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Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

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Las Vegas, NV / Moving services within 30 miles

Booked 1,217 times through HireAHelper

350 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

13 years in business

Las Vegas, NV / Moving services within 30 miles

Booked 1,217 times through HireAHelper

350 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

13 years in business

About Us

(( We CAN FIT UP TO 5 ROOMS + Misc Garage Items PER POD / PACK-RAT))***Professional Efficient- Experienced White Glove Service Only! ** Expert Space Utilization of Portable Storage Containers & Rental Trucks ***WE PACK LIKE ENGINEERS*** #tetrismaster *Rope-Tape-Tools + DOLLY Always on Deck !! ** Extra Care / Attention Paid to Hardwood Floors, Walls, Rugs & items. ** We Pride Ourselves in Being EARLY To WORK !!! ** We understand the importance of your time & Reservations. **We arrive 10-15 minutes early for a walk through to understand your needs. ***Client satisfaction is our Mantra....Exceeding expectations is our goal! ***Relax & Book with us for A Stress Free Moving Experience !!!

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Real Las Vegas area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I.

350 reviews

Lenn B

(2) 10/21/2019 North Las Vegas

I'll start saying they were nice... But that's about it. It took over 8 hours for 3 guys load a 24 foot penske truck out of a 1500 square foot home. No 75% of my things were already loaded to the garage... After 4 hours my dad and I said this isn't looking good so he and I brought everything from upstairs down and he's 77 years old!! I provided pizza and Gatorade etc and that's what it looked like... Like I had 3 friends who never moved before come and help... But it wasnt , I hired "professionals" who in the end charged over $800 . Yes they did have to wrap and pack a few things but even the company I hired to unload laughed!! They did say the truck was packed well but also added that with 3 guys no 24 foot truck should take anywhere close to 8 hours!!! I agree after seeing them. It felt like a scam honestly.... Plus afterward they asked if I could go get cash to pay.... Just weird.

Mover's response:
Good Morning Lenm!! Just checked Google.... Your house was 1600sq FT on a 4300sq ft Lott. You did have things in the Garage...... But the house was still jammed with items upstairs, downstairs & outside items. You left out the PART where I sent you out for MORE BOXES because you were not properly packed.... So technically the job was a PACK & LOAD..... YOU weren't PREPARED for loading only. We made about 30 new boxes & consolidated another 60 miscellaneous boxes that were unused or not properly packed. The reason I asked for cash because it was a Friday night & you went 5 hours overtime. Hire a helper was made aware of the overtime collected. I been with this company since 2006. I have somewhat of a personal relationship with the CEO of this company & I am transparent about everything$ I collect. They were made aware of the overtime direct payment. I put on my technician hat & it was a miracle it all Fit. Like your movers said.... "It was packed well." 8 hours is amazing for a same day pack, wrap & load of a 1600 sq ft home on a 4300 sq ft Lott ... Into a 24FT Penske which is 1700cubic FT BOX.
- Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

Matthew G

(5) 11/2/2019 Las Vegas

Was on time, very helpful and quick

Cynthia H

(1) 10/30/2019 Las Vegas

All I can say is NO. They showed up 3 hrs. late, took multiple breaks, rude and wanted to leave and come back to finish job the next day because they were tired because it was late in the evening. The reason why it was late was because they showed up three hours late for the job. The load was packed improperly so I had to hire another company the next day to unload and reload the pod. The second company said they could tell just by opening the pod door that it was loaded improperly and also said that it was a tight squeeze but fit all items on the pod whereas Asap left all of the larger items off and stated I needed another pod. They hit a few of the walls and woodwork with some of the furniture. The owner also tried to charge me for time he didn’t work, said he would sign my name on the completion receipt because I wouldn’t, and said he would “blackball” my load all the way to its final destination with any one who was involved in the handling of my belongings. In all fairness I used them once before and service was not as terrible as it was this time, but the second time was such a horrible and bad experience I would not recommend their services at all.

Mover's response:
This Review is a Flat out lie. You failed to properly plan to move your 3000 square foot home & were in denial.about how many PODS you needed. We packed one to the Tee 10-22-2019 (see your 5 star review). We weren't late.... You kept telling me you were still packing.... So rather than us stand around I gave you more time. We arrived 7:30pm & you were still packing. We left 1:00am & you were still packing. We even sent your friend out for 30 more boxes & helped pack more. When I left you still had 3/4th of a 2 car garage, a office that was not moved, living room & a 1500lb Gun safe with about 800lbs of Guns & Ammo.... There is no way you didn't order another POD. You were in denial about all your stuff..... You were being tyrannical & irrational and didn't want to receive professional guidance & advice.... You failed to properly plan. Don't take your frustrations out on the little guys. Also you refused to sign my invoice at 1:00am. Nobody ever said anything about black balling you. I simply documented the job while you verbally abused me & refused to sign my invoice. Anybody can see the type of person you are. Just look at your 2 star rated company on Google ... "Luxury Land Scapes of Las Vegas Celadine Street"............. You are a known theif & Scammer in the community. You steal people's money then change your company name. You are a Bully$$. This is just a scam to not pay the invoice in full. ................................................... Mike Heredia 4 reviews?·?1 photo a year ago........... Apparently this company is run by the same thieves as Eclipse Landscape. I was ripped off for 5k by Eclipse Landscape, operated by a Mr. Duaine Moses and Sean Turner. These thieves also run these companies Luxury Landscape Las Vegas Eclipse Landscape Turner Landscaping Corp Scapes and Stones I would stay far away from these thieves
- Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

Brenda L

(5) 10/29/2019 Las Vegas

They were excellent! !! So courteous and professional. .i loved both of them...i would highly recommend them..ASAP is awesome. .

Rochelle L

(5) 10/26/2019 Las Vegas

Eric and Lavar came 15 minutes early and ready to work. I shopped around and they had the best price and did NOT “discount” on their service. My 3 hour job turned into 8 hours because of the amount of “stuff” I had. They stayed, loaded my two PODS until I was satisfied. Very professional, polite and stress-free. Good job guys

Mover's response:
Thank you !!!!! I love working with nice people...... Makes lifting furniture actually enjoyable. We had a great time working with you
- Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

Cynthia H

(5) 10/22/2019 Las Vegas

Eric and Levar were great! They arrived a half hour later than scheduled because I requested it and needed the extra time to get ready due to a late night of packing. Eric brought extra tape only because the day before arrival he called and informed me or items I may need to make the move go better such as extra boxes, tape, shrink wrap, etc. First Eric walked the house the with me to figure out his game plan for loading the pod and between me and my friend and the two workers it took 4 hours to load a 16’ pod from end to end. They took their time and packed it tight to help avoid damage on the long journey home! I would recommend these people again.

Mover's response:
Thank you so much!! We really enjoyed you guys company. Very nice & accommodating.
- Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

Susan B

(1) 10/17/2019 North Las Vegas

Very dissatify with the service they called and said they would arrive between 8 and 9 am called at 11, called and said they be a little later about 12 to 12:30.They did't arrive until 1:30. Being charge 100.00 over and above what I paid . When they arrived the man stated that he had and extra man who should have been drop off as his day was over. I don't feel that I should pay for the man because his day was over but they decided to bring him along. I would not required your service to anyone. Susan Bradarich

Mover's response:
Reservation Date of Move: 10/4/2019 Arrival Between 11 AM - 12 PM. Job was scheduled between 11-12. I called 8-9am and said 12-1pm arrival. The invoice was open for more than 2 weeks after job was completed. We couldn't reach you. I went back to your home & got your signature 2 weeks later. I remembered us being there almost 3 hours. You weren't charged for the 3rd man. The third man actually made the job go 2-3 hours faster.(which made it cheaper in the long run).. Without him we wouldn't have been able to lift those 2x 600LB+ movie sofas without damaging the sofas of walls. ( There was No Mention of the 2 oversized items in invoice)...Once we saw the size of the sofas we decided to cancel his Uber home and keep him. We even organized your garage. If there were any discrepancy you should've told have told me during signing of invoice. We will gladly refund you the $100. No problem. Any Decent person would have at least tipped or paid a little something for the 3rd guy.....being you didn't disclose the scope of the job..............."$100 Cash Refunded 10-24-2019 @ 10:00am. Client agreed to Remove Negative Feed back.
- Asap Moving & Packing (Cert of Insurance) Building C.O.I

Jennifer J

(5) 10/18/2019 Henderson

The unpackers arrived as scheduled and did a great job unloading and organizing the boxes in their respective rooms according to their labels. They also reassembled by stereo system. Thanks for a job well done b

Chuck J

(5) 10/9/2019 Las Vegas

Fantastic communication and they did the best loading job of any crew I’ve ever seen! Next time I’m moving, these are the guys I’m calling!!

Ellan F

(5) 10/9/2019 Las Vegas

They were VERY RESPECTFUL AND went out of their way to make sure things were put where i needed them and reassemble my bed frames and TV stand. Also they opened most of the boxes for me. I thought they were very good.

Service Area

We handle moves within 30 miles of Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

Anxiety relief & professionalism.

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

A Early arrival & communication.

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

Make sure you have blankets! If you are renting a POD or Pack-Rat Be sure to tell them to throw 1-2 dozen blankets in the container before its delivered. Most of the time they don't even charge you. Also gather any washable blankets , sheets or towels we can use to protect glass & Wood Pieces..... This way you don't have to break the bank on blankets.

What types of moves have you handled?

NYC jewelry store to LA, NYC home building associations , residential moves, Las Vegas Convention Center (Santee Cosmetics), Oz mannequins + Commercial Appliance Moves.

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

New scenery & meeting cool interesting nice people.

What training do you provide your crew members?

We watch you tube moving self help videos to stay fresh & consider new techniques to add to our skill sets. We also stretch daily & incorporate cardio into our lives to stay conditioned.

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We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

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We refund for any unused time over our min..

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We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
4 Wheel Dolly Available. [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
Tools always on every project. [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
300 LB capacity Appliance & Furniture Dolly / Convertible Cart. [upon request, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
1 x 1200 FT Roll available. Enough to wrap 2-3 rooms of furniture. [upon request, no fee]
Free Rope & Bungees to keep. Tape also Provided. [always included, no fee]


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