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On average, Silverthorne movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 149 customer reviews

Rebecca R
Wrote a review on 8/13/2016

Mike, Tom, and Dirk were fabulous. They were very flexible when our drive took longer than we expected, and got the truck unloaded and bed assembled very efficiently. They were extremely nice, as well.

Shannon C
Wrote a review on 7/19/2017

The three men Crosley Brothers sent to help us move into our new home were wonderful. They were polite, friendly and extremely efficient. There was a tough situation of getting a large piece of furniture into a doorway that was too small and they worked together and formulated a plan and were able to get it done. I would HIGHLY recommend this company; and, God forbid, if I ever move again I will hire them for sure.

Andrew S
Wrote a review on 9/29/2017

The three men who moved my families valuables from our pod, into our new home were absolutely outstanding. They arrived early, yes early, to our residence and got right out of their vehicle and right to work. The gentleman in charge of the crew shook my hand, introduced me to the team, and then did a thorough walk through of the house with me as the other two guys placed material on the floor so they would not track any dirt in on a misty/muddy day. They got everything in the house, put it all in the exact right places, assembled my bed frame and did it all on time. They guys were great and I encourage others to hire them as it was literally the first enjoyable move-in I have ever been a part of.

Dustie P
Wrote a review on 12/21/2013

Two movers came to our house to move furniture from upstairs to down and also to a storage unit. They were a few minutes late, but given where we live, it has come to be expected. They came ready to work, were helpful and nice, and took care with our furniture and walls. I am definitely keeping their number and would use them again.

Tim K
Wrote a review on 9/21/2009

Completely professional team. Nothing was damaged, unloaded truck in a very timely manner, and didn't even break for lunch. I would recommend this crew very highly. Thanks!

Bianca M
Wrote a review on 11/13/2018

Our two friendly movers, Michael and Paul, were great! They showed up right on time and got straight to work. They were very mindful of our hardwood walls and floors, as well as light fixtures in the narrow stairway. They were efficient and finished in less than the minimum time. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone needing movers.

Candace G
Wrote a review on 2/24/2018

These guys saved my butt!! Last minute arrangement. They shower up before the scheduled time, finished early, and did a couple of extra things to help out to fill up the remaining time. I was in the midst of a family disaster and they exceeded my expectations and helped me tremendously. Highly recommend!!!!

Kevin W
Wrote a review on 5/21/2012

I hired 4 workers for 5 hours of backbreaking work of hauling heavy demolition lumber up a steep hill. All four worked well, and 2 worked especially hard. I was impressed by their effort. More importantly though, I know that these guys were only making around minimum wage (less than $8/hour) and the service cost me around $20 per person per hour. Although the service provided transportation to and from my house (an hour away from their office) and covered workers comp for them in case somebody was injured, it still seems like a lot of overhead. Although Labor Ready provided a great service, I would like to see most of the $$ that I paid end up in the hands of these very hard working guys. Its a shame that so much of the $$ would get spent on the insurance overhead instead on the workers who obviously needed it. Just another reason for major health-care reform.

Paige L
Wrote a review on 1/4/2015

We booked two men the day before we needed to move (2 men, 2 hours, $200). The two men came right on time to help us move two couches and a chair from one apartment to another. They worked very hard, were nice, friendly, and got the job done. They actually were unable to get a couch into the apartment (it was far to big to get around a corner) and were very apologetic and polite. We never would have been able to get the furniture in our apartment without them, so it was well worth the money . Would definitely recommend!!

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