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TBC Movers Incorporated

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Charlotte, NC / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 505 times through HireAHelper

140 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Charlotte, NC / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 505 times through HireAHelper

140 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Fully Insured,Experienced,EXCELLENT ONLINE REVIEWS (Angie's List, Yelp, Google),USDOT Registered with Workers Comp. We are professional and honest movers that are here for your moving needs. No job is too big or small for us to complete in a safe and professional manner. We have completed hundreds of moves and have an excellent reputation with MANY EXCELLENT real online reviews. Do an internet search for TBC Movers and you will be able to verify our exemplary reputation for quality moving service. Whether it's for your home or business, we are experienced and we will be happy to provide: -Loading and Unloading Services for any sized truck, POD, Storage, etc. -Box packing, furniture wrapping -Home or office staging We show up with dollies, furniture pads, straps, tools to assemble and disassemble furniture, and any number of professional movers that you require. We are an insured corporation, an actual company that pays taxes. We have a $2 million general liability policy for any incidents that occur. We also have workers comp coverage as required by law.

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Real Charlotte area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of TBC Movers Incorporated.

140 reviews

Peggy G

(4) 6/27/2019 Inman

They were very helpful in unloading the pod and placing my belongings where I ask them to place them. Was quick and respectful and very nice. I would hire them again when needed. Thank you. ??

John A

(5) 7/1/2019 Charlotte

Super team! Knew what they were doing, packed everything quickly and well. Great attitude!

Mover's response:
Many thanks for your kind words.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Jeff P

(1) 6/29/2019 Lewisville

Arrived over an hour late (I was notified ahead of time and they sent an extra helper to make up for it, wish extra helpers had experience) Not pros by any means. One knowledgeable lead helper and three amateur kids with seemingly no moving experience and no regard for personal property (no protection of our wood floors which were scratched up, and a broken a glass top table) Didn’t clean up after themselves, left water bottles all around inside the house, used bathroom without asking, placed drinks in ice maker without asking etc. The lead helper is a five but unfortunately as a group a one star Would absolutely not use again with same crew

Mover's response:
Our crew that worked very hard to complete the POD loading for you, and worked an extra half hour for free so that we could finish the job. In fact, you tipped us a total of $100 because of our hard work carrying all of your items about 150 yards from your front door to your inconveniently placed POD (in your own words)...We are glad that you recognized the extra crew member that provided absolutely free labor. If the other derogatory assertions are because of the glass item being broken, we assured you multiple times on site that hire a helper will replace this, as we took pictures for the record. Glass does break from time to time unfortunately, even though our mover did not bump it against anything while carrying it...As far as scratched floors, did you point this out to us at all? Because we don't remember any mention of this on site, or after the job, or when you witnessed it. Bathroom breaks are necessary for movers that have to drink lots of water while they work in 95 degree weather. If a rule was in place at your house to ask permission to use the bathroom sir, you probably should have let us know this before we started working, so that we would not have offended you...We certainly apologize for empty water bottles that we left behind, but this was not done maliciously, we assure you. We have addressed the crew about this, and we wish you and your family all the best as you relocate to your new home.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Tennell S

(5) 6/27/2019 Gastonia

Great!! I'd use them when I'm ready to move into my house!! They were efficient and fast...Didn't take long at all for them to unload the truck...

Richard B

(5) 6/28/2019 Huntersville

Great, fast service. Thank you.

Elizabeth R

(2) 6/15/2019 Waxhaw

The helpers arrived 15-20 minutes after the 1 hour window they were due to arrive which wasn't the biggest of deals but I was misled by the reviews I had read. The helpers were all very nice but I was not happy with the manner in which some items were handled, particularly the way the dressers were moved to the second floor. I offered to empty the drawers and also explained that the drawers come out of the main part of the dresser to lighten the furniture (knowing from experience they are quite heavy) and the response I got was no, we're not going to create more work. It would have been fine, except there are an incredible number of black marks and gashes along the stairwell connecting the main floor to the second. Comments were also made about the bed that specifically needs to be not put on it's side as much as possible as it can ruin the mattress and they kind of disregarded the request out of an inconvenience to them which I found very frustrating. In addition, many items were moved to one large room on the second floor and when all was said and done, I was not happy with the way everything was set down in the room. There were pieces of couch, random boxes and other pieces of furniture just spread out everywhere instead of having all boxes stacked to one side and the couch pieces together and not in the middle of everything. It was an obstacle course that took me hours to organize and get the dresser out of that room that was not supposed to be put in there. It just wasn't a job done that I expected from professionals. I was hoping for a higher order of organization of the items being moved and more care in not hitting walls with furniture. Unfortunately, I will not be recommending them to my mother who is in need of service in a few months.

Mover's response:
We certainly frown upon lateness to any job site; however the issue in this case is that the work order you signed clearly shows that the crew arrived within the one hour arrival window, therefore was not late.... It's unfortunate that you were not happy with the manner that we decided to handle your items. We always try to handle them in the professional manner that we are trained to practice out in the field. Us not following your advice in handling items is really a matter of safety for our movers. As far as the black marks, there was no complaint sent in to our office regarding them, nor were they pointed out on site or when they happened. In fact, this review is the first mention of them whatsoever. Why not contact us first, so that we can send a representative to do touch up painting or other forms of removal? Also with the items not being placed in the proper order and areas, how would the movers know what they need to correct on site, if you said nothing to them? Inquiring minds want to know.... Best of luck to you and your mother in the future, and we greatly appreciate your business.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Kareema G

(2) 6/19/2019 Charlotte

The guys who showed up appeared to be inexperienced. They did not know how to use the ratchet straps that were suggested for use in the Pods. They did do a good job wrapping my belongings, they used all 12 furniture pads. They were smoking as they were loading the Pod (one guy took at least three cigarette breaks in 3 hours) and I had to go outside and ask them not to smoke around my belongings (I am allergic to tobacco smoke). Two of them were working hard and the other two were slacking off. They took three hours to do a job that really should have taken two. They left their trash from Chick Fil A in the parking lot as well. I would not recommend this company to someone.

Mover's response:
For our men to have smoked around your things as you have claimed, they would have had to walk into your apartment and blow smoke directly into your residence, or into the POD containing your items; and we assure you that our movers did not disrespect your items in this way. We do have movers on staff that do not smoke, and if you would have indicated your allergy during the pre-move discussion we had with you two days prior, we would have scheduled them for your task. In our professional and experienced opinion, this job should have taken four or five hours (but only took a mere one hour more that you were expecting). They worked very hard to get 100 boxes down two flights of stairs. If we would have in fact, as you have alleged, sent inexperienced men, they probably would have still been on site today, loading these hundred boxes and furniture items from your third story apartment. Sorry that you had a different opinion of our hard working and very professional men, and we wish you the very best in your future endeavors. And lastly, we have addressed our crew members about making sure they don't leave trash behind on a job site...but the problem in this case is, they didn't have Chick Fil A on this particular day...
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Melanie M

(5) 6/26/2019 Charlotte

Wonderful job. Very polite and professional service- I could tell they really cared about my stuff and making sure it was loaded on the truck properly. Definitely recommend

Mover's response:
Thanks for the kind words! We are happy to have served your moving needs.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Edward L

(5) 6/15/2019 Fort Mill

The service provided by the team was outstanding. AJ and Quay went above and beyond expectations. They were careful with our belongings, packed the truck in the most efficient manor, and were extremely courteous and kind. Thank you for the excellent beginning to our move. Ed

Mover's response:
We love to wow our customers and go above and beyond.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

Nick B

(4) 6/15/2019 Gastonia

Showed up about 15 mins late so that had us worried because we had to be moved out due to a closing. But the next 2 hours the guys worked hard and done a great job. Very nice guys with experience.

Mover's response:
Sorry for the lateness! Glad it turned out well.
- TBC Movers Incorporated

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