them. A good "pair" - keep them together!! Not sure what circumstances these young men encounter, but I don't think this move was an easy one. Very heavy antiques, 79 boxes, art papers, and placing on 2 different containers. Four floors. And, I think, they were wonderful, personable, and quite professional.

Teena L
Wrote a review on 8/25/2011

we had an appointment for between 6 & 7pm on a Thursday evening. My family was very worried about these helpers not showing up when it got to be 630. My husband and brother started unloading the ABF truck because it was a weeknight and everyone had to go to work in the morning. They figured, if the helpers did not show up, they'd be unloading all night. Well, 7 Oclock rolled around and I FINALLY textd the number that I was given. They appoligized and said they'd be there an hour late because of a job they were on took a lot longer than they expected. That's 8 pm on a worknight ! They did show up at 8, but still... being so frustrated and stressed we were not happy. ALTHOUGH... the 3 of them were amazing... finally, they did the job in an hour. their personalities were great and very hard workers. The bad thing was.... we already emptied a few feet of the truck, and they were so late, that we felt that we should have not had to pay the entire $300. Very stressful when you expect someone around 6 and they don't show up till 8.

Jan B
Wrote a review on 6/3/2015

Very professional job. Right on time. Got right in there and swept up really heavy pieces. Knew the best way to pack the truck; wrap and tape the blankets; tie down the whole thing, and did it lickety split. Finished just shy of their 2 hour limit. Really cared about our belongings. Would use them again, absolutely.

William D
Wrote a review on 11/5/2014

On time; highly professional; worked fast. At destination all packed goods were in excellent condition . No damage I would definitely use them again!

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