Moving 101: Where to Advertise

It's All About User Reviews

Things you'll learn:

  • Where to show off your moving company.
  • Where you advertise leads to how customers view you. gives you both a listing and a website (which really helps with Google searches), but there are other free avenues for advertising as well. Just keep in mind that most of these avenues are based on customer reviews, and you may have to do more work to protect your reputation. Unlike, where only customers who have actually paid for and used your service may leave you a review, these other avenues may allow people who haven't actually used your service to post about or review your service: - chances are you're probably already on this site though customers may be the only ones contributing. Make sure you're looking at what is being said about you and do your best to control your presence through this popular review site.

Facebook - set up a fan page on Facebook and you'll get reviews from fans saying how much they love your service. Their friends will see you and you'll get some more customers. - people do search for movers on Youtube. This is riskier because you need a good looking video or you might end up looking “cheap.” It's honestly a better idea to use your HD camera phone and iMovie rather than contract with an expensive (and outdated) video production company.

Craigslist - is obviously helpful but it's where a lot of shady and rogue movers hang out. You'll need to back up what you say through links to Facebook and Hireahelper.

White Pages listing might cost you something, but many older clients will depend on these to make their decisions based on the book they are used to trusting.

Advertise around colleges (especially towards the beginning and the end of the year).

Word of mouth. Some HireAHelper companies (like Loading and Unloading Services of Colorado) get 25% of their business through but the rest through word of mouth from happy customers.

Just brings in 85% of Holland Real Estate Service's because of the corporate relocation jobs given to EliteGold listings. S&L Express Moving get almost 100% of their jobs through HireAHelper listings.