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Compare and Hire Local Moving Companies in Aurora, CO

The Centennial State now has an easier way to hire moving companies. Aurora movers available on HireAHelper have a 4.5 star average out of 5.

Compare and Hire Local Moving Companies in Aurora, CO

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Aurora Moving Company Costs, FAQs and Stats

How long does moving in Aurora take?

4 hours

Aurora moving companies take 4 hours per job, on average.

How many movers do I need for my move in Aurora?

2 movers

Most people moving in Aurora hire 2 movers to come out on moving day. Read more about hiring the right number of movers.

What size truck do I need when moving in Aurora?

16' Truck

Most people in Aurora need a 16' moving truck. Compare rental trucks and find your perfect size.

The Top 3 Moving Companies in Aurora

These are the best moving companies in Aurora by quality and price, as judged by real people moving:

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Zack Q
Aurora, CO
(5 out of 5 rating)

Jay and Jayden arrived exactly on time, got right to work, and were professional throughout. They moved my furniture and boxes exactly where I wanted them, and they maximized all the time that I hired them for. They even had experience with my building, so they knew how to best access the loading dock.

COST: $511
HELPERS: 2 / 4hr
SERVICE: Movers + Truck

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Whether it's a garage full of sporting equipment, an attic full of boxes, or furniture that's way too heavy to lift, you want movers in Aurora that'll get the job done smoothly.