Giving Back to the Community

Master the Rare Art of Generosity

Things you'll learn:

  • Why your company should give back.
  • Where you can give back to help others.

Giving back to the community isn't just something to soothe you guilt over past sins. It's key to running a successful business. Successful business people from all over the world have found that it's key, from Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, even the co-founders of HireAHelper. Giving is a key part of corporate strategy for big and little companies.

Why give back?

We live in the most blessed country in the world, where we have an opportunity to engage in free enterprise and own our own businesses. Philanthropy is proven to increase happiness and even health. Besides the personal benefits, you'll also increase your employees' morale through an improved company culture, and attract the new generation of customer who cares more about the ethics of the company they are hiring than their price.

Who should you give too?

  • Move For Hunger is a great organization we suggest helping out with. As a mover, you can pick up donated food items and transport them to a local food bank for the needy. If you're interested, sign up here.
  • At HireAHelper we like to give to the International Justice Mission. They are focussing on ending slavery and child sex slavey.
  • If you'd just like to associate your brand with the largest most recognized charities, here's a list of the top charities in the US.
  • Charity Navigator can help you find additional charities by category and locality.