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Our Top 12 Neutral Paint Colors

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Remember when Jerry got new cabinets? Too many decisions can fry your brain! Don’t let that stop you from making the important calls on the design of your home.

When you’re moving into a new home, you probably have a billion paint colors on your mind. There’s just nothing better than sprucing up your new place with a fresh coat of paint, but picking the exact shade you want can be a bit of a doozy, and we’re guessing most people find it overwhelming. Don’t pull a Jerry and let someone else decide – you might end up hating it. Let us help you narrow down your choices to a manageable few.

(If you’re painting so you can move out…)
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This post would be 10 pages long if we chatted about every paint color of the rainbow. So today, we’re just going to stick to neutral colors. Here are our tried and true favorites when it comes to beige, gray, and every shade in between.


Gray is totally trendy right now, and we can see why. You can go as light or as dark and moody as you want. Many grays tend to give off a “cooler” vibe, so keep that in mind when choosing a color. In fact, in my home our grays can sometimes look blue in certain lights. So be careful when choosing the perfect shade of gray for your home.

(From L to R, Top to Bottom)

  • “French Grey” by Behr
  • “Storm” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Passive” by Sherwin Williams
  • “Montpelier Ashlar Gray” by Valspar
  • “Edgecomb Gray” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Argos” by Sherwin Williams

In our homes…


“Argos” by Sherwin Williams

Living-room-corner“Passive” by Sherwin Williams


“Edgecomb Gray” by Benjamin Moore


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Beige doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s one of the best colors to paint your walls when you’re looking to sell your home because it is just so darn versatile.

(From L to R, Top to Bottom)

  • “Accessible Beige” by Sherwin Williams
  • “Alexandria Beige” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Clay Beige” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Savory Beige” by Valspar
  • “Moonshine” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Revere Pewter” by Benjamin Moore

In our homes…

Pew Entrance“Revere Pewter” by Benjamin MooreOffice

“Moonshine” by Benjamin Moorediningroom“Revere Pewter” by Benjamin Moore

So there you have it, our top 12 picks for neutral paint colors. We hope this helps you narrow down the choices, so you can get painting in no time at all.Desktop1-001


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