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Riverdale, GA / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 53 times through HireAHelper

13 Verified Customer Reviews

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Riverdale, GA / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 53 times through HireAHelper

13 Verified Customer Reviews

Closed Today

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Load and unload customer's goods, trucks, pods, storage rooms, garages, etc....packing and wrapping services available


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Real Riverdale area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of AffordableMovesUSA.

13 reviews

Laura B

(5) 11/20/2019 Atlanta

Showed up on time and took excellent care of my furniture... Did a great job fitting it all into my storage unit! Will be hiring them for the move into my new place!!

Mover's response:
Thanks Laura, We appreciate and value being able to work for you yesterday. Looking forward to your move out next year. Thanks again Travis Fitzhugh AffordableMovesUSA
- AffordableMovesUSA

Bob M

(5) 11/11/2019 Woodstock

Great Team of guys did the job for us. Very careful and courteous. Excellent folks. We would certainly hire them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks Bob! We enjoyed moving you this weekend. The mountain home got us all inspired!!
- AffordableMovesUSA

February H

(5) 11/5/2019 Riverdale

I had a great experience with Affordable Moves USA. They were on time, focused and friendly.

Mover's response:
Thanks February! We truly enjoyed making this move for you. We hope your new beginning brings great things for you and your family! Travis Fitzhugh AffordableMovesUSA
- AffordableMovesUSA

Barbara W

(1) 10/26/2019 Greensboro

They didn't complete the move, and charged $500.00 more than the estimate. They wanted another $600 to finish the job. They were late to arrive, and complained that they had to drive so far to me. Not my problem. I have to start all over with a more reputable mover. Horrible experience. Worse ever.

Mover's response:
Thanks Ms Barbara for your review. We hope to explain some things to help clarify your recent moving experience. When Ms Barbara 1st booked her moving job, she booked for Saturday 2 men for 3 hrs with a 16ft truck. I called Ms Barbara in order to get an idea of what we were to move and other important moving details. After the initial communication with Ms Barbara i advised that she should called the broker back and select the 3 men option. This 3 men option would be the most efficient and effective than the current 2 men option for her move. Ms Barbara said that she doesn't want to 3man option because she didnt want to call in and pay anymore to the broker. Ms Barbara stated that she would rather pay for 2 men instead of 3 men. I tried to share with Ms Barbara that'll it'll end up costing her less time and overall cost with the 3 man option, however she said she thinks that she doesn't have much stuff and that it's a ground floor to ground floor so 2 men should be enough. I agreed and obliged in order to let the customer experience trump my moving experience. Before i got off the phone with Ms Barbara i asked her can we pushed tomorrow's arrival time back an hour because we are at the Atl Airport and her address in near Augusta Ga so getting there by 9-10 am would be difficult. Ms Barbara didn't want to change the arrival window to 10-11am so i said ok. On the moving day we arrived at 10:50am. I called while we were on the way to inform Ms Barbara that we were behind. When we arrived at the pickup location we didn't make any excuses or complaints about being late. I owned up to the fact that we were late and that i didn't time the drive/traffic right. I told Ms Barbara that we apologize about being late it's my fault but we are going to get straight to work for you. I asked Ms Barbara to show us around so we know what's being moved. Ms Barbara showed us the master bedroom suite with solid wood furnishings, the Master bedroom closet that needs to be packed with the 6 wardrobe boxes that she provided. Living room set with sleeper sofa, tv stands, etc. 2 more bedroom sets of furniture, beds boxes, pictures etc. Ms Barbara then showed us the full garage that needed to be packed and moved. Ms Barbara then showed me the attic. She said forgot about the attic and that she hasn't climbed up there since she moved in 3 years ago but she forgot that she had furniture and boxes stored up there as well because the garage was full. I climbed up the attic and let her know that it's packed with boxes and small furniture items. Once i saw the magnitude of the move i discussed with Ms Barbara that this will not all fit in a 16ft truck that she ordered for her move. (Side note) As a mover i ask specific questions about your move in order to make it the most efficient move as possible. So when speaking on the phone with Ms Barbara prior to her move, i gathered that her move and items were more than she stated so i learned to over prepare. In this particular case i brought a more expensive 24ft truck instead of a 16ft truck that she requested. There was no additional charges to her for the increased truck size I just brought it because i know it's better to not need the extra room and have rather than need extra and not have. I shared that the move will take much longer due to the amount of furniture and packing that she is asking for. Ms Barbara stated that she understood and that she didn't realize that it was so much stuff. Ms Barbara was drinking the night prior so she said that she was tired and didnt finish packing so could we also help with packing her kitchen, bedroom and her fine art. Ms Barbara asked us to pack her extensive 40 pieces of wall art and mirror collection which she reminded us how expensive some of the pieces were. Ms Barbara didn't have enough boxes to pack all 40 wall art and mirror pieces so we carefully packed everything in our truck so that none of her glass wall art/mirrors would get broken. After carefully packing and loading all furniture items Ms Barbara handed me a key while we were getting in the truck to leave. She said that this is the key to my house. I need you guys to come back next week and move the rest of my furniture. She asked me if i was okay being at her house without her because she didn't want to drive back 1.5 hrs next week to meet us at the pickup location. She stated and showed us what needed to be packed and what needed to be moved. We said okay and drove to her new place. We offloaded and set everything up. We were going to set up one more of the bedrooms but Ms Barbara said don't worry you'll get to it next week when you get here. Just staged everything and get to it next week when you move the rest of the furniture. It was 10:30pm so we said that sounds fair. The move ended at 10:30pm which was 4.5 hrs over the 3hrs that she booked so the additonal cost was paid directly us per the terms of service.
- AffordableMovesUSA

Carolyn B

(5) 8/23/2019 Lawrenceville

Travis and crew were incredible. They started in 90+ degree heat and humidity and finished in a lightning storm. They worked constantly and took great care of my belongings and both houses. I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Mover's response:
Thanks Carolyn! We enjoyed making this move for you. Hot, cold or whatever!!! Enjoy your new place!!
- AffordableMovesUSA

Myeaser C

(5) 8/18/2019 Powder Springs

They were in constant contact with me to let me know what time they were arriving. They let me know up front that it would be better for three men to do the job instead of two. They also were very honest about expectations of the time in which I booked. They took care of all my things as if it were theirs. I would use them in a heart beat again. Mr. Travis is the best!!! Very open and very positive.

Will T

(5) 8/10/2019 Atlanta

They were extremely friendly and absolutely went beyond what I expected them to do. Highly recommend, especially for the price.

Mover's response:
Thanks Will! We enjoyed making this shipment for you!!! Enjoy your new place.
- AffordableMovesUSA

Greg M

(5) 7/20/2019 Marietta

Friendly, flexible and knowledgeable.

Mover's response:
Thanks Greg. We enjoyed making this shipment for you. Let us know when you're ready to move out of storage. Much success in your new journey. Travis Fitzhugh AffordableMovesUSA team
- AffordableMovesUSA

Emma B

(3) 7/1/2019 Atlanta

This move was fine. Affordable Moves worked to try and clock in under 3 hours but I felt that they were rushed enough that they weren't taking the care I would have preferred with my things. They also showed up late but with 1 more mover than I had booked. They initially told me it would be no extra charge but then asked while we were filling out the invoice if they should charge for an extra hour for the additional person. I didn't want to get into an argument so I just offered a big tip. Overall, my things got where they needed to go but I wasn't so thrilled I would seek them out again.

Mover's response:
Thanks Emma for your review. We enjoyed moving you however we would like to appeal on some of your assessments. We did show up late for your move that was scheduled for 4-5pm arrival. We phoned you along the way to update you on our arrival and navigation through the stalled traffic in the ATL. We don't usually start moves this late however we made an exception because of the initial inventory list not being too much. Nonetheless we were late and accept the blame. When we arrived we found that the parking was actually street parking and we had to walk from the street to access the elevator, go up the 4th floor, exit the elevator and walk through the parking deck, then walk into an adjacent building and go another 50 feet to the actual apartment. With this amount of travel throughout the building, we knew that this move would be at least double the amount of time (the customer booked 2men for 3hrs) so we knew that a 3rd man would be needed in order to perform this move in a reasonable amount of time. We still did not charge the client for the 3rd man. While filling out the paperwork the client stated that she had a nice tip for us if we would just keep the time for her initial booking. Please let the next mover know the terrain and the amount of walking that's needed to avoid discrepancies. Thanks Travis Fitzhugh AffordableMovesUSA team
- AffordableMovesUSA

Michael S

(5) 6/22/2019 Atlanta

Great, will hire them again for next move. Very happy. Worth the money.

Mover's response:
Thanks Mike! Enjoyed making this move for you!!
- AffordableMovesUSA

Service Area

We handle moves within 100 miles of 217 Arrowhead Blvd, Riverdale, GA 30296.


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We don't accept same day requests.

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We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

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We do not refund for any unused time.

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We can always stay at least 1 hour over the prebooked time.

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