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Dearborn Heights, MI / Moving services within 60 miles

Booked 777 times through HireAHelper

212 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Dearborn Heights, MI / Moving services within 60 miles

Booked 777 times through HireAHelper

212 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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212 reviews

Leslie M

(2) 9/20/2019 Clinton Township

While the 2 men were very polite, they were NOT professionals as they kept claiming to be. The first thing they did was break the key off in the lock on my storage unit from Pack Rats. Then they said they could break the lock off even tho i asked if they could call someone from your company to come cut the lock off. They said that was not possible and they could just break the lock off instead, so they asked me if they could use a hammer to pop it off. i gave them the hammer and instead of popping the lock off they broke the actual rat pack pod itself. the rat pack people took pictures of it upon picking it up. Then your workers dropped my dryer down the basement stairway. The top came off the dryer and they pried it back on but the top still is not completely attached as i'm writing this and i have not hooked it up as i'm afraid their may be damage to the gas valve among other issues. I do not need a gas leak in my home. I said i hope they didn't break it and they said it would be ok because it was a gas dryer????? Then when they packed my storage unit i asked them if they would use the tie down furniture straps that i had bought so my stuff would not tip over. Again they told me they were professionals and knew what they were doing and packed it right so nothing would tip over. NOT THE CASE!!! My furniture tipped over. My antique over 100 year old grandfather clock tipped mover and into 2 china cabinets, one being an antique and that all feel into my antique couch and other things. Also, when moving a buffet out of the house they let all the drawers come out and hit 2 leaded glass hanging lamps which were already in moving pads. i have not had the time to check my items as i was on a deadline to move out of the house and got the pod so i would have time to unload it and relax a little from all my moving... that was the point of "paying" for a pod, and i haven't got to that point yet. today was my deadline to move out. I'm filing a complaint with your company for anything that may be broken that ii haven't been able to get to look at yet. also, these guys couldn't wait to leave i had them for 2-4 hours that day. hour 3 they were ready to leave as i believe it was a Friday nite and they were done. i waited patiently a they were late getting there from their previous job which they did call and say they'd be ate which i was ok with but should have got my time a i hired them for. highly disappointed in the service.

Jane K

(5) 9/26/2019 Walled Lake

On time did a awesome job fit everything in pod a miracle very nice men and polite we appreciated all there help

Noelle H

(4) 9/13/2019 Fenton

They were running late but traffic was bad. Did a very good job, worked fast once they got there. Friendly and courteous. Would definitely recommend.

Lisa R

(3) 9/14/2019 Royal Oak

Two smallish guys showed up one hour later than promised and they worked fairly steadily unloading two PODS units. They seemed to take a lot more time than necessary to bring boxes into the house. Retrospectively, I should’ve probably ordered 3 men. They only unloaded 1.5 PODS units in 3 hours. They said they could stay later, but we opted to finish the job on our own.

Patsy F

(4) 9/10/2019 Ann Arbor

Charles and Deandre did an excellent helping us organize the furniture in a large storage unit. They worked the whole time, were open to our suggestions, but also made their own knowledgeable suggestions, all with a cheerful approach. The lack of a 5 is not their fault, rather due to the fact that I did not get a call yesterday nor this morning from the Helpful Movers contact, Damus, confirming their job for me today even after I left a voicemail message as Hire a Helper's email suggested. Deandre and Charles called right at the beginning of arrival window and were there about 35 minutes later, so they were on time. I would definitely use them again.

Dave M

(5) 9/6/2019 Farmington

Crew was very careful with our belongings and worked very quickly. We were able to finish loading about 1/2 of our 16 foot pod within the allotted time.

Jake P

(5) 8/30/2019 Farmington

Guys showed up on time, worked quickly and carefully, took directions well, and got the job done with high quality. Highly recommended

Judy M

(2) 8/29/2019 New Baltimore

Very disappointed in the unloading of one pod. They were there three hours, I had to pay for one extra hour. There is no reason why that pod wasn't emptied and what little furniture There was set up. The tall gentleman was very respectful, but his helper was a very little help to him. My sectional couch was not completely put together. A couple of the backs they didn't put on. My bedroom dresser never got unwrapped and put in its place. They spent so much time putting the bed together. When the helper took the screw gun he didn't even know how to use it. I had to tell him to straighten it up and go down because he couldn't even get the screw to screw in because he was going from the side. The other gentleman finally took the screw gun from him and did it himself. However the drill motor they had ran out of juice so they could not finish the job. The Only Furniture I had for them to unload was a living room sectional my bed a dresser a small jewelry box stand and a very small desk. I'm very disappointed to pay for 3 hours and not get the job finished. There was no excuse. I hired the same company to load, paid for 3 hours and they took down my bed loaded all the furniture and loaded the second pod with boxes. All of that was done in the same 3 hours. My grandson had unloaded the boxes himself so there was only one pod for them to work with. Very very disappointing that they left the job undone because they're drill motor ran out of juice and they claimed they had another job to get to.

Stephanie Y

(1) 8/21/2019 Wyandotte

I will give them that they came early when requested but the service was horrible They were slow, talked to each other and didn’t work, one was always on his phone and one thought it was okay to smoke while moving our stuff. They dropped stuff We had the trailer packed in Arizona and it took 2.5 hours for two works Here with these guys it took 3.5 hours and it would have been longer if I didn’t help I am 5’2 and about 115 lbs- I moved boxes, furniture. I worked faster then they did I jumped in the truck and while I’ve was standing there seeing what was left, one said “ you can help if you want” What the heck when do you ask the customer to help If I didn’t though it would of took 4-4.5 hours Horrible service

Sandi R

(5) 8/28/2019 Richmond

They were late but still worked the two hours we payed for. They were very polite. Worked very hard and completed it to our satisfaction. I would recommend you invest in some moving harnesses for your workers. That would make their job easier and safer.

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