Pro Tips: Customer Service

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Things you'll learn:

  • Simple ways to connect with customers.
  • How to go above and beyond.
  • The services that impress the customer the most.

Chances are, there have been a few jobs you've walked away from and felt a healthy sense of pride - you arrived and treated the customers well, they were impressed with your professionalism, and the move went well. Impressing customers is all about attitude and actions. Here's how you can show professionalism and courtesy:


  • Answer the phone with the name of your business and "this is [your name]" or "how can I help you?" (you'd be surprised at how many movers just say, "hello.")
  • Respond to voicemails and emails as quickly as possible. Don't let either sit unanswered before the day is through. Loading and Unloading Services of Colorado says that the key to making customers happy is to over communicate and keep in touch in a friendly and timely way.
  • Show up on time and if you can't make sure the customer knows and apologize or offer a discount.
  • Never charge more at the site. If you didn't get the information you needed beforehand and suddenly change your fee while on site, you're almost guaranteed to look shady and get bad reviews.
  • Look neat and clean. Uniforms go along way in this area. I know this is difficult because you're in the moving business, but do your best. This is a sweaty business: plan accordingly.
  • Take inventory, get signatures, and give receipts whenever you can. This shows that you are carefully covering your bases, as well as the customer's.
  • Take responsibility for everything. This will keep you and your crew careful around the property, and you'll avoid claims and complaints.
  • Q's Moving will call the customer later in the evening to make sure that everything was satisfactory and will follow up to remedy any problems if there are any.


  • Be friendly. Treat others how you want to be treated. Remember names and call the customer by their last name ("Ms. __________).
  • But not overly friendly. Don't get to a place where customers will sit and chat forever, try to use your friendliness to take advantage of you (with discounts or claims), or even worse, misunderstand your friendliness.
  • Smile, maintain eye contact and shake hands when greeting a customer. You'll establish trust.
  • Don't interrupt your customer. If you're trying to get a word in edgewise, wait for the end of a sentence or a brief pause.
  • Hustle. Work efficiently, carefully and quickly. A common complaint about movers is that they take breaks or wait around. This will kill your reputation or customer review.
  • Ask more than you assume. By asking questions where you have any, you'll show the customer you care about their belongings.
  • Make the customer's day. Holland Real Estate Services suggests that if you really care about people and are sympathetic to them, especially older customers, you might lose a little money that day but it will come back to help you in the end.
  • Listen. Lashaun Lasley of S & L Express Moving tells us that he makes sure his crew knows that they are walking into a stressful situation, so they should sympathize with the customer and do the right things to make them happy.