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*(PROMOTION! PROMOTION!! PROMOTION!!! READ BELOW TO SEE OUR WINTER PROMOTION) ••••YOUR MOVE WITH US IS DAMAGE FREE OR YOUR ALLSTAR FEES ARE FREE•••• ***ASK ABOUT OUR MOVING BLANKETS THAT WE OFFER, OUR WALL AND FLOOR PROTECTION, AND OUR FULL PROTECTION PLAN SPECIAL, AND PACKING SERVICES!!!*** To our Allstar customers, We will give you Allstar service. We have experience lifting and loading large items. We have experience wrapping and loading fragile items. We have plenty of experience loading and unloading every type of truck, trailer, and pod. All of our helpers are drug tested upon suspicion. All of our helpers have GPS and are familiar with the Chicago area including the suburbs. We would not get lost and arrive on time. Our central location by the airport is an asset to our customers. We can travel to any part of the city or to any suburb at any time. Stairs? No problem! Large trucks? No problem! Early or late moves? No problem! We have crew members with background checks on our team. We provide the best labor and customer service. We will make sure you will feel like Allstar when you use our services. *(BY BOOKING US YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE ALLSTAR ROLL THE DICE GAME. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, YOU CAN WIN UP TO 30% OFF OF YOUR MOVE)(LIMIT TIME ONLY)••••REMEMBER, YOUR MOVE WITH US IS DAMAGE FREE OR YOUR ALLSTAR FEES ARE FREE••••

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
We have a furniture dolly to help make the moves easier and to prevent injuries. [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
We have the right tools to help assemble and unassemble your furniture. We work harder and most importantly, smarter. [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
We offer no additional cost for basic equiptment. [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
Let us know in advance, and we will love wrap your first 7 items for the price above. After the first 7 items, $5 large for items, $2 small for items. Any items not protected could compromise your insurance. [flat price, $25.00]
Give us advance notice, and we will provide rope to tie down all everything. $10 for 10 feet of rope. Any items not protected may compromise your insurance. [flat price, $10.00]


Licensed business:
License number
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State of Illinois - EIN
Uniformed crews:
I offer uniformed crew members :


Real Schaumburg area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Allstar Movers.

531 reviews
1088 completed jobs

Anna B

(5) 2/17/2019 Lockport

Victor and torry we’re extremely professional and hard working! Thank u!

Jeannette & Tyrone G

(5) 2/16/2019 Tinley Park

Super professional and prompt. Did an awesome job. Will definately use again!

Sharon L

(5) 2/14/2019 Chicago

I’d recommend them again! And I’d use them again. They were on time and worked well. Very considerate of our needs. Mike and Tim were excellent workers.

Fred W

(5) 2/11/2019 Chicago

On time, professional, and courteous. Will use them again if needed.

Robert C

(5) 2/8/2019 Palatine

Your crew was great. They showed up right on time and were able to move everything safe and secure. And it was 0 degrees outside but they still made it all work for me. I will definitely use Hire A Helper again!

Bryan N

(5) 2/7/2019 Naperville

Job well done.

Joe B

(5) 2/7/2019 Sugar Grove

They were on time and had the job done early. It was great working with them. I highly recommend.

Matt O

(5) 2/5/2019 Lake Bluff

Showed up on time, got the work done in the time frame desired. No problems at all.

Al S

(3) 2/2/2019 Chicago

Arrive one hour late.

Mover's response:
Move is between 9 and 10am. The movers arrived at 10am
- Allstar Movers

John D

(4) 1/24/2019 Tinley Park

Hard working. Only complaint would be was that the crew we had the first day said they would be there next morning to complete job. Instead they sent another crew. They weren't as good as the first crew. Very nice people. They were just a little late.

Joseph B

(4) 1/19/2019 Naperville

For a cold and snowy January day in Chicago, Allstar Movers did a good job for us. Despite being about 30 minutes late, which we understood considering the road conditions, the two movers worked hard through the 4 hours that we had their help. They didn't bring any moving supplies, like furniture rollers or moving straps, so was basically like having a couple extra sets of hands, but they were respectful to us and to our goods. My wife and I helped throughout the move, and our movers were friendly and easy to get along with. We would certainly use them again.

Mover's response:
You have to request equipment online. As explained before. Hireahelper doesn't not provide moving straps as said on the site. Also the movers do have a dolly anyways. They cannot use it on ground covered in snow. Thanks
- Allstar Movers

Nick S

(3) 1/18/2019 Grayslake

The mover's showed up late (est. arrival time between 12:00pm-1pm, arrived after 1). The lead mover Wes was friendly and knew what he was doing, but his partner did not. They left about 20 minutes into the move for about 45 minutes, and Wes arrived after 2pm with a new guy to help. They worked hard, and got the job done, although it was later than expected. I never received an email or text about releasing payment, and that was an issue at the end. I would not use Allstar Movers again.

Mover's response:
They arrive a little late because Chicago had a snow storm. They left for twenty minutes, because needed maintenance. This was with your consent, and we stopped the clock for you Last, we don't send emails or releasing payment. Hireahelper does. I also explained you did not get the text, because the number on the invoice you have provided was a landline phone
- Allstar Movers

Ron R

(5) 1/11/2019 Barrington

Cane early at our request...really good experience.

Sean F

(5) 1/8/2019 Chicago

Excellent Service! Highly Recommended!


(2) 1/8/2019 Naperville

I booked 2 helpers for 2 hours to unload a 16ft Pods. One week before the scheduled day I called them to see if they were available to anticipate the date and they agreed to do it. The 2 helpers arrived at the unit 1 hr and 40 minutes late and after several phone calls. They did a "fair" job, nothing was broken or damaged but there was no opportunity to set objects in place due to a poor communication. Basic service and late arrival but they got the job done (their own way).

Melissa I

(5) 1/6/2019 Zion

Amazing! Will be using them again, when I get a new home! Wonderful!

Melissa Y

(5) 12/30/2018 Chicago

The two gentlemen who helped us move were very professional and were a great help. It took 3 hrs to unload a 16ft truck and move everything to the third floor. Traffic made the movers a little late, but nothing unreasonable. Price was reasonable and I would hire them again.

Carl R

(5) 12/29/2018 Evergreen Park

They were delayed by almost two hours by an incident at a prior job, but the communication by both the crew and their boss made up for that. Upon arrival, the job was done quickly and well. I highly recommend them for anyone needing assistance with loading a POD.

Jessamyn K

(5) 12/29/2018 Villa Park

The guys that came to help were awesome. they were on time, respectful, hard workers. I would certainly hire them again to help us.

Randall M

(5) 12/28/2018 West Chicago

Both Josh and Alex worked hard all morning, handling all our heavy to move items, from two locations. Helping us to organize the Penske truck really well was an added bonus. These guys did it all! It was great to have their help, and positives attitudes for 4 straight hours. Thank you to Allstar Movers for an excellent experience.

Ruthber P

(5) 12/23/2018 Oswego

This guys are the best, altought the system messed up the address, they drove the wxtra miles to get the job done, They come prepared wit multiple dollies, they work hard and were careful with all the items. Will definitely recomend them and if ever move again I will hire them im a heartbeat.

Linda D

(5) 12/22/2018 Palatine

They were well prepared for the job at hand, had lot of heavy boxes and furniture they did break they just kept going. Very respectful of our items. I would use them again great people skill!!!

Arin V

(5) 12/20/2018 Libertyville

They did a great job, took all my direction and were very efficient.

Mike C

(5) 12/18/2018 Crystal Lake

The movers took excellent care of all the articles moved. I would definitely recommend them now and in the future. Thanks guys!

Karen & Jeff B

(3) 12/18/2018 Ingleside

I expected that the movers would share their past experiences to make the job go smoother - for example, the pictures should have been removed from the wall in the stair case along with the nails that were used to hang them - that would have prevented the multiple tears in the sofa upholstery.

Dave Tuggle T

(5) 12/17/2018 Lake Villa

Awesome job! Thank you. So Friendly and hard working.


(5) 12/17/2018 Lake Zurich

My move went perfect. Movers showed up on time. They were very professional and did a great job. Great work ethic and there was no damage to any of my items. I highly recommend Allstar Movers.

Diane R

(2) 12/12/2018 Chicago

They were on time, hard to tell. They talked on the phone a lot. Not that hard there weren't many heavy things. They bang my TV and she kept going to her car trunk making me worried if anything may have been stolen. They walked off the job before completed leaving the Pod wide open and when I told them I will pay extra for them to complete the job as I would have to be out in the morning, he said he would return and after several hours I called and the girl got mouthy with me. It was a nightmare. A disaster! I would rather carry my things on my back then to use them again! They took advantage of a senior citizen!

Mover's response:
We were on time, very easy to tell. You told us that, "We better finish the job in two hours, because you don't have any money." We were on the phone with Hireahelper to explain the situation. You just accused me of stealing, because I did the move. My secretary went to my car to grab my dolly and shoulder strap to lift your tv. I have no reason to steal from any customer. Even if I did, your stuff is extremely old. You don't anything anyone wants to take. I don't like responding like that, but that defamation of character. You had a very long walk way to the pod and none of your stuff was packed. You actually asked to come later and we declined, because we had another appointment. If you wanted us to stay longer next time book the appropriate amount of hours and have you stiff ready to go, so it would take less time. We treat everyone the same with the same rules. We go by the rules on your frequently asked questions on hireahelper's website. Please read those. We go by those, so no one gets taken advantage of.
- Allstar Movers

James W

(4) 12/11/2018 Elmhurst

The crew arrived within the time window we selected and in less than an our had loaded our container and helped arrange remeining furniture in the house. We selected them because they offered stretchwrap services and because they would have rope to tie down things in the container. They had neither of these items with them. We wanted to stretchwrap 2 CD shelf units to keep the drawers closed and we had hoped that they would secure the piano and other large items to prevent shifting. We were told to go out and get ourselves some rope and that they would come back and tie off the things in the container. We did so, and one man came back and did try and secure the items in the loaded container. One of the CD cases was able to be relocated such that the drawers faced a flat surface and therefore needed no stretchwrapping.

Mover's response:
Please look at the services again. We do not offer those services free of charge. You did not order shrink wrap or rope. I came back, free of charge, to tie down the items for you at 8pm at night. You said nothing about shrink wrap. This false statement nor was it in your invoice. I am the one who recommended you get the rope because you have a piano. These are very untrue statements, and I feel disappointment that I came out of my way at 8pm at night to tie down those items.
- Allstar Movers


(5) 12/9/2018 Evanston

Job well done!

Lucy Sonnamaker L

(5) 12/9/2018 Plainfield

After another mover flaked, I booked here with less than 24 hours notice. It was amazing The guys came to unload our Pod. They got it done very quickly and efficiently with no damage. I’m thrilled!

Cheryl M

(5) 12/8/2018 Des Plaines


Paul B

(5) 12/1/2018 La Grange

Chris and Steve were amazing!! Very professional! Very respectful! I would absolutely recommend using Hire a Helper!!!! Paul

Bryan B

(5) 11/30/2018 Vernon Hills

Ray and his team were outstanding! I would not schedule a move unless I checked with Ray first to make sure he had availability to help! Single best decision I ever made was hiring AllStar Movers!

Elaine B

(5) 11/30/2018 Glen Ellyn

We needed loading and unloading assistance at the last minute. Allstars Movers came through. The movers were respectful and professional. They were fast workers and stayed on task. I would highly recommend them.

Paul M

(1) 11/28/2018 Hampshire

Horrible service! Showed up and hour and a half late, didn’t load truck properly, didn’t use but 10 of the 36 blankets provided and damaged most of our furniture! They looked more like a x-felons off the street with no experience on moving! Damaged the front door to the house as well as multiple interior damage to walls for new owners. Didn’t fit all the furniture we had on a 26’ truck that should have fit everything if loaded properly! Had to Had to incur extra time and money by securing another 10’ cube truck and load that truck ourselves! Moved very slowly, as though they we have on drugs and all they were worried about was getting payment released! The Owner, Rayshon, was a big liar about their time in coming to our location, switched movers and then lied about the other movers being at the job a half hour longer but they stood around and did no work for that time! Fire them all and never use them! The absolute worst!!

Mover's response:
Calling me, Veronica, Chris, and Steve felons and drug addicts off the street is a very racist comment. I have pictures of your, so called "damaged". You will hear from my lawyer for slander and discrimination. I am very disappointed in Hireahelper for keeping reviews on their website that support discrimination. Shows how much they care about the helpers on their site. What does a felon look like? We are hardworking individuals that moved furniture that you didn't want to lift yourself. You are calling me felon while I got a background voluntarily through hireahelper, which I don't have to explain to you. We don't support racial profiling, and we will pursue this. If I knew you were prejudice, we would have declined the job. We have a diverse company and give jobs to hardworking individuals based on skills. We don't just hire people who "look like they belong".
- Allstar Movers

Tim I

(4) 11/28/2018 Warrenville

The helpers were ontime to the original/move from location. Unsure of what happened to the move to location, but they were a bit late getting there. Overall they worked hard and were respectful to us, the property and the goods. Would definitely recommend.

Sheila Harris H

(5) 11/25/2018 Melrose Park

They were quick, respectful and efficient! Awesome workers!!!!

Susan W

(5) 11/25/2018 Chicago

Rayshon and Tim were fantastic- personable, efficient, accommodating, and responsive. Thanks to them, the move went faster than expected... the storage unit management company even commented on their expertise. Thanks so much!

Tim K

(5) 11/24/2018 Kildeer

These guys were great. Would hire them again in a second. Thanks.

Barbara S

(5) 11/21/2018 Flossmoor

Great job. Would recommend again.

Aaron Johnson A

(5) 11/20/2018 Chicago

We had them move some furniture from storage to a 3rd floor apartment and they were great. Arrived on time and got everything done with time to spare so we asked them move a few extra things which they were happy to do. Highly recommend.

Louie G

(5) 11/18/2018 Chicago

Great job.

Luvenia S

(5) 11/17/2018 Schaumburg

Wonderful job and would totally recommend!!

Linda O

(5) 11/17/2018 Naperville

The team arrived early and unloaded in less time than expected. They made sure everything went to the right place and were very careful not to bump into anything while maneuvering down stairs and through doorways.

Odell S

(5) 11/16/2018 Plainfield

Very good job

Dina B

(4) 11/16/2018 Chicago

The crew arrived promptly at 9am, did a quick walk through for their game plan then loaded non-stop til the job was done. They were great guys and packed our truck for a Long distance move. Everything arrived safely at our destination although they didn’t use the blankets we provided for the large furniture so many things were dirty and scratched. They also didn’t place one of our mattresses in the bag provided so it was very dirty. Overall they were great and I would recommend the company.

Bobby L

(4) 11/14/2018 Aurora

They arrived close to the time window. Main helper was friendly, careful, experienced and instructed his assistant helper too. We wanted to do the big appliances/ furniture first and see if they had time for some big boxes. They also removed and put back the main door to get the fridge out. They were also able to still squeeze in several boxes and pack the storage container to a decent point. I didn't see any damage to house or items offhand. Maybe just minor scuffs to the fridge as it was tight at first to go thru the door. But overall good job guys!

Barbara S

(5) 11/13/2018 Richton park

Rod and Victor were super. Guys super job...will hire later in week to unload 3049 palmer ct. Flossmoor..

Phillip L

(5) 11/13/2018 Milwaukee

Rayshon and his helper was polite and courteous. They handle my furniture with the upmost care. I will pass HAH (attn: Rayshon) information onto family and friends! Thanks HAH!

Roberta S

(3) 11/10/2018 Aurora

One of the movers did not seem to be in good health. He had a difficult time on the stairs. He was slow and took frequent breaks. The other was helpful and tried to maximize the time. The truck was parked on the other side of my building and they left the back of the truck open when they left!

Mover's response:
This is a false review, and I will have this contested. Your move was 8am-9am. You came with truck at 9:30am. My movers were there at 8am sharp. You yelled at me when I told you they had to leave at 10:00am, because that is your two hour mark. I told my guys to get the big stuff, since they do would not have enough time. You blamed us for the whole truck issue and for not accommodating you. We have schedule we have to stick to. That also wouldn't be fair to the other customers after your move. We will show any future customers upon request the invoice and timed pictures to prove my claim. They will show your start time, what time you actually got there, and what time we were supposed to leave.
- Allstar Movers

Irene M

(5) 11/5/2018 Willowbrook

Very punctual and helpful. They did forget the plastic wrap they were supposed to bring but got and did not charge us for the time. I would use them again.

Kiran A

(5) 11/3/2018 Wheaton

Great quality job and people


(5) 11/3/2018 Kenosha

Awesome job, these guys rock!

Katye L

(5) 11/2/2018 Chicago

They arrived early and worked incredibly hard and got a lot of stuff up to my third floor walk up! I think I got a steal for the price and would totally recommend.

Lindsey F

(4) 11/2/2018 Machesney Park

Movers were on time and worked very hard. Most of what we moved were boxes and small items. We only moved a couple of small furniture pieces, one was a wood sofa table which is now scratched pretty bad. I'm guessing this is due to the way they loaded the truck. We also made sure every box was labeled and when we got to the new house every room was labeled for ease as well, however a large number of boxes ended up in completely wrong rooms and we spent a lot of time moving things to where they belonged before we could unpack. Overall they were a huge help but should pay more attention to detail so things are done right rather than just trying to get items unloaded as fast as possible.

Mover's response:
I am glad we were a huge help. We did finish the job in three hours instead of the four that you booked. We didn't scratch that table. Although we asked for moving blankets, you told us you didn't have any, we packed the table between the mattress and box spring to protect it. All the boxes were not labeled, so we asked your husband who was very active on the move. He told us where to put each box which most went in to the basement.
- Allstar Movers

Kiran A

(5) 11/1/2018 Wheaton

Guys were awesome. Thanks

Kate M

(5) 11/1/2018 Lisle

Bradley and Theotis were great. Very patient as we were not quite ready. Would definitely ask for them again.

Perisann S

(5) 10/30/2018 Elgin

They were here on such short notice! Same day! Super quick and efficient! I wish would have known about them sooner!

Courtney S

(5) 10/30/2018 Wheeling

Everyone was fantastic, hard working people !!!! ????????

Keisha B

(5) 10/29/2018 Milwaukee


Anthony A

(4) 10/28/2018 Vernon Hills

Thanks Service was good.

Susan Torrance S

(5) 10/27/2018 Tinley Park

They were amazing! Very professional and delightful people.

Deborah O

(5) 10/27/2018 Lake in the Hills

They were very polite and helpful. I would use again and highly recommend!

Carol E

(5) 10/26/2018 Elk Grove Village

Ray and Rod are awesome Got it done on no time They are fantastic

Denise F

(5) 10/26/2018 Oak Lawn

Alex and Jay were punctual, courteous and started to work immediately. My husband and I could not have done such a professional job of loading the numerous boxes that were in our garage and living room. Thank you for providing this service to us senior citizens. I will tell anyone who is moving to seek out your service.

Mariya C

(5) 10/25/2018 Chicago

Fantastic job , very professional and helpful !

Katrina C

(5) 10/25/2018 Chicago

Ray and Rod were fantastic! They were professional, courteous, and friendly. They had the right equipment to handle all of our furniture and boxes. They were careful not to damage our furniture too. They were even willing to stay a little longer. We never heard them complain. They were truly professional in everyway. They did a great job and we would highly recommend their services!

Andrea H

(5) 10/24/2018 Crestwood

So helpful! Best thing we did!

Carolyn F

(5) 10/24/2018 Glenview

Ray and Veronica were great! Very friendly and efficient. Really thoughtful about packing my more fragile items. Definitely recommend!

Andrea H

(5) 10/23/2018 Crete

Great job!

Judy C

(4) 10/23/2018 Dyersburg

I ordered 2 men for 2 hours, 11 am - 1 pm. They were to unload a delivery truck for a customer that our company has and was unable to unload it for herself. They were not sure as to what time the truck would arrive, even though the driver had instructions to call 30 minutes prior to arrival. They arrived at our customer's house at 11:30 am. She phoned me to say they were there. They patiently waited until the truck arrived. At almost 3 pm. I was phoned at 2:20 by the Hire A Helper staff and asked if we wanted them to continue to wait. I was unaware that the truck had not arrived yet. I contacted the delivery service and was informed they would be there between 2:30 and 3:00. I phoned the Hire A Helper staff and asked if the unload men could wait until 3:00. Was informed yes they could. The truck arrived about 3:00. They unloaded the delivery, carried it to the customer's garage, and helped her uncrate it to be inspected. As far as I know, they were very helpful. We really appreciate them staying until the delivery arrived. We will keep your company in mind if we ever need these services again. Thank you and thank your men that helped us out. Judy Counts Magnolia Porch Swings Jackson, MO

Vidal R

(5) 10/21/2018 Milwaukee

Great movers. Very personable. Steady workers.

Baskaran N

(5) 10/21/2018 Naperville

Great work !! Nicely done well professional

Sujay D

(5) 10/20/2018 Libertyville

The guys were really courteous and it’s amazing how they utilized the space in the truck to fit all of our furniture and boxes. They also helped us strike down some furniture and put it back together at the new place. Great job!

Carolyn G

(5) 10/20/2018 Orland Hills

Thank Great

Marilynn L

(5) 10/20/2018 Naperville

What a joy. These folks have taken a stressful time and really helped me out. Tony and Greg are worth their weight in gold. Smart too!! Thanks!!

Kenneth W

(5) 10/20/2018 Minooka

Both movers we had today were fabulous! We would definitely use them again. Thank you so much!

Will W

(5) 10/20/2018 Chicago

They were awesome!

Larry P

(5) 10/18/2018 Streamwood

Very helpful. We hired for help to unload a storage shed . They organized it and help pack up the boxes . The truck was fully packed in a good way . Helpers were very friendly and yes we will call in the future: We will definitely need help again .

Jim C

(5) 10/18/2018 Deerfield

These guys are awesome. Arrived on time. Super quick and they knew exactly how to pack my truck so everything was secure. Will defintiely use again!

Dave B

(5) 10/17/2018 Waukegan

you guys were excellent I would recommend and would use them again.

Jillian T

(5) 10/17/2018 Woodstock

Amazing guys!

Arnold L

(5) 10/17/2018 Carol Stream

Did much faster than expected, excellent quality, high recommended A+++++++

Steven R

(5) 10/15/2018 Bensenville

Good guys, very helpful. On time and professional.

Nancy S

(5) 10/14/2018 St Charles

Helpers were on time, efficient, pleasant, and happy to help. I would hire them again without question.

Katelyn O

(5) 10/14/2018 Chicago

Very polite, fast and efficient. Process went smoothly.

Cathrine P

(5) 10/13/2018 Lemont

Bradley and Victor were excellent movers and would could not have been happier with the work they did at our home. They worked well as a team and we were very pleased with the suggestions Bradley made to protect our new flooring. I would definitely recommend these two gentlemen and All Star Movers.

Laura L

(5) 10/13/2018 Mundelein

Absolutely great job - on time and very professional and courteous. Would absolutely use again!

Paul F

(5) 10/12/2018 Elburn

The guys were great. Careful with everything. Would recommend them again.


(5) 10/12/2018 Schaumburg

Bradley and his crew were amazing. They took the time and effort to be careful and diligent with all my furniture. They also forcing all aspects of moving in safety issues and took the care and consideration to set up and clean up as well. I’d recommend them so you would have a stress-free and fun moving today.. Bradley and his crew were amazing. They took the time and effort to be careful and diligent with all my furniture. They also for seeing all aspects of moving in safety issues and took the care and consideration to set up and clean up as well. I’d recommend them so you would have a stress-free and fun moving today.

Sabrina S

(5) 10/11/2018 Aurora

Awesome movers

Danielle P

(5) 10/11/2018 Minooka

They were on time, worked crazy hard, very respectful, did an all over awesome job! Would definitely recommend them again.

Anja H

(5) 10/11/2018 Crystal Lake

Very polite! Appreciate their service!

Robert L

(5) 10/10/2018 Lake In The Hills

Arrived few minutes early Handled very challenging move(s) extremely well Personable Knowledge and experience were evident accomplishing more than expected in the time constraints we provided. They really aimed to please. I will call them first when I move items again.

Janelle S

(5) 10/10/2018 Palatine

Awesome job! Right on time, friendly and made an extra effort to get my bed moved. Thank you! Highly recommend!

Margaret H

(5) 10/7/2018 Lake Geneva

On time and very professional.

Tiffany D

(5) 9/29/2018 Hoffman Estates

Ray and his crew were great! They got our move done in 40 Minutes. Would absolutely recommend this service to anyone!

Alex P

(5) 9/29/2018 South Elgin

Great service, professional and punctual. Very respectful asking questions if unsure about moving items. Would use them and recommend them again.

Jennifer S

(5) 9/29/2018 Milwaukee

The movers arrived within the time frame and did an excellent job. I needed my entire apartment moved into a small POD and they rearranged my items until we were able make everything fit. Would definitely recommend and would use again!

Jim P

(3) 9/28/2018 Beach Park

3hrs late one guy had a hernia and did not work out so well still don't have a invoice charged more then the rate quoted? Ended up not being able to unload that night do to them being so late! Also by the time they got there it started raining dont think I would use them next time!!!

Joseph L

(5) 9/26/2018 Lombard

Guys were good and fast. They knew their jobs well and moved down a flight of stairs with masterful skill and safety.

Rob P

(5) 9/26/2018 Elgin

Fantastic, friendly, and fast. Strongly encourage their use!

Eric B

(5) 9/26/2018 Palatine

Great and worked with my time well

Paul B

(5) 9/23/2018 Berwyn

Great job

Eryka S

(5) 9/23/2018 Chicago

Cliff and his partner (I wish I remembered her name) were really awesome! Very personable, nice and fast. They made this dreaded moving day a breeze! Thanks again, Eryka

David G

(5) 9/22/2018 Naperville

The 2 guys were excellent. Very nice and polite. I would request them again should I move in the future. And will recommend you company to my friends. Thank you for accomadating me on short notice.

Andy H

(5) 9/22/2018 Downers Grove

Nice and fast.

Michael V

(5) 9/21/2018 Thornton

Great help. On time and fast. Friendly. Great service.

Matt R

(5) 9/17/2018 Chicago

Great job!

Laura S

(5) 9/13/2018 Homewood

Yay! Will hire again for the 3rd time!

Doreen C

(5) 9/12/2018 Milwaukee

They were helpful and professional. Prepared and did their best. I would highly recommend them. They were very courteous. Really exceeded expectations.

Jennifer N

(5) 9/12/2018 Downers Grove

Excellent help

Robert L

(5) 9/11/2018 Buffalo Grove

Ken and Rob were amazing movers.

Gina U

(5) 9/8/2018 Chicago

2 movers were excellent

Suzette B

(5) 9/6/2018 Chicago

The movers we originally hired cancelled at the last minute. We were so lucky that Josh and Kenny were able to come unload our truck. They did a great job! Thank you so much!

James L

(5) 9/5/2018 Chicago

Made a hard job look easy, really know what he was doing

Victoria Z

(5) 9/1/2018 Carpentersville

They were so amazing and they were so professional!! They go above and beyond to make you feel like you are their number one!! They are so easy with your furniture and down to earth!!! I will be hiring them in a couple years when I move to a house!! If you need amazing hard workers, these guys are for you!!!!

John C

(5) 9/1/2018 West Dundee



(5) 9/1/2018 Melbourne

The guys were courteous, professional, friendly and super awesome! Couldn't have asked for anything better! Thank you so much!

Edward M

(5) 8/31/2018 Zion


Julie L

(1) 8/30/2018 Libertyville

I wish I could give 0 stars! Total debacle. 2 guys showed up super early (like 2 hours early) this normally wouldn't be a bad thing but I had scheduled the rental truck along with the move. I had to make arrangements to pick up the rental truck earlier. Right off the bat I explicitly told them that a group of boxes was exceptionally fragile - I clearly explained they were Crystal and my grandmother's China to please be very careful with them. Instead of carefully taking them out I walked around the corner to find them piled on top of a dolly that just took a tumble and they all crashed. I contacted All Star Movers and hire a helper to get a different crew, because obviously these guys did not know what they were doing. Ray from All Star Movers said that he would send out another crew. He promised they would be there no later than 3. Unfortunately the crew kept getting delayed delayed delayed delayed. Ray PROMISED they would be there pushing back one more hour. What was supposed to be at 10 a.m. start was pushed back until after 9 PM!! Have you ever heard movers? They are loud. Do you have neighbors? They don't like loud after 8 PM. But THEY just started LOADING at 9 PM (I had started without them because we were running so late) The new movers were loud, yelling at each other, I asked them to repeatly kepp their voices low so as not to disturb neighbors (did not listen) They did not use the provided furniture pads properly. They damaged items. They they were late because they needed to rest - even though Ray had given them a time to arrive. Then complained about how underpaid they were and were fishing for more tip money. It was a total debacle. Had Ray been honest, the whole situation could have been avoided if he just let me go with a different company earlier in the morning.


(5) 8/30/2018 Naperville

Very good. They were very speedy and very professional. Finished my moving in less than 2 hours. Very happy with the movers.

Douglas M

(5) 8/29/2018 Steger

Great job! Friendly, efficient, and skilled. Very happy.

Alison T

(5) 8/27/2018 Gurnee

Really nice guys, went out of their way to make the space in the truck fit and get the job done.

Warren W

(5) 8/25/2018 Mchenry

They did a great job. I would recommend them.

Denise L

(5) 8/24/2018 Buffalo Grove

Went out of their way to meet our needs, very professional!

Ray B

(5) 8/24/2018 Minooka

Super job good friendly service

Jessica S

(5) 8/23/2018 Naperville

They did great!

Amanda C

(5) 8/22/2018 Villa Park

Excellent moving labor help! Highly recommend!

Sophia Y

(5) 8/22/2018 Evanston


Frances C

(5) 8/21/2018 Bolingbrook

Workers were very friendly and worked as a family. Very professoonal.

Frances C

(5) 8/21/2018 Bolingbrook

Workers were very professional and timely.

Donald R

(5) 8/18/2018 Aurora

Absolutely great job. Movers went above and beyond. Will hire them again when the next move happens.

Russ J

(5) 8/17/2018 Wheaton

Josh and Kenny arrived early and got right to work. Both were very careful with my belongings and did a very good job of packing the truck. We finished unloading prior to the contracted time. Move went very smoothly and there was no damage. Would definitely reccomend Allstar Movers and would definitely use them again if the need arose. Exceptional experience!

Jim M

(5) 8/17/2018 Vernon Hills

May have met the most efficient mover helpers which this move. Not only were they ready to work as soon as they showed up, they came with all the tools needed to do the job super efficiently. I would hire them again in a heart beat should we be moving more items.

Ted G

(5) 8/16/2018 Chicago

Great crew! Efficient and friendly! Great communication with the office as well!

Kyle M

(5) 8/16/2018 Glenview


Lataunye D

(5) 8/15/2018 Woodridge

Professional and ready to help. I will always use them.

Angela W

(5) 8/13/2018 Aurora

Your movers saved us after the movers we originally booked didn't show up. They were pleasant, knowledgeable and were even able to move our piano. We were amazed at their speed and friendliness. I wholeheartedly recommend your movers. Thank you so much. Angela

Michael M

(5) 8/11/2018 Colorado Spgs

Did great

Nick B

(5) 8/10/2018 Chicago

Great work moving my stuff without damaging anything. And did it very quickly.

Joseph C

(5) 8/10/2018 Schaumburg

Calvin and Edgar were wonderful! They were right on time and very friendly. They were very accommodating and professional. They even did an excellent job of stacking all the furniture neatly to maximize our storage space. We will recommend them anytime!

Jenna O

(5) 8/10/2018 Dyer

I was tight on time, Josh and Ken unloaded my truck super fast. It was amazing, thank you so much for you hard work and great communication!

Alex T

(5) 8/9/2018 Baraboo

They performed a miracle moving my desk up three flights of narrow stairs along with many other items! Josh and Kenny were amazing and very accommodating, friendly, and timely! I would HIGHLY recommend these two for your next moving needs!

Brittany M

(5) 8/8/2018 Milwaukee

Movers arrived 10 minutes outside their window, which was fine. They came right in ready to work! Completed everything in the time slot and also packed my moving shell perfectly. Movers were very friendly and strong. Would use them again and recommend

Natalie C

(5) 8/7/2018 Milwaukee

Josh and Kenny arrived early and finished well within the 4 hours we hired them for. They are friendly, professional, efficient and super strong!!! I highly recommend this service and would use them again.

Reginald M

(5) 8/6/2018 Chicago

The gentleman did a great job. They were on time and very efficient. Fast, friendly service.

Clara K

(5) 8/5/2018 Wheeling

They were right on time, super helpful, and very friendly! Would definitely use again!

Shannon K

(5) 8/4/2018 Thiensville

The team did a fantastic job! They were polite, professional and most helpful. They were able fit all our belongings into our POD with room to spare. I highly recommend All Star Movers! Their service lives up to their name!

Charles Jimbo Peji C

(5) 8/4/2018 Chicago

Everything went well and perfect. The helpers are kind and very nice persons. Would recommend to others.

Rebecca M

(5) 8/2/2018 Dekalb

Did a great job ! Friendly, professional, helpful and respectful. Got the job done within the time frame. If you need a mover, Call ALLSTAR MOVERS !

Patricia R

(5) 8/2/2018 Lisle

they were awesome

Jason A

(5) 7/30/2018 West Chicago

They were right on time, worked hard. Loaded a 26’ truck in 2.5 hours. Organized the truck like a Tetris master. Nothing should move at all. Great job.

Leena K

(5) 7/29/2018 St. Charles

Everything was great!

Fausto C

(5) 7/29/2018 Naperville

Guys were on time, they knew exactly how to do their job without any damage to my belongings or my house. They finished under the expected time.

Kelly B

(5) 7/28/2018 Chicago

Steve, Lisa and Cliff arrived on time and worked very hard for over 2 hours packing all of our stuff into Uhaul! Steve was especially talented in using all the space so that we were able to get everything on our truck (we were a bit worried it would not all fit!) for journey all the way to WA and then on to OR! Thanks to all three of them for a job well done! All of the items arrived intact and with only a few minor blemishes!! I would definitely use them again!!

Katrina H

(5) 7/28/2018 Dekalb

The guys from Allstar did a fantastic job with our move! They were friendly, well-prepared, and they accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time, and made the most of the space we had in the truck (seriously, it was like a game of Tetris). I would absolutely recommend, they’re very hard workers.

Lisa K

(5) 7/27/2018 Chicago

Allstar movers were great! Extremely friendly and very efficient! A pleasure to hire.

Andrew L

(5) 7/27/2018 Wilmette

The guys were great... Super hardworking and followed instructions well... Made efficient use of space and really cared about what they were doing

Candice G

(5) 7/25/2018 Oak Park

BEST MOVE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! PERFECT!!! Rashon called day before to answer any questions and let me know who my movers were. Josh called morning of to let me know that he was crew chief and were on their way. They arrived early but patiently waited while we finished up labeling boxes. Josh, Kenny, and John were a well oiled machine. Super organized and obviously have been doing this for years. Friendly pleasant but never stopped working. Josh managed to pack my 3 br house into 13 feet of trailer space. They treated my belongings with care, wrapping and padding with materials I provided as I asked. I actually am never totally happy with anything so this experience with Allstar movers is totally shocking and amazing. I only wish they could travel to Colorado and unload for me. Everything was perfect!

Kathi M

(5) 7/22/2018 Grayslake

The move went as expected. Mover was friendly and easy to work with. Showed up early. Easy communication prior to move.

Mary C

(5) 7/21/2018 Walworth

Guys were on time, very personable and respectful. They worked very hard and my job was a lot to clean out a dirty basement. They did an awesome job. Cant thank you all enough. I definately would use your company again.

Alana G

(5) 7/20/2018 Chicago

Dan and Erick did a great job! Thanks again.

Dominic M

(5) 7/20/2018 Elk Grove village

Very courteous and nice would recommend them to anyone.

Grace E

(5) 7/18/2018 Flossmoor

I had two young college students assist me with unloading a pod with heavy furniture. They were very polite. efficient, careful, respectful and professsional. I will recomend this co to others.

Bob P

(4) 7/14/2018 Village of Lakewood

I was a little concerned when only one mover showed up. The second one showed up late. They offered to load my second Pod arriving later this week for half price due to the late arriving mover. Which was good Customer service. However I have contracted with another company. Eric did a great job loading by himself until the other mover showed up. I also was impressed on how they loaded the pod.

Elan P

(5) 7/7/2018 Deerfield

Ray is awesome! Helped me out with a jam in the very last minute. Come himself not just on time but early. Great work and highly reccomended.

Chris B

(5) 7/7/2018 Crystal Lake

Excellent service, on time, very hard working and I’d definitely use their services again.

Jerry L

(5) 7/6/2018 Cary

Workers were fantastic and very hard workers would recommend to anyone

Kathryn A

(5) 7/6/2018 Schaumburg

We really appreciated that they were able to come so quickly when our other plan fell through. They came on time and worked efficiently.

Jessica E S

(4) 7/5/2018 Milwaukee

The movers worked hard and were a good value for the money I paid. Due to a hiccup with the customer they served before me that day, they were 1.5 hours late to the appointment. However, they did everything they could to make up for the set back and offered to perform the unload at my new address as well. I would recommend them in the future.

Rida K

(5) 7/2/2018 Barrington

This is my second time and I am always more than satisfied! Great job and get everything done perfectly! Thank you

Liza L

(4) 7/1/2018 Chicago

They arrived 30 minutes late, but they did a good job

Douglas W

(5) 6/30/2018 St Charles

Arrived at the time they promised and got straight into getting the work done. It was over 90 degrees and we were their third job of the day but that didn't slow them down at all. Had everything they needed and took excellent care of our furniture. Would definitely recommend them.

Usman A

(3) 6/30/2018 Carol Stream

They arrived 30 minutes late to start, however they did communicate well to tell us where they were. We hired 2 helpers and they had called a third to come join them. Veronica arrived with a male and they both did great work. They worked diligently and were very careful and kind. The third person that came later on was very unprofessional. He used foul language, wasn’t careful of hitting walls, complained and talked bad about the other movers. The third mover made us feel uncomfortable. Besides him, it was a job well done. Thanks

Mover's response:
Thank you for your feedback. I showed this review to mover that was there. We used him, so we wouldn't fall behind on the move. It was over a 100 foot walkway from the truck to the apartment, plus the apartment had stairs. We were glad he was there, however we don't condone unprofessional conduct. He has apologized for everything. He also will be held accountable. If anyone has a problem with any mover on the job, please call the office of Allstar Movers at anytime. We have a large group of movers who are ready to work. If the mover is caught breaking the rules, he will be sent home and be on suspension. Good luck with your stay. Veronica says "Thanks". She is glad to welcome you to the Chicago area!
- Allstar Movers

Charity S

(3) 6/30/2018 Chicago

They were 1.5 hours late past my scheduled time frame (they have a one hour window). While they were late, I had scheduled 3 helpers and because of this late factor, they did compensate me with two additional helpers free of charge. It was stressful considering I had an 18 hour drive ahead and the punctuality made it difficult to stay on my time frame. However, all of the workers were friendly and professional as well as hard working. It was the hottest day in Chicago and they worked efficiently. Victor took charge and made sure me and my family knew how the helpers would load my moving truck.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your feedback. We did cover for you, because your movers did not show. It was very short notice. We used 5 guys instead of 3, two free of charge. You booked for our arrival at 9am for 2 hours. We still got done at 11am, so it did work out. We are sorry if it was stressful. We did the best we can at very short notice. We are glad you made it safe. Thanks for choosing Allstar Movers.
- Allstar Movers

Julia D

(4) 6/30/2018 Chicago

Overall I was pleased with the service. Nothing was broken and the crew showed up on time. On the downside, we paid for a third hour and the truck *still* wasn’t fully loaded, on the other hand it was over 100 degrees that day so I’m not sure they could have worked any harder or faster. If we’d known that they would start with boxes, we might have taken some of them down the night before just to jump start things so that the movers could focus on bigger, heavier items. The truck was packed very well -the road was bumpy and from what I can tell nothing moved or jostled around.

Dennis C

(5) 6/30/2018 Cary

Allstar moving showed up on-time and ready to go. They worked hard and finished ahead of schedule. I would use them again.

Leslie B

(5) 6/25/2018 Crystal Lake

Super friendly, professional, and effiecent. Would use them again.

Lea T

(5) 6/23/2018 Algonquin

Great job! Thanks so much for the hard work and professionalism that Adam and Victor portrayed.

Monique O

(3) 6/23/2018 Naperville

My problem was the movers did not have any packing tape or tools to take bed frams apart. They put a hole in my wall. On there website they stated that movers were equipped with packing tape and tools which I had to go out and buy packing tape.. The movers ask for a tip after they were done. I had to spend 27 dollars on packing tape which they said they would provide. I had to provide tools for the movers. I went outside and found cigarette buds on the driveway where they had been smoking. I requested shrink wrap to wrap the furniture and they showed up with none. They were suppose to be wearing uniforms but they had on street clothes.

Mover's response:
You do not request packing materials, and they got the job done in exactly half of the time you booked for. You don't have plastic wrap on your invoice. Plastic wrap cost more, so that was a very untrue statement. We don't request tips from anyone. If one of my movers did that, I will hold him accountable. Please reread the hireahelper contract about providing packing materials. Now, if you wanted a packer, we have one to we send, directly, but you requested three movers. Also, not one person said anything about a hole in the wall after our customer service called you and asked for feedback. I understand you are upset about $27 of packing materials you spent, but please don't put false information about us. Thank you
- Allstar Movers

Randee S

(5) 6/22/2018 Chicago

Truy ALLSTAR movers! Victor, Jennifer and Adam kicked butt helping us move out of our 3rd floor apartment in the rain! They were kind, considerate, on time, ready to work and busted tail to not only get all of our stuff out, but also fit like Tetris into our moving truck that we underestimated on size. I would highly recommend them for any of your moving needs, thanks again so much!

Jackie H

(5) 6/21/2018 Chicago

Allstar Movers were awesome! They agreed to come to my house the same day when another moving company cancelled on me. Super respectful movers and very hard workers! They communicated very well and had everything they needed to help me move. I would highly recommend them to anyone moving in the area!

Donna C

(5) 6/21/2018 Richmond

Both movers were extremely efficient and did a great job packing items in the crate! They were on time, they worked hard, and I would definitely use them again.

Steven K

(5) 6/21/2018 Evanston

Fast and easy, great service.

Barbara F

(5) 6/20/2018 Libertyville

My prayers were answered when these 3 movers showed up on time with positive attitudes. They were respectful of our property and did an incredible job fitting 33 years of stuff in the PODS-awesome team work. Many thanks!

Susan V

(5) 6/16/2018 Zion

Josh and Kenny were fantastic. I received a call informing me they were running a little late but they arrived within the 1 hour window, I don't consider that being late. They took great care with all of our belongings. Some of the furniture was oversized so they disassembled it to prevent damage moving downstairs and through doorway. They made sure everything was and it the right room before they left. Both were also friendly. I told them we still have more things to move and if I think it's too much for me to do I will call and request them. I also plan on telling friends and family to give them a call if they need moving labor helpers as they did a great job for a reasonable price.

Scott B

(5) 6/16/2018 Naperville

The guys crushed it today! Hugh Thank You's!!!!!!!!Communicated very well, worked non stop and hustled, very respectful! I will reach out again when I need them.

Gregory T

(5) 6/16/2018 Palatine

The guys were excellent and packed my pod perfectly.

Nancy S

(5) 6/13/2018 Kenosha

Good job. Expert pod loader.

William K

(5) 6/8/2018 Des Plaines

Perfectly on time. Prepared to do the job. Worked hard. Respectful to my property and antiques. Yes, I would use them again.

Pamela S

(4) 6/7/2018 Lake Geneva

Adam phoned first thing to introduce himself and let me know what time they would arrive. We went over the items to move and how far. Adam and his crew arrived on time, went straight to work and did not stop until the job was finished. All were courteous and very pleasant. We will definitely use them again when needed. Thank you Adam and crew members! Job well done!

Thomas R

(5) 6/4/2018 Arlington Heights


Angela C

(5) 6/2/2018 Lake in the Hills

Movers were great and professional!

Kevin M

(5) 5/31/2018 Milwaukee

Great job made everything fit in a 10ft truck.

Richard M

(4) 5/30/2018 Chicago

I had a minor issue with the mover schedule and their customer service support was able to help me right away.

Rachelle G

(5) 5/28/2018 Elgin

This company was very perfessional. They were on time and completed packing my pod in an hour. They were able to successfully pack all my items in a storage unit that should have been bigger. I will be moving in October and will use them again. Great price, great service.

Gary C

(5) 5/28/2018 Kenosha

Premium help

Shailesh V

(5) 5/26/2018 St. Charles

They did the loading and unloading of furniture very professionally. Finished the job on time as well.

Grace E

(5) 5/25/2018 Frankfort

They were very professional and helpful and hard workers. I enjoyed using their services.

Denise M

(5) 5/24/2018 Pingree Grove

The movers were anazing and quick

Glenn B

(5) 5/24/2018 Wauconda

Top quality service by friendly extremely hard working works, the owner even showed up to get it completed. Great customer service, really saved me!

Matt R

(5) 5/24/2018 Twin Lakes

Awesome team, so helpful and patient. Very easy to work with and accommodating. I wish they could help on the other end of the move in Cali!

Scott B

(5) 5/20/2018 Naperville

I would recommend Allstar Movers fully, as they worked there butts off to get things done. I would not recommend HireAHelper to help you find a mover. AllStar Movers were within window, prepared to do the job, they worked extremely hard, treated our stuff like their own and was outstanding to help support me while a family member was in the hospital after a heart attack. HireAHelper on the other hand disappointed us We had to move the service date due to going to the hospital. I thought the change fee would go to the workers, but it didn’t. Thinking they would be out $ because of the change. Nope...HireAHelper took it and showed insensitivity, lack of caring, only out for own $, not caring about the workforce or families (workers or ours). We tipped the helpers and did what the scheduling company would not do, It’s not about the $, but doing the right thing.

John B

(5) 5/19/2018 Palatine

They were a lifesaver. I had one moving company cancel at the ladt minute. They came quick. Busted their ass and moved us. Appreciate the help.

Raegan W

(5) 5/17/2018 Tower Lakes

Awesome job, thee guys were on time and incredibly friendly and helpful.

Laura S

(5) 5/16/2018 Homewood

I could not recommend this company any higher. Hire them. No seriously, you should hire them right now. They were wonderful it’s the best movers that I’ve ever had. Nothing was scratched nothing was damaged I never worried. Care was taken at every turn. They were fast and efficient and helped me figure out how to pack the storage POD for the best results. I got turned around in what was going and staying and they all handled my mix up with ease and grace. Honestly, we will hire them again in a heartbeat.

Regina M

(5) 5/16/2018 Joliet

The Movers arrived on time and was very helpful. I highly recommend this company...

Dave N

(5) 5/12/2018 Crystal Lake

The guys got here on time and worked hard to complete the job. They were fantastic! I would recommend Allstar for all of your moving needs!

Elizabeth M

(5) 5/12/2018 Arlington Heights

These guys were fantastic! I got a phone call letting me know they were set to go (they were even early) and Blake and Shawn pitched right in with energy and expertise. I was so impressed! They were on the ball and really worked hard, finishing in less than an hour for a 12’ truck that fully loaded. I will definitely use Allstar Movers again!

Chasen W

(5) 5/11/2018 Chicago

These folks did a fantastic job. My building required some creativity with getting my box spring, mattress, and especially couch into the unit. Allstar Movers did it quickly and securely. All of my belongings were in great shape. Bill was exactly as promised. Thanks guys!

Barb F

(5) 5/9/2018 Libertyville

Super workers! Great attitudes. Very helpful. I will request these men again for the next move. Thanks!!!

Arthur N

(5) 5/6/2018 Chicago

Great job!

Steve H

(5) 5/5/2018 Gurnee

So glad I used All-star Movers and Hire-a-helper. All services were completed as promised in the timeframe promised

Cathy Herman C

(5) 5/4/2018 Antioch

Did a great job. They worked really hard. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Jerry C

(5) 4/28/2018 Chicago

Allstar Movers did a great job for me. They were very friendly and took precautions with our belongings.

Aysel A

(2) 4/27/2018 Gurnee

2 helpers -Adam and Blake arrived in scheduled interval and after walk through started packing. I had to drop my husband off and when I came back the dining room table( which cost us several grands) was disassembled and Adam told me that two of the legs has been damaged but still should be ok while assembling. Once they moved to pack the kitchen, Adam started to disassemble the glasstop kitchen table. I let him know that it needs to be flipped over, and that is how I assembled it. He was like no, this is how it should be disassembled and at the same minute the whole glass top was dropped towards floor. Luckily this time I was there and grasped the top almost before it hit the floor. The screws of the table has been deformed but the top was not damaged. I am not sure if it the approach he followed for disassembling the dining room table too or not. Blake seemed pretty respectful and worked very hard and in my opinion would deserve 5 stars;however Adam deserves not more than 0. There was a last chair to be fitted in the PODS and I had to leave after 10 mins. When Blake communicated the same to Adam he was like, we will take as much as time needed! So, I just get on top of the work and helped Blake to fit the last chair, while Adam was finishing his phone call and cigarette! I also had to clean up cigarette butts in my yard after they left! So, it is all about who comes to help you!

Mover's response:
I'm very disappointed in this review. Adam and Blake showed up at 6am on time coming from the far western suburbs. They shrink wrap every single piece of furniture of yours at your request along with the move. That does take more than two hours. Adam's only mistake is that he should have reported the table defective, because of the stripped screws. We do not move defective pieces of furniture or have customers interfere with the move without a release of liability form signed. Adam really tries to help customers. This is his first only negative review. His name constantly comes up on my positive reviews. Adam and Blake both did a great job and will continue to do great work.
- Allstar Movers

Mary M

(5) 4/26/2018 Kenosha

They were very efficient.

Chris P

(5) 4/25/2018 Cary

Mover arrived on time and worked tirelessly for the two hours we scheduled, we got SO much done, I highly recommend them!

Keith M

(5) 4/24/2018 Sycamore

Very professional, worked hard for the entire time they were here.

Belinda L

(5) 4/24/2018 Milwaukee

Movers were on time and ready to go! They were professional, friendly and respectful of my belongings. Moving for me was extremely stressful, however they went over and beyond to put my nerves at rest and were very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend them for their pricing and hard work ethic. I HOPE I won't have to move again, but if I do, they will be my first call.

Jennifer L

(5) 4/21/2018 Forest Park

They did a wonderful job! Brought tools to breakdown some furniture. They managed to pack as much into my truck as possible. I rented a truck that was too small, and they played tetris with all my stuff and managed to get almost all of it. They were incredible.

Heidi C

(5) 4/21/2018 Richmond

I was a crying mess.... totally broken down person. The 2 guys helping me took control and calmed me down and from there on everything was goo great.

Dave D

(5) 4/21/2018 Chicago

Rayshon and Josh were fantastic. Moved our entire 2 bedroom apartment in 2 hours. Super friendly and professional. I would recommend using them to anyone


(5) 4/19/2018 Belvidere

I am extremely satisfied with the work they done, I will recommend them to anyone .

Taylor H

(5) 4/17/2018 Milwaukee

Rockstar job! Showed up on time. Brought appropriate equipment and showed experience in moving. Very polite and took initiative to get things moved quickly and safely! Would definitely use their help again!

Alex J

(4) 4/14/2018 Milwaukee

They arrived on time and were very friendly.

Geoff W

(5) 4/14/2018 Grayslake

Great job by AllStar movers. We appreciated their work under less than ideal weather conditions. We would certainly use them again!

George D

(5) 4/14/2018 Palatine

Well done. On time and finished a lot in 2 hrs

Michael J

(5) 4/13/2018 Long Grove

Friendly prompt and got the job done. What more can you ask for?!?! Would definitely use them again.

Angela G

(5) 4/11/2018 Inverness

All star Movers are excellent. They arrive on time and prepared. They are very professional and careful with the move. They worked so hard with no complaint and were willing to go over time I requested. I hired them three times so far and will never use anyone else again. Truly grateful they were available to help me!

Chris B

(5) 4/9/2018 Algonquin

Prompt professional service and personable guys. Would recommend to friends for sure!

Joanne L

(5) 4/3/2018 Minooka

the two guys that came out were on time and did a great job for us. rayshon was one and I cant remember the other helpers name. They worked hard and non stop. Very happy with them. We will need more help in a few weeks and I will use them again. I wish I had used allstar movers a few months ago when we needed help with our last move.

Steve M

(5) 3/30/2018 Lake Forest

Excellent, good man, hard worker ! I award him the heisman trophy for the mover industry !

Jay J

(5) 3/30/2018 Rockford

They were very professional, on time, excellent attitude in working with their clients. Recommend them for future jobs for anyone.

Aaron S

(5) 3/28/2018 Wauconda

I hired them for 2 hours work and they completed the job in just over an hour. Very professional and knew just what was needed to complete the job. I needed my PODS packed for our move and they did the job seamlessly. I would hire them again.

Jeffrey T

(5) 3/28/2018 Palos Park

They arrived on time and ready to work. Completed move with no problems. Loaded truck completely, and gave good advice on the next part of our move. Already recommended them to a friend.

Jeff W

(5) 3/25/2018 Chicago

These guys did a nice job. No complaints. Would definitely recommend.

Alex K

(5) 3/24/2018 Lake in the Hills

Excellent work. Very friendly

Thomas G

(5) 3/24/2018 Coal City

These guys were like lightning. Very fast, professional, and helped a great deal.

Jewel J

(5) 3/23/2018 Lake Bluff

The guys were wonderful, highly recommend them

Marc M

(5) 3/21/2018 Hinsdale

Josh and Ray ( I think ) were excellent, they were super helpful, listened to directions well and were very pleasant. If we need movers again I want these guys back!!!!

Chynna B

(5) 3/21/2018 Oak creek

Great movers! Very friendly, efficient, and helpful! I would recommend!

Maritza M

(2) 3/19/2018 Poplar Grove

Had to addressed concerns about handling of goods. Loading onto storage POD and rental truck. Then the unloading of property and storage facility. It was cold that day and rushed. Placement of property in storage unit was another issue.

Mover's response:
I apologize if everything go as expected. From my perspective, I thought we did fantastic. Anyone can check the weather on the 19th. It wasn't cold. It was 50 degrees in March, so that wasn't true right there. We took a last minute move in a hostile environment. You had 20' truck and a 16' pod and ordered three movers. Each mover had their own two wheeler dolly, furniture dolly, straps, tools including a drill, rope, and blankets that we didn't even charge you for them because the move was so large. My guys and I made three trips loading and unloading the truck and loaded your pod using my rope and bungee cords. The move took 10 hours. That's not a rushed move. The also brought up and disassembled and uninstalled your tanning bed, washer, and dryer. At the end of the we can't please every single person even though we try to. I will choose to let this go and help future customers.
- Allstar Movers

Howard S

(5) 3/17/2018 Wheaton

Very professional took great care of my furniture

Kenneth S

(5) 3/16/2018 Richmond

So friendly so great!!

Nora L

(5) 3/16/2018 Aurora

Great job fast workers

Norbert N

(5) 3/16/2018 Oswego

Adam did a great Job! Appreciate the services

Bryn P

(5) 3/12/2018 Arlington Heights

On time courteous hard workers!! Third time I have used them and all three tunes have been excellent!!!

Jamie S

(5) 3/11/2018 Huntley

They were on time and worked hard the whole time they were here.

Christine N

(4) 3/10/2018 Lemont

They were on time and took the time to properly care for my possessions.

Leigh B

(5) 3/10/2018 Mt Pleasant

Movers were accommodating and pleasant. Never complained about moving a treadmill. Thank you!

Janie Z

(5) 3/7/2018 Morris

Very friendly and great performance

Jamar W

(3) 3/4/2018 Buffalo Grove

The service was okay. I ordered them to arrive between 11am- 12pm they were there at 10am. That was an issue based on the time we could get into our new place. So we ultimately wasted an hour of them sitting in a car while we waited on our apartment to open. Broke our dresser by dropping it off the dolly. Not a huge deal as we planned to replace it anyway. One guy was very pushy and insisted that we take certain things apart. I’ve moved professionally 6 times, many were full service and no one has ever taken these things apart. On the plus side, the price was reasonable and they were pretty quick.

Mover's response:
Yes, they came early. They wanted to be on time. We don't charge anyone before the move time. They used a dolly which was promised. We do recommend taking the legs apart of a table to not only get through doors or having extra room on the truck, but also to insure that the legs off of the table does not break if it was to shift while in motion or to hit a wall coming through a hallway. We are glad they brought their tools, so you or the apartment building doesn't have any damages. You also said we were pretty quick, so even of you did wait on your apartment to open, it didn't affect you. We also have never broken the dresser we used to move on the dolly.
- Allstar Movers

Marvin L

(5) 3/3/2018 Cherry Valley

Great job have to use these guys again thank you so much

Trevor G

(5) 3/3/2018 Chicago

Great work!

Evan K

(5) 3/3/2018 Chicago

Allstar movers were a great asset for our move to SF. They answered the call when another mover bailed on us the day before the move. Adam was a one man whirlwind and picked our 1 bedroom in record time. The owner, Ray, also ended up making an appearance and helping out. Altogether a great experience during a hectic and stressful move

Trevor G

(5) 3/3/2018 Chicago

Prompt, professional, and efficient!

Bryn P

(5) 3/2/2018 Arlington Heights

On time worked super hard and were very careful with my stuff

Dotti P

(5) 3/1/2018 Mundelein

Awesome guys!! Great help! Really fast at moving and safe with items. Professional and wonderful!

Nicole G

(5) 3/1/2018 Wheeling

They were very helpful and friendly. Showed up on time and were very efficient. Would absolutely recommend!

Ryan B

(5) 2/28/2018 Chicago

Outstanding. Ray and his crew were great.

Nor J

(5) 2/27/2018 Chicago

I could not recommend a better moving company!!! They were on time, extremely efficient (I can’t believe how many boxes they carried in one trip) relaxed and fun to talk to, and got the job done in time. One mover hauled the stuff down stairs while the other mover packed. At first they didn’t think all of our stuff would fit into our tiny POD, but they worked extremely hard to make it happen! The manager called me as soon as the job was complete to ask if everything went well. I could not be happier with my decision to hire All Star Movers. They exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely hire them again for any move. Thank you Josh and Hector!!!

Angela N

(5) 2/25/2018 Chicago

Arrive on time and moved my stuff in an efficient manner

Zoltan K

(5) 2/24/2018 La Grange Park

Ray and his team did an excellent job today. Even though they were running a little behind at their previous job...Ray showed us the courtesy to call us to let us know that they would be a little late. They worked hard and they got our POD loaded in the 2 hours they had to do it. I would highly recommend them and we will surely use them again on our next move! 5 STARS to Ray and his team!!!!

Linda L

(1) 2/23/2018 Elgin

They were complaining from the start. Said things would not fit through doorways . They actually fit just fine.They did not put boxes where they were labeled to go.They were not careful kept nicking scratching newly painted walls even when objects were not large or perceptually heavy.

Mover's response:
We did our best. Sorry we didn't live up to your expectations. We did not scratch your walls. If something doesn't fit, we are required to tell you itstead of forcing an item through the door and causing damage. You did like us on the review on 02/21/2018.
- Allstar Movers

Joe W

(5) 2/23/2018 Chicago

The guys did a great job. They arrived early and worked fast. They were very nice and talkative and understood where everything was supposed to go. I would recommend anyone that is looking to get helpers to use them.

Linda L

(5) 2/21/2018 Elgin

They were on time. Knew what they were doing.Careful,respectful and professional.They worked very hard the whole time. I would highly recommend this crew to anyone. Sincerely Linda & Arquelio Torres

Jihye K

(5) 2/19/2018 Mount Prospect

They came at expected time. Worked really fast and they were really kind. I had my boxes in pod, at ground level to third floor without elevator. They didnt charge extra and they were really friendly. Highly recommend!! Thank you :)

Jason T

(5) 2/19/2018 Schaumburg

Rayshon and team arrived on time and worked hard. They got the entire POD loaded in 3 hours with all my furniture.

Phillip L

(5) 2/17/2018 Glendale

Ray and Josh were EXCEPTIONAL and I will recommend them to ALL! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Lloyd S

(5) 2/16/2018 Rolling Meadows

Awesome. Perfect. Easy!! Great guys. Totally recommend!

Scott B

(5) 2/10/2018 Salem

Guys we're excellent.

Rick J

(5) 2/6/2018 Lake Zurich

They did a great job

Charles K

(5) 2/3/2018 Wheeling

Great communication. Great workers. I am a mover from PA and can say they did a great job helping unload and didn't complain even with the heavy items.

Ragy R

(5) 2/2/2018 Plainfield

Ray and his team did an incredible job. They were able to unload the trailer on time and they were working fast and really hard. I have more than 10 stairs and that killed them but they never complained and I could see their sincerity in their help. Totally professional and ethical movers. They also helped me connecting the washer and dryer and gave me some tips to safely connect the gas pipes to the dryer.

Peter H

(5) 1/30/2018 Rockford

Josh and Ray did a great job - very professional

Bobby C

(5) 1/29/2018 Winfield

Very busy, but still treated my stuff with care and helped a lot. Worked quickly.

Nicole W

(5) 1/29/2018 Orland Park

Worked fast and everything sorted

Ann D

(5) 1/27/2018 Vernon Hills

Really nice guys, knew what they were doing. Fast and efficient

Gerrit V

(5) 1/24/2018 Menomonee Falls

They called an hour before arrival. Great. Showed up in time. Loaded our 20 foot UHaul in 2 hours. I would use these people again. Thanks Allstar Movers, thanks Rayshon.

William W

(5) 1/23/2018 Bloomingdale

Great guy, terrific work and on time. So congenial and courteous the entire time. This was a wonderful experience and I would certainly use this service again, anytime I need help moving. Thank you so much for a much needed service.

Cheryl P

(5) 1/19/2018 Burlington

All of the above!!! Very hardworking and professional. It was a pleasure working with them!!!

Anthony S

(5) 1/19/2018 Lyons

Excellent experience extremely professional. I would hire them again...

Lee P

(5) 1/14/2018 Oak Creek

Great job!!!!!!


(5) 1/13/2018 Carpentersville

Great job, on time, worked hard and were careful. Would highly recommend.

Jeff R

(4) 1/7/2018 Chicago

They were very helpful. I am glad I used their services.

Ryan M

(5) 1/6/2018 Lake Zurich

Paid for 2 hours, they got it done in 1 and a half. Very respectful for property and professional. Would highly recommend.

Shannon B

(5) 12/30/2017 Chicago

Good and efficient. Got the job done and were polite. Definitely were a huge help for us! I'd recommend them to anyone in need of local movers.

Giovanni V

(2) 12/27/2017 Tinley Park

Movers arrived supposedly an hr early but never rang door bell. When I called them back they said they were waiting outside and that they wanted to be paid the extra hr for waiting. However they never rang the bell or called to advise of no access. The haggling went on for over a week. Only after legal threats did they refund the offer. I’ll never go in on the cheap again I’d rather pay the extra for professional movers than deal with this garbage. And to top it off the guys moving us didn’t have a clue on how to move a dresser or a couch....

Mover's response:
We don't access to your credit card. Hireahelper does. We can't charge you for anything. The movers arrived. You live in a security building. We called multiple times. You never answered, so they sat outside waiting for you during below zero temperatures. The guys also finished the move in less than 2 hours. I still payed them for waiting on you, even though you were only charged for 2 hours.
- Allstar Movers

Melissa W

(4) 12/22/2017 Highland Park

Rayshon and his team were efficient and creative with getting the furniture into the Pod. They leveraged all available space.

Bhanu G

(4) 12/21/2017 Wadsworth

They came on time and worked hard. Would definitely use them again.

Jerry P

(1) 12/18/2017 Marietta

Canceled on the day they were supposed to show up. Since I was supposed to be out of the house the next day (sold) this put us in a terrible position. No one should ever use this company.

Mover's response:
I personally apologize for the inconvenience. One of my movers got hurt on a previous move. When I out called hireahelper immediately to accept the no show and get you another moving company before it was too late. I do apologize. I hope you have a great move.
- Allstar Movers

Roslyn D

(5) 12/18/2017 Crystal Lake

Incredibly responsive to a last minute request. Thank you!!

Dee H

(5) 12/17/2017 Lansing

My movers were very professional and on time. They also handled my furniture with care. They exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend to a friend. Thank you.

LaShonn S

(5) 12/17/2017 Dolton

They were running late but called and let me know. Work safely and very efficiently. I would definitely hire them again, Rayshawn and Veronica did an excellent job.

Joy T

(3) 12/16/2017 Plainfield

First mover showed up promptly. Second mover turned off his phone and didn't show. Another mover was called. Took him 40 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, first mover sat, waited, did nothing. Neither mover was prepared. Had no tape, plastic or dolley. Fortunately, I had one. Would definitely not recommend.

Mover's response:
The mover that didn't show had a personal emergency. He is on leave until he is okay. The first mover brought he two wheeler dolly. You also have to request plastic wrap and extra supplies on your order. It was not on your invoice. These items cost fees. Also, you have to request piano moving also. My movers showed up, and they were expected to move a grand piano without warning. We require a 4 person minimun for piano moves as well. I am sorry for inconvenience. We will do better next time.
- Allstar Movers

Cari D

(2) 12/14/2017 Chicago

The day started with them being 20 minutes late but yet they charged for the full hour. They were not prepared for the job as they did not bring items that were requested in the booking process. They were extremely slow st moving our furniture. It seems like they were milking the clock since their next move was five hours after our move. I purchased blankets to wraps up some of my furniture and when unpacking the truck they had not wrapped the furniture I requested to be wrapped. I would not hire them again. The only thing they did accomplish was making everything fit in the truck.

Mover's response:
I was personally on the move. Everything you said was 100% untrue. I took apart the legs of your table with my tools. I sent my secretary to buy you extra plastic wrap since you used my roll free of charge! I actually expected a 5 star review because of my hard work. I get 7-10 jobs a day. I don't need to milk your clock. If you live on the 3rd floor it usually takes longer.
- Allstar Movers

Kevin M

(2) 12/13/2017 Newnan

The two movers arrived on time but damaged a few of our belongings. I’ve come to expect there to be some damage during moves but these guys were carving out my walls. One of them was clearly in no shape to be moving furniture for a living and I’ll be paying the money I saved on the hire for wall repair and furniture supplies.

John W

(5) 12/12/2017 Rockford

Easy, requested help for a move,received email with confirmation right away. They called that morning of the move, showed up on time and did a great JOB.

Kathy J

(5) 12/9/2017 Huntley

Great job

Jennifer N

(5) 12/3/2017 Glen Ellyn

These guys are amazing! Prompt, fast, and professional. Use them, you will not be disappointed. Ray is wonderful & was a delight during a stressful move. Customer service and communication A+++

Lisa F

(5) 12/1/2017 Lake Geneva

Nice job very pleasant

Kristen K

(5) 12/1/2017 Mchenry

They were fantastic went above and beyond and were professional and friendly!

Marc L

(4) 11/25/2017 Wheeling

Showed up two people, one was a guy the other a women .... thought there was going to be some problems because lots of heavy pieces. But they totally did a great job. Knew how to work together a got the job done.

Jessica T

(5) 11/24/2017 Lakemoor

Ray and Veronica were excellent! They were super nice and extremely helpful. Showed up within the hour timeframe and they defintely worked hard to get the job done. Extremely professional and took a lot of care with my belongings. Would highly recommend!

Suzanne L

(5) 11/21/2017 Glencoe

Ray and Veronica were very helpful, kept me informed of their arrival time and asked if they could help me in any way. I'd use them again.

Jody L

(2) 11/14/2017 Plano

Had a white guy, white girl and a young black kid show up. The young black kid was fantastic and a hard worker. The white guy kept trying to make side deals with me by getting rid of the black kid and I could save money by using just him and the white girl. (I'm white by the way). He spent more time trying to wheel and deal with me than just moving my belongings into the house and garage. The girl seemed to be working hard too. When I said no, just keep moving my stuff in (we did go overtime), he seemed upset. After taking drawers out of a dresser to move the heavy piece upstairs, the white guy took everything out of the top drawer and put it on the counter in the garage. One certain box (which contained my mothers and grandmothers jewelry) is still missing. The other stuff in that drawer was put on the wooden desk in the garage. Funny thing is he did not empty the bottom drawer which was heaver with stuff. I firmly believe the white guy robbed me and I don't know if the white girl was in on it with him. He seemed anxious to get rid of the young black kid and make his own deals with me. After he unloaded my safe and I caught him going through some boxes, I told them to leave. I still have to pay for the services, but would think Alstar would compensate me somehow for sending me one, possibly two theives to unload my stuff from 3 pods into my house. So sad because they had such high ratings. Guess you can't always believe what you read on this site anymore. Never had a police report done because I have no proof - Just one of those feelings that they stole from me. I also found a cash box broken into that had some dollars that were burnt around the edges and signed by a bunch of us overseas. Friends long gone and now some special memories gone now too. I hope these clowns felt it was worth it. I will remember what he looks like. Hope I don't see him again!

Mover's response:
A bunch a racist comments on this review. Also, throughout your review, you made a bunch assumptions. You made accusations, but you never seen anything. However, you asked for discount. Also, when we move dressers we make it good practice to remove the drawers or ask the customer to have their items removed, because it will be to heavy.
- Allstar Movers

Namrata B

(5) 11/11/2017 Deerfield

Really wonderful job by David and Pierre. Very efficient and profeesional. Nothing was broken or even scratched. Rather one of my broken table also they managed to transport in one piece. Thanks for such a great service!!

Arron F

(5) 11/6/2017 Grayslake

Fast and reliable!!

Cassandra M

(5) 11/5/2017 Brown Deer

Very professional and quick

Scottie W

(5) 11/4/2017 Spring Grove

These guys were awesome. Extremely professional and helpful. They have a network full of guys. The knew what they were doing. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Clayton F

(5) 11/4/2017 Alpharetta

D'Angelo and his partner did a great job moving my 1 bedroom for me. They finished right at 2 hours and were able to get everything hauled up 3 flights of stairs. They showed up exactly on time and went to work straight away. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. The manager Rayshon was also very straight forward and helpful and made the process easy and stress free

Carol S

(5) 11/3/2017 Saint Charles

Very nice young men. Respectful and hard workers.

Lisa H

(5) 11/1/2017 Algonquin

They did a great job. Very nice guys. Is hire them again.

Glenn L

(4) 10/28/2017 South Elgin

The movers did a great job after they both arrived. The first man was there on time. The second one called of with health reasons. His replacement was 1.5 hours late which caused chain reaction incidences with family helpers and cost me another day of truck rental because I got the truck back late. I was given a credit for my trouble. Other than that issue, the move went well. I would use them again.

Ann M

(5) 10/28/2017 Franklin

They worked well together. They did every thing I asked.

Kimberley F

(5) 10/28/2017 Austell

Great communication and very prompt service

Angela G

(5) 10/27/2017 Inverness

Best decision I ever made. The men were on time, professional, prepared, and extremely hard working. They moved things safely and quickly. Loved everything about this company and the guys who helped. Thank you so much

Katherine D

(4) 10/27/2017 Chicago

My movers were late, but did a great job and worked well as a team!

Michael H

(5) 10/26/2017 Woodstock

Crew went straight to work and were prepared for the job. Great attitude and very friendly. I was ever moving again in GA area, I would definitely book them again!

Stacy D

(4) 10/20/2017 Chicago

Very hard working and quick. Arrived half hour early but luckily we were ready ahead of time.

Ethan C

(4) 10/19/2017 Batavia

They were a little late because of things out of their control, but they let me know ahead of time. They were very nice, professional, and well prepared for the job. They knocked out what I assumed would be a 2 hour job in only 1 hour. I would definitely use them again.

Tobias D

(5) 10/18/2017 Buffalo Grove

These guys did solid work. Showed up and didn't stop until the work was done 4 hours later. They packed our truck up really good too. Fit more than I thought we would be able to. Would use again.

Steve C

(5) 10/14/2017 Chicago

Took them awhile to get to the house because of car trouble but once here the two man crew knocked it out. And it was a rainstorm, but they got it done without complaint! I'd definitely use them again! Thanks guys!

Graig H

(5) 10/14/2017 Montgomery

What a crew! There was a huge storm during my move and you never would have guessed. The crew that moved me worked like it was a nice sunny day. I can’t say enough about how well and quickly they packed my u haul. I would recommend to anyone looking for quality work.

Kathleen S

(5) 10/13/2017 Highland Park

On time, did exactly what i asked, efficient and both men had nice personalities so easy to work with. Would hire again.kay schaul

Maameamba A

(5) 10/12/2017 Waukegan

The workers were amazing and efficient. We will definitely use this service again soon! Thank you for being there.

Beverly K

(5) 10/11/2017 Rockford

I called Hire A Helper less than 24 hours from when I needed help. We had a heavy dining room set and several curio cabinets to load into a truck. We were connected with All Star Movers immediately. They sent us a text and email with details to complete our job. Jim and Annie actually arrived early which was a help to us. They were both extremely hard workers. Jim was amazing at arranging the furniture in our 16’ truck. We provided the truck, furniture pads, tape, bungee cords to secure items in place and empty boxes to help cushion furniture against pads. They were very respectful of our furniture and I highly recommend them.

Michelle P

(5) 10/11/2017 Chicago

Helped with everything, really quick!!

Tina R

(5) 10/10/2017 Milwaukee

They were both very business like yet friendly. They worked well together and didn’t stop until the job was completed. I would use them again no problem.

Mike K

(5) 10/9/2017 Crystal Lake

They did a very good job they were early got right to work and finished on time I would recommend them to anyone.

Sarah C

(1) 10/7/2017 Lithia Springs

I will never use this company again. Terrible service.

Nola R

(5) 10/7/2017 Gurnee

They were fast & efficient. I was really impressed with their service.

Steve K

(5) 10/7/2017 Wauconda

Professional. Friendly. Quick. Courteous. Could not have been better.

Angie S

(5) 10/5/2017 Chicago

The movers were very nice, very polite, and super professional. Did a great job, were exactly on time also.

Melanie M

(5) 10/1/2017 Rockford

Allstar Movers were exactly what I needed and more than I expected. Jim Pease and Anne Stetson were extremely professional, efficient, and effective. They evaluated what I had to move and got to work quickly. I had an 8.5 hr drive to my destination, so I was worried about things shifting. Jim is an expert on packing - nothing shifted and all my furniture made if safe and sound. Jim also helped me tie down my motorcycle on the trailer and provided me with advice on how to secure/check the straps while traveling. Anne was also a very hard worker and worked in tandem with Jim (the dynamic duo) so I had a really great experience with my move. I would definitely recommend Jim and Anne. Besides being excellent movers, they are really cool people - I was so happy/relieved we had a group hug when everything was completed! M. Malone

Mikaela R

(5) 10/1/2017 Chicago

Allstar movers was great! Both guys (David and ?) were in time-early even. They were fast, efficient and very careful with our goods and property! They worked so hard and never complained once. They were polite, professional and kind, easy to get along with. We would definitely hire them again for any moving needs!

Rick M

(5) 9/30/2017 Joliet

This is our second time using them in 2 months. Absolutely awsome. Busted there butt and knocked out the pods quickly. Would highly recommend.

Sabrina T

(5) 9/29/2017 McDonough

I was very pleased with the service they provided

Gregory F

(5) 9/29/2017 Pingee Grove

They showed up on time and ready to work. Got the job done in half the amount of time I thought it would take. Very professional and nice to work with

Andrew S

(5) 9/26/2017 Geneva

Ken and Brad showed up to my apartment early and had everything moved out of my 12 ft box truck and assembled within an hour and a half. Highly recommended using allstar movers.

Richard C

(5) 9/26/2017 Woodridge

Excellent work. They came right on time and completed the work within the time. Very good at managing time making sure that they stayed within the time originally booked. Gave ideas as to how to improvise/ optimize future moves. I would recommend them any day!

Todd M

(5) 9/26/2017 Lemont

The guys were great!!! Definitely will recommend the services

Gerald B

(5) 9/25/2017 Oak Park

Total last minute move request. With very short notice, two AllStar guys showed up on time and got right to work. The AllStar dispatcher communicated with me very well, which was a relief during a stressful move. The guys were quick, efficient and respectful of my furniture and belongings. It was a 2nd floor apartment in Oak Park and they maneuvered the back staircases like pros. Very impressed and would definitely recommend.

Lisa J

(1) 9/25/2017 Cary

My first experience with hireahelper was superb. This time,however, was abysmal. Didn't work well together or coordinate or communicate with each other. Took an inordinate amount of time. They were unorganized and piled things in the yard and stuffed them in at the end of the move. They were strong, I'll give them that.

Mover's response:
Sorry for your experience. My crew was there on time with tools and a dolly. Your items were not packed in boxes. Yet, you booked six hours, and it took them six hours. They also offered to help you more for half of the price. I will speak to my crew on the job, get more feedback, and work on improvements.
- Allstar Movers

Edwin E

(5) 9/23/2017 Palos Hills

Great crew, they were on time, worked fast and hard even though this was a last minute job and their 3rd job of the day! Would definitely use them again

Jay S

(5) 9/23/2017 Glendale Heights

Awsome job!!

Timothy B

(4) 9/23/2017 Des Plaines

The team was very courteous, and accommodating.

Anthony A

(5) 9/22/2017 Crown Point

They were at my place before they were scheduled to be there. They worked hard the entire time they were loading my pod. These guys were exceptional.

Sue R

(5) 9/21/2017 Rockford

The two helpers were quick and efficient. I would use them again, although I wish there wasn't a two hour minimum.

Kathleen K

(5) 9/19/2017 Mokena

They were very hard workers and very polite and they were very careful with carry in the furniture. I would definitely recommend them. They were also early not late and did a lot of heavy lifting.

Angela S

(5) 9/16/2017 Dekalb

Job well done!!

Kathleen H

(4) 9/16/2017 Pleasant Prairie

They were friendly, efficient and helpful.

Hanna C

(5) 9/12/2017 Evanston

On time, friendly and professional. Would hire them again in a second.

Curt J

(5) 9/12/2017 Prospect Heights

This was my second use of Allstar Movers in 40 days. Both crews were polite, personal and professional. They are now my goto prepare, lift, and move company.

Maurice and Sandra Y

(5) 9/11/2017 Gary

The two men were respectful and professional.

Karina S

(5) 9/11/2017 Waukegan

Thank you.

Nicole G

(4) 9/10/2017 Somonauk

The actual workers that came did an amazing job but the two guys that showed up and would not leave my house saying they were supposed to be on the job scared me I would honestly never use this service again it set me back hours also hassling with them and costed me extra money. Unreal crazy experience which ended with the police at my home extremely embarrassing I really feel I should be compensated for this awful experience

Mover's response:
I am glad that OUR movers did a great job. The other moving company that showed up unprofessionally had nothing to do with Allstar Movers. It was I who called the police, because that company had no right interfering with your move and with my business. I will take legal action, and we have refunded you money on the money. I am embarrassed that this has happened. If you wanted them you would have booked them. Thanks for choosing Allstar Movers. I apologize for the experience.
- Allstar Movers

Deb B

(5) 9/8/2017 Mchenry

Fast efficient and awesome!

Lauren S

(5) 9/8/2017 Chicago

GREAT JOB!! WILL USE AGAIN! Prompt and efficient.

Matt G

(5) 9/2/2017 Chicago

These guys were early, efficient, and all around great guys. I would definitely use them again in the future!

Charlene K

(5) 9/1/2017 Trevor

They were nice and helpful. Went out their way to make the move smoothly. As possible.

Frank I

(5) 9/1/2017 Chicago

Great job and fast, really fast and easy thank you

David M

(5) 8/31/2017 Saint Charles

Hard workers, curtious, went the extra mile

Nick A

(1) 8/31/2017 Chicago

Extremely careless with fragile items and damaged furniture. Packed the U-Haul extremely poorly.

Mover's response:
I am sorry you felt that way but that is not true. You booked us not once but twice. None of your items were packed, and you used a fifteen ft' Uhaul to make multiple trips on your load and unload. When I called to follow up, you told me the movers did a wonderful job. Then, you wrote this. I am so disappointed, because we worked very hard on your job and to get great reviews.
- Allstar Movers

Kim J

(5) 8/31/2017 Lawrenceville

The team arrived on time, kick butt and got us on the road ahead of schedule. They had a great attitude and I would highly recommend for any job.

David O

(5) 8/30/2017 Evanston

They showed up on time we're very polite worked hard and did a great job.

Frank I

(5) 8/30/2017 Chicago

Great job fast and professional will hire again

Tgichona M

(5) 8/29/2017 Oswego

All-star movers are awesome! They did a phenomenal job! Very professional and pleasant. They were very efficient! David and Jonathan Rock!

Abelardo G

(5) 8/26/2017 Rockford

Very accommodating, courteous and high quality service

Sarah W

(5) 8/25/2017 Milwaukee

The movers that came to assist me from Allstar Movers were great! They were on time, they were har workers, and we got everything done in the two hour time limit I was hoping for!

Rachel C

(5) 8/22/2017 Bristol

Jim & Annie were great. They arrived early, worked hard and efficiently and got everything moved. Thank you!!

Bethany S

(5) 8/20/2017 Chicago

They were awesome! Super helpful and arrived early! Highly recommend!!!

Abelardo G

(5) 8/20/2017 Chicago

Excellent two workers...job in record time, within the two hours. of course unloading is faster than loading but still Bradley and Kent were great, agile, and expeditious

Doug A

(5) 8/19/2017 Mundelein

Both helpers worked hard, and carefully through a long, hot day. They showed up a few minutes early, ready to work. They respected the property and handled it well.I would definitely use them again!

Abelardo G

(5) 8/19/2017 Rockford

Angel was great and efficient

Pandora S

(5) 8/18/2017 MARIETTA

Jay and Glenn with Allstar Movers was wonderful!!! They were very quick, pleasant & friendly! I appreciate all of their help!!!

Cammie H

(5) 8/16/2017 Hampshire

These guys are fantastic! This is the third time using them, and I will continue to call them when I need the help. They always go above and beyond helping out. The are fast end efficient. I needed them to empty a pod that's in my drive. When the job was done, they even offered to sweep it out. One major thing that I like about these guys, they respect your belongings. They are extremely careful the entire time. If you need a helper or two or more this is the company to call. I will continue to call them and so should you.Thanks again guys.

Alec L

(5) 8/15/2017 Chicago

Devon and Jeremiah were very patient and flexible as we had to wait around before we started actually unloading stuff. Once we got to work they were fast and happy to discuss the best way / place to move my our belongings. I would definitely recommend Alstar movers to anyone who wants a competitively priced moving company with an easy process and curious employees!

Brian E

(5) 8/14/2017 Rex

I highly recommend these movers. They showed up prompt and were willing to to help with anything they could. You can't go wrong with all star movers!

Penny L

(4) 8/12/2017 Grayslake

Easy to work with! Satisfied customer!

Karla M

(5) 8/12/2017 Atlanta

They showed up early. We're very efficient and helpful. Did everything I asked. Very nice and professional. I would definitely hire them again and highly recommend them.

Titus W

(5) 8/10/2017 Park Forest

Packed the truck right and tight and nice guys to work with.

James B

(5) 8/9/2017 Atlanta

I booked the wrong date by mistake. I didn't notice until the day of the move. I contacted AllStar movers and they were able to arrange movers on the day of my move. The service was fast and timely and I really appreciate their service.

Curtis J

(5) 8/8/2017 Prospect Heights

Arrived on time. Extremely careful, respectful, and quick movers. I would definitely would recommend them. Price was very reasonable.

Gary J

(5) 8/8/2017 Rockford

Very polite hard workers

Jon R

(4) 8/7/2017 Arlington Heights

Allstar Movers arrived right on time and were very respectful and hardworking. They completed the job efficiently and I look forward to hiring them again in the future.

Jim H

(4) 8/6/2017 Elgin

They were on time, courteous and followed instructions well. They took their time and were very careful moving our furniture which we did appreciate. They were young and could stand to build up a little more muscle for moving heavier items, but all in all we were satisfied with their help and would use them again.

Brittney M

(4) 8/6/2017 Douglasville

There was a bit of a delay with them getting to my residence, but they thoroughly communicated that they were running late. Once they arrived they worked diligently to make up for lost time. The team was very easy ongoing, professional, and great with working around with my kids that were running around everywhere enjoying the new home. I would recommend this company to anyone moving! They told us to sit back and relax (after a 12 hour trip) and allow them to do all of the work which included putting furniture together. Thank you AllStar Movers for such magnificent service!!!!

Rick M

(5) 8/5/2017 bartlett

Would definitely hire again. They came on short notice and did an excellent job. Very reasonably priced and very professional. Thank you very much allstar movers.

Hena V

(5) 8/4/2017 Atlanta

Gary and his kids Gabrielle and Tobias were absolutely perfect!!!!

Brandon P

(5) 8/4/2017 Belvidere

Great work ethic. Fast and worked with great attitude!

Antione M

(2) 8/3/2017 Atlanta

One of the movers was great the other guy not so much. Also my walls are damaged pretty badly.

Mover's response:
My guys arrived 30 minutes early. There was no claim. When management followed up on the move, you said "The move went well". No claim was filed.
- Allstar Movers

Nancy U

(5) 8/2/2017 Naperville

All Star crew is very patience and helpfull. Thank you for providing a great service.

Suryaprakash P

(5) 8/1/2017 Westmont

They came on sharp time and properly prepared for job, they worked hard and fast as they can, also properly taking care of my goods and respectful to us. I recommend them and love to use them again in future.

David C

(1) 8/1/2017 Milwaukee

Communication was awful. was incredible with their communication and stated I would receive a call from Allstar confirming the move. I personally had to locate their number to call and confirm they were scheduled. They finally showed up slightly after 2p when the window was 12p-1p. The individual answering the phone apologized and said he would send an additional person to "speed things up." I was informed by the additional mover he was contacted via a Craigslist ad and he had never worked with or met the other two movers or the manager of Allstar. The "additional helper" was told by the manager he would show up at the residence we were moving to and pay him for his work. When he discovered the manager wasn't going to show up, he not only pressured me for money (wasn't my responsibility since I paid hire a helper and they pay Allstar), he began making threats stating what he would do with the guns he owns. The two Allstar movers were visibly upset and they stopped working. Ultimately, I had to finish moving my furniture myself. I sent the text message that the move was completed due to the fact I was incredibly uncomfortable due to the threats being made by the Craigslist mover that I never hired or requested in the first place. In the contract, I was required to rent furniture pads along with the truck. I rented two sets and they were never used. Not only do I have significant damage to three pieces of furniture, one set of unused pads was stolen that I was then forced to buy from Uhaul. Hire a helper was mortified with the service I received and was very professional in the manner they handled the situation with me. In regards to Allstar, the service was deplorable, unprofessional, and the movers showed up with a very strong odor of marijuana. Not only were there threats made from a hired Craigslist helper, damage to furniture and an unfinished move really ruined what I hoped would be a seamless move.

Mover's response:
I respect your opinion, but that's not what happen on your. My. lead got a flat tire on the way to your move. You said your time sensitive. I gave you four for the price of two to speed everything up. You told me the move was good. If this happened you could've call hireahelper or the police. Which you didn't. They finished the move. If a misunderstanding we apologize. Anyways thanks for choosing us.
- Allstar Movers

Michelle G

(5) 7/31/2017 Antioch

Jim and Annie and the 2 other young boys did a marvelous job, highly recommended. Very smooth transaction.

Ebony D

(5) 7/31/2017 Chicago

Great job! I scheduled the night before my move and the helpers came on time worked quickly and were very helpful. I would use them and this service again

Cierra H

(5) 7/31/2017 Smyrna

Ours movers were wonderful!!! Very efficient and packed every inch of our moving truck! We would hire them again in a heartbeat!!! :)

Arika H

(1) 7/29/2017 Chicago

These were not Allstar movers. It took 2 hours (120 minutes) to move and load 6 pieces of furniture in the truck. Two pieces of furniture were damaged. I was sent a young man and a boy (referenced as "Junior") to help me move. It was clear that this was Junior's first time moving. He was very weak, would manhandle/drop our things, and was constantly being instructed on how to hold the furniture. The two of them required my full supervision and assistance for the 2 hours. They did not come prepared. They did not bring a furniture dolly as advertised. They also both used my bathroom for 5+ minutes each, leaving it stinky. I wish I could be compensated for this poor and damaging service.

Mover's response:
These two men showed up on time with short notice. These guys had more than 3 flights to go up. If you believe you furniture was damaged, you can always file a claim which you didn't. You paid for 2 helpers and two hours. They finished within their time period as stated above. You don't get a refund if they finish early. I'm sorry. Every company on hireahelper has at least a two hour minimum.
- Allstar Movers

Kerri K

(4) 7/27/2017 Lockport

They did a good job. The only negative is only 3 movers arrived when we had booked 4. They got the job done with 3 and did promptly adjust the price.

Amy M

(5) 7/19/2017 Gurnee

Very polite and hard working.

Patricia L

(5) 7/16/2017 Chicago

Great service! Very pleased with the service.

Johna H

(5) 7/16/2017 Evanston

Highly recommend. Signed up for help at the last minute and was able to meet my needs even on a Sunday! Communicated well to make sure my helper was able to meet me at an agreed upon location. Bradley was extremely helpful, experienced and professional. He made everything easy and even made suggestions on how to make the move easier and optimal for the care of my belongings. Great first experience with hire a helper!

Aravind P

(5) 7/15/2017 alpharetta

Very good

Tom S

(5) 7/15/2017 Racine

Your guys were the best very helpful in packing my pod to the max. They were really hard workers i would not have been able to get this move done in one day with out them. I would definitely use them again if I was in this area. Thank u so much for your help. Tom spry

Joseph S

(5) 7/11/2017 Palatine

Great team. On time. Got the job done efficiently. No damage.

Brian K

(5) 7/6/2017 Elgin

Our movers worked fast but also with great care. They were friendly while also professional. We will book them again to help us unpack.

Maria S

(5) 7/6/2017 Norridge

Extremely pleased with the level of service received from Paul and Mike. They were professional and worked as an efficient team to complete our move. They were on time, discussed the scope of the project, created an efficient plan of action and completed the move within the allotted time frame. Ray the Manager was also a pleasure to work with. He contacted us immediately after receiving the request and discussed our individual needs. It was a last minute request following a holiday. We would both use them for future moves and highly recommend their services.

Jean W

(2) 7/5/2017 Milwaukee

First of all, they were an hour late (they/I said 8:00AM. They finally got to my house at 10:00AM.) Second, they scratched my wood floors from the bedroom, through the hall, across the dining room, through the living room, and into the front hall. All this was done because they dragged a dresser instead of using the blankets I provided and they knew about them and where the blankets were located. Thirdly, when the job was done, they asked for a tip. I said "no" because they were late. Finally, when the job was done, I texted the number of my job and "completed". Even after doing what was asked of me, one of the workers wanted me to talk to the person on the phone. This delayed me even more. I finally had to leave because I was 50 minutes late to my next appointment. The person on the phone must have completed his task because I was charged for the service.

Mover's response:
The two individuals that you are also completed your move on the first. You told me and hireahelper on the phone that you loved the two individuals. As a result you resceduled them for your second move. You never complained or filed a claim for either move about anything broken. You didn't close out the job and also decided not to pay my company until three days later. We never ask for tips. If a worker does that, we let that person go immediately. These two men did this move on the July 4th.
- Allstar Movers

Grayson P

(1) 7/1/2017 Chicago

Major issues all around. I called multiple times to get a confirmation and not until the night before did I get a call back. Then the day of they were suppose to be there between 9-10 and both movers werent there until 11:30. One of those movers, Greg, was 53 and had to take multiple breaks for both resting and talking on his cellphone. The other mover, Trevor was phenomenal though. Very disorganized and not worth the cheaper fee for the amount of stress they caused.

Mover's response:
Sir, you request help the night before, and we got there on a reasonable time. finished your move within the four hours. Greg is not 53 and has done a fantastic job on your and previous moves. However, we have been extremely busy that weekend. We could have done better with disbatching the movers. This is something we will work on future moves. Thanks for the feedback, and we apologize for any stress.
- Allstar Movers

Claudia M

(3) 7/1/2017 Chicago

I had an OK experience with AllStar movers. I called several times in the three days before the move to: a) confirm the time window (9am-10am) b) ask if they could come on the early side (9am) because I had a tight schedule for the day c) confirm that they could move my 1 bedroom apartment with the 2 hours-2 men package I booked, and d) ask whether they needed dollies. At times the number provided did not pick up and when he did, the person promised to call me back twice but that never happened. His mailbox was full and I could not even leave a message. This did not help into having an optimal moving day organization. The day of the move, one of the two movers we hired showed up at 9:30am and the other only at 11am, blaming traffic for the delay. I do believe that there is traffic on Chicago's streets, but I still was not pleased as this upset my schedule quite a bit. I called the manager and he was gracious and helpful. The movers were semi-professional: they were friendly and courteous, but did not seem to know exactly what they were doing. They seemed very tired after one hour and were fairly slow as a consequence. Several pieces of furniture were scratched during the move, but they did not use the blankets we provided to wrap them. I also had to remind them a few times that if a box has ceramic plates in it, it's probably fragile so please be careful. In the end, they managed to get our 1 bedroom in the truck and we were done at approximately 2:30pm. They only charged me for the initial amount of two hours, however, to make up for the mishaps. I appreciated this. However, I would not use their services again. I would prefer better communication ex ante, as it would have helped things go more smoothly, better timeliness and more equipment (dollies).

Todd G

(5) 6/30/2017 Kennesaw

Worked hard and was very respectful of our property

Mahyar M

(2) 6/30/2017 Skokie

They didn't work as fast and efficient as I expected. Their main goal was to add hours. Not recommended. I released them after three hours, because I could do better without them. The older one claimed to have thirty years of experience, but they barely knew how to use dolly for moving heavy furniture. Not to mention they didn't bring dolly and other equipment they were supposed to have.

Mover's response:
I did an investigation. We respect your complaint. The job you booked for was three hours. they finished in three hours. They also got there an hour early. I payed them for sitting in there car without charging you extra, because because ttou didn't have the truck ready. However, we do not waste time on moves, and my movers know that. We will have a discussion with anyone involved. Thanks to choosing Allstar Movers.
- Allstar Movers

Sabrina S

(5) 6/30/2017 Woodstock

Awesome job! The two men were polite, respectful and got more done than I expected. They allowed my two young kids to help and never took a break.

Deborah G

(5) 6/30/2017 Downers

Very professional. We had Paul and ray. Record time to load my truck. I would highly recommend them for all moving jobs. AAA+ Rating

Eileen M

(1) 6/29/2017 Milwaukee

Absolutely unprofessional, they were late no equipment trying to covert up their fault. Horrible experience and I will never recommend them to anyone one

Mover's response:
Ma'am, we have been nothing but accommodating to you. You gave us the wrong address. We had to go on Google maps to find the correct address for your apartment complex that you did not know. Instead of us cancelling, we came out anyway. I also provided you two extra helpers free of charge to help you get out on time. You were very hostile