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AJ Moving & Delivery LLC

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Manassas, VA / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 779 times through HireAHelper

187 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Manassas, VA / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 779 times through HireAHelper

187 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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AJ Moving & Delivery provides you with the best and only the best moving service with professionally trained movers committed to customer satisfaction. Quick, reliable, and fast!


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Real Manassas area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of AJ Moving & Delivery LLC.

187 reviews

Amber M

(5) 7/1/2015 Ashburn

I would definitely recommend this company for anyone who needs help with moving. The two gentlemen who helped me were on-time, fast, and very efficient. They were also flexible with my needs, and I am very grateful for the help, especially because I moved from a third floor to another third floor and that is not an easy job.

Sandi S

(5) 6/14/2015 Rapidan

They were on time, prepared, worked hard and treated my things with respect. In fact, they assisted us with unloading my car from a uhaul car trailer! I would recommend them.

Heather W

(2) 4/29/2015 Front Royal

This would have been a 5 star review if I was only rating the first two hours. The guys arrived within the window provided. They got off to a great start. I was moving my household into Pack Rat containers and these guys were doing a great job of fitting things in tightly and safely so they wouldn't shift around in the container. Then it was lunchtime. I bought them a pizza and after they ate, it took them an hour to move my 30 lb Ikea bed frame. I asked why and one of the guys said he had to "think" about it. Really?! I told him they needed to move it along. He told me he had been out late and hadn't gotten to bed until close to 5am. Again, really?! From then on out it was pretty much just them chucking my things into the second container, they didn't pack it to the ceiling, only a little over half way high. They put a metal outdoor love seat on top of a stainless steel grill, I had to tell them if they didn't put something between them it would destroy the grill. They set two large tvs on the floor of the container and just laid cardboard on them, didn't even tape it. I had provided them with plenty of moving blankets but they didn't save any for the TVs. Again, REALLY?! One of the guys admitted to me he didn't speak english well enough to understand my instructions. I asked the owner if they spoke english well before they came and he had assured me they did. Finally, after an issue with my largest TV having it's stand snapped off I just told them to leave and I would not sign off on the job. The owners number did not have voicemail set up and the 3 times I got through to him he told me he was putting me on hold but hung up on me (I don't think on purpose) but didn't call back. He did seem concerned but if you dropped the call wouldn't you call your customer back? Then the guys kept walking around my stuff, so I had to close all the doors and tell them again I wanted them off my property. For about an hour they just hung out in my driveway, it was very creepy. I had to call Hire A Helper to get them to help me remove the men from my property. Hire A Helper was very helpful at the time, and they did manage to get the guys to leave, but also said they were emailing me a complaint form but it's been a week and nothing.

Mover's response:
It only took us 5 hours to load 2 16' Packrat containers which is really good, and during those 5 hours the customers cussed us out, saying a bunch of racist things, screaming and yelling at us and about the TV stand her husband called us and told us that he was the one who snapped it while removing the TV off of it but the customer still said we did it. Well we only got paid for 2 hours instead of 5. All we wanted was for the invoice to be signed since Hireahelper requires us suppliers to do so
- AJ Moving & Delivery LLC

Donald L

(5) 5/1/2015 Manassas

Sorry for not responding sooner. Guys did a great job. They were very professional. We plan on using the service on the destination end of our move. Don leidwinger

Elizabeth R

(5) 3/25/2015 Midland

These guys were great!!! They were on time, they were very careful and efficient. They were very reasonably priced. They even enteracted with our kids and that reaieved the stress of moving a lot.

Norman J F

(5) 2/10/2015 Woodbridge

The "Helpers" arrived on time and were very courteous and did the job with great care and professionalism. They came prepared to take care of all of our loading and packing needs. Always taking into consideration of being respectful of not only our property but us as well. Working very hard to make sure that the things in the POD was placed so that it would not fall, break or topple over. Thanks for a job well done. Sincerely, Norm and Carrie Foote

Brady M

(5) 6/28/2014 Haymarket

A J movers were contacted by Hire a Helper at the last minute on the day of our move because the original company we hired were not able to be there at the time we had arranged. A J's took the job and not only made it in time to get the job done, the sent two extra guys at no additional cost to be sure we were able to get our U-haul back in time. The contacted us right away to let us know when to expect them and called 30 minutes ahead of time to let us know they were on their way. Bottom line, they saved the day. Nice professional movers who were able to get 2 very heavy couches down 3 stories and were careful with our things. Hire these guys. You will not be sorry. Hire a Helper is also very good to work with. We will definitely use them all again.

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We handle moves within 100 miles of 7439 Gateway Court, Manassas, VA 20110.


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