Marketing 101: Naming your company

Because "Best Movers Ever" just won't cut it

Learn How To:

  • Find the perfect name.
  • Get your name out there quickly
  • Protect your name, especially from any rogue movers.

What's Behind the Name?

Before you go buy the website and sign up for all the social media accounts behind that perfect company name you've picked, do a little research to see if it's already been tarnished (or polished). If a company was previously (or currently) operating under your ideal name, leaving a wake of hatefilled, 1-star reviews around the web, you may want to reconsider the name you've chosen. Poor reviews that aren't your fault are the last thing your customers should see when looking you up.

The importance of choosing a company name, content directly from the Small Business Administration:

Choosing an appealing, engaging and distinctive company name is a crucial first step in establishing a successful business. You'll want to come up with a name that reflects your brand identity and is easy for people to remember. You should also give thought to your web presence – meaning make sure your desired domain name is available! Finally, you will want to ensure your company name is properly registered and protected for the long term. Name changes can cause confusion and result in lost business, particularly early on when you are still building your customer base... Read the rest of the article on