Marketing 101: Setting Prices

The Price is Right, unless nobody is booking your service.

Things you'll learn:

  • How to set your prcies.
  • How customers will perceive you.
  • How to attract customers from the start.

Most jobs don't go to the company with the lowest price, they go to the company that has credentials with lower prices. Those credentials include business licenses, background checks, commercial liability, and drug testing. In some locations, those companies have 90-95% of the business booked through in their market.

Balance your price between being seen as “cheap” - low price and low quality - and “overpriced” - a price that doesn't match your quality. Try to reach a point of being “affordable” - the great quality at a price most people can afford. When describing yourself and choosing your price, always focus more on your quality (and living up to what you say) more than your price.

When you start out, always keep your prices low until you complete your first 3-5 reviews. Then, set your prices to where you need. You just won't get many people looking at your listing even if you are one of the best prepared movers in your market.