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Here at Soprano Moving, we offer the highest quality moving service on the market. All of our employees are professionally trained to move, load, and unload all of your belongings safely and efficiently.

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Real Woodbridge area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Soprano Moving Co..

78 reviews
173 completed jobs

Steve C

(4) 2/7/2019 Waldorf

Once they got to the job they were great, but from the time of the original order they changed the time 3 times, the supplier twice and raised the price

Mover's response:
We arrived within the time window that we agreed upon. The job had been rescheduled prior to us receiving your work order. Once we received your work order, I contacted you directly, and arranged a time with you that worked best for the both of us. What happened with other companies before us is completely out of our control. I apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced before us.
- Soprano Moving Co.

Lauren H

(5) 1/30/2019 Stafford

They were very kind and did a great job!!! Highly recommend for any move, we would definitely use them again!

Sarsh P

(5) 1/26/2019 Fredericksburg

Very prompt, careful, friendly, and accomodating! I would hire them again!

Roy J

(5) 1/20/2019 Falls Church

The guys did a super job of unloading and helping us get thing in sequence for a quick setup. Team lead was great about checking with me on our travel progress to confirm the arrival time. They were on time and extremely polite. Absolutely recommend Soprano Moving. Super job!

Nina L

(5) 1/20/2019 Ashburn

They arrived on time and did a great job. I would recommend

Eliza R

(5) 1/15/2019 Washington

They were on time, incredibly helpful, kind and professional. They got the work done in half the time we had estimated. We will definitely be working with them again. Thanks, guys!

David D

(5) 1/11/2019 Fredericksburg

Once they arrived, all went great, very hard workers Scheduled for Noon but arrived 1:05pm. Even though there was communication of arrival time, I expect arrival time to be as close as possible to what I requested. Despite the late arrival, I would definitely use again. Thank you

Lorian B

(4) 12/27/2018 Centreville

Jeremy and team were good. They had car issues so we were a little delayed in getting started. They keot in contact and updated me. They were quick efficient and careful as my furniture was 80% mirrored glass. They took my furniture apart and reassembled in no time. I would use them again and highly recommend their service. Thanks Jeremy.

Ronald S

(2) 12/22/2018 Alexandria

I hired Sopranos at the last minute because the original company I hired didn’t show. My family and I had packed 90% of my truck leaving some chairs and several loose items to load. Then unload the entire truck. I only hired for two hours but figured since we had loaded a majority of the truck we should be good. Well 4 hrs after they arrived, the truck was at my new home and unloaded again with the help of my family. Keep in mind I only had a one bedroom apartment and a 17” truck. So not a ton of furniture. Travel distance was only Thirty minutes. The boys were polite and friendly but slow. Plus stopped on there way to my new home to eat while still on my clock. If it were not for my family I would have paid for four extra hours instead of two. Which was still too long. Not very happy with this process but at least it’s done.

Mover's response:
I’m honestly surprised by this review. We accepted this work order on a last minute notice. I explained to you that we’d be arriving as soon as we finished the current job we were on. We had to walk half way across your entire apartment complex to get from your apartment down to your truck. Ironically enough, several miscellaneous items take longer to load than a couple furniture pieces, especially when there is a long walk involved. The work order was scheduled for two hours, and we extended the time as a courtesy to you so you and your family wouldn’t be left to unload the entire truck by yourselves. We only stopped for a quick bite to eat because the job was taking longer than originally planned for. I also provided my own rope to secure your load during transit, which you ended up cutting at the unload address. The long walk, which was out of our control, is what accounted for most of the time. Customer service is one of our main priorities. I’m sorry you were unhappy with our service.
- Soprano Moving Co.

Denise R

(5) 12/21/2018 Stafford

They were on time, professional and moved things carefully and efficiently. I would use them again.

William M

(5) 12/19/2018 Stafford

Arrived on time. Very careful on EVERYTHING they moved. Followed directions or asked if they were not sure what went where. Very pleased with what they accomplished in two hours. Would highly recommend them to anyone with a moving need. Thank you for providing this service.

Robert D

(5) 12/17/2018 Washington

Jeremy and Dee were great. They sent me a text message when they were a half hour away to let me know specifically when they’d arrive (they were within the originally scheduled window). They loaded the truck very efficiently and wasted no time. They brought rope to tie the materials down in the truck (I hadn’t thought of that). On their own, they folded the blankets I had rented from U-Haul (they told me U-Haul charges clients if they aren’t folded!). I would use them again if need be.

Raeshawn B

(5) 11/30/2018 Lorton

The two guys that came out to help were wonderful and did a AWESOME job. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs a unexpected move or last minute move day!!!

Dominic G

(5) 11/19/2018 Fredericksburg

Great job. Went above and beyond.

Debra M

(5) 11/16/2018 Sterling

My recent move from Virginia to California could not have happened without the hard work of this son/father team. I hired them to help load a 16-foot rental truck. The condo I moved out of was a 3rd floor unit with no building elevator. Those stairs did not deter them at all. They worked very hard carrying boxes and furniture down the stairs to get it all loaded. The load was tight and professionally done. Even they seem surprised by the amount of stuff they put in the truck! They were totally prepared for the job, very respectful of my property and goods, plus both were a pleasure to be around. Professional in manner, yet easy going, they made this effort much easier than I anticipated. If you want a hard-working, enjoyable team, this is the group to hire. Yes, absolutely, I would use them again. Thank you!

Carol Marie S

(5) 11/16/2018 King George

I must say the wonderful guys again did a fantastic job. They went over and above job description. They not only put things back but they made sure it was where I wanted it but moved things to a different place for me. I was very concerned about my TVs/internet working and they were patient enough to ensure that all my devices were working correctly, I thank you so much for employing such awesome guys to fulfill a job that was sudden and unexpected. I appreciate your company as well as the guys that performed my job. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

Carol Marie S

(5) 11/13/2018 King George

Jeremy and Alec very kind polite and professional. They got everything done within one hour. I was so worried because I have do much stuff but Jeremy wasn’t worried a bit. I am so pleased. I will recommend you company to as many people as I can. Thank you so much for wonderful men and a great company.

Rebeccah M

(5) 11/9/2018 Fairfax

They were on time and did a great job! I highly recommend their services.

Frances F

(5) 11/5/2018 Culpeper

Was very, very satisfied with their moving labor help. Would use them again and highly recommend them to others. Thank you so much for a job well done.


(5) 11/5/2018 Arlington

These guys are awesome! Showed up on time, worked hard, organized the truck and even helped track down a lost cellphone.

Steven C

(5) 10/26/2018 Silver Spring

Great job— I would use them again.

Mikhala H

(5) 10/15/2018 Washington

Jeremy and Alijah we're both great help. I am grateful for the services that I've received today. This would be a service that I would definitely recommend to friends.

Katherine T

(3) 10/12/2018 Gaithersburg

They arrived on time, but I wouldn’t hire again. I hired 2 helpers for 2 hours. They send out a seasoned helper and a trainee. If you have to send a trainee you should’ve sent 2 pros plus a trainee. The move was slow....we had to pay for 2 extra hours and this delayed our getting to final destination, which we had other movers meeting us to unload (and they had to reschedule bcz we wouldn’t be there in time). I asked if they used plastic wrap to wrap all furniture with drawers and doors, Jeremy said they use it. When they packed the furniture they didn’t use any of it! All my furniture was made by my dad, and they didn’t use any furniture pads we provided nor wrap anything in plastic wrap. They used the huge roll of my bubble wrap to protect my China cabinet. Just call a moving company and make sure they aren’t sending trainees to do the work

Mover's response:
I apologize for any inconvenience we might’ve caused. Unfortunately, there’s not much we could’ve done differently to make things go any quicker. We stayed an additional two hours, which made us late to our next job, to try and get everything loaded up for you. We’re happy to use plastic wrap, but if you’d like us to provide that for you, that’s an additional cost that needs to be added to the original work order. We were only given bubble wrap. As far as the furniture pads, we were given 6 to use, and we used all of them. Some pieces didn’t get wrapped, because we ran out of pads. I informed the gentlemen on site of all of this during the move. They attempted to rent more pads, but we’re unable to.
- Soprano Moving Co.

Wendy T

(2) 10/6/2018 Arlington

DO NOT HIRE. NOT A PROFESSIONAL MOVING COMPANY. They were not on time, they were not prepared, did not work remotely close to hard, and I would never use them again. They were supposed to show up at 0900. They called me at 0900 to let me know they'd arrive in a little over an hour. I requested hand trucks and dolly's to move the furniture and bed. They brought 1 small roller "scooter". I thought I was getting a professional moving company. Instead, 2 high school age kids arrived. I asked if they can call back to the office to get someone to bring the hand truck and dolly. One of the kids said the owner is on vacation and no one is around. The kids moved very, very, very slowly. Don't waste your time or money. Get kids from the neighborhood to help if this is the kind of service you want.

Mover's response:
I apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused. As far as I know, the crew arrived on site at 10 am. Your work order had an arrival window between 9-10 am. The window is given to take into account time for traffic, which can be quite bad in the dmv area. The scooter your referring to is actually called a furniture dolly. The job was scheduled for two hours, and it was completed in the allotted amount of time. I understand it can sometimes come across as if we’re moving slowly, but we move as quickly as we can while ensuring the safety of not only your belongings, but ourselves as well. I’m sorry if we didn’t meet your expectations. I was actually out of town on a move to Massachusetts myself, but we had spoken to day before, you could have called me directly and we could’ve worked something out.
- Soprano Moving Co.


(2) 9/30/2018 Bethesda

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the service provided by Soprano Moving Co during my recent move. The owner was very nice and polite and the team arrived on time. However, his two assistants were young adults who spent a lot of time looking at their phones and taking breaks. While I understand the need for breaks and rests during a move, when you are paying a company by the hour you'd expect that they wouldn't be wasting your time/money. Overall there was no hustle shown by the crew to load or unload our belongings. While nothing was broken during the move, which is much appreciated, they were incredibly slow. Loading and unloading a full 26' moving truck took them 8 hours (I'm not including their time spent for a lunch break). I am happy that our belongings were safe, but I wouldn't use this company again due to length of time it took. They brought hand tools, but I had to disassemble and reassemble our beds, which was not my expectation.

Mover's response:
I apologize for the unsatisfaction. We do our best to move as quickly as we can while keeping your belongings safe, as well as ourselves. It Take****a bit of extra time to ensure we stay safe, as well as none of your belongings/walls get scratched up. Especially in the metropolitan area where the turns and staircases tend to be more narrow. The job ended up being much larger than anticipated. A major part of the reason why we were on our phones, was because we were trying to find more guys to help assist us, unfortunately we were unable to. The job was originally scheduled for four hours. We ended up staying an additional four hours to ensure the move was completed that day. The only reason I asked you to disassemble the beds was so that we could keep running furniture/boxes in the meantime, and save a bit of time. I didn’t realize it was an inconvenience for you.
- Soprano Moving Co.

Edward L

(5) 9/28/2018 Rockville

Good communication day of the move. Available to answer questions prior to the move. Professional and quick. I had a complicated move and they were flexible and able to accommodate. They exercised appropriate care with my belongings.

Andrew T

(5) 9/3/2018 Manassas

The guys were very respectful and professional and took care when handling all our boxes and furniture. Being a military family we’ve had our fare share of movers and these guys were definitely worth the money spent! We had to call and schedule them again because Uhaul didn’t schedule a delivery of the Uboxes like they said they would so we only used them for half the scheduled time and asked what time was good for them if they could come back and help, which was later that week. Very reasonably priced, super nice, also v personable and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking. Tip for a smooth and better move- take care of your movers and they’ll take care of you! Provide food and hydration and don’t forget to tip for a job well done!

Buffy K

(5) 9/1/2018 Fort Washington

Great job! Very pleased with the move. Arrived on time and called the day before and day of to confirm times. These movers were there to please the customer. They moved everything I needed and more! I would definitely use them again!! Excellent customer service!

Kaled T

(5) 8/31/2018 Bethesda

They were an excellent! On time, prepared for the job,working hard, respectful of my home and goods, and I would like to use them again and again. I am very happy now because of them.


(5) 8/27/2018 Arlington

Simply awesome. Arrived early, ready to work. They treated our stuff with respect and courtesy. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Jane H

(5) 8/23/2018 Arlington

I would definitely recommend them! Very helpful and easy to communicate with them to work out individual details. I texted them whenever I had questions or concerns which was way easier than calling a customer service member and talking to someone other than the people who were moving me in.

Patrick C

(5) 8/18/2018 Alexandria

They arrived even earlier than originally planned (asked me if that worked as well to be sure) and worked form the second they arrived until the second they left. They worked well, did absolutely no damage, and were polite and courteous. I absolutely recommend them to help with any moving needs.

Chris E

(5) 8/18/2018 Lorton

These guys were on time, down to business, knowledgeable, and fast. Thanks for the help!

Johny M

(5) 8/17/2018 Montgomery Village

excellent, showed up on time and did not waste any time, highly recommended!

Chris S

(4) 8/15/2018 Bryans Road

* Very Flexible - Our trailer arrived early and they were very understanding. They showed up early to accommodate us. * Timely - They had 4 hours to complete the job and they did so within that timeframe. * Innovative - They were able to get all the furniture within our house without any significant issues. *

Wendy H

(5) 8/13/2018 Bristow

The guys at Soprano are AWESOME!! They called ahead, arrived on time, worked their tails off & were an absolute pleasure to work with for all 3 days we scheduled them. I HIGHLY recommend them & just wish they were in NC too (so they could be the ones to help is unload). We're using a different group down there & hoping they'll be as professional & hardworking as Soprano Movers' crew was up here in NoVA. They are the BEST!!!

Hallie A

(5) 8/13/2018 Lanham


Barbara C

(5) 8/13/2018 Washington

Our helpers Jeremy & Esteban were phenomenal. They were fast, efficient in moving all our furniture & boxes & were also able to put together a platform bed grame, headboard, desk & shelving unit. They were worth every penny..would highly recommend this company

Christopher F

(5) 8/10/2018 Alexandria

They were great! They confirmed their arrival time 2 days before the move, arrived on time and stayed until the job was finished. I would definitely hire them again.

Kara S

(5) 8/7/2018 Fredericksburg

Moving is so stressful, yet our crew from Soprano Moving Co were calm and collected, worked much longer than expected, and took excellent care with our home and property. Thank you so much Jeremy and Daniel, you guys were great.

Barry C

(5) 8/4/2018 Herndon


Marjorie N

(5) 8/2/2018 Woodbridge

They were great...came a little late because of the job before me ran longer than expected...but kept me informed of their arrival time. Then worked hard and fast when they arrived. I would use them again.

Webster M

(5) 8/1/2018 Stafford

The Owner, Jermey and his worker did an outstanding job moving my stuff. Highly recommend!

Elene P

(5) 7/31/2018 McLean

They arrived on time and ready to work. They were professional in the way they loaded the truck — nothing shifted in the 3 hour drive. The were courteous and we would highly recommend them. If we needed help again, we would hire them again in a heartbeat! Jeremy kept us up on their timing to arrive and worked quickly and efficiently. Can’t say enough about how pleased we weren’t with the experience.

Ethan W

(5) 7/29/2018 Washington

Jeremy and his crew did a great job carefully and quickly loading my stuff. Professional, courteous, affordable, and efficient, I would recommend them for your move!

Keeley B

(5) 7/27/2018 Fredericksburg

I would definitely recommend hiring Soprano Moving Co.! Jeremy was very kind and worked with me to the best of his abilities. They showed up on time, worked very hard and were very respectful of not only my things but of me. I couldn’t have moved with out the help and I’m glad I chose this company. I will be recommending them to everyone so if you are thinking of hiring them- do it! Thank you again for all the help and hard work! And thank you for working on the arrival time with me as well Jeremey. Your and Jesse’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed!

Sai N

(4) 7/22/2018 Herndon

They are on time and did a good job .

Shawn A

(5) 7/10/2018 Stafford

Jeremy and his team did a great job! Showed up on time and worked hard until the job was done. Their team of three loaded and unloaded two full 26' trucks in 9 hours from a 3 story 5 bedroom house. Couldn't have done it without them! Very respectful and not a thing got broke.

Amanda M

(5) 7/8/2018 Fairfax

Everything was perfect!

Jason B

(5) 7/5/2018 Fairfax

Soprano Moving Company was great! They were on time, well prepared for the job, courteous, respectful, hard working and were sure to be careful and caused no damage! They worked every second and always asked for permission before moving things and made sure that my loading truck was well packed any my property protected. I would absolutely use them again. Jeremy and co were great!

Kim Y

(5) 7/3/2018 Fredericksburg

Very happy with service. They were very careful and thoughtful, clearly had a plan and good technique for taking care of our belongings while they moved them. Highly recommend!

Carl L

(5) 7/2/2018 Stafford

Richard and Charles were excellent movers. They arrived on time and started immediately. Within a few hours the truck was loaded and we were taking first shipment to new residence. Both men were professionals and treated my property and goods with the utmost care. Even in the oppressive heat (July 02, 2018) they were able to unload first trip, came back to home to fill truck again for another trip. They worked hard, and I would definitely recommend them again. Thank you, Soprano Moving!

Orna G

(4) 7/1/2018 Washington

They arrived in time, were fast, worked hard, and finished earlier than requested. They did agree to spend 10 extra minutes on a project was not clearly listed in the initial request. I would hire them again.

Orna G

(4) 6/30/2018 Washington

They were Kate due to length of time spent with previous job. They were very friendly, hard working, stayed a bit longer to complete the job. Apologized for. Ring Kate and explained the reason. Were attentive to my needs regarding placing of furniture.

Erich S

(5) 6/29/2018 Ashburn

Charles and Salvador were amazing. They were cordial and quick. Would use them again without question

Setty M

(4) 6/27/2018 Rockville

Arrived on time. Professional and pleasant. I paid for a 4 men crew but it seemed the two main leaders were the primary workers. It should not have taken them 7 hours with a 4 man crew to unload a 26 ft truck from a two bedroom townhome. I had a two men crew do the loading in the same amount of time. Often times the other team members were taking breaks and on their phones. A lot of waiting on the two leaders and not working hard. They fatigued easily. To their credit, it was hot and my AC was not working. I appreciated that they made attempts to be careful with the walls and wore shoe booties to protect carpet. Satisfied with their respect for my property and goods but not impressed with their work ethic or efficiency.


(5) 6/27/2018 Woodbridge

The guys showed up on time and did a good job packing and securing my items. I would definitely recommend this company for your moving needs.

Rachael G

(5) 6/25/2018 Centreville

My move went so smoothly. I just had surgery so I can’t lift anything. I was so stressed out. But my movers were great they communicated. Very friendly. Made my move so much easier! Thank you guys.

Dana M

(5) 6/25/2018 Quantico

They were wonderful! Would 100% hire again!

William Y

(5) 6/22/2018 Fairfax

I appreciated they came to work for my last minute order. They were very professional and friendly people. I would recommend them to others.

Amy H

(5) 6/21/2018 Ashburn

Soprano Moving Company packed our 22’ moving truck for a move from northern VA to SC. We could not be more pleased with the job they did. They arrived on time and worked expertly, packing our truck so well that nothing shifted or was damaged during the move. They were extremely professional and took great care in handling our furniture and boxes. I would highly recommend Soprano Moving!!!

Hugo V

(5) 6/19/2018 Haymarket

Jeremy and Esteban were on time, prepared for the job, and worked hard. They were careful with our furniture, They were also polite and respectful. I would use them again and recommend them highly.

Terri L

(5) 6/18/2018 Leesburg

Jeremy and his helper were wonderful! On time, worked hard, nothing was damaged, and they were very friendly. Even in sweltering heat!! I would definitely recommend them.

Kim Y

(5) 6/13/2018 Fredericksburg

Excellent company, highly recommend! They were communicative and flexible throughout the process. They came early, worked carefully and efficiently, and did a great job of packing our container. It was clear that they were thinking about how to do and a good job. We were very impressed and would be happy to use them again!

Jacqueline W

(5) 6/6/2018 Alexandria

Jeremy and Mel arrive early and were extremely patient and understanding of my requirements. The worked diligently to complete the job in a timely manner. They were respectful and professional at all times. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to my friends.

Catherine P

(5) 6/4/2018 Fredericksburg

Jeremy and his helper were excellent. Worled very hard. Arrived on time and did a great job loading and unloading. Very careful with our furniture and personal belongings. Would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again. Many thanks. Catheirne Parr

Barbara D

(5) 6/2/2018 Waldorf

Jeremy and the workers where respectful, They work fast and care for my stuff

Janis B

(5) 6/2/2018 Manassas

Jermey did it again awesome job quick and efficient he is an asset to Soprano Moving many thanks to Richard as well very nice guy keep planting them trees!

Janis B

(5) 6/1/2018 Fredericksburg

Jeremy & Chase were Excellent the worked quickly and effectively. Extremely polite I can nout say enough how great these guys were! Thanks again guys!

Sherif H

(5) 5/29/2018 Potomac

Will use them for full move

Bill H

(5) 5/26/2018 Haymarket

Excellent, on-time, prepared, consistent, straight forward, careful about dinging the walls or furniture with nothing wrong about their efforts. They're on my list as a rehire for another moving job.

Kent B

(5) 5/22/2018 Alexandria

Outstanding service. I received a call the day before reminind me of the arrival time. I also received a call when they were on their way with the expected arrival time. They were on time and extremely polite. They worked their butts off. On the 1-10 scale, I rate them as 11. Price was great, I highly recommend them.

Shaquille T

(5) 5/18/2018 Silver Spring

The helpers for this job arrived around the scheduled time. They were well prepared and even stayed longer despite the job taking longer than I originally quoted. I would definitely use them again in the future.

William L

(5) 5/14/2018 King George

We highly recommend Soprano Moving Co. through HireAHelper. We requested a team of 4 for what we hoped could be completed in 2 hours. They arrived on time ready to get to work unloading a large 24' packed U-Haul truck. The team was polite, hardworking, efficient, and quick. All items were placed as we had requested with professional care. We couldn't be more pleased with the service that Sparano Moving Co. provided us. A truck that took another group 4 hours to load - took these men 1 hour to unload. If we ever need to hire a team in the future it will be Soprano Moving Co. Many thanks to HireAHelper for arranging the move & providing us with a great company for the job.

Sarah R

(5) 5/12/2018 Stafford

Jeremey and Rick were great! Their communication before they arrived and during the move was exceptional! They arrived on time, were efficient in packing the truck and respectful of the property. They took some of the stress out of moving day. I would highly recommend Soprano Moving Company and Jeremy and Rick!

Doug C

(5) 4/8/2018 Centreville

Very professional and very careful with the furniture and great preparation for transportation. I recommend this company highly.

Earnesten C

(5) 4/8/2018 Upper Marlboro

Jermany and his helper were AWESOME!

Jon P

(5) 3/9/2018 Fredericksburg

Very professional and took extreme caution to ensure everything was properly wrapped and protected. Did everything I asked them to do.



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