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How Do I Move Hanging Clothes? DIY Corner

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Happy DIY Thursday! Today’s post from the HireAHelper DIY Corner features a simple step-by-step tutorial on a way to move hanging clothes without an expensive wardrobe box.

Picture of Clothes on Hangers

If you’re moving yourself, it’s likely you won’t be using the wardrobe moving boxes that are often included with a full service moving company.  We’re guessing you don’t want to shell out the cash to buy your own wardrobe boxes (those suckers can cost $20 each and up!)  But don’t fret… you can still move your entire closet of clothing to your new pad.

The first (& most important) step is to purge that overstuffed closet of yours. Yes, it can be difficult to part with your belongings, but trust us, it will make packing a heck of a lot easier. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year (bye, bye overalls circa ’97), and donate it.

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Okay good, that’s much better. Now it’s time to tackle all of the clothes left hanging in your closet.  Instead of taking the clothes off of their hangers, folding them up, and smashing them into moving boxes… you can just leave the clothes on their hangers.

What you’ll need:

  • Twist ties
  • Garbage bags with pull strings

That’s it! Let’s get started.

Group together similar clothing (shirts with shirts, pants with pants), then divide them into sections of 10 hangers or less. Don’t get overeager and bunch together too many hangers. Been there, failed that.


Then buy a couple boxes of 30 gallon trash bags and some twisty ties. Tall kitchen trash bags won’t be big enough, but 30 gallon seems to be the perfect size.  Also, look for bags with a drawstring.

Now that you have your supplies and your closet is all divided up… it’s time to get down to business.


Take a section of 10 hangers or less and lay it down on the floor. It’s much easier to tackle this when the clothes are on the ground, as opposed to hanging in the closet.


Then, take a trash bag and make a small hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag. Pull the hangers through the hole and pull the trash bag down over the clothes.

Drawstring-trashbagPull the drawstring tight at the bottom, so all of the clothes are securely inside.


Awesome job, you’re almost done. Now take 1 twisty tie and use it to tie the hangers together. This will prevent any hangers from sliding down into the trash bag.

For extra credit, you can take colored washi tape and put a piece on the garbage bag. This might be helpful if you’re moving into a new place with lots of closets (lucky duck!) and you need to know which clothes go where. We would suggest a color coded system (pink tape = master closet, blue tape = coat closet, etc.) to keep all of your “garment bags” organized.

Photo of How to Move Hanging Clothes

You can lay the bags down on top of one another in the back of your car, trunk, or moving truck. Don’t have one reserved yet? Here are all the stats behind your moving truck options.

This method will save some serious space, your clothes won’t get wrinkled, and you can immediately hang your clothes up in your new home.  Now all you need to do is restrain you shopping habit until after your move.  Good luck!


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