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On average, Daviess movers on HireAHelper earn 4.9 stars out of 5.0 after 48 customer reviews

Heather B
Wrote a review on 8/16/2013

Tom and Mike were fantastic. They were prompt, they worked quickly and efficiently. They took good care of my things, and went above and beyond to make sure everything was exactly to my liking. I recommend them without reservation and would use them again!

Casey G
Wrote a review on 2/6/2011

Workers arrived early, made sure everything we wanted was loaded and did so to utilized the uhaul truck very well. Very helpful and courteous. Would definitely use again, Well worth the money and saved a tremendous amount of time.

Matthew S
Wrote a review on 10/3/2017

Beyond respectful. They are knowledgeable courteous and respect their clients needs. They were willing to rearrange on the fly as I realized things didn't fit as I envisioned them. Highly recommended.

Alesia G
Wrote a review on 8/12/2017

My experience was different, but still pretty good. My service was for them to unload the furniture in my place where I needed it and to set up my bed. The movers texted me to say that they arrived an hour before the time window I requested (3-4 PM), but were prepared to wait until the time window since I had my stuff moved separately. Unfortunately, my truck was stuck for over an hour on a road that really isn't suitable for trucks. Well, when I wanted to call the movers (who were waiting in their car at the time) to tell them that my moving truck might be late so we may need to discuss alternatives, the mover forwarded my call to text me and say that he is deaf. I then stepped outside to see which car they were in and the movers got out. When I approached him, he said that they all are deaf. By that time, I was frustrated already because my truck is holding up traffic from being stuck on a road 1.8 miles (so close!) from where I lived, but now I had to find a way to communicate all of this and possible alternatives regarding them moving my stuff. Some more time passed, and I did not want to hold them up since they had already waited for so long (by this time we were 30 min into the time window). We decided that they will live at the 30 min mark, go get lunch and be back an hour later to see if the truck is there for the next 30 min. Finally, my truck came as the movers were on their way back, and they moved my stuff efficiently and quickly. The only suggestion I have for them is to have someone who can communicate verbally as a middleman or simply as one of the movers. Once I discovered they all were deaf and as I was waiting on the truck, I wrote on paper where I wanted my stuff to go for the majority of the rooms with the time I had in between update calls from the truck, but the papers kept moving out of place from wind as I walked by, and the windows were opened, so it was a hassle. Any communication barrier is going to add inconvenience to a job or task, and this one could have been avoided if there was notice. Otherwise, the movers were patient, courteous and hard workers. I may use them again, depending on the urgency of my move.

Kate E
Wrote a review on 3/11/2015

Eric and Chris were kind, helpful and so considerate of us and our property. They arrived promptly and worked without break. They even took it upon themselves to look for and find our lost keys to our storage bin. Really above and beyond what they were hired to do. Would recommend and rehire.

Jennifer L
Wrote a review on 8/21/2014

They were over an hour late, but that I believe was a mgmt issue as the workers were told that we were on central time instead of being on eastern time, but because they were late, we received a 5% discount on our bill, that is a fair approach.

Carol S
Wrote a review on 7/28/2011

Helpers were prompt, courteous, hardworking, fast efficient and very careful with our stuff. Although it wasn't a big move they were done in almost no time.

Alexander L
Wrote a review on 7/20/2015

I highly recommend Moving You Forward, LLC. They called about 30 minutes in advance to inform me of their arrival time. I needed to load my 2 bedroom apartment into a POD. I booked 3 hours; they completed the job in 1.5 hours. I have a lot of furniture and books, so I was concerned that my stuff might not fit into the POD. They handled my property with care and packed the POD very efficiently with ample room to spare. This company is professional and very efficient in terms of loading time and packing organization. If I ever move back to Southern Indiana, I would definitely use them again.

Mike B
Wrote a review on 5/25/2016

Aaron and Chris from A and B Moving did a fantastic job. They showed up early and ready to go. They were very professional, and courteous. I would definitely recommend them, and would use them again!

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