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On average, Pulaski movers on HireAHelper earn 4.6 stars out of 5.0 after 164 customer reviews

John D
Wrote a review on 7/23/2015

I got 5 guys when I paid for 2. So that was a plus. They are not pros, but got the job done- quickly. Arrived early and took direction well. They cooperated with one another, were pleasant and respectful. I have to move stuff to house when we buy one and will use again.

LInda R
Wrote a review on 6/29/2018

I hired two helpers. They were on time and very efficient. This was one of the hottest days of the year and they just kept moving! Moving up to the third floor with NO elevator! Great job and I would definitely recommend them!!

Olivia U
Wrote a review on 6/24/2017

They were running about 15 minutes late and I received a phone call to let me know. That was very much appreciated. Professional, courteous, kept things moving and got the job done! Couldn't have asked for better.

Louann J
Wrote a review on 6/23/2018

Friendly and very patient with us old people, my wife and I are 74 and 76 years old. We have not moved in 25 years! They were professional and caring with us and our stuff. They were on time, worked hard, brought equipment and tools to help make things go smoother we never thought of. Very Very prepared. They called the day before to go over things and even called an hour before they arrive to give us there estimate time of arrival. I would use them again and I highly recommend them!

Marguerite B
Wrote a review on 6/3/2017

The movers were great and very professional. One note: the time you book them for includes the travel time to your house. In our case that was an hour and we had only booked them for 2 hours so we had to pay for an extra hour.

Dan R
Wrote a review on 7/25/2009

They arrived ten minutes early, worked consistently, were helpful and polite, and finished unloading the truck in two hours. Nothing was damaged, and all my furniture is right where I want it.

Teena L
Wrote a review on 8/25/2011

we had an appointment for between 6 & 7pm on a Thursday evening. My family was very worried about these helpers not showing up when it got to be 630. My husband and brother started unloading the ABF truck because it was a weeknight and everyone had to go to work in the morning. They figured, if the helpers did not show up, they'd be unloading all night. Well, 7 Oclock rolled around and I FINALLY textd the number that I was given. They appoligized and said they'd be there an hour late because of a job they were on took a lot longer than they expected. That's 8 pm on a worknight ! They did show up at 8, but still... being so frustrated and stressed we were not happy. ALTHOUGH... the 3 of them were amazing... finally, they did the job in an hour. their personalities were great and very hard workers. The bad thing was.... we already emptied a few feet of the truck, and they were so late, that we felt that we should have not had to pay the entire $300. Very stressful when you expect someone around 6 and they don't show up till 8.

Amy F
Wrote a review on 7/28/2012

The movers did a great job! They had to breakdown my platform bed and they even reassembled it at my new place. They were fast and efficient and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help moving. Way less stress with helpers!

Susan R
Wrote a review on 7/3/2017

The workers were actually early and waiting on our pods to arrive. They did not begin charging for time until the pods were opened and they began work. Their scheduler did not have them down for putting furniture together but they were nice enough to do the best they could without their own tools. I am very pleased with the job they did. I would definitely recommend them.

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