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Southern Cross Moving

(4.8 out of 5 / 537 reviews)

North Fort Myers, FL / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 1,578 times through HireAHelper

537 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

7 years in business

North Fort Myers, FL / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 1,578 times through HireAHelper

537 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

7 years in business

About Us

Southern Cross Moving and it's employees have worked very hard to be the best at what we do. We are top dog on hireahelper and have worked very hard to get there. All of us take enormous pride in chasing other compaines to finally be the best. Contracting us for you move means we will be there and provide excellent service to all customers and stay until the job is complete. If ordering an afternoon arrival please understand we do not leave our current customer before the job is complete to get to you. Please be flexible, knowing this when booking us because one more bad review for doing our job correctly and running late we will no longer take afternoon jobs. When placing the order we will give you an approximate arrival and keep you informed as the day progresses. Thank you and looking forward to assisting you with you moving needs. Southern Cross moving has our own trucks servicing the entire U.S.A, supplying superb long distance services, book you move today with confidence and knowing your items will arrive in the same condition it was loaded.


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Real North Fort Myers area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Southern Cross Moving.

537 reviews

James B

(5) 9/12/2020 Fort Myers


Sloan J

(5) 9/8/2020 Fort Myers

These two men were extremely efficient, helpful and good natured. It was a pleasure to have them load my belongings and to witness how efficiently and tightly everything was loaded.

Mover's response:
Great review and you will see them again tomorrow. Thank you for keeping us #1 in the area.
- Southern Cross Moving

Richard B

(5) 9/7/2020 Fort Myers


Mover's response:
Thank you
- Southern Cross Moving

Michele C

(5) 8/21/2020 Cape Coral

Fabulous job done by all 3. We were kept informed all along the way of when they would arrive etc. so pleased we hired them. Would do it again!

Mover's response:
Awesome work by the office manager and the guys for keeping this customer up to date and informed on their move. great jobs guys when I was out of town doing long distance moves from Michigan and Boston Ma
- Southern Cross Moving

Renee A

(5) 8/12/2020 Fort Myers

My service team was great. They were careful and polite. They both respected us and we all wore masks the entire time. They were an hour late but they called me twice and I was comfortable with that. I can handle it when things go wrong as long as I am kept in the loop. I signed a paper at my home when the job was finished but this email wanted my signature. There was no way to sign this email so what’s the deal with that? Make sure your tech is working as well as the men did today. They were great. Your tech communication has been a bit confusing.

Mover's response:
We handle only the labor part of these orders and do the work given to us we have zero part in the payment method and collecting money from customers.Sorry that you found the payment method confusing.
- Southern Cross Moving

Diane D

(5) 8/7/2020 Punta Gorda

They were done in 1.5 hours, although had to pay for 3. Was worth it as we could not have moved the items

Mover's response:
We have a 3 hour minimum that covers up to 100 miles away. My guys sometimes drive 2 hours and work 3 hours. You have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes they drive 2 hours and work 1 hour and get paid for three and that is why we have a 3 hour minimum.
- Southern Cross Moving

Rick W

(1) 8/4/2020 Immokalee

It was scheduled to be done on a Sunday the owner Greg calls me at 11 o’clock in the morning when they were supposed to be there at 10 -11AM and tells me he can’t find his guys can we change it to tomorrow my guys will be there at 8 AM they didn’t show up until 1030 screwed up my entire schedule

Mover's response:
What really happened!!! I called when we got the order and the customer said " I don't know if you worked on Sundays and if not Monday is ok". I said that we could do it on Sunday. One of my guys "the driver" had not answered, now suspended. Called customer at 9:30 am have phone record of time and had a lengthy conversation because we were both from Chicago and he said Monday would be fine. I then told him our shop time is 8:00 am and would send the guys out right away as it is a hour and a half drive. Why would I set an arrival at 8:00 am and have my guys show up at 6:00 am??? Now this customer is trying to get a refund,sounds like money is controlling this review. Notice he said nothing about the movers? That is because I sent my best two guys...What a shame we have worked very hard on this site for years to become the best and we are. This hurts our over all rating.Please just pay for your order that you place and we will take good care of you guaranteed. There are cheaper moving companies if you are looking to save money. Please don't hire the best and try and pay less.
- Southern Cross Moving

Karen E

(5) 8/3/2020 Cape Coral

Very courteous men. Worked hard and got the job done in great time. Did not leave a mess did not damage anything on the way in. I would recommend these guys for sure. Thank you

Mover's response:
Thank you for your great review!!! Got your order correct with morning start time. Anyone reading this review please look at the review before this one and after this one. When ordering and afternoon job please understand we are the highest rated company on this website with the most completed jobs. That means you may not be the only customer of the day.We provide excellent service and do not leave a customer's home until the job is totally completed to their satisfaction. Every customer every time, that being said if you book afternoon arrival we will stay in contact with you and give you updates but PLEASE understand the job prior to yours may need additional time to complete. In the future I will let afternoon customers know that in advance and if not flexible I am no longer willing to take afternoon jobs if customers are going to leave bad reviews because we are earning a 5 star on the morning job.
- Southern Cross Moving

Jamie Z

(1) 7/31/2020 Fort Myers

In basic terms, this is a terrible company. We moved from out of state and had 2 Pods to unload. Being the middle of Summer, and 97/Sunny, we decided to use this service. Southern Cross got great reviews, so we decided to hire them. They were supposed to be at our property at 1:00PM. One gentleman, who was fantastic, turned up an hour late , as they let him know last minute. I unloaded 75% of the 1st pod myself. The others movers never showed up, and me and the one helper did the rest, with very large furniture. We could not get ahold of them for 2 days, as they do not answer the phone after you hire them, and never called us back. They still charged my cc for the full amount of $455. I called Hire-a-Helper. They spoke with owner and lowered the charge to one helper, which should be fair. But in reality, they think it is fair to charge me $329 to basically move the furniture myself! Unprofessional, unethical, and very disappointing.

Mover's response:
Arrival Between 1 PM - 2 PM copy from your order. That is arrival window you selected so we were not late. The mover was told to go there when the other 3 movers got done with their first job. They were running late because the job before the customer underestimated the load and the number of guys needed. It was the end of the month and we were booked solid.I even came out of the office to help get the guys on track. We were in touch through the worker onsite and you and we call all our customers the night before. The 3 movers did show up just as you were finishing. I apologize deeply however the guys were on their way and you could have waited instead of doing it yourself. Again sorry, afternoon jobs should have a wider window but we can only chose a 1 hour window.
- Southern Cross Moving

Anne C

(5) 7/25/2020 Fort Myers

These guys were great. The office called to tell me they were running late then the guys called me as well to let me know. They arrived on time anyway but it was great they called. Once they arrived they got straight to it. They worked for 3 straight hours in the heat. They knew how to pack the POD and did a great job. They had one hiccup but figured it out fast. It’s not about having a problem but how you fix it and they fixed it and apologized for any stress it may have caused me. I’d recommend Ernest and James any time!

Service Area

We handle moves within 100 miles of Cape Coral, FL 33991.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

Upon booking us we will reach out with a courtesy call upon accepting your order and getting details about your move.

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

If booking a morning job the guys will call when leaving the shop with gps arrival time. If afternoon arrival we will keep the customer up to date with the crews progress on current job.

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

Box up all miscellaneous items such as lamps, pictures and small items. If needed we can supply packing materials and labor. Make sure they have all personal items they need for their trip put aside.

What types of moves have you handled?

We travel all over the U.S.A and have loaded shipping containers to go all over the world. If it needs to be moved we can get it there, worldwide.

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

Our favorite part about this business is helping people that don't have the time or physical ability to do it themselves. I hear from a lot of our customers how they moved themselves so many times but are just to old to do it anymore. That is we come in for their first experience with paid movers to show them how stress free it can be at an affordable price.

What training do you provide your crew members?

All crew members are ran through a wrapping and loading class at our warehouse before going on their first job. Proper technique on wrapping furniture to minimize damage and then loading of trucks,pods, and storage units.


Same Day Moves

We charge an extra 10% for same day requests.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
upon request, no fee
Hand tools for assembly:
upon request, no fee
Hand truck:
upon request, no fee
Plastic wrap:
Shrink Wrap 15"x1000', ($30.00/ea.)
50' Nylon White Tie Down Rope, ($10.00/ea.)


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Monday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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