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The Alternative: Moving Labor

Moving? Instead of the traditional method of calling up a moving company and having them sell you all their services, you might want to check out movers who offer loading and unloading services. They're always available to carry a heavy couch down four flights of stairs or to show up and unload that gigantic moving truck you just drove across three states. As the unsung heroes of your big weekend, local moving labor crews near you will ensure a smooth moving day that won't break the bank.

Go Minis Moving Container
Go Minis Moving Container

Moving Container Companies

As the new kids on the block, moving container companies bring new transportation options to the moving game. You've probably seen the PODSĀ® and 1-800-Packrat shipping containers sitting in driveways around your neighborhood. But have you used one to move yet? Imagine saving the money you'd spend on moving yourself without having to drive that beast-of-a-moving truck.

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Moving Options on Moving 101

Haven't booked your Full Service Moving company yet? We can help! Our Moving 101 guide has all the information you need to help you compare moving options and plan your move. Read real reviews on industry leaders like Budget Truck Rental and PODS moving containers. Compare average pricing for local and long distance truck rentals and moving containers. Find must-know tips, tricks, & reminders to make an easier move. Plus, discover more about why making a Hybrid Move with HireAHelper will save you time & money. Happy moving!

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Moving truck with mover inside
Moving truck with mover inside

More Moving Company Resources

Moving companies offer insurance, trucks, and packing services. What's covered? What's included? What'll cost you extra?

How To Move With HireAHelper

Rent your own truck.

(Or storage container.) After all, that's the easy part.

Hire local move help.

Moving is unbelievably better when move helpers do the heavy lifting.

You're moved.

Your back doesn't ache, your friends thank you and you saved a lot of $$$.